Impact Wrestling Live 7/12/12…The Austin Aries Era Has Begun

Destination X is done, and we have a new World Heavyweight Champion, in Austin Aries.  The question is how long?  Will Bobby Roode demand his title rematch tonight?  Will the Aces 8’s reveal themselves, and Sting is in the building, which means IT’S SHOWTIMES, FOLKS!!!

In 5 minutes, we will begin.

We are live at the Impact Zone, in Orlando, Florida.  A very packed show, with Mr. Anderson facing Kurt Angle in a BFG Series match, Gail Kim Vs Brooke Tessmacher, for the Knockouts Title, Bully Ray Vs Joseph Park in a No DQ Match, and Abyss is banned from ringside.

They show us footage from last Destination X on Sunday, a new World Champion is formed.  Last week, Jeff Hardy defeated “Cowboy” James Storm.

We kick the show off with a No DQ match with Bully Ray Vs Joseph Park, now.

Bully Ray wins the match with a chain necklace, he nails Joseph across the head, and pins him.  We had thumbtacks, chairs, trash cans, everything in between.

Joseph sees his blood, and nails Bully with a Black Hole Slam.  The blood gave us an Abyss trance, it even shocked himself after that trance.  The crowd chants “That was you” and he denies it.

Sting is in the Impact Zone.

Moments ago, Joseph Park gave Bully Ray a Black Hole Slam, after losing to Bully Ray.  Bully is backstage, and he wants to know who that man was.  He beat Joseph Park, but who was that?

Bound for Glory Series match is up now, Samoa Joe Vs RVD.

RVD pulls off a much-needed victory over Samoa Joe.  Translation….anyone can win this BFG Series.

Earlier today, Jason Hervey caught up with Claire, and damn….she is smoking a cigarette. Isn’t she pregnant?  She will have something to say to Kazarian and Daniels at another time.

Hogan is here, Sting is here, let’s dance with the Aces and 8’s.

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are out to the ring.

Kazarian wants to congratulate AJ Styles on a hard-fought win at Destination X.  He may think this is over, but this is just the beginning.

Daniels hears us booing AJ Styles, and he agrees with us, they were irreversible.  But he understands that AJ will do anything to win, but he wants Claire Lynch to come out.

Here she comes, oh boy, in a live mic.

Chris understands she hit rock bottom, she needed a hand to help her up, and that hand was AJ Styles, but in a dire situation, accidents can happen.

Here comes AJ Styles.

AJ is surprised that Chris can speak and stand, after being Style Clashed through a table, but as far as his story goes, it was over with a few weeks ago.

Chris said that Claire needs to tell the truth, and AJ said she doesn’t have to say anything.  AJ gets into Chris’ face, Claire gets involved, and tells AJ that he is right, AJ IS THE FATHER!!!!!

“Jerry” chants erupt as we go to a commercial.

But she smokes cigarettes, while she is pregnant.

Moments ago, AJ is a Sugar Daddy.

Hervey wants answers from AJ, and he doesn’t know.

Mr. Anderson Vs Kurt Angle video is playing now, later tonight, they square off in the ring.

Zema Ion is the new X-Division Champion, and we see video footage of his win, and his comments.  Dakota Darsow is a good friend of Jesse Sorensen, so it bothered him when Zema dedicated his win last Sunday night to Jesse, he didn’t even call him to check on how he is doing.  Coming up next, Dakota Darsow Vs Zema Ion.

Zema wins the match with a Bible Black.  He flips out Dakota’s shoulder after the match, and tells Jesse he isn’t just f’n pretty….He is pretty f’n dangerous.

The new World Heavyweight Champion, Austin Aries is up next.

Austin comes out, and the crowd is going nuts, giving him a great hand.  He woke up and said isn’t it a great day to be great, and it’s a great day to be a new Champion.

He proved everyone wrong, and proved nothing is impossible.  This wasn’t just a great moment for Austin, this wasn’t just a great moment for Impact Wrestling, but this was a great moment for Professional Wrestling.

The crowd is chanting his name, and is shhh’ing the crowd.  Wrestling goes through periods, there is the boom period, and the down period.  There have been a buzz the last 8 months of Impact Wrestling, and they are ready for the boom period.  The title win was bigger than the company.  He has had texts from Hollywood, from athletes, even from other champions in other organizations.  He was asked recently in an interview how important are titles, and he said they are as important as the wrestler holding them.  Right now, the TNA Heavyweight Title is the most prestigious title in the industry.  There are many people….

Here comes the former World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode.

Roode is obsessed without that title.  He is so upset he can’t even speak.  This, all of this, last Sunday….one word….fluke.

Now why does he have to go there?

Austin has 3 words for him….new world champ.

Backstage, Sting is with Hogan.  he said he is 150%, it’s time to go old school.  Devon and Garrett Bischoff are here, they tell them that anytime they need them, Devon and Garrett are here for them.

Hogan said they have this, but thank you.

Old school, Hogan tells him this is different though.

More Mr. Anderson Vs Kurt Angle video, later tonight, the two square off in the Bound for Glory Series match.

7 days ago, Madison Rayne revealed her secret crush, it’s Earl Hebner, and yes….she is talking about this.

Oh good gravy, first Claire Lynch had a live mic, now Brooke Hogan does.  She is joining Tenay and Taz on commentary.

Knockout Title match between Gail Kim Vs Brooke Tessmacher, now.

Brooke wins the match with an Elbow Drop.  Brooke Hogan told us that Brooke Tessmacher will be a part of tomorrow’s Spike TV’s “Comic Con”.  Mainstream media is always a good thing, but I just have a feeling Brooke Hogan doesn’t have much involved in that.  I might be wrong though.

Coming up next, BFG Series match, Kurt Angle Vs Mr. Anderson.

Moments ago, Claire Lynch tells AJ Styles he is the father of the baby.  Jason Hervey caught up with her, and she said that hopefully AJ does the right thing.

Next week, Open Fight Night.  Magnus is ready for the challenge.  This weekend, he has “Cowboy” James Storm, right when he lost his match, and the lead.  He will prove to him, and everyone else that Magnus is the superior strategist.  He is ready.

Current standings, Joe has a 1 point lead over “Cowboy” James Storm.

Speaking of the BFG series match, Mr. Anderson Vs Kurt Angle, now.

Kurt wins the match with an Angle Slam.  Good match that featured many near falls, but Kurt prevailed.

Kurt is currently in 3rd place with 27 points.  Mr. Anderson is in 7th place, and now has questions for himself.

Hogan and Sting are ready for a fight.  Bobby Roode comes into Hogan’s office, looks up and down on Sting, then goes to Hogan and tells him they need to talk.

Hogan tells Roode he can have his rematch at Hardcore Justice.  That’s not good enough though, so Hogan ups the ante.  Next week, it’s Open Fight Night, so how about Roode calls out Aries, and challenges up.  Find out of it was a fluke, if it was, and Roode beats him, then Aries will be easy pickings for Hardcore Justice.

He has the main event for next week.

The “ICON” Sting is out to the ring, ready to find out who is a part of Aces 8.

The time is good, and the place is now.  he brought some help, and he wants Hogan to come out.

And here comes The Hulkster.

No Hogan, the music keeps playing.  Sting calls for him again, still no Hogan.

Hogan is laid out in his office by Aces 8.  Wow, that was fast.  The guys are still masked, but they attack Sting from behind.  And now, there are many of them, and not just 3.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I don’t know, I feel like TNA had an opportunity tonight to capitalize on the momentum they had with Destination X, but we get this at the end?  The Aces 8 did not reveal themselves, which I had the impression we would see, and now there are many of them?  I still think the head in charge of it is Konnan and Jeff Jarrett, AAA invasion.  Book it.

The rest of the show was okay.  The highlight to me was Joseph Park Vs Bully Ray.  And I just think the Black Hole Slam is an awesome move.  I liked Kurt Vs Anderson too, the buildup was good, and the execution was just as good.

I just wasn’t into the Aries promo though.  Don’t get me wrong, seeing him with the title means something.  But when Roode came out, and he did the same, tired, cliché of saying Sunday’s win was a “fluke” is boring.  Say something else, say he was better that night, but Bobby knows he can beat him, and win his title back again.  Just don’t say it was a “fluke” or it was “lucky”, because every heel all the way back to Timbuctoo will say that.

Brooke Hogan was a disaster again tonight live, on the mic.  If this was always in her blood, this business, then why come in now, and not when she turned 18? 

Not a fan of Zema Ion either, but I can live with that, seeing that Jesse will beat him when he is able to come back.

Next week is Open Fight Night, I am ready to see Roode Vs Aries II, and I bet you that Roode wins.  So will that win be a “fluke”? 

What did you think of tonight’s show?  Do you agree that tonight’s show was, eh?  Did you disagree and like it?  Sound off, and let me know.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

One Response to Impact Wrestling Live 7/12/12…The Austin Aries Era Has Begun

  1. adztheman says:

    I thought Roode’s pomo was fine…it showed his overall frustration at losing the title after setting the record for longest TNA Title Reign..

    Who is this chick that A-J knocked up? WHO IS SHE? Why is she important all of a sudden? Is she a TNA Employee? Is she some chick that had a threesome with Serge and Dixie? Why won’t Hogan or Bischoff or Dixie or Catering or SOMEBODY TELL US WHO SHE IS?

    I loved how they filmed the final shot of the night, where Terry was lying in a shirt he wasn’t wearing earlier in the evening, while Brooke was in the same dress, on a LIVE show..

    And is the Knockouts Division just two chicks now? What happened to the angry Micky James, and Velvet, who was in a Montgomery Gentry Video? What happened? And we get a :30 second promo with Madison–way to kill the momentum in that storyline

    On the other hand, the BFG series is producing some excellent matches and a reason to watch..unless you have Direct TV..and don’t forget to buy auto insurance, since Matt Morgan hasn;t been in TV in forever..just sayin…

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