WWE Monday Night Raw 7/16/12….Last 2-Hour Raw

This is episode number 999, with Money in the Bank behind us, and Summerslam is ahead.  What will take place tonight?  Let’s find out together.

Here we go.

We are live in Las Vegas, Nevada….Sin City

John Cena is Mr. Money in the Bank, and he has one year to cash in on the WWE Title, and tonight, CM Punk will go one on one with The Big Show.

Here comes the WWE Champion, CM Punk.

Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Many great memories for CM Punk in Vegas.  Last year, he sat on that stage, and dropped a pipebomb, and started a revolution.  He said he was the best, and now has proven he is the best in the world.  He proved he can defeat Daniel Bryan last night, despite their being a very confused woman deciding to do the right thing, or not.  Yet to think, it all began in this city.

Next week is Raw’s 1,000th episode.  Yet, how ironic that a guy that looks like him, talks like him wouldn’t be standing in a WWE ring back then, and now, that guy is a WWE Champion.  He plans on standing in this ring next week, as champion.

Here comes The Big Show.

Show believes that was a “touching” story.  One year, the voice of the voiceless becomes a conquering hero.  Whatever, they both know he was inches away from grabbing that MITB contract.

Crowd chants Big Show sucks, and he thinks that was rude.

That briefcase was within his grasp, and as usual, Cena was at the right place, at the right time.  If he did have that briefcase, he would have cashed in right now.  He wouldn’t be walking….

Punk cuts him off, and says he almost won the contract, but almost counts in only horseshoes, and hand grenades.  Big Show did what he always does, he beats the crap out of people, hurt ladders, but at the end of the day, he still lost.  Which is why a guy like him, who has the respect of the people has a championship, and Show has nothing.

Show asks him if he really thinks the fans respect him?  They don’t even respect themselves.  If Punk leaves WWE tomorrow, he’ll give them one week to move on to the next big thing.

They both know this company revolves around one man, he’s just another cog in the machine.

Punk is the WWE Champion, and Show isn’t.  He’s just a bitter, well-paid shell, which happens to be a giant.

That is Punk’s opinion, but in regards to his title, John Cena is Mr. Money in the Bank, and after he knocks Punk out, Cena could very well cash in the case, and Punk could easily lose his championship.


Cena has an announcement later tonight.  Oh joy.

The Rock will return the next week for Raw’s 1,000th episode.

R-Truth and Kofi Kingston, Tag Team Title match, next.

We are in Vegas, baby.  We can vote on WWE.com which title we would like to see defended next week on Raw’s 1,000th episode.  Will it be United States Title?  Intercontinental Title?  Or the Divas Title?

They will reveal later tonight.

WWE Tag Team Titles are on the line, now.  R-Truth and Kofi Kingston Vs The Primetime Players.

Truth and Kofi win with a combination of Trouble in Paradise and Little Jimmy right on Titus O’ Neil.

AJ is in the back, Daniel approaches her.  She said she called it down the middle last night, and if he doesn’t like it, she’s sorry.

No, Daniel is sorry for everything he has said after Wrestlemania.  Trying to beat Punk, he got caught up in everything, and he realized last night that….

Eve Torres interrupts the fun, she asked where was Daniel last week in their tag match, so she went to the board of directors, and they awarded her with a tag match tonight.  It will be Eve, and a person she chooses against Daniel, and AJ.  She said pay backs are….what AJ is.

What, a bitch?

AJ wants to know what Daniel was going to say, and he responded by saying he’ll say what he was going to say after they win their match, tonight.

And he kisses her on the cheek.

I believe she likes that.

WWE announced that next week’s Raw will kick off with the reunion of DX.  I guess it’s not all 5 members, with “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, and X-Pac.  Too bad, because that would have been fun to see.

They are showcasing Tout now, and we see John Cena’s first ever Tout.

Woo Woo Woo….You Know It!!

Our next match is Zack Ryder facing off against Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio of course wins with a Cross Arm Breaker.  At least Zack has some offense.

Del Rio continued to go after his arm, and here comes Rey Mysterio.

619, it’s been awhile since we saw that, and it’s connected.  Vegas is going nuts, good to see Rey Rey back.

“The One Man Rock Band” Heath Slater has his favorite Raw Moment, it’s himself.  I mean he has made splashes, with the legends.

DDP was so nice, he showed him how to deliver the Diamond Cutter.

Now this is funny, and who is tonight’s legend?  He’ll face “The One Man Southern Rock Band” next.

And the legend is?


It’s time to back that ass up.

Rikishi Bomb, that’s all she wrote.

It’s time to dance, and we have Jimmy and Jey, the Uso Brothers dance with their Dad.

Now, this is awesome.

Coming up, a Mixed Tag match, who is Eve’s partner?  We’ll find out….next.

Eve’s partner for the evening?  Awesome….The Miz.

Daniel Bryan and AJ win the match when Eve had AJ pinned with a roll up, but behind the ref’s back, Daniel shoved AJ on top of Eve, and they win the match.

Daniel said that AJ used to say something that he was scared to say for so many times, AJ….he loves her.

Last week, he asked her a question because he wanted to be the WWE champion, but this week, he doesn’t want anything, except her heart.

He gets down on one knee, with a ring present.  He asks if she will marry him.

She says yes.  And they make out.

Now they chant….Yes!!  Yes!!  Yes!!

Will John Cena cash in on his Money in the Bank briefcase?  We’ll find out, and we’ll also see CM Punk face The Big Show, tonight.

We are in Vegas, episode number 999.  Next week, will be episode number 1,000.  Re-living the great moments, such as The Rock taking “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s skull title.

Wow, this was very quick, Daniel Bryan and AJ are getting married on next week’s Raw.  That means AJ has one week to plan out her wedding.

Our next match is Jack Swagger.  The person he will lose to?

Ryback….oh crap.

Well, there was no match, the bell never sounded, and Ryback just beat the crap out of Jack.

Still to come tonight, CM Punk Vs Big Show.

When we come back, Vickie Guerrero introduces the Money in the Bank winner, Dolph Ziggler.

As we all know, every MITB winner has cashed in successfully, which means he is the next World Heavyweight Champion.  And when he does, he will become the best World Champion, ever.  Better than Bret Hart, better than “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, better than The Rock.

Here comes Chris Jericho.

Dolph doesn’t want Jericho to say anything, this is his moment, not Chris.  In fact, it hasn’t been Chris’ moment in a long time.  When was the last time Chris even won a match?

Jericho says nothing.

Does Chris even remember?  No, he can’t because it’s been forever since he won anything big.  He invented Money in the Bank match, and he can’t even win that match.  But he can, he is the Showstopper.  And he proved it last night, but Chris can’t even do anything.

Codebreaker, code of silence.  Says everything in spades.  He leaves, with Dolph looking on.

Great moment.

Still to come tonight, CM Punk Vs Big Show.

More fan Touts about their greatest moment on Raw.

Here comes Brodus Clay, with his Funkettes.

We find out that with the fan voting, Christian will defend his Intercontinental Title next week.

Brodus Clay, in action, next.

This Friday on Smackdown, Christian will have his Peep Show, with his guest being Daniel Bryan and AJ.

Brodus will face JTG, now.

Brodus wins with the splash. 

Coming up next, our main event….CM Punk Vs Big Show.

Big Show Vs Punk, now.

Punk won the match by DQ, when Show shoved the referee, after hurting Punk.

As Show was about to knock out Punk, here comes John Cena, with the briefcase in hand.

Earlier today, Cena gave a message on Tout that he was going to make an announcement, concerning his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Big Show is on the mic, and he told Cena to cash in the briefcase, do it for himself, because the fans don’t care about him, and never will be.

Cena stops him and says no, he won’t do it.  He is cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase next week, and will face CM Punk in the epic 1,000th Raw.

But his big announcement is….

He nails Big Show with the briefcase, and the show ends with Punk and Cena, face to face.

We’re all set for next week.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was surprisingly a fun show tonight.  I say that because usually when they are setting up for a big Raw, the previous week’s show is bad.  Last week’s show was very bad, but not tonight.  So much to cover, so let’s begin here.

A very good promo at the beginning of the show with Punk and Big Show.  Is Big Show planting a seed for a Punk heel turn?  I hope not, but it was interesting, and basically saying what we have all been saying….the company revolves around one man, no matter if he has the title, or not. 

The tag match was decent, but I have a feeling The Primetime Players will get their second chance, and win.  They usually do.

Daniel Bryan and AJ are getting married next week, okay, I will admit, I can’t wait to see the wedding next week.

Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler are heading for a feud, and now it seems Chris is a face.  Nothing wrong with that, since the fans love Chris, no matter what.  It also gives Dolph something to work with, before he cashes in on the title.  I still say it’s time to drop Vickie, but I doubt that will happen now.

Rey Mysterio returned, and he did it a week early, which is good, because it made his return mean more this week, since so many returns will take place next week.  And his feud with Del Rio works, since Del Rio took out Rey last year, at this time.

The Miz looked good again, and I believe it’s time for him to pushed as the next champion, down the road.

I have truly enjoyed the legends Vs Heath Slater, most of them have had their hits.  I can’t wait to see what they have planned next week, for Heath.

The main event worked, and I am glad that next week, there will be a title match, and it will more than likely end the show.  Good match by both men tonight.

So, everything is set for next week’s epic show.  DX will start things off, and whether we like it or not, every Raw after this week will be 3 hours long.  Next week will be special, but the true test will be on July 30th, episode number 1,001.  I expect these shows to not drag, and every week, Raw has to connect, or else it can truly drag, and at times, a 2 hour show has dragged, so I am not looking forward to seeing these shows drag, at some point.

What did you think of the show?  Let me know your comments, here.  Share with me your favorite Raw moment.



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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

2 Responses to WWE Monday Night Raw 7/16/12….Last 2-Hour Raw

  1. adztheman says:

    Oh Boy! More 619 masks to hand out..this has to be his last run..it has to be..what else can you do with him?

    Interesting that St. Louis gets the 1,000th Raw..thought they would go to MSG for that..interesting..

    A-J can get a wedding dress in St Louis..wonder who her maid of honor will be..and who Bryan’s best man is..things to ponder..

    Cena waiting only a few days to cash in MITB..sad..shoulda waited..hope Punk can pull this off..

    • Expect to see a Randy Orton sighting too for Raw’s 1,000th episode and they are in St. Louis. I forgot about RVD Vs Cena, and you’re right, RVD did it the unconventional way. I just think a better storyline is cashing it in when the champ is down. Even now, the fans get excited whenever we see that. But good gravy, this is why Cena needs to change, go a bit darker, than his goody-two-shoes attitude. Just change, dude, change.

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