Impact Wrestling Live 7/19/12…Open Fight Night Part Four

Last week, Christopher Daniels dropped a bombshell, and Claire Lynch proved it, AJ Styles is indeed the father of Claire’s baby.  We also saw Aces and 8’s attack Sting and Hulk Hogan.

Mike Tenay and Taz inform us that they attacked Hogan last week, and he was in the hospital, receiving back surgery, due to the attack.  Neither Sting, nor Hogan is with us tonight.

Updating the Bound for Glory Series standings, “Cowboy” James Storm took the lead again, with a victory over Magnus this past weekend, and speaking of the “Cowboy”, he is up first, with his challenge.

Storm has some business to tend to first, so he will start off by congratulating the new World Heavyweight Champion, Austin Aries.  Some people ask him what are his thoughts now that Austin beat Bobby, and his thoughts are to win Bound for Glory Series, and become the new World Heavyweight Champion.  He wants to carry the company on his back, and be the man.  That is professional, but he hasn’t forgotten about Bobby Roode.  He still plans on kicking his ass, that will be personal, when he does that.  And speaking on Aces and 8’s.  He believes in attacking someone head front, and never behind the back.  So he knows Sting and Hogan will be back, and anytime they need help, he’s here for them.

But now on to other matters, they say call for the head, so why not calling out the best pound for pound Wrestler in the company, and in the world, so he wants Kurt Angle, in the ring, now.

And right on cue, Angle’s music hits, but Kurt is nowhere to be found.  The music hits again, and there is no Kurt.  James asks for someone to go find him, and when the cameras catch up with everything, Kurt is laid out by Aces and 8’s.

We go to a commercial back.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  Kurt Angle being laid out by Aces and Eight.

Samoa Joe comes out to the ring, he figures nobody is bad enough to call him out, so he is calling someone out.  He calls The Pope, and here we go, the match starts now.

Joe wins by making Pope tap out to the Juni Tanamni submission move.  Joe picks up with 10 points, and takes the lead over James Storm, with 47 points.

Bobby Roode is talking with Jason Hervey.  Roode has nothing do with Aces and Eight, even though he was the last one seen with Hogan.  He has more important things to deal with, and Hervey asks him if he wants to challenge Aries to a match for Open Fight Night.  Roode admits he does, and last week was a fluke.

Here comes the “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy.  Who will he challenge?  We’ll find out, next.

Hello Creatures, welcome to Open Fight Night.  He has someone who he wants to call out.

But here comes Robbie E.

It’s clear he and everyone else are ducking him in the BFG Series, and he is here to call him out.  Why?  Because he is not on the list, bro.

Creatures, let’s do this.

Here we go.

Oh my Gawd!!!  Robbie E. wins the match by countout, he now has 5 points.  Robbie T. distracted Jeff, and Hardy went after Robbie T.

So now, Bully Ray is the only man who is not on the board.

Gut Check is up next, Sam Shaw is on.

When we come back, Eric Young hasn’t talked to his wife in a month.  Apparently, he went into the creepy van she told him not to go into, and all of a sudden, he has his own show on Animal Planet, about wildlife.

She forgave him, and said to go get him fried chicken and beer.

Claire Lynch-AJ Styles storyline, Claire tells AJ to go do the right thing.

Some other guys talks to Daniels and Kazarian.  What proof does Claire have?  He doesn’t know, but she better have the proof they have been saying all along, but AJ has been acting like someone he isn’t, and he still isn’t man enough to admit it.

JB is in the ring, ready for Gut Check, with Sam Shaw.

What does Sam Shaw have to offer tonight?

Aces and 8’s come out, and attack Sam Shaw, we hit a commercial break.

Who are these guys?

When we come back, Sam Shaw is helped to the back, after we see the attack Aces and 8’s had.  No authority figure here tonight, so all hell has broke loose.

Here comes Mr. Anderson, ready to challenge.

About a month ago, he called out a douchebag, and he faced Christopher Daniels.  But tonight, he needs to call out a very good friend of his, AJ Styles.

Here he comes, and here we go.

Mr. Anderson wins the match with a roll up.  Anderson picks up 7 points here.  A very good match between the two, and I am not sure, but that might have been the first time they faced each other in TNA.

Oh boy, here comes Claire, and she is still awful even she is screaming.

Hell, she drinks, she smokes, she climbed up over the barricade, while she is pregnant.

AJ can’t remember the night they conceived.  But she has pictures to prove, AJ is passed out, with Claire all drunk.

This is terrible.

Claire said for him to remember, and when he does, he can call her.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  Claire Lynch has proof she and AJ hooked up.

AJ is in distraught, looking at the pictures backstage.

Shawn Weelock from Bellator Fighting is doing commentary, and Rob Van Dam calls out Christopher Daniels, and here we go.

Daniels wins the match using the ropes, and a roll up.

Austin Aries is with Jason Hervey.  He agrees his victory was a fluke, because Bobby Roode never should have been the World Heavyweight Champion.  He got lucky when he smashed James Storm’s head in a beer bottle, so he welcomes the challenge tonight.  His title trumps Roode’s title, his cape trumps Roode’s robe.  And he finds cards of Aces and 8’s in his pocket, and he says get out with that.  Bring it on.

Tenay and Taz welcome us to Brooke Hogan, over the phone.  She claims it is taking multiple surgeries, she hasn’t talked to the doctor.  Why not?  She’s the daughter.  He has been in and out all week, and she doesn’t want to discuss it any further.

Last week, Joseph Park laid out Bully Ray with a Black Hole Slam.

Now, Joseph wants Garrett Bischoff to think about gaining legal counsel.

Garrett cares more about what happened last week, the look in his eye, the Black Hole Slam, what was that?

Joseph ignores the questions and says it’s nothing.

Now, the final two men stare each other down, Magnus and Bully Ray.

Bully Ray sneaks attack Magnus, and the match is on, now.

Bully hits the Bully Cutter for the victory, he earns his first victory through the BFG Series, and now is ahead of Robbie. E.  Whew!!

Current standings, it’s Joe ahead of Storm, by four points.

Next week, it’s the TNA debut, and new signees of Chavo Guerrero.  “The Mexican Warrior” will debut the next week.

The former World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode is headed to the ring.  One word, fluke….Open Fight Night, he is calling out Austin Aries’ ass, now.

Will Austin answer the challenge?  We find out, next.

Ask, and you shall receive Bobby.  Here comes Austin and the fight is on, now.

The match ends in a no contest when Aces and 8’s attack Austin Aries.  Bobby Roode is pleased by this, and is about to shake hands with one of them, but they attack him too.  The show ends with anarchy bestowed thanks to Aces and 8’s.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I want to say something before I give you my thoughts on the show.  I don’t usually talk about the stats on this page, but tonight I want to bring something up.  It’s been talked about that TNA has some positive buzz lately, and has been on a roll, and I’ll even say it began right around Slammiverary, and has continued.  Last week, TNA had more search items on my blog than anything WWE had.  And tonight, it’s high, maybe even higher than last week.  I truly want to see both promotions succeed at buzz, Impact may not get the ratings they need, but clearly many people are interested in the company, and I think it’s wise for TNA to continue to put out live shows.  So please, by all means keep checking on this site.  Without you, I wouldn’t be doing this, so thank you so much.

Now on to the show…another solid show here, and what I liked the most out of tonight’s show was no hokey segments with the GM determining who gets a title shot.  Truly, the wrestlers controlled this show, and hopefully this will continue with these OFN.  A GM is necessary, but not in this case.  Every single match tonight had meaning, despite no Knockout presence, or Devon defending his Television Title.  And the matches were good, in particular, Mr. Anderson vs AJ Styles, and Magnus Vs Bully Ray. 

As far as Aces and 8’s go, I guess it won’t be AAA, according to Josh Boutwell, of  But it should have something to do with Jeff Jarrett, and more than likely the Ring Ka King group, stationed in India.  It still has my attention, and now that we know Bobby Roode has nothing to do with it, will we see Bobby side with TNA in their fight against this renegade group?  It was very painfully obvious though that he had nothing to do with the group, since Tenay continued to harp that Roode had something to do with the group.  Announcer Rule 101….anytime the lead play-by-play man continues to say a wrestler had something to do with something, they do not.

So who is a part of the group?  Perhaps Chavo Guerrero?  He is making his debut next week.  Is it Jeff Jarrett?  Is it someone who was recently fired from TNA, holding a grudge?  I guess we will tune in and find out, but so far, it has been good.

Let me know what you thought of the show, by sending me your thoughts, here.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

2 Responses to Impact Wrestling Live 7/19/12…Open Fight Night Part Four

  1. adztheman says:

    This show looked and felt really disorganized from start to finish..don’t know if that was intentional, but it looked like it was just thrown together..

    I did like the total immersion into the BFG series…some good matches…

    About Aces and 8s…what does it say about a wrestling promotion when guys not involved with the promotion can attack anybody the back, in the ring, in an office…you’re stretching here by not showing any security whatsoever…those of us who have watched TNA for a while know that Orlando PD has been called to the ”Impact Zone”…just a thought..

    No Knockouts…no shots of Christy Hemme from the legs up..what was up with this show? Not a terribly steller effort..

  2. adztheman says:

    And the Claire AJ story line just gets more stupid every week…W-h-o-i-s-s-h-e? Why am I supposed to care?

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