Impact Wrestling Live 7/26/12…Chavo Guerrero, Jr Is In The Impact Zone

I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my Mom, Linda Gillman.  I hope you enjoyed your day, because you have earned it.

My DVR forgot to record this at 8:00, but I set it for 8:01, so I will just guess we had previews from what took place last week, with Aces and 8’s making their presence known, all night long. 

We are live in Orlando, Florida, with Taz and Mike Tenay welcoming us to the show.  Tonight, we will see the TNA debut of Chavo Guerrero, Jr.  We will also see two big Bound for Glory Series matches, AJ Styles Vs “Cowboy” James Storm, and Kurt Angle Vs Bully Ray.

Sting makes his way to the ring, now.

Sting is here to serve as Interim General Manager, until Hulk Hogan comes back, who has a steel plate on his back, thanks to what Aces and 8’s did to him 2 weeks ago.  So, with Sting here being on his own, he is calling out Aces and 8’s, tonight.

But here comes the World Heavyweight Champion, Austin Aries.  Austin reminds Sting that Aces and 8’s attacked him last week, he knows he has a big target on his back, and he will fight side by side, with Sting.

Here comes Kurt Angle. 

Kurt said he was attacked by Aces and 8’s last week too, and they almost prevented his opportunity to become World Heavyweight Champion, and when that happens, it gets his attention, so he is ready for a fight too.

Here comes Bobby Roode.

Bobby said that he was attacked too last week, but he isn’t going to fight by their side, or start a fight, but he does know who is responsible for Aces and 8’s.  We all know who he is too, a man who has been a World Heavyweight Contender for a year, and a man he knows very well for the last 4 years.  That is “Cowboy” James Storm.  Think about it, the man can and will do whatever it takes to get ahead.  He’s after Austin Aries’ World Title, and had a match set up with Kurt Angle last week, yet the match was cancelled due to Kurt being attacked by Aces and 8’s.

Storm comes out from behind, and attacks Roode.  The two former partners fight into the ring, and continue to pummel each other, and Sting allows it to happen, but nobody is buying into that theory, as we go to break.

Comments from TNA wrestlers, Tara, Kid Kash, and Kurt Angle share their views on Chavo Guerrero coming to TNA.

Jason Hervey catches up with Roode in the back.  Bobby heads on out, vowing that it’s James Storm who is behind Aces and 8’s, and we will all find out, sooner or later.

Our first match is set, a Knockout Tag match with Madison Rayne and Gail Kim taking on Tara and Mickie James.

We see footage of Madison Rayne attacking Earl Hebner from 3 weeks ago, do we have to?

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne win the match when Madison rolled up Mickie, and Mickie had her arm up, but Earl didn’t see it, and he called the win for Madison and Gail.

Sting is with Austin Aries, he wants Austin to take care of the X-Division Wrestlers, and make some cuts, while he attends to Aces and 8’s business.

Austin agrees to it, but he also wants to get into some Aces and 8’s business too.

Sam Shaw is ready for tonight’s Gut Check.

That’s coming up next.

More Wrestlers share their thoughts on Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez, Gunner, and Bully Ray.

JB is in the ring, ready for Sam Shaw’s Gut Check.  He is facing Douglas Williams.

Sam loses the match to a Chaos Theory, we see the return of Joey Ryan, who sucker punches Al Snow, and that distracted Sam for a second.  Later tonight, he gets verdict.

Austin Aries is making the cut, to find out who gets a X-Division Title shot against Zema Ion.  He makes Zema hold Austin’s picture, which is funny.

The choices are Rashard Coleman, Dakota Darsow, Kenny King, and Sonjay Dutt.  Rashard is eliminated.

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. video is playing, and his debut is up next.

Chavo comes out to a nice ovation from the crowd, and we get Chavo chants all over.  He says it’s great to be here in TNA, he is humbled and honored.  The Guerrero family are champions all over the world, every company they have wrestled, they have won titles, except for TNA.  But that changes, he is here to compete against the very best.  TNA has some hungry men and women, ready to steal the show.  He is ready to make a difference.

Here comes Kid Kash and Gunner to interrupt the festivities.  Kash asks if he thinks he is a legend, and Chavo responds that the fans belive the Guerrero family are legends, so Kash asks if his Grandma is a legend, since she never wrestled?  Or his cousin?  How about his nephew?

Gunner and Kash attack Chavo, but here comes Hernandez to even the odds up, and send the heels reeling out of the ring.

Backstage, Kurt wants to assure James Storm he had nothing to do with Aces and 8’s.  James denies everything, and reminds him if he has a problem with someone, he never has a problem with issuing it to their face.  And Kurt asks James that if Aces and 8’s attack him tonight, James has his back?  He assures him that he does.

When we come back, Bruce Pritchard, Taz, and Al Snow discuss the Gut Check.  They are all upset that Joey Ryan showed up, again.  He now has Al’s attention.  They must ignore that though, and figure out if Sam Shaw has earned the contract.

Video showcasing AJ Styles, Claire Lynch, and Daniels involvement, with the whole thing.

She is in the crowd, and we are going to see “Cowboy” James Storm Vs AJ Styles, Bound for Glory Series match, now.

The match ends in a no contest after Aces and 8’s attack AJ Styles.  Both men pick up 2 points each.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  James Storm comes to the back, with Jason Hervey pointing fingers at “Cowboy”, but Storm shoves Jason to the wall, and asks him if he’s accusing him.  The next time, he accuses him, he needs to know the truth first.  James walks away.

Sam Shaw’s Gut Check is up now, the three judges will have their say.  Sam gives his say, now it’s up to the judges.

Al would love to say yes, but unfortunately, he has to say no.

Bruce Pritchard says yes.

Kick-Out time for Sam.  He is buttering up to Taz, smart move there.

He wants to work for the big leagues, say yes.

Taz loves his energy, and enthusiasm, but he lost his eye there for a second, which is why he lost, but he is going to say yes.

Welcome to TNA, Sam Shaw.

More elimination time for Austin Aries. 

Dakota is eliminated, because he’s not flashy, nor is he pretty.

The final two men are Sonjay Dutt and Kenny King.

Decision time, X-Division Title match is set, Zema Ion is coming out, but who will he face?

Austin chooses Kenny King, because they aren’t sure about Sonjay’s shoulder, but his time is coming.  For now, it’s Zema Ion Vs Kenny King.

Zema wins the match with a Moonsault, after Bobby Roode interfered.  Austin comes out, and all four men battle against each other.

Bully Ray is not worried about Aces and 8’s, and why should he?  He doesn’t have to face them in the Bound for Glory Series.  But Kurt Angle, he has a tremendous amount of respect for him.  But tonight, he is taking 7 points from the Olympic Gold Medalist.

Next week, Bobby Roode and Zema Ion Vs Austin Aries and Kenny King.

Main event is up now, Bound for Glory Series match, Kurt Angle Vs Bully Ray.

Tomorrow, check out, featuring Kurt Angle.

Angle defeats Bully Ray with an Angle Slam and pinned him.  7 points for Kurt here, and we see Aces and 8’s come out to attack Kurt.  But here comes Sting, AJ Styles, and Austin Aries fighting them off.

“Sorry About Your Damn Luck”

Here comes Storm, but Aces leave the ring, making everyone believe that Storm is behind this.  Next week, we will see Kurt Angle go one on one against “Cowboy” James Storm, and the show ends with the two men bickering about what just happened.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I loved the two big matches, but everything else was just there.  I would have liked to see more interaction with Roode and Aries, since they are both going to face each other at Hardcore Justice, but we will get that next week.  I also believe that James Storm has nothing to do with Aces and 8’s, but the evidence is there.  The next question is what will happen next, and when will we find out who is behind it? 

I enjoyed seeing Chavo Guerrero, Jr’s debut.  He seemed moving, and is ready to contribute to the company, and giving us Kid Kash and Gunner as his first two opponents work for me, especially when Hernandez comes out to help.  It’s the Mexican heritage that you have to respect.  I am glad Chavo is there, he will be a tremendous help, in more ways than one.

I am sick of seeing Gut Check, it has gotten to the point where we know Joey Ryan will show his face, and we know that one judge will say no, while the other two will say yes.  Whatever.

Minimal Claire Lynch is a good thing.

Next week is set with three big matches.  A Fatal 4-Way between Mickie James Vs Madison Rayne Vs Gail Kim Vs Tara, and the winner is the Number One Contender to the Knockouts Title.  We’ll also see Bobby Roode and Zema Ion Vs Austin Aries and Kenny King.  And another Bound for Glory Series match, Kurt Angle Vs “Cowboy” James Storm.  Another loaded show.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send me your thoughts, here.


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