Impact Wrestling Live 8/2/12…Hardcore Justice Heating Up

Right before we start the show, Bobby Roode is talking trash with Austin Aries, reminding him they are 10 days away from Hardcore Justice, and the World Heavyweight Title is coming back home, they will enter the ring first.  Austin has a problem with this, and all four men start to fight into the Impact Zone.  We are off and running.

The bell sounds, and the big Tag team match, Austin Aries and Kenny King Vs Bobby Roode and Zema Ion, now.

What a match to begin the show.  Kenny King and Austin Aries beat Zema Ion and Bobby Roode, with Kenny pinning Zema with a Coronation.

Tonight, Bound for Glory Series match with “Cowboy” James Storm Vs Kurt Angle, Fatal 4-Way match with the Knockouts for the Number One Contender to the Knockout Title.

Recap begins….now.

We have a recap, featuring Aces and 8’s, and is “Cowboy” James Storm involved?

Jason Hervey is asking Sting about who can be behind Aces and 8’s, and Sting responds he is going to hear both sides of the story, he wants to speak with the “Cowboy” next.

When we come back, the interim General Manager, Sting heads out to the ring.

Sting wants to hear right from the horse’s mouth, calls out Storm, and here he comes.

Sting has some footage to show Storm, and he wants to get his take on things.  Because Sting didn’t believe Bobby at first that James has anything to do with Aces and 8’s, but this footage might tell a different story.

They show us footage from last week, when Aces and 8’s come out and help James beat AJ Styles, and later in the night, when James comes out to help Kurt, Aces and 8’s leave the ringside as he is heading to the ring.

Now James can see how that might look, but James and Sting have known each other for quite a few years.  Sting knows that James and Sting have beaten each other up in the past, and win or lose, James can hold his head high, because he knows he faced Sting man up, and not from behind.  Now just 9 months ago, he was attacked from behind by someone, and that man turned out to be Kurt Angle, after James.  Now does he bitch and moan about it?  No, he faced him like a man, and even defeated him for the World Heavyweight Title.

Enter Kurt Angle.

Kurt wants James to look at him, the problem is he doesn’t know where James’ head is at, the last few months he lost the World Title, left, came back, where is he at?  He needed some help from James last week, and 8 men walked away from him.  8 men, but that is okay, because the two men will be in the ring, later tonight.  He is begging Aces and 8’s to be at ringside tonight, and when they do come out, he wants to have a party.

Sting likes that idea, and he said he will be at ringside too, and begs Aces and 8’s to come out and join the fun.

Kurt has one more message…..tonight, he will make Storm tap out.

Very good segment, setting up tonight’s match.

AJ Styles is in Australia, promoting TNA, and he was tweeting it all up this week.  We see video showcasing his baby drama with Claire Lynch the last few weeks.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian will throw a baby shower for Claire tonight, they have the right things for her, and will do it right.

When we come back, Tenay and Taz inform us that at Hardcore Justice, there will be 3 Fatal 4-Way matches, featuring all 12 men with the Bound for Glory Series match.  The winner of those 3 matches will receive 20 points in the Bound for Glory Series.  The first Fatal 4-Way match will be a Ladder Match, featuring AJ Styles Vs Kurt Angle Vs Christopher Daniels Vs Samoa Joe.  The second match is going to be a Falls Count Anywhere Match with Mr. Anderson Vs RVD Vs The Pope Vs Magnus, and the third match is a Tables match, with Jeff Hardy Vs “Cowboy” James Storm Vs Bully Ray Vs Robbie E.

Speaking of Bully Ray, our first BFG Series match is up now.  Bully Ray is headed to the ring.

He has been with TNA for 6 years, and he has never trusted Storm, so tonight, he will be at ringside during the Storm Vs Angle match.

Bully Ray Vs Robbie E, now.

Bully Ray wins with the Bully Cutter.

Backstage, Earl Hebner gives Madison Rayne roses.  She said she kissed him, because she likes him, and not because she wants gifts.  Gail Kim sees this, and is not happy.  Madison said that Earl is a professional, and would never screw over anyone.  Funny.

Fatal 4-Way Knockout match is up next, Tara Vs Mickie James Vs Gail Kim Vs Madison Rayne.

Brooke Tessmacher comes out to join commentary, and we have the Knockout Fatal 4-Way match, now.

Madison Rayne wins the match with another roll up.  Tara did have Madison pinned, but Earl gives Madison the win, with the arms down, although with replay, it looked like Tara had her arm up, but Earl knocked it down.

Hardcore Justice, Brooke Tessmacher Vs Madison Rayne.

Earlier tonight, Kurt calls out Storm, and Aces and 8.

Roode told us so last week, that Storm had something to do with Aces and 8.  Now, it seems Kurt is believing it, Sting is believing it, Bully Ray, and tonight, everybody will see that James Storm is behind Aces and 8.  He will be at ringside too.

Austin Aries hears this, and since Roode will be there, the champ will too.

So, is this a certified Lumberjack match?

We get right to Sting’s office, he wants a real update from The Hulkster.  Brooke has never seen him in this bad of a shape, Aces and 8 did a number on him.  Sting wants to know if he can count on Brooke to remain strong, and run the Knockouts?  Aces and 8 can go after them too, you just can’t trust them.  Brooke tells us her father always showed him to remain strong, so she will do what she can.

We see a stooge hand Brooke a note, it’s from Aces and 8’s, with you guessed it….Aces and 8’s on a deck of cards.  She leaves, while Sting tries to get answers.

Coming up next, the in-ring debut of Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

ODB and Eric Young are backstage, they have the Knockout Tag Titles.  They haven’t defended the titles in 2 months, with Eric Young’s new show “Off the Hook” on The Discovery Channel airing.  Brooke Hogan isn’t happy that they haven’t defended the title in 2 months, but she also isn’t happy that Eric is a man.  And as Eric put it so great “Hulk Hogan has a kid?  I didn’t know that, he looks so young”.

But Eric has a plan, and he runs off.

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. Vs Kid Kash, with Gunner in Kash’s corner, and Hernandez in Chavo’s.

Chavo wins with a Frogsplash, Uncle Eddie would be so proud.

Dixie Carter is not amused that AJ is being blackmailed with the photos, by Claire Lynch, but its high time that AJ steps up, and does the right thing.

The baby shower, thrown by Daniels and Kazarian, for Baby Mama Claire, is up next.

We come back with Kurt Angle talking to some guy, it’s Wes Briscoe, Gerry’s son.  He wants a job in TNA, and is ready.  Kurt said he’d put in the good word.  Devon and Garrett Bischoff come in, they say that they won’t allow some clowns to come out and attack TNA.  It’s happened twice, but won’t happen a third time.  Kurt asks for them to watch his back tonight, and they will.

Daniels and Kazarian are out, with the baby shower.  They invite Claire Lynch into the ring, and they have some great gifts for her.  TNA merchandise, including the best gift of all, AJ Baby, complete with the hoodie.  Kazarian gives us a great imitation of it.  The hoodie comes off.

Claire screams for AJ to do the right thing, DO THE RIGHT THING AJ!!!!!  DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!!

Our big main event, “Cowboy” James Storm Vs Kurt Angle, Bound for Glory Series match is up next.

Our awesome Joseph Park is among us tonight.  He informs Jason Hervey that his wrestling career is over with, but he has retained some services of TNA wrestlers, and he asks Sting if he has coverage, and Sting assures him that he does.  But Sting wants to know how Joseph did that Black Hole Slam on Bully Ray a few weeks ago, Joseph denies everything, but he does take a picture, and it’s on Twitter.

Next week, 3 big BFG Series matches are set.  RVD Vs The Pope, AJ Styles Vs Kurt Angle, and “Cowboy” James Storm Vs Bully Ray.

Wes Briscoe is in the crowd.

But first things first, our main event….BFG Series match, Kurt Angle Vs “Cowboy” James Storm, now.

James Storm wins the match with Last Call Superkick, and is awarded 7 points.  The other TNA Wrestlers come out to surround the ring, ready for Aces and 8’s to make their way, but they are nowhere to be found.

But “Cowboy” has the mic, and he says the gang is here, so Aces and 8’s, bring your asses out.

Roode grabs the mic, and says why should Aces and 8’s come out?  You beat Kurt Angle all by yourself.  He knows James is behind this, and just by them not showing up proves it.

Bully Ray heads into the ring, and he goes toe to toe with James.  Austin heads after Bobby, and all four men fight it out to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a fun show, top to bottom.  Much better than last week’s show, we started it off with a match.  Tag match was very good, and with Kenny King picking up the win, I am sure he gets a title shot for the X-Division at Hardcore Justice.

I liked the promo they laid out with Sting, Storm, and Angle, and it set up their match later tonight perfectly.  I would say though it was a bit corny having all of the men say they will be at ringside, but fortunately, nobody interfered, and it was a clean finish.

Knockout Fatal 4-Way was fun too, it meant something, and it’s always nice seeing Tessmacher.  Although the Knockout Division surely went down a level with the news that Velvet Sky was released, and Angelina Love no longer is there, either.  The Earl Hebner fiasco was predictable, but it didn’t take away from the quality match all 4 women had.

I liked Chavo Guerrero’s in-ring debut.  They gave him the perfect opponent in Kid Kash.

I love how Hardcore Justice is setting up with the BFG Series matches at the PPV.  The 3 winners of their respective Fatal 4-Way matches will receive 20 points.  That means either everything will be setting up Bound for Glory, or everything will be wide open.

Okay, here was the only down part of the evening, and I think you know where I am going with this….Claire Lynch.  My goodness, she is awful.  Don’t give her a live mic, ever again.  But Daniels and Kazarian were funny.

A great main event match concluded the evening, and while there were no Aces and 8’s, it won’t be “Cowboy” being involved.  But I sure hope it’s not Bobby Roode either.  The only obvious, truly believable face has to be Jeff Jarrett.  This is a man who founded TNA 10 years ago, TNA continues to show off their logo at the end of every show, “Celebrating 10 Years”.  If it wasn’t for Jarrett, there would be no TNA, yet he isn’t there anymore.  Bring him in, and I would think Wes Briscoe is involved too.  I believe Wes was in MMA for a while, I could be wrong, but he does have the name.  Use that to its full advantage, and make this mean something.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Let me know by sending me a message on the site.


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