TNA Hardcore Justice 8/12/12

We are moments away from TNA’s Hardcore Justice that is centered around 3 big BFG Series matches.  A Falls Count Anywhere Match, A Tables Match, and a Ladder Match, and it will all be worth 20 points to the winners, setting the stage up for Bound for Glory, in 2 months.  We also have a World Heavyweight Title match with Austin Aries Vs Bobby Roode.  A “Final Chance” match, where the loser does not get another title match during the champion’s reign.  We are all set, less than 10 minutes to go, keep it locked here tonight.

We are live in the Impact Zone, in Orlando, Florida.  Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show, here we go.

Our first match will be Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Hernandez facing Kid Kash and Gunner.

Chavo and Hernandez win the match with a Frogsplash by Chavo, pinning Kash.  A decent match to start the show off.

Our next match is a Falls Count Anywhere BFG Series match….RVD Vs Mr. Anderson Vs Magnus Vs The Pope, and it’s on now.

The Pope never shows up, because he was laid out by Aces and 8’s.  So now, it’s a Triple Threat match.

RVD wins with the Van Daminator over Magnus.  Not a good match here, and I don’t necessarily agree with the one who won, but currently, he is in 2nd place with the 20 points.

Jeremy Borash is with Madison Rayne.  Madison is very confident that she will beat Brooke Tessmacher, she is a 2-time Knockout Tag Champion, a 3-time Knockout Champion.  So she isn’t worried, but does blow a kiss for Earl.

Our next match is for the Television Title.  Kazarian Vs Devon.  I can’t believe this wasn’t advertised on Impact, but here we go.

Devon wins with his Spinebuster, retaining his Television Title.

Knockout Title, Brooke Tessmacher Vs Madison Rayne is up next.

Madison Rayne is the new Knockout Champion when Earl Hebner seemed to do a fast count, despite Brooke’s arms being up.  Brooke didn’t know Madison had her foot on the ropes, and when she confronted Earl about this, Madison rolls up Brooke.

They want us to send questions for Austin Aries and Bobby Roode, with Twitter #AskAries, and #AskRoode.

JB is with Bully Ray.

Bully has his back against the wall, because Aces and 8’s will not attack him, like they did with The Pope.  Normally, he doesn’t care about The Pope, but they said they are coming for him, so he’s making sure nobody will jump him from behind.  He went out of his house, and saw an Ace, and a 8 on his windshield.  Do you know who he is?  He is the biggest, and baddest guy on the planet, and he isn’t hard to find, he’s the guy in the ring, kicking ass in the ring.  He is going to win the Tables Match tonight, and he will head on to Bound for Glory to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Tables match, BFG Series match.  Jeff Hardy Vs Bully Ray Vs “Cowboy” James Storm Vs Robbie E, now.

Bully Ray wins with a Bully Bomb on Jeff Hardy.  It’s amazing to me though that Robbie E. did not take the bump.  Aces and 8’s come out twice during this match, and it was to help secure Storm the win, or so we think, but Storm wants to fight them all.  Bully Ray picks up 20 points, and slides up the rankings.

JB said that security assured them that Aces and 8’s were not in the building, they came in, and yet it seems they left.

The World Heavyweight Champion, Austin Aries makes his way backstage.  The Twitter question is why did he give up his rematch clause?  Aries said that Roode has shown him disrespect.  He says he isn’t in his league, yet he beat him, so he said that it was a fluke, he spit water in his face, and he attacked his friends.  So the question becomes why is Roode so concerned about the rematch clause?  The truth is Aries gave it up, because he doesn’t need it, and will show that while Roode is at the A-level, he isn’t in the A-Double level.

X-Division Title match, Kenny King Vs Zema Ion, now.

Zema wins the match with a Facebuster on Kenny King.  This was a good match here, and I like the fact Zema wins with a clean pinfall.

Samoa Joe is with JB, he says he is ready to take his spot into the Final 4, with winning 20 points, even if Aces and 8’s are near.  He isn’t scared of them, because no country wins a war on two fronts.  They win by going head on, and he will climb up the ladder, and reach for that white envelope, and go on to win HIS World Heavyweight Title.

Ladder match, BFG Series, AJ Styles Vs Kurt Angle Vs Christopher Daniels Vs Samoa Joe, now.

Joe had the match won, climbing up to the ladder, but AJ catapulted over the ropes and climbed up to win the match, and is awarded 20 points.  Best match of the night so far, Joe is beside himself.

Top 4 wrestlers right now are Storm, RVD, Joe, with Angle and Bully Ray tied at 4th place.  AJ is currently in 7th place, with more matches to compete in.

JB is with Bobby Roode, the challenger of the World Title match.

Twitter question time, which is are you afraid of Austin Aries?

“The It Factor” isn’t afraid of nobody, especially Austin Aries, because his win last match was a F-L-U-KE.  He has been carrying this company on his back this last year, and his dream of being World Heavyweight Champion will be coming to an end, and he will enter Bound for Glory as the World Heavyweight Champion.

Our main event, “A-Double” Austin Aries Vs “The It Factor” Bobby Roode is up, now.

Austin Aries retains his World Heavyweight Title by defeating Bobby Roode with a roll up.  Excellent match here, and the best thing is they didn’t end with a no contest, which is what I was afraid of.  At the time, Brian Hebner was knocked down, so another referee came into the picture, but he too was knocked down.  The two men rolled up the other men, had their shoulders down, and both refs counted the 3, awarding the other man the match, and title.  But Senior Ref, Earl Hebner came out, and arranged that the match is restarted, and we get the finish with Austin winning the match.

The end of the show, we see Austin celebrating, and Bobby is beside himself, in disbelief.  Tenay made it clear that this win for Austin was not a fluke.  No Surrender is on September 9th.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a weird PPV for me, and I don’t think the matches meshed well, but the final two matches saved the show from being bad.  But what sounded good on paper, just didn’t work very well for me. 

But what did work for me was the main event, and the ladder match.  With the latter of the two, I don’t think the four men involved can really have a bad match, but it still was alot of fun to watch.  AJ picked up the big win, and now anything can happen, heading into No Surrender. 

Aces and 8’s made their presence known, but why didn’t they interfere in the ladder match, you might wonder?  I still say somehow, someway, Joe will be a part of the group. 

So where does this lead to Impact Thursday night?  We shall soon find out, what were your thoughts on the show?  Let me know, and I’ll be back tomorrow night.


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