WWE Friday Night Smackdown 8/17/12…Alberto Del Rio Confronts Booker T

After the shocking announcement Booker T made after last week’s debacle, cancelling the World Heavyweight Title match at Summerslam, how will Alberto Del Rio confront Booker T?  We’ll find out….now.

We are at the University of Texas, with Michael Cole and Josh Matthews welcoming us to the show, Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez make their way to the ring.

He wants his title shot now, how is it that Sheamus takes Del Rio’s car, and totals it, but gets away with it?  What kind of World Champion runs to the General Manager, and complains about what Del Rio did last week, and what kind of General Manager allows that to happen?  He is not leaving the ring, until he gets his title match.

Here comes the Smackdown General Manager, Booker T.

Booker asks what the problem is, and Del Rio reminds him that Sheamus stole his car, so a real man needs to take care of their own business.

A man?  A man does not hire goons, and poses them as officers to beat up another man.  Del Rio cuts him off and says that title shot is his, he had earned it.  He also says that he talked to his lawyers.

Here comes Chris Jericho?

Alberto Del Rio….will you please shut the hell up.  Nobody cares about his lawyers, his title shots, his constant complaining.

Who do you think you are?

Jericho speaks spanish, and says his breath smells like dog poop, in spanish.

Jericho has a proposition for Del Rio.  Since he doesn’t have a World Title match, he can get a World Title match against Sheamus, after he beats Dolph Ziggler, at Summerslam.

He already saw one peasant steal his car, you think Del Rio will see another peasant steal his title shot?  That won’t happen.

Booker T makes it clear that Sheamus will not compete at Summerslam, but let’s make a main event, tonight.  For the first time ever on Smackdown, Chris Jericho Vs Alberto Del Rio.

Tonight, we’ll see what took place on Raw, with “The Perfect Storm”, and we’ll find out the condition of Shawn Michaels, after Brock Lesnar took care of him.

Coming up next, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara Vs The Miz and Cody Rhodes.

Rey and Sin Cara win the match when Cody tries to take the mask off Sin Cara, Rey Rey hits the 619, and Drop The Dime for a pinfall victory.  He and The Miz are set for Summerslam, this Sunday.

The Miz tries to attack Rey, but Rey ducks, and hits the 619 on Miz himself.

Tonight, Randy Orton will face Daniel Bryan, one on one.

Our next match is Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins, dressed in suits for action.  But they strip those clothes off, with music….ALA “Magic Mike”, yeah that will get them over.

They are facing 2 guys that they don’t even announce.

They win with a Double Cutter.

Coming up next, it’s all a matter of respect, footage from this past Monday Night Raw

The official Summerslam song is Kevin Rudolf, with “Don’t Give Up”.

CM Punk Vs Big Show Vs John Cena video is being shown.

Eve is headed backstage, William Regal wants to wish her good luck on her match tonight.  She doesn’t need it, and William talks about how at one point, he ruled the world, as Raw General Manager, and now?  He is taking out the garbage, literally.

Kaitlyn Vs Eve Torres, the winner is Booker T’s Assistant, next.

Eve wins, using a TKO.  It was a clean pinfall, and Teddy Long could care less.  That is very rude of Teddy.

When we come back, Booker T congratulates with Eve Torres.  She has some great ideas, and Booker just wants to know if she and Teddy Long can get along, and she assures him they can.

Our next match is “The Viper” Randy Orton Vs Daniel Bryan.

Orton wins the match with a RKO, Kane plays the mind games on Daniel Bryan, because just as Daniel is going to make Orton tap out to the No Lock, pyro starts to flame, and we hear Kane’s music, this allows Daniel to get out of the ring, looking around.  After he is pinned, Kane is show on the top of the ramp, laughing.  Good match, but cheesy ending.

Our next match is Antonio Cesaro, he gets a United States Title shot on the Summerslam Pre-Show against Santino Marella, Antonio wants to say hello in five different languages.

He is facing Zack Ryder.

Antonio won the match with a Goch Style Neutralizer, and after the match, Antonio slaps Santino.  When Santino gets up, Antonio backs away, but shoves him into the announce table.

Footage from Monday Night Raw is going to be shown next, featuring “The Perfect Storm”.

We are at the University of Texas, and we see Brock Lesnar Vs HHH video, including Brock breaking Shawn Michael’s arm this past week on Monday Night Raw.

Update on Shawn is he does have a broken arm, and a contusion.  He will not show up this Sunday at Summerslam, HHH is by himself.

Our main event is up now, Alberto Del Rio Vs Chris Jericho.

Right before Chris comes out, Dolph Ziggler takes him out with a briefcase shot.  Is there a match?  Find out, next.

Del Rio is in the ring when we come back, and he wants to be awarded the victory, since Jericho isn’t there. 

But here comes Jericho, and the match is on now.

Del Rio wins with a kick to the head, after Ziggler comes out, and rams Jericho into the steel post.  After the match, Del Rio slaps on the Cross Arm Breaker, with Ziggler taunting Jericho, and here comes Sheamus.

Del Rio runs away from Sheamus, and here comes Booker T.

Sheamus wants Booker to reinstate his title match at Summerslam.  Booker says that Sheamus is injured, but Sheamus said you’d have to rip his arm off, and the only person that wants the match more than Del Rio, is Sheamus.  So reinstate the match.

If that’s what Sheamus wants, then he has it.  Sunday night, at Summerslam it will be Alberto Del Rio Vs Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The match is on, and the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Just a basic show, really.  Nothing great happened, and it truly did not make extra people want to buy Summerslam, so there you go.  What did you think of the show?  Give me your thoughts, Summerslam is this Sunday.  Here we go.

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