WWE Monday Night Raw 8/20/12…Summerslam Post-Party

We are live in Fresno State University, in Fresno, California.

Here Comes The Pain!!

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman come out to the ring, Paul has seen HHH many times, in fact he was here 11 years ago when he tore off his quad, and finished the match.  He is a warrior, he does not quit…until last night at Summerslam.  Brock Lesnar beat him to a bloody pulp.  HHH became a beaten man, he not only let himself down, he let his family down, and he let the fans down.  And even with all of that, he doesn’t feel sorry for HHH.

Heyman said that HHH was a broken man, and his career is indeed over with.

He calls for the referee last night, Scott Armstrong, the same man who HHH wanted to call this to the finish, but things didn’t end the way HHH wanted.

Scott slowly comes to the ring.

Paul makes sure that Scott was told to let this fight continue, until a man was finished.  Last night, Heyman had two words for HHH, “Tap Out”, but tonight, Brock has two words for Scott.

Brock puts his hand on Scott, and says “Good Job”.

Tonight, Heyman grants Brock the new “King of Kings” and we are all his royal subjects.

Later tonight, Shawn Michaels will join us live, via satellite, to share his thoughts about what took place last night.

We go to a break, honoring the new master and ruler of the world.

Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show, and CM Punk had a little Tout earlier today, requesting to General Manager AJ Lee that since he defeated 2 men last night, that he should select his own opponent, tonight.

AJ is taking it under advisement.

6-Man Tag match is up now, Sin Cara, Kofi Kingston, and R-Truth taking on Prime Time Players and Cody Rhodes.

Truth, Sin Cara, and Kofi win the match when Sin Cara pins Cody with a Bridge Suplex.  What are they doing with Cody?  Nothing.

Tonight, we will have Zack Ryder and Kane taking on The Miz and Daniel Bryan.  Weren’t Kane and Ryder feuding 2 months ago?

Matt Striker, our teacher interviews the Raw General Manager AJ Lee.  David Otunga comes back, he was making a movie with Oscar Winning actress Halle Berry.  He noticed that since he has been gone, AJ was named the Raw General Manager.  He wants to offer his services as her attorney, in case anything crazy happens.  She snaps about that, and says he will be offering his services in the ring, against an opponent of her choosing.

Matt wants to know what she thinks of Punk’s request.  She has no problem with it, as long as she approves it.  Then she skips out of the area.

Now that was awesome.

Good gravy, Khloe Kardashian is our Social Media Ambassador.


Ryback heads to the ring, he is taking on Mike Spinner and Andy Tavares.

Jinder Mahal hits Ryback for the DQ victory, just as Ryback starts to finish his two opponents.

After Ryback takes care of Jinder like he was lunch, he finishes his two opponents with Shell-Shocked.

Feed him more.

Chris Jericho is texting, with Dolph Ziggler interrupting him, wanting a rematch, even saying that Chris can’t win the rematch, and Chris asks who he is dealing with?  The Ayatollah of Rock N Rolla….Y2J….The 6-Time Champion, he can win the big one, but can Ziggler?

AJ Lee comes skipping along, and she proposes this match, Chris Jericho Vs Dolph Ziggler tonight.  If Chris loses, his contract is terminated with WWE.  If Dolph loses, his Money in the Bank briefcase is handed to Jericho.

Alberto Del Rio is irate, upset at Ricardo Rodriguez, he is out next.

Del Rio heads to the ring, and he said he should be standing in front of us peasants as the new World Heavyweight Champion. 

We don’t believe him?  Then believe this.

We see footage with Del Rio’s foot on the ropes, and he demands another World Heavyweight Title match, right now.

A very busy night for the Raw General Manager, and here she comes.

Hola Alberto!!

She has no authority for the World Heavyweight Title, that is Booker T’s job, but since he is in his ring gear, she does have authority to put him in a match, and it will be against this man….

Randy Orton.

That match is up next.

Orton hits the RKO for the pinfall victory.  Orton states cold at Sheamus, he wants that World Heavyweight Title.

Tonight, CM Punk will name his new Number One Contender, pending approval by AJ Lee.

After the show, Punk gives us his exclusive comments from Backstage Access, on WWE.com.

Punk doesn’t see the controversy in winning his match last night, and quite frankly, I have to agree with him.  He did what everyone else would have done, win at any cost.

Tonight, Shawn Michaels will make a statement.

Last night, at the Summerslam Pre-Show, Antonio Cesaro talks about how great he is in 5 different languages.

Cesaro defeated Santino Marella to become the new United States Champion, and he Touted it.

WWE took over LA, and they show us that footage.

The Funky Funkasaurus is with us now, along with Cameron and Naomi.  He is taking on Damien Sandow, next.

Our Martyr wins again, with a hand full of tights.  You’re welcome.

Brodus lays out Sandow with a big splash, and the crowd could care less.

Everyone dances, and somebody call my Momma.

Social Media with the WWE Wrestlers, they are all talking about how this could have been a last stand by HHH.

Shawn Michaels will speak, next.

Michael Cole is asking Shawn what is going through his head.  Shawn said you can do everything to prepare yourself that the end is near, but there truly is nothing that prepares you for what hits you in the face.  It all happens silently, and privately on your own.  But the reality is it happens in front of millions on PPV.  That’s the ugly part of it.  You can’t prepare yourself to face your own professional mortality.  HBK knows what HHH is feeling, and this could have been the end of a great career.  He is a warrior, he is a man of integrity, something Brock and Heyman knows nothing about.  HHH put everything in his own being last night, because that is what The Game is all about.  Last few weeks, he came to support HHH, his best friend, but he became a distraction, and perhaps if he had been there, things would be different, but we’ll never know.  Last week, he needed to know the truth, that he couldn’t beat Brock Lesnar.  But it’s hard to look at your best friend, and say that time has simply past by, but he knows one thing…HHH has nothing to be ashamed for, and he’ll always respect him, love him, we all have loved him.  On behalf of himself, and the entire WWE Universe, thank you for a job well done.

End of segment.

Tonight, CM Punk will get an opportunity to name his new Number One Contender.

David Otunga is out, who will he face?  The Big Show.

WMD, that’s all she wrote.  So he can beat David Otunga, he just can’t beat John Cena.

They show us footage from last night, with Backstage Access on WWE.com.  Show wasn’t happy, and you don’t want him to be angry.

Coming up next, Kane and Zack Ryder will face The Miz and Daniel Bryan.

This Saturday night, The Rock Vs John Cena, on NBC, at 9:00 PM.

Kane and Ryder Vs Miz and Bryan, now.

The match ends in a No Contest, because nobody can get along with each other.  Daniel slaps Kane in the face, and Kane goes after everyone, including the bell-ringer.  It was a crazy segment, the real loser here is Zack Ryder, even the bell-ringer was tended to by the trainer, but Zack was not.

Backstage Access interviews John Cena last night, Cena said he won’t gripe about it, one of those things, and Punk was lucky.  He’ll get his shot soon.

Punk is being interviewed by Matt Striker.  Punk tells us his choice to face is John Cena.  He wants respect, and as long as Cena can show him that respect, he will grant him a WWE Title shot.


Diva action, with a Diva’s Battle Royal, to determine the new Number One Contender to the Divas Title.

Kaitlyn wins the match, with Layla watching on.  These two will square off at some point, probably at Night of Champions.

Summerslam footage with Brock Lesnar Vs HHH, and they show us earlier tonight footage with Paul Heyman naming Brock the new “King of Kings”.

Brock gives us a tout that he has accomplished everything he has wanted to in coming back to WWE, so he is done, and we will never see him again.

Cole and King no-sold it like it was nothing.

Vickie Guerrero is backstage, with Dolph Ziggler, Vickie said this should be her time to manage a World Champion.  Dolph said he must prove that he can win the World Title, because he may never get a World Title shot again, so he has to do what he has to do.

Ziggler Vs Jericho, next.

Excuse me….our main event match, Ziggler Vs Jericho is up now.

Dolph Ziggler wins clean with a Zig Zag.  Dolph keeps his MITB briefcase, and Jericho’s contract is terminated with WWE.

Jericho answers the loss by nailing Ziggler with the briefcase.  And a Codebreaker, to boot.

I will miss you Chris, there aren’t many superstars that can do what you do.

CM Punk is on his way to the ring, next.

Punk goes after King, he wants Lawler to admit he was wrong when he stated he turned his back on the fans.  King won’t do it, and here comes John Cena.

Cena couldn’t wait, he just had to steal the spotlight.  The truth is since Wrestlemania, Punk has taken a backseat to Cena, HHH, and even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  But it takes back to respect, it’s a 2-way street.  He is the WWE Champion, and he is tired of taking a backseat.  Fans come up to him, and ask why he doesn’t go last.  He tells them that he does it because he respects Cena, but the truth is Punk beat Cena over a year ago for the WWE Title at Money in the Bank.  And last night, Cena was the man he beat to retain the WWE Title.  Does Cena know why he is the Number One Contender?  It’s because he has to beat him again, to get that respect.  But it doesn’t matter, because he sees the Cena Nation, even in Fresno, California.  And that means John has to do, if he wants a shot.  All Cena has to do is admit that Punk is the best in the world.

So now it’s time for Cena to respond.  Punk has been the WWE Champion for 9 months, which means he hasn’t been the WWE champion for 9 months.  Yet, he still sees the signs, shirts, and he wonders why.  Through all of the wins and losses, their relationship is not built around championships, but rather respect.

Here is an example, Raw is live in Fresno, California.  Home of Fresno State University.  If their College Football team does not win a championship this season, they do not give up on their team, they still root for them just like Cena’s fans.  John will not say that Punk is the best, because he has to believe he is the best.  For an entire year, he told people that he was better than Rock, and he will beat him at Wrestlemania.  And not one second did he believe that Rock was better, because if you believe that, you might as well go through the door, and give up.

Punk has been WWE Champion for 9 months?  Great job, he was champion for 386 days, but he never one time asked for anything different.  Punk won the WWE Title, and blew Vince McMahon a kiss, and said goodbye.

Prove that you’re the best, because Night of Champions is in Cena’s hometown, prove that he is the best by beating him, if he does, great, if he does not, fine.  He believe that he will get another title shot, down the road.  But don’t expect Cena to bow down to his greatness, because in this game, that isn’t done.  The choice is yours.

Punk turns to King, and he wants Jerry to apologize to him.

King comes into the ring, and he says this is all a misunderstanding, but if he wants one, he apologizes.

Punk isn’t done though, if Cena won’t say it, then King is the best at propaganda, he says it, the fans will believe it.  So say he is the best in the world.

King said that he has seen it all, and Punks says that is great, just say he is the best in the world.

Jerry can’t say that, so if you don’t mind, let him do his job.

Punk kicks King.

The show ends with Punk looking down at King.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This show was all over the place, the bad parts were really bad, but the good parts stood out, like they were supposed to do.

I enjoyed the Brock Lesnar promo in the beginning, but not sure why he is leaving, unless it’s because he won’t travel to all of the places, but why in the hell did they do that angle with Shawn last week, if it doesn’t mean Shawn will get his revenge?  I don’t want to see HHH Vs Brock, at Wrestlemania.  We just saw it last night, why do that again?  And please, HHH is done?  Really?  Why?  Because he tapped out?  Daniel Bryan tapped out a few times to CM Punk, does that mean he should leave?

I hope not, because Daniel and his “anger management” is funny.

I loved Jericho Vs Ziggler, and it was good sendoff to Chris.  Dolph needed the win, and it surely seemed like a big deal.  Now I can see Dolph facing Christian, since the two of them are good friends, and at some point soon, Ziggler will be ready to cash in, just not yet.

However, I don’t want to see another Del Rio Vs Sheamus match, that has been done to death, there.

AJ Lee was fun to watch tonight, and she was all over the TV in the first half, which was funny, but nowhere to be found in the second half.  They must find a way to space those appearances.

But the best part was at the end of the night.  Punk Vs Cena is teased, but I truly believe we will see Punk Vs Lawler, and make no mistake about it, Punk is a heel now.  And I can see both sides of the story.  Punk wants respect, he isn’t the main event, and the WWE Champion should always be the final thing we see.  However, Cena is always the focal point of the brand, and his part about never saying that Punk is the best, because how can anyone admit someone else is the best?  He put Punk in his place, but Punk was able to get the heat.  I just think Fresno is the wrong place to do that.  If that happened in Memphis, or Cleveland, where Jerry spent a part of his childhood at, it would have meant more, but I still loved where they are going with this, and it shows.

I won’t discuss the negatives, because you all know where it is at, throughout the report, I discussed them.  But overall, a good show.  Not a great show, but a good one.  What did you think of the show?  Send me your thoughts here.  By the way, no Rock vs Cena this Saturday, due to an Indians game in the Cleveland market.  Not sure when I will see it, when I do, I will write out a report for you.


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