Impact Wrestling Live 8/30/12….BFG Series Sets The Tone

We are live in Orlando, Florida for the big Impact.  No Surrender is just 10 days away, and we see what took place last week with TNA Wrestlers, and the Aces and 8’s.

Here we go.

The TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Austin Aries kicks the show off.

Last week, Aces and 8’s pulled off the stops, they had 6 men in the ring, and smash his arm.  There have been speculation of what happens after his arm is smashed.  Will he forfeit the World Title?  He has not been medically cleared to wrestle, but he is medically cleared to fight, and he is left-handed, they smashed his right hand.  So he is standing in the middle of the ring, so he wants whoever is behind this to step up, and fight him.

Enter Hulk Hogan, and Sting…..with baseball bats.

Hogan wants the champ to calm down, brother.  They come in peace.  Hogan is back as the general manager, and he wants to thank Sting for running things for him.  Now, things are going to go the way Hogan wants them to go, because Hogan is in charge.  Aces and 8’s, they messed with his family, himself, and the wrestlers in the back, there will be a bloodbath.  But he assures Austin, they are here for support, and whatever Austin wants, he has it.

Austin wants someone from Aces and 8’s to fight him tonight.

Aces and 8’s show up on the screen.

They are having too much fun, but the one thing Aces and 8’s does is do what they say.  Hey champ?  How’s the wing going?  Let’s have some fun tonight, they’ll be in the ring.

Tonight, BFG Series match, must win matches.  Kurt Angle Vs Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles Vs Samoa Joe, and coming up next, RVD Vs “Cowboy” James Storm.

ODB wants her damn chicken, she wants Eric to call her, the phone doesn’t ring, so she is giving him until next week.  Give the woman some fried chicken, and beer.

RVD Vs “Cowboy” James Storm, now.

Storm wins with a Last Call Superkick in a very competitive match that could have gone either way.

Christy Hemme gets a word from Storm.  James is in the Final Four of the BFG Series.  He did what he said he was going to do, win this series, and win back his World Heavyweight Championship.

Madison Rayne is on her way to the ring, next.

Madison Rayne is in the ring, with Taryn Terrell in the ring.  Brooke Hogan informed Madison earlier in the week that Madison has to compete this week.  So obviously, Madison is getting her Knockout Title rematch, a title she lost because obviously someone cost her the match, so go ahead and bring out Brooke Tessmacher.

Here comes ODB.  She had a phone call too from Brooke, and she informed her that ODB is going to compete with Madison.  The honeymoon is over, because the bitch is back.

ODB pins Madison with the BAM!!

Just as she was celebrating, Eric Young is back, with some fried chicken and beer.  He has some things going in Hollywood, has his own TV show, and he has some fried chicken, let’s get going.

This is not the man she married, with the suit, the shades.

Eric starts ripping his clothes off.

And the world is right for the Knockout Tag Team champions.

Video profile on Claire Lynch-AJ Styles saga, it is over with, and AJ is excited, he is now focusing his attention towards the BFG Series, but when that is over with, he has payback with Christopher Daniels and Kazarian.

Gut Check time, they are not fans of how Chris performed in the ring, the decision is still to come.

Hogan and Sting want to see the World Tag team Champions, of the world.  Hogan and Sting warned them both, AJ is coming for them, and when he does, he won’t stop until he wants to.

BFG Series match, AJ Styles Vs Samoa Joe, now.

Joe wins the match with some wrestling, as AJ had Joe, Joe escaped, and pinned him on the mat.  A heck of a match here.

Earlier tonight, we see Austin Aries make a challenge to anyone with Aces and 8’s.  Will they answer?

Coming up next, Kris Louie gets his decision on Gut Check.

It’s Kris’ Gut Check time, JB brings out all involved here, with Kris’ family in attendance.  Basically, they were not impressed with they saw, and had 2 men say no, without Al Snow being involved.

As they are out there, that goof who was denied a few months ago is back, with a bullhorn, and gets Al Snow to go after him.

Jeff Hardy Vs Kurt Angle, our main event is up next.

Jeff wins with a Swantawn, and Kurt can’t understand what went wrong here.  JB calls for the Final Five men.  One of them will be eliminated next week, and the other four will love on to No Surrender.  Storm is guaranteed that he is in the Final Four.  Jeff Hardy will face Samoa Joe, and RVD faces Bully Ray/  Next week will be interesting.

Austin Aries comes out, and he is ready for a fight.

Hogan and Sting make their way up the ramp, and he brings out the TNA roster, leading the charge for Aries.

Hogan wants a bloodbath, and he wants to see faces.

Here we go.

A fight starts off with one guy Vs Austin, now we see all men getting involved.  Austin takes care of business in the ring, when a guy grabs a mask, and nails Austin with a flapjack from behind, knocking him out.

Who is a part of Aces and 8’s?

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was very light on the talking, and more action.  I truly enjoyed seeing the last segment, with Austin fighting Aces and 8’s. 

3 big matches set the tone for tonight’s matches.  Kurt Vs Hardy is always a good match.  “Cowboy” picked up his spot for No Surrender.  And the leader in points get to choose who his Semi-Final opponent is going to be.  “Cowboy” and RVD had a good match, and of course, AJ amd Joe is always a good match.

My pick still is Jarrett aligned himself with Joe and Garrett Bischoff, who I think is the guy that gave a flapjack.  Overall, a good show, that gave us more questions, now we just need answers.  What were your thoughts?  Send them to me, and have a great night.


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