Impact Wrestling Live 9/6/12…Road To No Surrender Ends….Road To Bound For Glory Begins

We are live in Orlando, Florida.  Impact begins now, and tonight, 2 big matches that ends the Bound for Glory Series.  “Cowboy” James Storm is in, who joins him?  We’ll find out…..tonight.

Jeff Hardy Vs Samoa Joe kicks things off….Bound for Glory Series match, now.

Jeff Hardy wins the match with a chokehold, and made Joe tap out, so he is awarded 10 points.  A great match, and the crowd was fired up for this match.

A couple of weeks ago, Aces and 8’s took out Austin Aries, and last week, a member of the TV crew laid him out.

Austin is backstage with Hogan. 

How are these guys getting in the building?  Austin wants some answers.  Hogan said that Austin is a target, since he is the champion.  The TV guy was a plant, and they paid him off.  The big guy will be here tonight, so make him talk.

But what if he can’t make him talk?  Hogan answers by breaking his legs old-school style.  Get some answers, but make him talk first, brother.

When we come back, Joe is being interviewed by Christy Hemme.  Joe is about to answer the question about his loss, but Magnus approaches him.  Magnus wants to explain his actions a few weeks ago, concerning Magnus laying out Joe, after his loss.  Joe was within seconds of finishing Hardy, and he knows how he feels.  This goes back to when they were Tag team champions, he was great, and Joe was very good.  However, he allowed his ego get the best of him, and they were not the same.  However, Magnus will be the bigger man, and wish Joe luck.

They shake hands, and Magnus lays out Joe, from behind.

Hogan has 8 men with him, to determine who are challenging Daniels and Kazarian for the Tag Team Titles.  Kid Kash, Gunner, Robbie E., Robbie T, Chavo Guerrero, Jr., and Hernandez  are here, representing the teams.  They all are pleading their cases, and we see AJ Styles make his way in.  He knows the champs better than anyone, and he deserves payback.

The problem is he doesn’t have a partner, he’ll get his time down the road, but not now.  He’s eliminated.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the universe, Brooke Hogan is with Tara.  She is impressed with what Tara did 2 weeks ago on Open Fight Night, and will reward the Knockout Title match to Tara, at No Surrender.

Gail Kim interrupts, she needs a shot, and believes that Brooke is using newer talent, and pushing the current Knockouts aside.

Brooke issues a match between Gail Kim Vs Tara, and it’s up next.

Tara wins the match with a Widow’s Peak.

A Joey Ryan piece, he needs a match with Al Snow.

Al Snow comes out to the ring, he has something he has to say. 

Joey Ryan now has Al’s attention, so he has given Joey another chance to get a contract, and he calls him out.

Joey is proud of himself, he is bringing “sleazy” back, live at the Impact Zone.

Snow said that Joey has to go through Gut Check one more time, no judges, if he wins, he’s in. 

Joey has already proven to himself with 87% of the fans, but Al replied that Joey doesn’t have the guts to face it again.  Joey said that he should have the contract already, he has already earned it.

No he doesn’t, either he accepts it, or not.

He accepts the challenge.  Great, then Joey will face Al.  Joey said this isn’t the 90’s, nobody wants to see him in spandex.

Snow said he can whip his ass in jeans, and he slaps him.

Joey screams he can’t touch him, he doesn’t work here.

Backstage, Bully Ray approaches Joseph Park.

Bully doesn’t want to fight Joseph, he has a big match tonight, for Bound for Glory Series.  Has he found any answers?  Joseph said he deals with Hogan and Sting.  Bully warns him to be careful, he knows people like this.

Austin wants answers from one of the Aces and 8 members.

Bully Ray Vs RVD, Bound for Glory Series match is up next.

More with Hogan and the 6 men remaining.

Kash and Gunner are eliminating, it’s between Robbie E, Robbie T, Chavo, and Hernandez.

Bully Ray Vs RVD, BFG Series match, now.

Bully wins with a Bully Cutter, when RVD attempted the Five Star.  Very good match, and fantastic ending, with Bully Ray entering into the No Surrender Semi-Final.

It’s going to be “Cowboy” James Storm, Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, and Samoa Joe in the No Surrender PPV.  Who will Storm choose to face in the Semi-Finals?

We’ll find out later.

Austin is with Mike, the guy that attacked Austin.  Let’s talk, tell him what he wants to know.

Mike doesn’t answer, and Austin slapped him.  Nobody is here to save him.  What can these pliers do?

Hogan wants to have some fun too, payback for what Aces and 8’s did to his daughter.

The mouthpiece calls Hogan, and they make a deal.  The grip for the guy that broke Austin’s arm, he wants him this Sunday at No Surrender.

The arm breaker alone within the hour, and they will return the grip.

Sorry about your damn luck…..

Here comes “Cowboy” James Storm.

This year has been a hell of a roller coaster of a ride.  Some highs, and some lows.  He won the World Heavyweight Title.  But the way he lost to Bobby Roode at Lockdown had him questioning if he wanted to do this.  He went home, drank some beer with his friends, and one thing that was missing.  The fans going crazy, so he went to Slammiversary, defeated the undefeated Crimson, entered the Bound for Glory Series, and as the matches became bigger, he answered the challenge.  But now, there are 3 guys standing in his way to Bound for Glory.

He calls the three men to the ring, and here they come.

Samoa Joe, one of the toughest men in the Wrestling ring, that will make you tap in a heartbeat.

Jeff Hardy, everyone knows how tough he is.

Which brings him to Bully Ray.  He wants him in the ring, because he has something to say.

Bully, you have been accusing him for months that he was a part of Aces and 8’s, and he proved him wrong.  Last year, he ended Storm’s dream for last year’s Bound for Glory, and this year, Storm is ending his.

Sorry about your damn luck.

So this Sunday, it’s going to be Storm Vs Bully, and Joe Vs Hardy.

The two winners face each other, and the winner moves on to Bound for Glory.

The guy, Mike is still in the back, and coming up next, we will find out who Daniels and Kazarian face for the Tag Team Titles.

When we come back, Christy Hemme is with RVD.  Magnus interrupts them, and questions if RVD still has it.  The younger guys find ways to beat him now, and RVD attacks Magnus and the two brawl it out.

Hogan selects Chavo and Hernandez to face Kazarian and Daniels, now.

Kazarian and Daniels win the match with Kaz nailing Hernandez with the Tag Team Title.

Hulk Hogan makes his way up the ramp, congratulating the champs.  He says they proved they are working champs, but there is a guy in the back that feels he can beat them, and that is AJ Styles.  Yeah, he needs a partner, so at No Surrender, it will be Kazarian and Daniels Vs AJ and Kurt Angle.

No Surrender PPV rundown, and coming up next, will Aces and 8’s show up?  Austin and Mike are heading to the ring.

The show ends with Austin and Mike coming out.  Aries calls out the arm breaker from Aces and 8’s, but he doesn’t show up.  So, Austin threatens he will punish Mike, for answers. 

Here comes the big man, and knocks out poor Mike, but Austin goes after the big guy, and that means this Sunday, these two men will be involved in a fight, not a match, but a fight.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I loved the matches tonight, every single one of them had a purpose, and the wins meant more than usual, especially the BFG matches.  However, I did not like the backstage segments tonight, and I am not crazy about Austin Aries vs “The arm breaker”, however, I am sure both men will prove me wrong, and I have a feeling this man is Joseph Gallows, who recently signed a TNA contract, but why are the Aces and 8’s here?  Will we finally see who is behind Aces and 8’s this Sunday?

Speaking of this Sunday, the 4-man tournament will be fun, and while my original choice was Storm winning, this was when Roode was the champion, but this time, I am going with Hardy, and I will keep that choice until Sunday.  Nothing wrong with Hardy Vs Aries at Bound for Glory.

I think No Surrender will be a good show, but no buildup to Sonjay Dutt Vs Zema Ion.  But Angle and Styles Vs Daniels and Kazarian will be a fun match, we always know these four men have great chemistry, so I believe these four men will steal the show.

Overall, the show was good, with the focus being on the BFG Series, and I believed it was better than last year.  Can Storm pull it off?  We’ll find out.  What did you think of the show?  Send me your thoughts.


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