WWE Night of Champions 9/16/12

We are live in B-Town, Boston, Massachusetts, with Night of Champions.  We kick things off with the Battle Royal to determine who receives a United States Title against Antonio Cesaro, later tonight.  Scott Stanford and Matt Striker call the action, here we go.

Zack Ryder wins the Battle Royal, eliminating Tensai to win, and move on to Night of Champions, and will face Antonio Cesaro for the United States Title.

Josh Matthews interviewed Zack, and he asked him if he believes he has a shot to win the United States Title.  His answer?  Woo Woo Woo….You Know It.

We go over the PPV rundown, and we see Josh Matthews at CM Punk’s locker room, he refuses to speak, and Paul Heyman shows up.  Josh asks him if he can ask what Punk’s mind-set is for tonight’s match, and Heyman said it’s may he ask him, and he just did.

It’s all about respect.

Video footage for Punk Vs Cena.

The PPV is underway, all WWE Titles are on the line, let’s get it on….now.

Pyros go off, we are live in the TD Garden….Boston, Massachusetts.

Michael Cole kicks off the show, with an empty chair, giving us an update on Jerry “The King” Lawler.  He informs us that the doctors in the building performed CPR on Jerry for 15 minutes, before reviving him.  He’ll be going home to Memphis this week.

So who is replacing him tonight?  JBL.  Great to see and hear from him, again.

We kick things off with the Intercontinental Fatal 4-Way match.  The Miz Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Cody Rhodes Vs Sin Cara.




This is Booker T’s great plan?  This is supposed to be about The Miz, a champion.  But after this match, he will officially form a protest against Booker T.  Because he is The Miz…..and he’s awesome.

The match will start, now.

The Miz retains the title with a Skull Crushing Finale, on Cody Rhodes, when Miz had one of Sin Cara’s mask on.  Cody set up Sin Cara with Crossroads, but instinct took over with Miz.

The Prime Time Players are backstage with Eve Torres, they want a match and some official approaches her and she goes over and we see Kaitlyn in the back, injured.  Someone in a mask attacked her, and she can’t compete tonight.  Eve assures her that she will get her title shot, just not tonight.

Our next match is the Tag Team Titles on the line, with Daniel Bryan and Kane Vs Kofi Kingston and R-Truth.

Daniel Bryan and Kane won the WWE Tag Team Titles, when Daniel Bryan nailed Kane with an elbow, after Kane went up to the top rope, but Kane fell right on top of Kofi, and won the match.



Dr. Shelby is a genius.

They are arguing over who the Tag team Champion is, but they both are.

Teddy Long and Booker T are watching the screen.  Eve runs in and tells Booker that Kaitlyn can’t compete with the Women’s Title.  But Eve is concerned that nobody is worthy enough for a Diva’s Title shot, and Booker tells her that she has earned that shot.  If that’s what Booker wants, then she will do everything she can.

Teddy does not look amused.

WWE has partnered with Komen.org to fight Women’s breast Cancer, and fight the deed.  Check the website, for more details.

WWE United States Title match is up now, Antonio Cesaro taking on Zack Ryder.

One word to describe how Antonio feels about his United States Title match tonight, in 5 different languages.


Woo…Woo….Woo…You Know It.

Antonio wins the match with a Neutralizer after Aksana distracted Zack for two seconds to allow him out of the ring, and following Cesaro.  The champ retains.

Otunga, Alberto Del Rio, and Ricardo Rodriguez are backstage, Ricardo has his neckbrace off, and they are irate about that.  Otunga calls Ricardo “Estupido” and walks off with Del Rio.

Excuse Me….

Vickie Guerrero wants the fans to stand up, and show respect to the future World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler Vs Orton, now.

Orton wins the match with a RKO, and this might tell me that Dolph Ziggler will cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase later tonight.  We will see, but this was a good match here, and this feud should continue.

We see a movie trailer from the upcoming Dredd 3-D that starts in theaters on Friday.

Our next match is for the Diva’s Title, Layla will face Eve Torres.

Eve wins the Diva’s Title with her TKO.  It seems here that Cole is playing the face announcer, with JBL playing the heel role, because Michael is appalled that Eve attacked Layla after they shook hands.

Lilian Garcia introduces us to women who survived breast cancer.  They are true heroes, and inspirations.

Daniel Bryan and Kane are both celebrating their Tag Team Titles, separately.

Dr. Shelby and AJ are trying to get the two men to say anything positive about each other.  Daniel congratulates Kane on his win, and Kane walks away.  Daniel Bryan said see, that is what we get.  I try, and he doesn’t say a word.  But Kane drops some Gatorade on all 3 men, and Kane is going to Disneyland.

Only these two men can make this work.

World Heavyweight Title match, Alberto Del Rio Vs Sheamus is up now.

Booker T makes it to the ring, before the match starts.  He has concluded his investigation.

The Brogue Kick is a devastating move, but when he signed up as a wrestler, there are risks that factor in.  Therefore, he has made the decision that the Brogue Kick is in reinstated.

Sheamus wins with a Brogue Kick, no MITB cashing in either.

National Guard ad, and we see brave men and women from the National Guard at the show.

Our main event, John Cena Vs CM Punk, for the WWE Title is up now.

Paul Heyman is here, just like we all are to see CM Punk, and his 302nd days as WWE Champion.  He is very proud of him, and his accomplishments, and very happy to have CM Punk be known as one of “Heyman’s Guys”.

Here comes the Champ, Cena Vs Punk, now.

Punk is wearing Yankee stripes…in Boston.  Oh boy, Punk is a heel here for sure.

The match ends in a draw.  I can’t believe it did, but Cena had Punk in a Bridge Suplex, but the referee, who I believe was Chad Patten said that both men had their shoulders down.  Not sure if that is true, the replay doesn’t show Cena’s other shoulder down.  Cena thought he won the title for the 11th time, but this was a fantastic match that also featured Punk giving Cena a Rock Bottom, next month, Punk will do The People’s Elbow, and Cole will finally understand the correlation.  The night ends with Punk laying out Cena with the WWE Title.


Kevin’s Thoughts:

Top to bottom, this was a fun show to watch.  JBL added a new dimension to the commentary, one thing he doesn’t do, it seems is work by a script.  He just sees the action, and calls how he sees it. 

Cena Vs Punk match was one of the best matches they have had, not as good as Money in the Bank 2011, but it surely is up there.  Say what you will about Cena, and I am not by any means a big fan, but when he is up there with a quality opponent, the passion is there.  John has done everything possible in the WWE, so I can understand his disinterest at times, and this is a big reason why The Rock left in the first place, but put up against a great opponent, the passion is there.  Which is a big reason why Monday night, they tried to compare this feud to Hart-Michaels back in the day.  I think Punk Vs Cena is the best feud since Austin-Rock, and it has lasted longer than one year too. 

I truly hope Heyman talks in more detail tomorrow night, about his association with Punk.  He can also have alot of fun with Cena, in particular to counter with what Cena said about Punk last week.  I also believe this should be the only Hell in a Cell match we will see in October, since this is the only match that is worthy of that kind of match.

As for the other matches tonight, I hope Del Rio Vs Sheamus is the final time we see this, because what else can you do when Sheamus wins every match?

If Ziggler is getting ready for a World Title run, and we can assume that, then they should not have him cash in the title match until he starts a series of win, truly bring him up to the next level, and tonight, losing to Orton is not that kind of start.

Kane and Daniel Bryan winning the Tag Team Titles will be fun to watch.

Eve Torres wins the Divas Title, but I just think Kaitlyn should have had her match anyway.  Kaitlyn winning the Divas Battle Royal was a mistake, but why punish her anyway?

The Fatal 4-way match seems to me that we are heading for Cody Rhodes Vs The Miz.

United States Title match was okay, but enough with the word in 5 different languages that describes what Antonio is thinking, say something different, truly get the United States Title over.

What did you think of the show?  Send me your thoughts, I’ll talk to you tomorrow night for Raw.


About Kevin Gillman
I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

20 Responses to WWE Night of Champions 9/16/12

  1. adztheman says:

    Have to disagree with your assessment of Kaitlyn..why not give her a shot..they put the belt on Layla for crying out loud..

    Until they sign Velvet, they’re spinning their wheels anyway..

    Loved Punk’s ring attire when I saw it..hilarious..Punk gets it..

    • Will they sign Velvet and Angelina together, as a team? Yeah, Punk’s attire was brilliant, the fans still were cheering him though.

      • adztheman says:

        Pretty knowledge fans at the T-D Garden..

        Velvet and Angelina are doing the ”Beautiful People” gimmick in the indys..all sorts of dates booked..need to reach out to Spike to see if he will book them here..

        I know a woman who works at a Providence country station who used to do ring announcing with every fiber of her being..she hates Velvet…me…I love Velvet..

      • Velvet in WWE just makes sense, maybe in the first part of 2013?

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