WWE Monday Night Raw 9/24/12…The King Speaks

I am battling a cold, so this weekend was tough, but I am starting to feel better, and tonight, it’s going to be special to hear from Jerry “The King” Lawler, his first appearance on WWE TV since 2 weeks ago, when he had his heart attack.  With that being said, let’s start the show off….now.

We are live in Albany, New York, with CM punk and Paul Heyman in the ring.

This show is being held hostage, right now.  Until justice is served, from last week, during the main event of Raw, we see footage of Punk’s foot on the ropes, before the referee can count to 3.

We are all witnesses of this injustice with the Best in the World, and Heyman calls out Mr. Brad Maddox, the referee who called in the match.  He will admit his mistake, apologize, and resign his employment, now.

Here comes Brad.

Michael Cole and Jim Ross welcome us to the show.

Brad made a mistake, this was his first main event referee assignment, he should have checked the ropes, and he is sorry.

Heyman wants him to resign, now.

Brad apologizes, but he doesn’t feel…

Punk cuts him off, and says he embarrassed the WWE Champion.  Who is he?  How is he employed?  How does he stand up for himself, like a man?

When Raw went to 3 hours, he was called by AJ Lee, saying that she needed more referees…..

So he’s not even a real referee?  He’s a scab?  Here is a gift for him to sleep at night, a blindfold.

So Punk said that he was hired by a baboon?  AJ Lee?  if she had a brain, she would come out now and fire him.

She comes out a bit late, but here she comes, skipping to the ring.

Heyman assumes that she is here to reverse the decision from last week, and correct the mistake to the WWE Champion.

She responds by saying when you ASSume, you make an ass out of herself, and Heyman, but mostly Paul.

She won’t allow for the two of them to ruin her show, and she asks Heyman who the hell does he think he is?

Punk says that AJ has a job, because of him.  He’s the WWE Champion.  He knows why there is such hostility for him, let’s show why that is.

2 months ago, AJ proposes marriage to Punk, and Punk turns her down.

That is the reason there is so much tension between the two of them?  Why there is so much hostility between the two of them?  If she forgets about the match last week, he will forget about the hundreds emails and texts she left him behind closed doors.  Let’s see how intimate they were behind the closed doors.  Tell them why there is a skip in her walk, and tell us why he is the best in the world.

Heyman sees what happened, and he does one thing….gets on his knee and ask her to marry him.  Think of how powerful and influential couple they can be together, they will rule the WWE  He will come up with the ideas, and she can take credit for all of his brilliance.  He likes them dumb, uninhabited, and ambitious.

AJ slaps Heyman, and walks away.

Tonight, we hear from Jerry “The King” Lawler, his first exclusive interview.

We are in the back, Brad Maddox is with AJ, he promises to her that he will never make that mistake again.  She says she knows that will never happen again, because she will never make to look like a fool again, she has this trance, and Brad walks away.

Good thinking there.

Cole and Jim Ross officially welcome us, and Vickie Guerrero interrupts the fun.

Dolph Ziggler comes out for his match, he will face Kofi Kingston, now.

R-Truth accompanies him to the ring, and it seems that Kofi and Ziggler have had a war of words on Twitter.

Ziggler wins with a Zig Zag, clean pinfall.  Truth, or I should say Little Jimmy took out Vickie early in the match, throwing water on her face, and the ref kicked them both out of ringside.

A great match between these two.

John Cena had shoulder surgery last Tuesday, it was much worst than originally anticipated.  He is here tonight, what are his immediate plans?  We’ll find out tonight.

When we come back, we see footage of Daniel Bryan and Kane.  I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!!

Daniel and Dr. Sheldon are at a Diner, it looks like the same location from the movie “When Harry Met Sally”.  Dr. Shelby said they are close to trusting each other, so he wants to play a role game.  Kane is “Gerald” their waiter.  “Gerald” said that there is a new cook today, because the other one was always taking credit for everything he did, so he took his goat face into a fryer, and every piece of his skin landed on the food that they are serving.  A woman overheard that, and she was freaking out.

Tonight, for our RawActive, we get to choose the new team name.

Good gravy, our Social Ambassador tonight is Criss Angel.

PrimeTime Players are in the ring, they are facing Zack Ryder and Santino Marella.

Prime Time Players win the match when Titus O’ Neil hits Santino with his Spinebuster.

Millions of dollars…

Tonight, an exclusive interview with Jerry “The King” Lawler.

We have a special Raw guest, we will find out who it is, next.

Tonight’s Raw guest is none other than Mick Foley, Mrs. Foley’s baby boy is back.

He was inspired a year ago by the emergence of CM Punk, what change has he incorporated a year ago?  He is bullying referees, he’s no longer the voice of the voiceless.

Here comes Punk.

Punk runs right into Foley, and grabs the mic.

If he says something to him, say it to his face, but do not attempt to grandstand at his expense.  He is really here to promote a kids book, correct?

Foley is not here to say that.  Punk inspired him a year ago.  When he won the WWE Title the first time, Foley sent him a text and responded two minutes later by asking him what it’s like being the biggest star in the world, and Punk thanks him, it meant alot to him.

Foley said that meant alot to him, because Punk chose certain people to text back, and he chose Foley.  But what disturbs him is his association with Paul Heyman.

Foley was a “Paul Heyman guy”, he believed in him, but he finally decided to speak for himself, rather than to have Paul do it for him.

At the end of the day, Heyman will do what is best for Paul Heyman, and not for Punk.  So why would the best talker in the business need a mouthpiece?  He needs to decide if he will be an inspiration for someone, or just a kool-aid drinker.

But Foley isn’t done, he is here to talk about Hell in a Cell.  14 years ago, he earned respect for that one match.  He may have been the same, but he doesn’t have to ask for respect, he knows he has it for that one match.  You don’t believe him?  Ask Shawn Michaels.  Ask HHH.  Ask The Undertaker.

So does Foley want the old CM Punk?  Foley wants Punk to show he is the best in the world by taking on John Cena.

Punk has heard that before, he beat Cena at Summerslam, and Cena said to go into Night of Champions as WWE Champion, and leave Night of Champions as WWE Champion, that will prove he is the best in the world, and look at him now, the WWE Champion.

What is with it like guys like you, and Bret Hart.  He went into Bret’s own home town, and he disrespected him, so he took a swing, but Bret knocked him down.  So the most embarrassing thing is to get knocked down by Mick, because Mick is so beneath him.  He talks the truth, if people don’t like that, then so be it.  But he doesn’t do this for the fans, the fans turned on him.  So he says 309, the number of days he has been WWE Champion, tomorrow will be 310, the next day 311, the next day 312….

Foley interrupts him, 29 days.  Punk wants to be a statistician, but Foley has had a total of 29 days as WWE Champion, yet he is a legend.  Something Punk has an opportunity to be, if he takes this one match.  You can either be a statistic, or a legend.

This was a great promo by Mick, and Punk decides to think about the offer.  He beats Cena at Hell in a Cell, he will become a legend, we will hear from Cena later tonight.

Coming up next, The Miz will face Ryback.

Ryback wins convincingly with shell-shocked.  A fan came into the fan right when Ryback was setting up for lariant.  Officials and referees stopped him from doing anything stupid, except running into the ring.

Earlier today, Kane and Daniel Bryan are eating together at a diner, and yes, we do have the “When Harry Met Sally” scene with Mae Young saying they will have what they are having.

Apparently, they love beating each other up, that is what they have in common.

Will John Cena get the answer he wants, we will find out, tonight.

AJ is here with Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga, and Ricardo Rodriguez.  She is not mad at them, she can understand why they are upset, and how they are victims.  So tonight, they will get redemption, in a 6-man tag match with Sheamus, Rey Mysterio, and Sin Cara facing ADR, Otunga, and Rodriguez.

Wade Barrett is headed to the ring, he will face Tyson Kidd, now.

Coming up next, an exclusive interview with Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Michael Cole welcomes Jerry, who is on TV for the first time in 2 weeks.

Words can’t describe what he said, 2 weeks ago, I was fearing the very worst as we were watching Raw Monday night, but it is a blessing he is still with us.  The last thing he remembered from that night was the opening segment with Bret Hart, he knows that he had a tag match with Randy Orton, but the next thing he remembered was waking up at the hospital bed.  His voice is gone right now, but he is getting better, and will come back when the doctors clear him to.

An awesome interview, and King looks great.

Our big 6-man tag match is up now, Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga, and Ricardo Rodriguez Vs Sheamus, Rey Mysterio, and Sin Cara.

Rey, Sin Cara, and Sheamus wins when they all hit their finishing moves on Ricardo Rodriguez, and ended with a Sin Cara Senton Bomb.  Otunga came slugging into the ring, and Sheamus nails him with a Brogue Kick with a stamp.

John Cena will be here tonight.

We come back to the final portion of Daniel Bryan and Kane’s big pow-wow at the diner.  There is one more test of Dr. Shelby, and he has a plateful of spaghetti, and meat, gives it to Daniel, and gives a salad plate to Kane.

They both smell it, like Hawkeye Pearce, of Mash fame (Google it), and then take their bites.  Kane burps, and Daniel takes a bit of meat, he said it isn’t bad, but then he gets sick all over Dr. Shelby’s pants.

Check, please.

Cole tells us coming up next, we will find out the team name with our Rawactive.  The choices are either A.  Team Teamwork, B.  Team Hell No, or C.  Team Friendship.

We will find out the results, next.

They come out, and Daniel yells out why Kane always does the pyro, and the results are in….Team Hell No!!

It’s the best name of the three, so there you go.  Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow attack them from behind.  Cody is calling their team Rhodes Scholars.

That’s even a better name, and they are set to be the next challengers to the Tag Team Titles.

Earlier tonight, we see Paul Heyman get on his one knee, and ask AJ Lee to marry him, and she slaps him.

John Cena is talking with a stagehand backstage, he’ll be here later tonight.

Our next match is with the Divas, Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix will face Layla and Alicia Fox.

Eve and Beth win with Eve’s Neckbreaker, pinning Alicia, with beth doing the grunt work.

Kaitlyn shows up, and she is on crutches.  She has video footage of someone who attacked her at Night of Champions, and although she can’t make out the face, she does know the person had blonde hair.

Eve lays out Beth with her Neckbreaker, after Beth denies she had anything to do with it.  Very strange, and even pointless segment.

Our next match is Brodus Clay taking on Tensai.

The match never takes place, because Big Show comes out, and knocks out both men.  He’s back.

John Cena is out now, and we find out that at Smackdown, Randy Orton will face Big Show.

Here comes Cena, he is here to apologize to the two referees the last few weeks, Chad Patten, and Brad Maddox.  CM Punk has surely given them some flack, and they don’t deserve it, then again, Cena gave Chad some flack at Night of Champions, but okay.

Punk has put words into Cena’s mouth, he never said that if he beat him at Night of Champions, he would be the best in the world, but rather it would define a moment, something Punk had needed, and he sees the real CM Punk.  He makes a vow that at Hell in a Cell, he will be ready to join into the cell, and win the WWE Title back, somehow, despite wearing an arm sling, right now.

Here comes Punk.

Cena isn’t fooling Punk, he believes that Cena can be a corrupt politician, saying he is something when he isn’t.  Has Punk changed?  No, he is the same man Cena knows, he is the same man who beat him over a year ago at Money in the Bank, the same man 2 years straight has beaten him at Summerslam.  How can he defeat a one-armed man?

Cena said to just accept the challenge for Hell in a Cell.

Punk won’t accept it, because quite frankly Cena has had way too many title shots, there are far more worthy opponents that want and deserve title chances, and number two….

The fans boo him, and he says he will deal with them later.  But Cena won’t be cleared to wrestle then, and he isn’t stupid to face a one-armed man, so he will ask him to do one thing….run.  He still has legs, so run, and when he turns his back, if he still sees Cena’s pink hat, he will beat him so much that the past 8 days will seem like a picnic.  he is the WWE Champion, and he commands respect.

Punk is giving Cena to the count of 5, but Cena has a lead pipe, and when he turns him around, Cena nails him with it.

Real men wear pink, he hopes to see him at Hell in a Cell.

As Cena says it, that was a pipebomb.

As Cena slap fives with the crowd, we see Punk leaving the building, and he sees Foley.  He kicks Foley in the gut, and leaves.  But he turns around, and sees Ryback, just waiting in the wings.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I want to say something here that I didn’t touch on last week.  I want to congratulate the job WWE, and more specifically Michael Cole did two weeks ago with how they handled Jerry “The King” Lawler’s heart attack, but it sure was fantastic to see him on the screen tonight.  We know now that he should make a speedy recovery, and will be back when he is cleared.  get well soon King.

We also see that John Cena will not be cleared for a while, or so they implied.  Enter Ryback.  I loved the ending, and the impact that alone made, without saying any words.  But is it too early?  WWE had done the right thing in pushing Ryback slowly, even tonight, putting him in the ring against The Miz, but if he loses, what does that mean for his future?  We don’t even see him in the ring against The Big Show, which is who I would rather see him in the ring, at least now.  But we shall see in the coming weeks where we go from here.

I did enjoy the Daniel Bryan and Kane moments, even the team name can fit.  But I also enjoyed Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes making their presence known.

Mick Foley was here, and well, he was laid out, and for him, it means nothing since we won’t see Foley vs Punk.  So I guess Foley pulled a “HBK”.

The one guy I truly wished they would have given a WWE Title match had a great match against Dolph Ziggler.  He has won every single title the company has, except the big two.  So why not put him on a main event match, for the WWE Title, on Raw?  It’s not like Kofi Kingston hasn’t paid his dues, because he has.

Overall, this was an up and down show for me.  I loved the ending, but the entire last hour, except for the last segment just dragged for me.  But I can’t wait to see King get back, when he is ready.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Let me know.


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