WWE Friday Night Smackdown 9/28/12…The Viper Vs The World’s Biggest Athlete

We are live….on tape in Buffalo, New York.  Tonight, we will see Randy Orton face The Big Show, with Michael Cole and Josh Matthews welcoming us to the show.

Here comes The Big Show.

He is back to take back his World Heavyweight Title.  The last time he won the title, he had it for 45 seconds.  Do you know what that does to him?  45 seconds, a man of his size?  The man that beat him for the title went on to Wrestlemania, and lost in 14 seconds.  That is when things changed for him, he had a match at Mania where he was ridiculed.  He knows that winning the World Heavyweight Title is a lofty goal, but he is the guy that can beat the current champion.

Here comes Randy Orton.

Orton finds it funny that Show is in the ring talking as if he is getting a title shot when he hasn’t beaten the most sadistic man in WWE, himself.  Randy just found out their match is for the Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Title, and Randy is a 9-time champion, on his way to become a 10-time champion.  Big Show is just standing in the way.

Show said that someone will either get hit with a RKO, or knocked out with a KO.

Enter Alberto Del Rio.

He wants both men to stand at the end of the line, the title shot is his.

Del Rio is met with a RKO as he enters the ring.

Orton Vs Big Show, for the Number One Contender match, tonight.

Tonight, the debut of MizTV on Smackdown, with The Miz’s guest?  None other than Sheamus, the World Heavyweight Champion.

But up next, United States Title match with Santino Marella facing Antonio Cesaro.

Cesaro retains his title with ease with the Neutralizer.  Cobra did not work at all, perhaps Cobra is turning heel?

Tonight, Number One Contender match with Randy Orton Vs Big Show.

Cole and Matthews inform us that Kane and Daniel Bryan’s new tag name is Team Hell No.

We see earlier this week, video of Daniel and Kane trying to bond, once again.

Our next match is Beth Phoenix Vs Natalya, Divas of Doom explode….

Beth Phoenix wins the match with a roll up.  Beth worked as the face here, in her hometown.  She denied attacking Kaitlyn all week.

Here comes Eve Torres.  Eve informs Beth that until they clear up this investigation, Beth is indefintely suspended.

Coming up next, Pipebomb from Monday Night Raw, with John Cena and CM Punk.

WWE Main Event is debuting this Wednesday on ION, starting at 8:00 PM.

Booker T and Teddy Long are discussing a World Tag Team single elimination tournament, with the winners facing Daniel Bryan and Kane, at Hell in a Cell.

Beth tries to talk to Booker about what just happened.  Eve never had any authority to make any decisions, so he reverses it.  Eve interacts and says someone gave her that information, and even accused Teddy Long of being behind this.

So, we get some dissention among Booker and Teddy.

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Raw Rebound featuring Mick Foley and CM Punk.

MizTV comes our way later tonight.

Woo Woo Woo…Zack Ryder is in the ring, he is facing Wade Barrett.  I don’t like Zack’s chances.

Barrett wins with his Souvenior Elbow, giving Zack a gift to remember Wade by.

More hijinks with Kane and Daniel Bryan.

Sheamus is headed to the ring, MizTV is next.

Same design, same furniture as Raw, but this is the Smackdown’s world premiere of MizTV.

Sheamus comes to the ring, without introduction.

Sheamus ruins some furniture already, and he takes his mic.  Reviewing about what happened last Monday night, Ryback taking out the furniture.  So how is Miz going to top last week’s MizTV?  He takes the mic back, and says he has the World Heavyweight Champion, that is how he can make this a better show.  He also doesn’t need to show up until the end of the show, so the people won’t have to hear him talk.

Miz has another mic, and he reminds us he is still the Intercontinetal Champion.  Miz has a movie coming up, but we have to pay to see him, how about his book?  He has a book out about his life coming out in December, he has a highly rated radio show on Sirius, we can pay to hear him.  And of course, if we want to pay money to see him in the ring, we do that too.

But Sheamus is in a jokial mood, yet tonight, we have a Number One Contender match set.  At Hell in a Cell, he either faces The Viper, or The Big Show.  Which means he either gets hit with a RKO, or a WMD.

Sheamus said he takes this seriously, sure he loves to joke, but this title is a privilige, and a grand acheivment for him.  If Randy orton wins, great, he looks forward to the challenge.  If it’s Big Show?  Hey, he has never faced Big Show before, so that is fine with him too, but if Miz wants a fight tonight, they can fight too.

Excuse Me….

Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler show up.

Zig Zag takes Vickie’s spotlight, and tells Sheamus it doesn’t matter who he faces at Hell in a Cell, because he has the briefcase, and he guarantees at the end of Hell in a Cell, he will be the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Sheamus doesn’t know what shape he will be in, or even if he does win, but if Ziggy cashes in, who knows fella, he might get lucky.

Miz wants Sheamus and Ziggler to go at it, but Sheamus takes out The Miz, and all three men go at it in the ring.

Sheamus stands tall in the end of the segment.

Tonight, Number One Contender match, Randy Orton Vs Big Show.

One of the Tag Team Tournament matches is set next, Rhodes Scholars will face The Uso Brothers.

The Rhodes Scholars win with Crossroads from Cody.  They advance to the semi-finals of the tournament.

More video from last week on Raw, with Daniel Bryan and Kane.

Our main event, Randy Orton Vs Big Show is up next.

Alberto Del Rio takes him out from behind, and mess up with his shoulder.  Is the main event cancelled?

Moments ago, we see what we just saw….Del Rio taking out Orton.  Del Rio informs us that he has stepped into the Main event, and he will face Big Show, but here comes Orton, taking out Del Rio.  So we are getting Orton vs Show, after all.  That match is next.

Show wins the match with 2 Chokeslams, to advance at Hell in a Cell, facing Sheamus.  The show ends here, with Show telling Sheamus he is ready for him.



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