Impact Wrestling Live 10/4/12….King Mo Speaks

We start the show off with footage from last week, Aces and 8’s issue their challenge for Bound for Glory.  Sting and Hogan accept, tension with Hardy and Aries, and we kick the show off, now.

Sting is ready for the challenge, and he will check out the matches tonight, and see who he will pick as his tag team partner, someone with a killer instinct.

We are live, in Orlando, Florida.  Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.  Just 10 days away from the biggest PPV of the year.  Joe will defend his newly won Television Title against RVD.

Impact starts, now.

Here comes Mr. Anderson.

He makes it known he wants to help Sting and Hogan against Aces and 8’s.

Anderson is facing Gunner.

Anderson wins a short match with a Mic Check.  Kash nails him, and tries to continue beating him, but Anderson catches him with a Mic Check, while Stinger watched on.

Tara is on the phone with her “man”, we have a Knockout tag match tonight with Gail and Tara Vs Brooke Tessmacher and OBD.  Tara wants to be friends with Gail, but Gail just wants to compete.

Our Knockout tag match is on, now.

The lovely Taryn Terrell is officiating.

Tara and Gail wins when Tara shoved Brooke into Gail, and nails the Widow’s peak for the pinfall.

Bruce Pritchard is with Al Snow, he said that things are set for him, and he can make the announcement.  But first, he wants to speak to D’ Lo.

When we come back, we see video footage of Joey Ryan and Al Snow the last few months, and here comes the Vice President of Talent Relations himself, Al Snow.

Al wants to introduce Joey Ryan, and here comes the leader of the 87 percent.

Al wants to say he went over the line the last few months, and on behalf of TNA, he wants to apologize to Joey.

Joey doesn’t want to hear it on behalf of TNA, but rather Al himself.

Al slowly apologizes, and Joey said he fooled us 87 percenters, and tonight, it’s not about them but rather about himself.

Al has a contract for Joey, an official TNA contract.  Joey wants to use Al’s back to sign it, and Snow does turn around, cautiously.  Joey signs the contract, and it’s official.

But wait….there’s more.

Snow informs Joey that this is not an official TNA contract, but rather a one night contract, to wrestle at Bound for Glory, and his opponent?  Al Snow, TNA spot, on the line.

This was a good segment here.

Kurt Angle is backstage with Sting.  Aces and 8’s attacked him, and he won’t forget that, which is why he should face them with Sting, despite already having a match.  Even with Kurt pulling double duty, he wants them.  Sting countered saying he needs his opponent focused on Aces and 8’s, but he will consider it with Kurt wrestling tonight.

Daniels and Kazarian are listening to this the whole time, like a Scooby-Doo cartoon.  We all see it, except those “dangle kids”.

Bully Ray enters the fun, and we see Kurt and Bully have a stare-down, which is awesome for some reason.

Bully wants in on this match, Aces and 8’s cost this entire Title shot for Bully, and he wants revenge.  Sting needs him as a partner, and Sting offers with this advice, he needs the biggest and baddest bully, so take it out on someone tonight, it doesn’t matter who.  Sting is pissed off.

Our next match is for the Television Title, Samoa Joe Vs Rob Van Dam.

Joe wins the match with a Muscle Buster, a good match between the two, like always.

AJ is in the back arguing with Hernandez and Chavo when we see Kaz and Daniels stirring the pot, saying that they heard Kurt tell Sting he doesn’t need AJ’s help to win the Tag Team Titles.

Is it working?

Bound for Glory Moments, 2005 from Dixie Carter.  Sting winning the World Heavyweight Title for the first time.

King Mo is in the Impact Zone, and we see him entering the building earlier tonight.

Austin Aries is with Hardy, he said that they had a misunderstanding last week, and even though Austin did most of the work, they were not on the same page, and he blames himself on part of that.  They squash things, and here comes Bully Ray.  The good news is they won’t get punched right now, the bad news is someone will be punched by him later, because Sting said that Bully has to prove himself so he gets a piece of Aces and 8’s.  And who better than the Number One Contender, the man everyone loves.

Hardy is about that, but Aries says he forgot someone, the World Heavyweight Champion.  Bully said that Austin is lucky he isn’t facing himself at BFG, because he could take him out, just like that.

They get into it, and Hardy suggests they settle this in a Triple Threat match, later tonight.  Fine with Bully, not so much by Austin.

Chavo Vs Angle, now.

Chavo wins by a roll up, while Hernandez distracted Kurt for a second, and after the match all four men were face to face, while Daniels and Kaz loved every second of it on the top ramp.

King Mo will be making his TNA debut tonight.

X-Division Title match is set now, Douglas Williams Vs Zema Ion.

Zema wins the match with a Cross Arm Breaker, but the referee reverses the decision because he doesn’t let it go.

Zema is on the mic, and tells Hogan and Sting to take his name off the list of potential tag partners against Aces and 8’s, his face is just too pretty to be on the list.

King Mo video, tonight, he makes his TNA debut.

King Mo is headed to the ring, next.

Bruce Pritchard is with D’Lo.  At a live event, free agent Matt Morgan was in the ring, attacked Brian Stiffler, and D’Lo was an agent.  He failed Brian, and D’Lo assures him that will never happen, again.

Here comes “Cowboy” James Storm.

Storm says we are 10 days away from his biggest match of his career, and Bobby Roode, he isn’t here to wrestle, he is here to fight.  He will prove that he isn’t the better wrestler, or even the better fighter, but the better man.  This started one year ago, and Hulk Hogan decided to pick up a special enforcer, King Mo.

Bobby Roode shows up, and he is not impressed with King Mo, but rather he is focused on James Storm.  This isn’t just a match, this will be a fight, and this won’t end until he is standing over his bloody face.  This will be a blood bath, and nobody can stop him, even King Mo.  This is his world, and he is the “It” factor of Professional Wrestling.  If King Mo were here, he’d say that to his face.

Guess what?  Here comes King Mo, complete with crown and robe.

Bobby wants to start something with Mo, he even slaps him in the face, and Mo shoves him down the ramp.

King Mo comes to the ring, and James hands him a beer, raising his hand.

Hogan has his choice, but Sting wants to see what Bully Ray can do, first.  He saw that look on Bully’s face that he needs for a partner.  Hogan warns him though that he may not be able to trust him, I mean do you know who he is?

Sting and Hogan will watch this.

Aces and 8’s video, and we see the leader.  They are all with Joseph Parks, and have him tied up, still, even torturing him.  The leader tells Hogan that they are willing to die for the cause of the brotherhood, can Hogan say the same thing?  We will find out in 10 days.

BFG roundup, a new match has been named, it will be Joe Vs Magnus, for the Television Title.

Our main event, triple threat match with Jeff Hardy Vs Austin Aries Vs Bully Ray is up now.

Bully wins with a Bully Bomb, pinning Jeff.  After the match, Hardy and Aries get into it.

Hogan and Sting will reveal Sting’s partner, next.

Sting and Hogan come out for their big choice.  It’s Mr. Anderson.  The problem here is Anderson is nowhere to be found, we see Aces and 8’s had attacked him backlot.  Anderson is out,. and here comes the bully.  He looks at Sting, man to man, telling him who he is.  He is the biggest and baddest mother on the planet.  He took care of Hardy, Sting is all for it.  Hogan reluctantly shakes his hand, and so does Sting.  The show ends here with the decision.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The wrestling was good, but everything else felt rushed.  King Mo had his big debut.  I know this is his gimmick, but did we really have to see the crown and cape?

Hardy and Austin has to have their issues, but why have Austin act heelish, when the fans love him?  Just make this a “The best man will win” match between two fan favorites.

Bully Ray and Sting, together.  That’s great, and this gives Bully a rub, but it feels rushed, just everything.

Joseph Parks is still being tortured, he has 10 days.

And we have 10 days before the biggest PPV of the year, yet not one match feels special.  One moment does, but there isn’t much talk about that, Sting’s HOF induction.

It just feels we could have had more with this show, making this night a must-see, but it just didn’t work.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send me your thoughts on this site.


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