TNA Bound For Glory 10/14/12

The biggest show of the year for TNA is upon us.  Their answer for Wrestlemania.  Their answer for a Super Bowl.  Tonight, Jeff Hardy Vs Austin Aries headlines a pack show.  Who is the leader of Aces and 8’s?  If it is indeed Eric Bischoff, can he come out to his WWE Theme music (“I’m back, and better than ever”).  All of this, and so much more will be answered.  But for now, let’s tune in to Spike TV for the countdown to Bound for Glory.  Here we go.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show, we are live in Grand Canyon University, in Phoenix, Arizona.  Some big matches are set, and in this hour, we will see a big match, we can vote on

We get a PPV rundown, and see certain wrestlers entering the building earlier today.  We are all set for Bound for Glory tonight.

Commercial time.

We are 53 minutes left until Bound for Glory begins.

Video profile of “Cowboy” James Storm Vs Bobby Roode, with King Mo as the Special Enforcer.

The lovely Christy Hemme interviews King Mo, he is here to do his job, and keep everything even.  He promises to have order in this match, tonight.

Tara Vs Brooke Tessmacher video is showing now.  Teacher Vs Student, tonight.

JB is interviewing Brooke Hogan.  She is looking forward to seeing the Knockout Title match tonight.  Tara is here to make sure they get back on the right track.  Her Hollywood boyfriend is here, so she wants to make sure they have champagne and they can celebrate her victory.  Brooke tells her to win the match, and she can celebrate by herself.  What kind of boss says that?

Last night, Sting was inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame, and we will see footage from it.

When we come back, more of the PPV rundown.

Sting video is running, and we see Lex Luger.  It’s great to see him on TV, again.

We are 30 minutes away from the biggest TNA PPV of the year.

We now see exclusive footage from Sting’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Christy Hemme is standing by with Bully Ray.

Sting and Bully Ray together, a team nobody thought they would see.  He’s not stupid, he knows the locker room doesn’t trust him, but he is going to stand by Sting’s side, because Aces and 8’s cost him of his World Heavyweight Title opportunity, and nobody wants them more than he does.  Do you know who he is?  He’s Bully Ray.

Aces and 8’s enter the building, with Joseph Park in hand.

We are going to see a match back at Destination X, when Austin Aries defeated Bobby Roode, voted by the fans.

Aries, of course won the match, and the crowd going nuts, made that win mean so much more.

Let’s go to JB, he is standing by with Hulk Hogan.

Tonight, his agenda is to make Aces and 8’s disappear, with Bully Ray and Sting taking care of Aces and 8’s.  He is making this a No DQ match, because he has to make sure they don’t get into TNA.  No excuses tonight.

We are 7 minutes away from the show starting.

Aries Vs Hardy video.

Bound for Glory PPV Rundown, 8 big matches tonight.

Austin Aries comes out to the ring.

Phoenix, Arizona, it’s a great day to be great.  Did the fans see what happened Thursday?  Did they see him kick Hardy in the balls?  Hardy is in the back, putting his makeup on, and begging the fans to buy his shirt.  He doesn’t need that, because he is that damn great.  His name is Austin Healy Aries, he is the World Heavyweight Champion.  He says that when they fight later tonight, one of them will be exposed as a complete failure.  It’s not going to be Austin, he’s already great.  So for the creatures of the night, save your voice, because Jeff will need you to chant his name, but Austin knows what his name is.  See you later tonight.

We are set, and live in Phoenix, Arizona.

Great video striking the importance this event is, we are all Bound for Glory.

We are live, in Phoenix, Arizona.  Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.

Here we go.

Our first match is the X-Division Title match.  Rob Van Dam Vs Zema Ion.

A big night, and moment for Zema, let’s see how he does.

RVD wins the X-Division Title with a Five Star Frogsplash.  A good match to start the show off, already one title change.

We are with Jeremy Borash.  He is with Magnus, he answers a question from Twitter.  Is this his biggest match of his career.  He said it’s the biggest night of the whole year, because the Mag-Daddy is finally breaking out from the political spectrums of Hulk Hogan.  He has a question for Samoa Joe, how does he recover from the biggest loss of his entire career?

World Television Title match is up now.  Magnus Vs Samoa Joe.

Joe makes Magnus tap to the Coquina Clutch.  A big win for the Samoan Fighting Machine.

JB is with Bobby Roode.

12 months, one long year this has been building.  But this hatred has been going on longer, they have hated each other their entire career.  And King Mo will not interfere with this, but the fact is James has never beat him, their last match was at Lockdown, and James took his ball, and went home.  But he is sending him home forever, after tonight.

“Cowboy” James Storm Vs Bobby Roode in a streetfight, with King Mo as the Special Enforcer is up now.

Storm defeated Roode with a broken beer bottle, and a Last Call Superkick.  This match had everything you can ask for.  Blood, chairs, broken glass, even Abyss’ thumbtacks, to which Roode landed on twice.  Incredible match between the two men, but King Mo was not needed, because there was no ref bump.  Even Mo was impressed with this.

Joey Ryan is with JB.  He should have been handed a contract before he went into Gut Check.  He went into the match, and became a Twitter Trend.  87% said yes, but the judges said no.  But tonight, it changes, when he defeats Al Snow, he’ll become a full-time member of the TNA roster.  They say opposites attract, on one hand you have Al Snow, who is best known for talking to Head, and on the other side, Joey Ryan is an awesome rock star.  So hashtag BFG, hashtag Joey Ryan, because tonight, Joey Ryan is bringing sleazy back.

Joey Ryan Vs Al Snow is up now.

For those of you keeping score at home, and you know who you are, no head tonight.  But the crowd is chanting for it.

I take that back, “Head” is in the building.

Joey Ryan won the match, thanks to “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan, who showed up from the fans, and gave Al a Carbon Footprint.

Joey shook hands with Matt, so they worked together.

JB is with the World Tag Team Champions, of the World.  Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels.  Kaz doesn’t want to hear from Twitter.  They admit they are a bad influence, but Daniels explain that bad means good.  They have already beat the two teams, but TNA is putting them against the wall, by taking on both of them.  But that’s okay, because on the biggest stage of them all, they will take care of biz-nezz.

Tag Team Title Triple Threat match is up now, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian Vs Kurt Angle and AJ Styles Vs Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez.

Hernandez and Chavo win the Tag Team Titles, pinning Daniels with a Border Toss, and Frogsplash by Chavo.  A good match that had about everything thrown in there.  Wes Briscoe did not interfere, but he was there.

Chavo and Hernandez are being interviewed by Christy Hemme.  Chavo dedicated this win to Eddie, who is still missed.

Knockout Title, Teacher Vs Student, Brooke Tessmacher Vs Tara is up next.

The lovely Taryn Terrell is our referee.

Tara defeated Brooke with a Widow’s Peak.

Tara has a mic, and she said she has been so inspired lately, but it’s not because of the fans, it’s because of her boo, he is from Hollywood, and from Big Brother fame, “Mr. Pectacular” himself, Jesse Godderz.  The problem is many people did not know who he was, but I did.  Let’s see what he has to offer in wrestling.

Sting’s Hall of Fame video is playing.

Sting and Bully Ray Vs Aces and 8’s in a No DQ match is up, now.

Who is behind Aces and 8’s?  We’ll find out.

Aces and 8’s win the match when another man came in and put Bully Ray through a table.  A good match here, we never did find out who the tag team were, because they were masked the entire time.  But if I had to make a guess, I’d say it was Mike Knox and Joseph Gallows.  But here is the part I hated, Hulk Hogan comes out, and lays one punch on all of them, and they take the bump like they are nothing.  There were a total of four men, and they had the leader all beaten down, so they took the mask off, and it was Devon.

He told Hogan it was him all along.

Interesting twist here, because not only do we get some unfinished business with Devon Vs Bully Ray, but there is a twist, with Devon playing the heel, and Bully Ray as the face.

Bully Ray was absolutely shocked.

JB is with Austin Aries, and he says he will end Jeff Hardy’s run, because he is the greatest of the great.

Our main event, Jeff Hardy Vs Austin Aries is up, now.

Jeff Hardy won the World Heavyweight Title with a Swanton.  Many close near falls in the end here, done very well by both men. 

The show ends with Jeff celebrating in the ring, and Austin is laid out on the outside.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

All the wrestlers here worked very hard tonight, and this was a fun show, top to bottom.

I just question a few things though.

We’ll start with the main event.  Why turn Austin heel, only to have him lose the title after?  When he won the title at Destination X, it was such a big moment, the crowd loved it, and everything was executed very well.  But now where do we go from here?  I guess they will answer that soon.  But a good match between these two men.

I didn’t like the Tag team Titles changing hands.  In fact, 4 title changes are a bit much, so this was one change I question, because Daniels and Kazarian were just gaining steam, rebuilding the tag team division.

Boy, Jesse Godderz receiving little, or no reaction was not good.  Again, I knew who he was, because I am a Big Brother fan, so it’s time for him to show what he can do.

Now on to the positive things about this show, I liked the fact that Eric Bischoff was not responsible for Aces and 8’s.  I can see where some would hate on devon being the guy, but like I said before, there is unfinished business between Bully Ray and Devon.  Now they can continue this fued, and let’s face it, who else could they have gotten to play the role? 

Storm Vs Roode highlighted the night for me though.  I couldn’t see any other match steal the show, and I was proved right, but there wasn’t a bad match on the night.  I would totally recommend this show with anyone, and now we’ll see where we go from here, on a live Impact Thursday night.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send me your thoughts.


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