WWE Monday Night Raw 10/15/12…Music City Showdown

We kick the show off with footage from last week when Ryback came out last week during CM Punk Vs Vince McMahon, John Cena gave his two cents too, and Vince ordered that Punk decides who he is facing at Hell in a Cell, this week on Raw.  Punk even tweeted earlier today telling us he made the choice, and it was easier than we thought.

We are live in Nashville, Tennessee, Michael Cole and Jim Ross welcome us to the show.

Here comes The Big Show.

Show told us two weeks ago, we had that lame debate, where Sheamus and Booker T made him look like a fool.  But then last week on Raw, Sheamus tried the Brogue Kick, but couldn’t quite make it.

We see footage from that.

And then this past Friday Night Smackdown, we had the legendary WMD Vs Brogue Kick contest with the punching bag, and Show easily won that.

However, people still won’t let go the 45 second comment, he even gets tweets from people who says “45 seconds, fella”.  They aren’t even irish, yet they speak like that.  So he wants Sheamus to see what can happen with the WMD, and challenges Daniel Bryan to a match, now.

We see backstage, with Daniel Bryan, Kane, and many other people huddled around the TV.  Daniel says he is not going out there.  And AJ Lee comes in, and makes the match.  So he is going out there.





He even tells Little Jimmy no, which is funny for some reason.

So out comes Daniel Bryan, and our match starts now.

Show wins the match with a chokeslam, not a WMD.  But Kane did come to the ring, laughing at his “buddy” but when Show cocked his fit, and was ready to lay the punch, but Kane came to Daniel’s defense, and Show left the ring.

Kane stuck his hand out to Daniel, but Daniel refused it.

Next, we will find out who CM Punk will face, at Hell in a Cell.

Paul Heyman is in the ring, introducing his client, the man who has been WWE Champion for an incredible 330 days.  CM Punk comes out.

Punk says it doesn’t matter if it’s John Cena, Jim Ross, The Rock, least of all, the fans, one thing you don’t do is disrespect CM Punk.  Now we can add the great Vince McMahon to that list.  Sure, you can say he showed testicular fortitude, he showed heart, but he disrespected Punk, and what did Punk do?  He slapped Vince McMahon in the face.  And now, one thing we can be assured of is that we aren’t going to see Vince compete in the ring, again.  And we can thank Punk for that. 

But here is what Vince McMahon and the entire WWE think of Punk, and we see Punk in the Hell in a Cell poster, wearing devil ears.

So Punk asks us if he is the devil?  I mean, compared to the fans here tonight, he is an angel.

He said that we know the devil does not exist, but let’s say for argument sake the next five minutes they do.  So let’s talk about the devil he doesn’t know…Ryback.  He is in way over his head, and he doesn’t know.  But let’s talk about the devil he does know, the devil he has broken, John Cena.  So the choices are will he face the 10-time WWE Champion?  Or the as Paul Heyman would say…..”Next Big Thing” Ryback.

Punk will reveal the choice, by taking off the cover.

The crowd is booing, and Punk said since the crowd is disrespecting him, he will have a little more time to think about it.

No Chance In Hell….

Here comes the Chairman of WWE, Mr. McMahon.

He was hoping that Punk would learn a thing about respect, but he doesn’t, so he will make the decision for him.  So, in that ring tonight, there will be a contract signing, and Vince will announce his opponent, either John Cena, or Ryback.  The choice is Vince now.  Respect that.

Still to come tonight, Sheamus will face Wade Barrett.

Alberto Del Rio is facing Brodus Clay.  And we just found out Randy Orton will indeed face Del Rio at Hell in a Cell.

Brodus tapped out with ease to the Cross Arm Breaker.  Sad really, they might as well repackage Brodus and turn him into a monster that he deserves to be.  We didn’t even hear Ricardo Rodriguez’ awesome intro.

Punk is with Heyman.  Paul told Punk that he told him so, they will never win the war.  Punk said he will do it, and fight him tonight.  If he wants to name his opponent, he has to beat him.

Team Co-Bro come out to the ring, they are up next.

They are facing Primetime Players.  Millions of dollars.

Titus takes care of Zack with a Spinebuster, with ease.

The Band is out to take care of Santino and Ryder.

It’s THE BAND….Baby!!!!

Heath Slater calls the band….3MB.  I like that name better.

IT’S THE 3MB!!!!

Tonight, we will get the decision, who will Punk face at Hell in a Cell?

I say a Triple Threat match.

Earlier tonight, like 10 minutes ago, we see Vince McMahon telling Punk he is in charge of who Punk faces at Hell in a Cell.

Excuse Me….

Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler make their way out.

Dolph doesn’t like the fact that Ryback is in the title picture, and he’s not.  He goes out there night in, and night out doing what he does best, steal the show.  He went on to beat 7 other people to reserve his right for a title shot.  Ryback is a flash in the pan, in 2 months, we will forget Ryback’s name, but Dolph Ziggler will still do what he does best.  He wants CM Punk at Hell in a Cell, win the WWE Title, then go on to cash in the MITB briefcase, and become the World Heavyweight Title.

David Otunga interrupts the festivities.  Otunga feels that Ryback does not deserve a title match, but neither does Ziggler.  All Ziggler does is hang out in the back with his briefcase, and his mother.  Otunga deserves a title shot.

AJ Lee enters the ramp, she said that the two of them can handle their frustrations physically in a handicap match, against this man….

Feed Me…..More

Ryback, and that match is taking place, now.

Ziggler leaves his partner and Otunga gets Shell-Shocked.

Vince is on the phone, and Paul Heyman interrupts.

Paul is buttering up Vince, his effort last week was “Herculean” which is why Punk has a proposition for him, that the two of them have a rematch, and if Punk finds a way to win, he chooses the opponent.

Vince agrees, but Punk is not Vince’s opponent, his opponent is Heyman himself.

AJ Lee is backstage, and Matt Striker approaches AJ, he reminded her that Daniel Bryan put Matt in a No Lock, and Kane chokeslammed him, and he won’t go to the authorities, like Josh Matthews did, he just wants an apology.

Yeah, it’s just crazy to think, I mean nuts to think about that.

AJ laughed and said he is right, he’ll have to ask for an apology after his match with Kane, tonight.

Oh Boy.

Antonio Cesaro will face Justin Gabriel, now.

Cesaro takes care of Gabriel with the Neutralizer.  Good, short match between the two men.

The theme song to Hell in a Cell is “Sandpaper” by Fozzy, featuring M. Shadows.  Who is this Fozzy band I hear about?  I wish Chris Jericho could listen to them.

Matt Striker is in the ring, he is going to face Kane, now.

Striker is on the mic, and he pleads with Kane not to fight him, he just wants an apology.  Think about what Dr. Shelby would want.  The fans want to see legitimate competition, they don’t want mindless carnage.

Kane gives Striker a hug, Matt walks away, but Kane wants another hug, and he lays him with a bear hug, following by some mindless carnage, and a chokeslam, to boot.

He wins the match.

Kane has the mic, and he wants a word with Striker.  It was a tough loss, and he wants to know he is he feeling? 

Striker is speechless, and that was the right choice.

Kane is the Tag Team Champions.

Eve Torres Vs Layla, Divas Title match is tonight.

We also get footage from The Miz and Larry King last week, with Kofi Kingston taking care of business. 

Coming up next, Miz TV with Kofi Kingston as The Miz’s guest.

Miz TV is on now.

His guest is Kofi Kingston, the man who challenged him to a match last Wednesday on Main Event.

Here comes Kofi.

Kofi hasn’t put together 3 sentences together in the WWE, so The Miz will carry him, just like everyone else in WWE.  But it looks like the footage they showed from last Wednesday night, he was the one that had to be carried.

But The Miz asked Kofi if he has ever main event an event?  He has been in WWE for 5 years, and all he has done is joke around, and never main evented a PPV, let alone a Wrestlemania, so he’ll just take care of business, like he always has done, while Kofi won’t have a memorable moment.

Kofi agrees, he hasn’t done anything memorable, but that will change Wednesday night.  He admits he will have to step up his game, and perhaps he can step it up tonight, against The Miz.

The Miz accepts the challenge, but he’s already max out, while Miz has been able to shine.  Sure, the kids are happy to see Kofi, but they don’t remember him.  The only thing he’s known is to say Boom!!  Boom!!  Boom!!

Kofi knocks down The Miz, and takes him out of the ring, and that match is set for tonight.

Sheamus Vs Wade Barrett is up next.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so we get a Komen.org/wwe plug, I love what WWE is doing here.

Match time, Sheamus Vs Wade Barrett, now.

Barrett is DQ’d again, because The Big Show held on to the ropes, to cause Sheamus to fall out of the ring.  Show shoved Sheamus back in, and Barrett is met with a Brogue Kick, and Sheamus knocks Show out of the ring.

Those two collide at Hell in a Cell.

We show again, what happened earlier tonight with CM Punk and Vince McMahon.

Vince is on the phone again, and Cena interrupts him.

Vince wants to know what the doctors said, and Cena doesn’t care what the doctors say, Vince was advised not to compete last week with his friends, and he denied that.  He belongs out there in the ring, and if Vince chooses Cena, he’ll be ready.

Eve Torres Vs Layla, for the Divas Title is up now.

Eve clips Layla’s knees from the ropes, and Layla lands hard on the mat, Eve covers her, but Layla’s knee lands on the rope.  But the referee does not see it, and still counts to three.

Stephanie McMahon spoke to the Social Summit, and we see video of that.

You can go to Nothingbutnets.com and donate money to save lives.

Tonight, contract signing, and decision time to see who CM Punk will face at Hell in a Cell.

Kane and Daniel Bryan are bickering again backstage.  Was it funny that Daniel lost to The Big Show?





How about next week, Kane will face The Big Show, and see how funny it is, and by the way….Daniel is The Tag Team Champions.

Vince is with Ryback.

Vince wants to thank Ryback for helping him out last week.  But what are people saying about Ryback?  He is heartless, ruthless, he runs through a wall to get what he wants.  He is unstoppable, so what does Ryback say?

Feed Me Punk!!

Vince will take that into consideration.

Wow, no mention of this at all during the show, but Rhodes Scholars are coming out to face Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara to see who faces Team Hell No at Hell in a Cell.

Oh wait, they were supposed to have this match, but they won’t.  Rey Mysterio has the flu, so it will take place next week.

Instead, tag team action with the Rhodes Scholars, next.

3MB is taking over a Nashville bar, brilliant.

THEY are music.

Security stops them from playing though.


The Colon Cousins are facing Rhodes Scholars.

Rhodes Scholars win the match with Sandow’s Neckbreaker on Epico, winning the match.

Decision time is on its way, who will CM Punk face at Hell in a Cell?  We’ll find out.

Kofi Kingston Vs The Miz, without introductions is on now.

Kofi catches Miz with Trouble in Paradise.  Miz even got caught with the boot, and was bleeding.  The two men square off this Wednesday on Main event.

Decision time, who is CM punk facing at Hell in a Cell?  We will find out, next.

WWE is teaming up with the Rolling Stones, live on PPV, December 15th.

That could be interesting, it’s called “One More Shot”.

Vince is out now.

The three men all come out to the ring.

Vince has been thinking about this choice all week-long, but Punk interrupts him.

He calls him an egomaniac, and he decided to take his choice away from him. 

Punk signs the contract, and says no matter who Vince chooses, he will break him just like he broke Vince.

Cena cuts them off.  Punk has been WWE Champion for 330 days.  A respectful achievement, he respects the achievement, but from one man to another, he needs to shut the hell up.

Vince says let’s go down to business, therefore, Punk will defend his WWE Title….

Cena cuts him off.  He would like nothing better than to beat Punk for the WWE Title, but he looks at Ryback, and wonder if he even cares about winning the title, he just wants to kick some ass, and Punk needs to get his ass kicked.

Punk has 2 weeks to think about this, because he needs to look at himself in the mirror and he’ll hear these 3 simple words.

Feed me more….

Cena leaves the ring, and Ryback signs the contract.

It’s official, at Hell in a Cell, Ryback Vs CM Punk.

Punk talks smack, but that’s not enough, he smashes Punk’s head into the table, and sets him up with…..


Feed me more!!

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I have to admit, I am surprised they went with the one on one match.  I guess Cena isn’t ready to compete, and that is good that he is taking the time to get his arm fully rehabbed. 

Enter Ryback.

I have said it before, and it speaks for itself, but what happens if Ryback loses to Punk?  The guy has been undefeated since he started this push, and the truth is the one guy he has beaten was The Miz, so if Ryback does win, how long will he hold the title?  So many questions to this, but I give WWE credit for giving someone new a chance at the main event.

But, this also leads to me to ask what about Kofi Kingston?  Because of what The Miz said, perhaps they are thinking of giving him that big push.  Kofi hasn’t had this much of an opportunity since wrestling Randy Orton for the WWE Title in 2010.  He has won every single title the company has except the big two.  So he’s ready for that shot, or at least a match in this magnitude.  Kofi is over with the fans, he is a good wrestler, it’s time to reward him and see what he can do in the main event slot.  But we get Ryback.

More buildup to Sheamus Vs Big Show, Sheamus Vs Wade Barrett was good again, but I have to think next week, there will be a No DQ match, and Sheamus has to be booked strong.

Team Hell No continues to be great, and Daniel saying no to Little Jimmy was hilarious.

Not much action for AJ Lee, heck she wasn’t even out there at the end, since she is the GM and all.  It was also weird for Eve Torres to win with Layla’s foot under the ropes, since we just had that referee mistake less than a month ago, and perhaps that was the same referee.

Overall, a good show, and I liked it just to hear Vince yell out “Ryback”.  Good stuff, and we’ll see how Punk and Ryback interact next week.  What did you think of the show?  Send me your thoughts here.


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