Impact Wrestling Live 10/25/12…Championship Thursday

We see footage of last week when Devon showed us he was the Master of Arms of Aces and 8’s.  He and Sting had a one on one match, and the entire TNA locker room came at Sting’s aid when Aces and 8’s attacked him.  What is happening tonight?  We’ll find out, now.

Hardy is with Hogan.  He said to get ready for his World Title defense, and prove he is the best in the business.  Mr. Anderson, Kurt Angle, “Cowboy” James Storm, and Bully Ray will be chosen to face Jeff, later tonight.  Get ready for the match, brother.

He walks out, as the four men are waiting to see Hogan.  We hear Jeff’ voiceover, which is weird, calling everyone out.

We are live in the Impact Zone at Orlando, Florida.  Jeremy Borash and a new announcer, Todd Keneley.  Mike Tenay and Taz will join us in the second hour.

Our first match kicking off is the X-Division Title match, RVD Vs Zema Ion, now.

Five Star Frogsplash, that is all she wrote for Zema Ion.  RVD retains the title.

Matt Morgan comes out, and steals RVD’s thunder, laying him out with a Carbon Footprint.  Joey Ryan has the X-Division Title, telling RVD he is going to get it.

Morgan calls out Hogan, and he says Hogan wanted to see a monster come out of Matt, well be careful what you wish for, because now you’re getting it.

A-Double is mocking the wrestlers who are trying to kiss up to Hogan, but not him.  He gets his Title rematch, down the line.  He’s going to meet up with the rejected wrestler, and ask how it feels.

The former World Tag Team Champion of the World, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian make their way to the ring.

Frankie said our real World Tag Team Champions of the world has many tricks, but not enough treats.  They are in a conspiracy theory.  But first “Mr. Nanny” himself, Hulk Hogan maneuvered Frankie’s travel plans, so Christopher Daniels was stuck fighting for himself.  Second, at Bound for Glory, their Tag team Titles were taken illegally, by two guys, who, let’s be honest, were put into this country, illegally.

Daniels cuts him off there.

These people are slow, so let’s take this slow.  How about tonight?  It’s supposed to be Championship Thursday, yet it really isn’t, right “Suburban Commando”?  Yeah, Zema Ion got his rematch, “Mrs Backend” Brooke Tessmacher gets her rematch, yet the best Tag Team of the World isn’t getting their rematch.

Chavo and Hernandez know what they are doing, I mean Chavo just mentions his family just to get the crowd to cheer him, like Pavlov’s Dog.  But Dixie Carter is so desperate to attract the Latino demographic that both Hernandez and Chavo are wearing ponchos, let’s call them Dos Sterotypicos.

They have a petition ready to get signatures from the fans at the Impact Zone and sign them so they get their rematch.

Here come the Tag Team champions.

Chavo asked if someone needs help to sign a petition?  He and Hernandez are happy to help.  They would be happy to give them the rematch, so they can take the Tag Team Titles, and shove them down their throat.

Fight is started, and they throw the challengers out of the ring.  Chavo and Hernandez sign the petition, anytime, anyplace.

Hogan makes his first cut, Mr. Anderson is cut, because he isn’t showing any passion.

A-Double mocks him for being the first cut, and the two men start to fight backstage.

Austin challenges Anderson to a match, and we hear the director say cut.  Ooops.

Aces and 8’s have a meeting.  Devon is leading the charge, the masks do not come off.  That is their identity, and nobody needs to know who they are.  Devon has some ladies to give them a fun party.  But in order to do that, they have to take someone out.

A guy in a mask throws a dart, but we don’t see who it is.

Our next Title match is Samoa Joe Vs Robbie T.

Joe makes Robbie tap out to the Coquina Clutch, retaining his World Television Title.

Tonight, Jeff Hardy gives us a World Title defense, but who will it be? 

Brooke Tessmacher has waited for this opportunity for what seems forever.  But she loved seeing Jessie get manhandled by ODB last week.  But tonight, she wins her title, and sends Tara and Jessie back to Hollywood, and be sent to the D-List.

Hogan talks to the challengers, again.

Bully Ray is eliminated, but he wants answers from his brother, and will get them tonight.

Backstage, Anderson talks to a stagehand, he wants Austin Aries, and that match is next.

Mr. Anderson Vs A-Double, now.

Austin wins the match by nailing Anderson with some brass knuckles, and then making him pass out with the Last Chancery.  Aries is a full-fledged heel here.

Tara is with Brooke Hogan and Jesse Godderz.  Jesse had to take 12 tomato juice baths to get that stench after ODB took care of him.  Brooke tells Tara to get ready for her title match.  Mike Tenay and Taz joins us now for the second hour.

Tonight, Jeff Hardy will face either Storm or Angle.  Hogan will make his decision.

Our next match is for the Knockout Title match, Brooke Tessmacher Vs Tara, with Taryn Terrell as our Knockout referee.

Tara wins with a Widow’s Peak.  But Jesse also held the ropes to have Brooke fall through them, and onto the floor.

Jesse and Tara make out, celebrating the win.

Here comes Brooke Hogan, and she is not happy.

Next week is Open Fight Night, she just got off the phone with a very feisty ODB.  She wants to challenge Jesse, so good luck with that.

Bully Ray is headed to the ring, next.

Joseph Park is in Hogan’s office.  He wants an answer from Hulk about his challenge with Aces and 8’s.  Hulk wasn’t the one who was kidnapped.  Is Hogan more concerned about Joseph’s health, or his liability.

Hogan said both, and Joseph has a contract, stating that he wants Aces and 8’s, and he won’t sue TNA or anyone if something bad happens to him.

Hogan will think about it.

Here comes Bully Ray.

He wants to thank Sting for choosing him to be his Tag Team partner at Bound for Glory.  He has been in this business for over 20 years.  Not many things have shocked him, but when the mask came off, and he saw his brother Devon, that shocked him.  Last week, Devon said a whole lot of nothing about why he did, what he did.  So he wants answers, and calls Devon out, now.

Here come Devon, with Aces and 8’s.

So Bully wants to know why?  He doesn’t owe him an explanation.  They are no longer a team, they are no longer brothers.  He did what he did two years ago, and Devon did what he did.  This has nothing to do with Bully.  It has everything to do with Hogan.  He came out and said he wants Devon back, but Hogan never called him, he never text him.  So what did TNA do?  Absolutely nothing.  But Aces and 8’s were the ones that had his back when he was down and out.  This doesn’t end here, when everything is said and done, they will take out each and every person that wronged them.  So Bully leave, he isn’t even a threat anymore.

This is over when Bully says it’s over.

This is between he and Devon.  He’s hiding behind these guys?  He is a coward, the night they were supposed to retire, they faced the Motor City Machineguns.  They were supposed to retire as Tag Team Champions, they hit their finishing move, Devon covered Chris Sabin, he kicked out.  Nobody ever kicked out of their finishing move, in 15 years.  ECW, WWE, not one single wrestler ever kicked out of their finish.  Now he is going to reveal something nobody knows.  Bully put his head down in the locker room, he felt he let the fans down.  Devon said, Bubba, what the hell are you so down about?  Who cares about what the fans think, screw them.

Bully dares Devon to deny it, he doesn’t, screw the fans.

They are doing too much talking, they were always about fighting.  So how about getting his guys out of the ring, stop hiding behind them, and start fighting each other.

Devon says no, it’s on his time, not Bully’s time.  Get his head out of his ass, and stop thinking the world revolves around him.  Devon will tell him know when it’s time.

Bully said that Devon has always hid behind people his entire career.  Grow a set of balls, because next week, it’s Open Fight Night, and someone will get through a table.

World Title match is up next.

Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan are being asked why they did what they did earlier to RVD.  Joey suggests maybe he needs the X-Division Title around his waist?  Morgan calls out Hogan and says all of those things he said last week are just excuses.  He unleashed the monster, and everything will fall on Hogan’s shoulders.

Christian York will be next week’s Gut Check participant.  Christian is a former ECW wrestler, and also performed in the early days of TNA.  He and Joey Mathhews were set to debut in WWE, but he made some wrong decisions, and Joey moved on to form MNM with John Morrison and Melena.  This is his last chance, and he won’t let it pass.

Hogan makes his decision.  For some reason, Wes Briscoe and Garrett Bischoff are with Kurt and Storm.  Hogan has some big plans for “Cowboy” so tonight, Kurt gets the title shot.

Here it is, World Heavyweight Title match, Jeff Hardy Vs Kurt Angle, now.

Hardy wins the match with a roll up.  A very good, competitive match.  Austin Aries knocks him out with the title after the match.  Austin has his rematch announced, it will take place at Turning Point.  He takes the World Title with him, for safe keeping.

We have a scan of backstage, and see Aces and 8’s taking out Kurt Angle.  We end the show with Garrett Bischoff and Wes Briscoe tend to Kurt.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I tried to like this show, and there were some good points, but overall, I just wasn’t feeling this show.

My biggest problem is still Hogan choosing the opponent.  What is the point?  How about putting the importance of this match, and give us an actual Fatal 4-Way match, with the winner moving on to face the champion, later tonight?  My god, that would be a million times better, and truly give us 2 big matches on the show.

I also think Matt Morgan has the wrong spot.  Nothing wrong with using him as a monster though.  Instead, have him come in as more of an outsider, and attack random wrestlers, with Matt as a loner.  But I am going to give this Joey Ryan-Matt Morgan duo more of a chance.

Open Fight Night is back, who cares.  It does nothing to set up the PPV, which by the way is now 3 weeks away.

The new announce crew is interesting however.  It reminds me of the says when there were sets of announcers on Nitro, and Raw, back in 1997.  Do not know anything about Todd Keneley just yet however, but I’ll give him a chance.

What I did like though was the final 30 minutes.  I truly like the fact Devon Vs Bully Ray hasn’t been settled, and now it’s been revamped, so to speak.  Here we go.  And the main event, of course was very good.  Always good to send the fans home happy after a good match.

What did you think of the show?  Send me your thoughts here.


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