Impact Wrestling Live 11/1/12…Open Fight Night

Before I start, I want to share my condolences to the death of Brad Armstrong, my favorite of the Armstrong sons.  He was only 51 years old, and he has my condolences to the entire Armstrong family.

My DVR didn’t record Impact last night, not sure yet if that was my fault, or the cable’s doing, but I am watching this through Youtube, so here we go.

Jeremy Borash and Todd Keneley welcome us to the show, and we start it off with Joseph Park.

Joseph is here because he can’t stand it anymore, he has to be a man.  He has been asking Hulk Hogan for a match against Aces and 8’s, but Hulk has not given him an answer.  So Open Fight Night is the loophole that he and his partners in his law firm found.  He challenges any member of Aces and 8’s for a fight.

Here they come, but there is about 4 or 5 of them coming out.  Joseph only wanted one, but they all come to the ring.

Here comes Kurt Angle to fight them off, but the numbers game takes over.  But here comes Sting.

Stinger tells us last week Devon issued a warning that the masks all stay on the faces, but tonight, someone’s mask is coming off.

JB and Todd welcome us to the show, and we will see ODB face Jesse tonight, we will also see Devon Vs Bully Ray, and the return of TNA Gutcheck, featuring Christian York.

Magnus is out next, he will expose someone, and we will find out.

When we come back, Jesse claims he has an ear affection, because of ODB.  Tara assures him that everything will be fine, she knows how to beat ODB, and she can help him.  He wants her to sanitize him, and with a kiss, we are off.

Magnus comes out to issue a challenge to Samoa Joe.  The problem is Joe doesn’t have a face for TV, he more or less has a “radio” face, and with that, Joe comes out.  The match is on.

Joe wins the match by DQ when Magnus nails Joe with a wretch, knocking him out.

Backstage, Sting and Joseph Park are in Hogan’s office, excited about the opportunity to rip some masks off tonight.  Kurt Angle comes in, he wants Devon, after Devon laid him out last week.  Hogan said that Bully Ray has him tonight, but he can face Devon at Turning Point.  Kurt still wants to fight, he has Wes Briscoe and Garrett Bischoff with him, and Sting like to see all four of them take Aces and 8’s out.

Joe is backstage, with an icepack on his head.  The biggest mistake Magnus could make was not leaving Joe for dead, because now we throw the rules out, NO DQ, old school style, because Joe is going to kill you.

We see footage from last Thursday night, when Austin Aries laid out Jeff Hardy after his victorious title defense, over Kurt Angle.

Jeff is putting his makeup on, and we hear that same voiceover from last week.  Overconfidence is going to kill Austin Aries.

Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels, with new music make their way out to the ring.

They want to expose the two biggest frauds here in TNA.  They already have their Tag Team Title shot at Turning Point, so why not challenge another fight?  One man who is known for his family heritage, another man known around the world for his brute strength, and those two men are Hector Guerrero, and Willie Urbina, the Spanish Announce Team.

Daniels and Kazarian goat them into the ring, mocking them the entire time.  Then Daniels shoves Willie to the ground, and Hector steps up for his amigo, but Kazarian nails Hector and the two challengers put a beating on Hector, but here comes Hernandez and Chavo to help out.

At Turning Point, World Tag Team Titles are on the line, Chavo and Hernandez Vs Daniels and Kazarian.

Christian York is tonight’s contestant on Gut Check.

ODB is still trying to get a hold of her husband, Eric Young.  She needs that fried chicken.

Christian York is in the ring, his gut check begins now, and his opponent?  The former X-Division Champion, Zena Ion.

Zema wins the match with his submission move, Mission Impossible.

Good match here, and Christian should get the contract.

Christian will find out if he gets his contract, next week.

A-Double enters the building.  He explains he took the TNA World Heavyweight Title, because he can.  Jeff Hardy was laying on the ground, and the title was there.  His title, to which he still refers himself as the World Heavyweight Champion, because he loves the spotlight, unlike Jeff.

He knock on Robbie E’s locker room.  Mr “5 points” and he seems to have an idea for tonight.

Still to come tonight, Bully Ray will face Devon, and coming up next, it’s ODB Vs Jesse.

We are in the back, Garrett Bischoff tells Bully Ray that even though Bully and Devon are brothers, Garrett and Devon were Tag Team partners too, and he turned his back on him.  So he is fighting this battle with Bully Ray.  Bully tells him it took alot of guts for him to say that, he appreciates it, and was more than likely about to turn him down, but some stagehand tells him Aces and 8’s are outside.  We have a fight breaking loose outside, and Devon goading Bully Ray to follow him.  Sting yells out the night is not over with yet.

ODB Vs Jesse, now.

Jesse wins the match with a rollover, after Tara helped him out.  Still no EY.

Mike Tenay joins the second hour, and here comes Robbie E. and Robbie T.

Everyone knows the highlight of the Bound for Glory Series was Robbie E. defeating Jeff Hardy, and lighting can strike twice.  So, he calls out Hardy, and here we go.

Hardy wins with a Swanton and a Twist of Fate.  I guess lightning can’t strike twice here.

Austin Aries shows up, he has his World Heavyweight Title.  He tells Hardy that he started here in TNA over a year ago, he climbed the ladder of success through hard work, and reach the top of the mountain, winning the World Heavyweight Title.  But what separated the two men was 3 seconds.  3 seconds that Austin lost, and was pinned by Jeff.  But he will win those 3 seconds back when he defeats Jeff, and becomes the World Heavyweight Champion.

Hardy suggests they figure it out in a ladder match, since Austin mention climbing that ladder for success, Aries won’t do it, but it seems confirmed that he will have to at Turning Point.

Tenay brings up how Taz is tending to his family in new York over the hurricane Sandy.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the horrible hurricane.

We see Hogan opened up a new beach store this past weekend.  He had a visitor, Matt Morgan.  Matt said there was one thing missing from him, and he grabs some memorabilia with the cape Hogan wore with his match with Andre at Shea Stadium.  Morgan said he will find some good usage with it.  Isn’t that why OJ is in jail currently?

Hogan watches from the monitor, and he said he has plans for Morgan.

“Cowboy” James Storm approaches him.  He understands why Hogan chose Kurt last week to face Hardy, but he has been busting his ass for a shot at the World Heavyweight Title since he came back, and all he is asking is an opportunity.  This gives Hogan an idea, and asks if he is a betting man.

We come back to see “The It Factor” Bobby Roode make his way to the ring.

He understands the stipulation he signed that he couldn’t have a World Title match as long as Austin Aries is the champion, but he’s not anymore, so now he is getting screwed and deserves a title shot.

Here comes AJ Styles.

Styles puts Roode over, saying that he is the longest reigning World Champion in TNA history, something he should be proud of.  But during that reign, he was dealing with other people’s problems, and even got into an elevator with a woman, being set up.  Just like another AJ is going through in Wrestling.  Seeing Roode’s face about that was priceless.

But AJ deserves a title shot too, and the best way they can settle this is in the ring.

Here come Hogan and Storm.  Hulk says all three men deserve title shots, but he is leaving it up to them, by ordering a Triple Threat match set for Turning Point, where the winner is the Number One Contender.  But here is the kicker, the loser of the match, the man who is pinned or submits does not get a World Title match until Bound for Glory 2013.  So literally, this is a turning point for all three men, brother.

Joey Ryan and “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan is headed to the ring, next.

Morgan is wearing the cape Hogan wore against Andre in his match at Shea Stadium, which I believe was in 1982, not sure about that.

Morgan said that he is here for one reason and that is to cause destruction all over TNA, and he will do that, until he becomes the World Heavyweight Champion, and there is nothing the boys in the back can do about it.

Joey is here to challenge RVD to a match, and here comes the X-Division Champion, and the match is on.

Joey wins with a roll of the tights, reversing a roll up.

I would have to believe a X-Division Title match is in Joey’s future here.

Our main event, Bully Ray Vs Devon is up next.

Bully Ray comes out, gives a shout out to the fans in the Northeast that had to deal with Hurricane Sandy, and I can agree to that.

But now, he is calling out that big piece of crap, Devon, and here he comes.  The match is on.

And it ends in a no contest, because Devon did some stalling, called his boys, and here come the TNA locker room to help Bully out too.

A fight breaks out, we have Joseph Parks make his way to the ring, ready for a fight.  The big man comes in, and Joseph is ready for a fight, but the guy handled him with ease, but in the process, we see a mask come off, it’s Luke Gallows.  Luke gives Joseph a Chokeslam, and the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

There was too much talking tonight, and not enough fighting in Open Fight Night.  The one positive out of this is they set up the PPV very nicely, giving us 3 matches, and set the tone.  But why Angle Vs Devon, and not Devon Vs Bully?  That is the match I want to see.  I get it that Angle wants Devon, after Devon set up the attack from last week, but other than that, nothing else.  I just hope they actually deliver us Devon Vs Bully. 

I did not like the confusion though involving Sting, and the 4 other wrestlers.  They played it out like we would see a big tag team match, and we didn’t get that, but the end was nice with someone getting their mask off.  Although it was sort of “slipping on a banana peel” mode there.  But it’s good to see Luke Gallows revealed.

The best part to me though was the segment involving AJ, Roode, and Storm.  Next week, we will get to see Roode Vs AJ, one on one.  But the theme of that match is interesting that the winner becomes the Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Title, and the loser doesn’t get a title shot in about a year.  I do think however, whoever loses will be the odds on favorite to win the Bound for Glory Series in 2013.

Overall, an okay show.  I just wanted to see more wrestling, or better yet, more fighting when it’s Open Fight Night.  I also liked seeing Christian York, and believe he should get a contract next season.  What were your thoughts?  Send them to me here.


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