WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown….We Are Live!!!!

We start the show off with that same intro guy that makes it sound like we are watching “Impact Wrestling”, and that means that we see footage from last night on Raw.

We are in Birmingham, England, with Michael Cole in the ring, interviewing Sheamus.

Sheamus does not have a smile on his face at all, there seemed to have been footage from last night, after Raw.  It involved William Regal, Sheamus, and Big Show.  Sheamus and Regal are interacting with fans, when Big Show attacks both Regal, and Sheamus.

Sheamus tells Cole to leave the ring, now.  He says part of him respects what Big Show did, coming to his own turf, yet the other part of him is very angry for what he did to a man who has done so much for Sheamus’ career, along with so many of the superstars in the back.  Two weeks from now, they hook it up at Survivor Series, for the World Heavyweight Title, but now, he just wants to kick his arse.

Show told him he did Sheamus a favor, by holding back a bit for the beating he is going to give him at Survivor Series.  And if he wants to know what kind of damage Show can do, just ask his friend.

Sheamus said that Show has no guts, and Show counters with he has nothing to offer.  Sheamus said then show him what he can do, or he is too scared to fight him.

Here comes Wade Barrett.  They have a match this Wednesday night at Main Event, and when he gets done with him, Sheamus won’t even be able to compete at Survivor Series.  So he suggests….

Sheamus said he suggests that since Big Show is afraid of him, how about Wade comes to the ring, and they see what they have.

Barrett walks to the ring, but leaves.

Tonight, Randy Orton will face Alberto Del Rio in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Up next, Intercontinental Title match, The Miz Vs Kofi Kingston.

Jerry “The King” Lawler returns to Raw, this Monday night.

Booker T is impressed with Wade Barrett tonight, but he never figured he’d back out of a fight.  Wade assures he didn’t, and Booker gives us a Tag Team match of Sheamus and William Regal taking on Wade Barrett, and Big Show.

Josh Matthews and JBL welcome us to the show, and we kick it off with the IC Title match, Kofi Kingston Vs The Miz, now.

Kofi wins with a Flying Cross Body to retain his IC Title.

He has 4 straight wins over The Miz, one on one.

The Miz sticks his hand out to congratulate him on, but Kofi dropkicks Miz instead.

How rude.

Still to come tonight, Big Show and Wade Barrett team up to face Sheamus and William Regal.

Also tonight, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara facing Primetime Players.

Rey and Rey and Sin Cara Vs PTP, now.

PTP win the match when Titus pinned Rey with Sky High.

Millions and millions of dollars.

Matt Striker interviews PTP, but Titus grabs the mic, and does the interview.  This victory means millions of dollars.  They get Striker to do the “Millions of Dollars” dance, but he has no rhythm.

Coming up next, the AJ Lee Scandal continues.

More footage from last night’s Raw.  They show the AJ Lee, John Cena, Vickie Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler farce.


Booker and Teddy aren’t impressed either, but Booker gave us some psyche out he played on Teddy.

Our big tag team match, Sheamus and William Regal will face Big Show and Wade Barrett, next.

Barrett is now calling the Souvenir Elbow the Bull Hammer.  He changes finishing move names more than he changes theme music.

Wade Barrett and Big Show defeated Sheamus and Regal, when Show knocked out Regal.

Tonight, Falls Count Anywhere match between Randy Orton Vs Alberto Del Rio, and we see footage from last week, when there was a food fight involved.

Matt Striker again tries to interview Alberto Del Rio.  Del Rio said the only reason Orton got the best of him last week was because Orton attacked him from behind, and even on Raw, same thing.  Stop painting the picture of Orton as the Apex Predator, tonight, because he will take Orton out, face to face.

Rosa Mendes approaches him, and wants to wish him luck on his match tonight.

We get a Raw Rebound, and I kid you not, Brad Maddox looks like Garrett Bischoff, in every way.

Look at how they started this angle, with Brad as a referee.

Same hair style, almost identical look.

This Monday Night on Raw, Ryback Vs Brad Maddox, Million Dollar Contract match.

Striker again, interviewing Orton.  This is a fight of a lifetime for Orton.  They will have to get a little sick, and twisted.

Our main event, Randy Orton Vs Alberto Del Rio, in a Falls Count Anywhere match is now.

Orton wins with a RKO on a steel ramp, winning the match, and ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

One of the things I enjoyed about this show was no silly gimmicks, this was a live Smackdown that focused mostly on the Smackdown wrestlers.  Yes, they are all WWE Wrestlers anyway, but there was little Raw promotion as it possibly could. 

We had a very good main event match, a solid tag team match, another good IC Title match that featured some talented wrestlers.

I hope to see more of this on every live Smackdowns, what were your thoughts on the show?  Let me know here.


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