WWE Friday Night Smackdown 11/16/12…Cleveland’s Son Comes Home

We are live, on tape in my home state of Cleveland, Ohio, just an hour away from me.  Tonight, we find out the continuing adventures with team Foley Vs Team Ziggler.  We also will find out what happens with Sheamus Vs Big Show, two nights away.  How will Sheamus react to this past week when Big Show knocked out Sheamus’ good friend William Regal?

Sheamus is waiting in the parking lot at Quicken Loan Arena, waiting for one man, Big Show.

Now comes Cleveland’s own, The Miz for an edition of Miz TV.

Miz said it feels great to be back home, and a part of Survivor Series.  He owes it to the fans, for voting him in to be a part of Survivor Series.  But it shouldn’t be a surprise, since he is a survivor, and has done the most things any WWE Superstar has done.  But he is not going to cater to the captains, but he brings out his guest, the Best-selling author, Hall of Famer, Hardcore Legend Mick Foley.

Here comes Mick.

It’s great to be back here, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mick admits that he had reservations including Miz in the Raw Active for the Team Foley Survivor Series.  Not because he is a bully in the book “It’s A Most Mizerable Christmas” that sells in fine bookstores, right here, in Cleveland, Ohio.

But rather he doesn’t know which Miz will show up.  Will it be the Wrestlemania-main eventing, John Cena defeating Miz?  or the Coasting Miz that wears makeup, and suits, while sitting in chairs Miz?

Miz questions that Foley asks that question, we have a tag team that doesn’t get along, an Apex Predator that doesn’t get along with anyone, and a thief that stole his Intercontinental Title.

Foley is glad that he brings that up, which is why he asks for Team Foley to come out to the ring, now.  Here they come out.

Daniel Bryan and Kane start off.  Daniel doesn’t like that Kane keeps insinuating that Daniel is the weak link of the team.  Kane thanks Miz for being a good partner Monday night, because he doesn’t have to carry the team on his back, like he does most nights.

Daniel answers well if it wasn’t for DB, Kane would be in the basement, scaring little children.  Kane still does that.

Kofi tries to play peacemaker, but Miz argues that he tried to shake his hand last week, and he got kicked in the face.  Kofi says he’ll do it again if he doesn’t back up two steps.

Foley now wants Orton to play the voice of reason.

Orton reminds Foley of their past, but despite spitting in Foley’s face, Mick threw him down the steps, but through all of that, Foley is the only guy Orton likes, and trusts.

Here comes Team Ziggler.

Zig Zag says this the very definition of dysfunction.  But now Alberto Del Rio is ignoring Ziggler.  Ziggler asks what this is about, and Del Rio tells him that Ziggler doesn’t have what it takes to be team captain.  They get into it.

Foley interrupts the fun, and Mick tells Ziggler he talked to Booker T about tonight’s matches, and he has some good ideas with Team Foley Vs Team Ziggler.  Tonight, it will be Ziggler and Del Rio Vs Orton and Miz.

Ziggler says he is glad Miz quit his team, because he can’t take it.  But he has someone better, named Wade Barrett.

Wade says who needs a quitter, when you have a winner.

Foley believes that is cute, but he is putting Wade in a match against one half of the Tag Team Champion, Kane.

Daniel doesn’t like that idea, and he screams.  No!!  No!!  No!!

Damien Sandow does not like this, in fact, Daniel and Kane were responsible for his Tag Team partner, Cody Rhodes for not being here.  And now we have a mute, who didn’t speak, but he thinks he can fly.

Kofi Kingston takes an exception to that, and he says they can have a match, tonight.

Foley likes that idea, and he calls for Kofi Kingston Vs Damien Sandow, now.

Damien wins the match with a rollup, using the tights, and leverage for the win.

Sheamus is still in the parking lot, waiting for Big Show.

We are in Cleveland, Ohio.  Josh Matthews, and JBL call the action.  We see what took place this past Monday with the AJ Lee-Vickie Guerrero-Dolph Ziggler-John Cena mess. 

Diva action now, Natalya, Layla, and Kaitlyn taking on Eve Torres, Alicia Fox, and Aksana.

Kaitlyn wins the match with a Stinger Death Drop, pinning Alicia Fox.

This Sunday night, Kaitlyn will face Eve for the Divas Title.

Coming up next, Orton and Miz Vs Ziggler and Del Rio.

On the Survivor Series Pre-show, on Youtube, we will see 3MB taking on Santino and Zack Ryder.

Booker T approaches Sheamus, he said that Big Show won’t show up, until Sheamus leaves.  Sheamus says he will leave, if Big Show faces him in the ring, Booker T tells him we are 48 hours away from Survivor Series, he can go after him then, but if anything happens tonight, there will be repercussions.

Fella, you got that right.

Our big tag team match, Orton and Miz Vs Ziggler and Del Rio, now.

Orton and Miz win with a Skull Crushing Finale, pinning Del Rio.

Miz brags about winning, and taking the pinfall, and Orton respond by giving Orton a RKO.

Sheamus is out to the ring, now.

Big Show crossed the line.  They had a heck of a fight at Hell in a Cell, but showed he is a bully, and a big coward for doing what he did to William Regal.  But he doesn’t feel like waiting until Sunday.  The talking is over, it’s time to fight.

Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion, Big Show.

He doesn’t get it, nothing is going to change.  You think Big Show is scared of Sheamus?  He’s afraid of what Show is going to do to Sheamus.  He needs to just sit back, and thank him.

That’s the best thing Show said, it’s time to thank him now.

He heads out of the ring, but Booker T stops him.  He asks Sheamus to leave the building.  Sheamus tries to go after Big Show, but Booker T isn’t asking him, as Smackdown GM, he is telling him to leave his building.

When we come back, Big Show and Booker T are backstage, he loves what he did.  Booker T understands Big Show, nobody is bigger than him.

Booker T tells Show he is in the main event tonight, and he will find out who his opponent is, later tonight.  Booker T assures Show it’s not against Sheamus, but nobody is bigger than The Show.

Kane Vs Wade Barrett, now.

The match ends in a no contest when Team Ziggler come out, but Mick calls the troops, and we have a 4 on 4 fight, with Team Foley prevailing.  The Miz watches this on the top ramp.

Big Show will face a mystery opponent tonight, but now we get the Raw Rebound, featuring Ryback Vs Brad Maddox debacle.

Sheamus is off to a bar, drinking a pint, or two.

R-Truth is heading to the ring, and we have Antonio Cesaro heading to the ring, he is facing Sin Cara.

Cesaro wins with the Neutralizer.  After the match, Truth leads the fans to USA Chants, this Sunday night at Survivor Series, these two men face each other for the United States Title.

Coming up next, we will have Big Show face a surprise opponent.

We see Sheamus earlier tonight get thrown out of the building.

Big Show’s opponent?

Great Khali.

Show knocked out Khali to win the match.  Very impressive feat.

After the match, Show leaves the building, but Matt Striker wants a word, Show blew him off and heads into his bus, but Sheamus catches him, and the two men fight.  The fight ends with Show sent into a car, knocked out cold.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

An entertaining show tonight, good to see them feature Miz in his own hometown.  Survivor Series is set, but I’ll say this again, if Punk or John Cena isn’t featured on Smackdown, then don’t bring them up in the beginning.  What happened on Raw is what happened on Raw.  They don’t show Big Show and Sheamus on the beginning intro of Raw, so why do it on Smackdown?

Regardless, we are ready for Survivor Series, which is this Sunday.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send me your thoughts.


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