Impact Wrestling 11/22/12…The Episode With The Turkey Suit

I hope everyone had a great, safe Thanksgiving holiday.  Spending it with family, and friends.  Let’s get ready for Impact Wrestling.

We see footage from last week that saw Bobby Roode pin “Cowboy” James Storm to become the new Number One Contender to Jeff Hardy’s World Title.

Impact Wrestling starts now.

Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz welcome us to the show, this is a Gut Check edition of Impact.

Jeremy Borash kicks things off with a Gut Check match, Wes Briscoe will get his opportunity, and he is facing Garrett Bischoff, now.

Wes Briscoe wins with a quick roll up.  The first Gut Check contestant that wins, and Garrett gives him a hug, Kurt Angle is proud of both men.

Al Snow is with the Gut Check contestants, this is Open Fight Night, and is giving them opportunities to call anyone out to a match, and make names for themselves.

Kurt is backstage, with the two young lads.  He told them they need to slow down, and hear the fans, giving them more pointers.

Here comes Joey Ryan.

Joey didn’t need Gut Check to be a star of it, but Joey Ryan became a star.  Hogan is trying to divide he and Morgan, but you can’t divide Tag Team champions, and that is what they are trying to become, so he is calling out Chavo Guerrero, and here he comes.

Joey is DQ’d when Matt Morgan came out, and laid Chavo out with a Chokeslam.

He’s sending a message to Hogan, and he can do that to the whole roster.

Austin Aries is backstage, the person he is calling out needs a reality check, and while we are at it, it’s going to be a family affair.

Another Open Fight Night challenge, Sam Shaw.

He calls out the first Gut Check winner, Alex Silva, and here he comes.

Sam Shaw wins with what he calls a Breaking Point Leg Drop.  Alex played the heel here.

Eric Young and ODB enter Hulk Hogan’s office, he is bringing back the Turkey outfit, Hogan gives him his blessing, just challenge anyone to Open Fight Night.

The infamous turkey outfit is back.

We are backstage, with Eric Young.  Robbie E. wants EY to call him out, so he can get revenge for Robbie T, who wore the turkey suit last year, and he has been scarred for life.  Then we see Jesse and Tara, Jesse said he loves beating EY, because last week, he received a phone call from Channing Tatum.  EY said he can call both men out later tonight, so get ready.

“What’s up, dude”? 

“What’s up, bro”?

Riveting conversation between Robbie and Jesse.

Aces and 8’s video over the last few weeks, wrecking chaos all over the TNA locker room.

We are in the clubhouse, and are thankful for the blessings they have been giving.  They have business to attend, another dart, and that can mean someone else is getting jumped.

Christian York’s Gut Check video is playing now.

And here comes Christian, who will he call out?

Jeff Hardy, this ought to be good.

Hardy wins in a rather long, and good match with a Swanton.

They shake hands, and hug after the match.  But here comes Bobby Roode, with a Double R Spinebuster, and spears Hardy.

At Final Resolution, Roode will face Hardy.

Roode is here to tell Hardy at Final Resolution, the World Heavyweight Title is coming back home.

Taelor Hendricks video is playing, and Brooke Hogan is wishing her luck in showcasing the world what she can do.

Her challenge is next.

Who is Taelor challenging?  None other than her Gut Check opponent, Knockout Champion, Tara.

Tara hits Widow’s Peak, and Taelor is pinned.  Jesse did help too.  A good effort by Taelor, but is denied.

Our big Turkey suit Triple Threat match is up now, Eric Young Vs Robbie E, Vs Jesse.

EY pins Jesse with a roll up, so Jesse has to wear the turkey suit.  He’s being a good sport about it.

Now, here comes Aces and 8’s, surrounding the ring with Young.

Eric fights them, but numbers take over.

They handcuff ODB to the ring pole, while they clip at Eric’s knee.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw, Aces and 8’s laying out Eric Young.

Here come Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels.  They are having fun tonight.

Last week, Daniels challenged AJ Styles to one more match at Final Resolution.  People have been asking him why he would do that, and the truth is AJ has been going through a tough time, and what better time to have a good friend with AJ through this tough time.

Frankie Kazarian is thankful that AJ proved them right the entire time, so consider himself called out.

AJ Vs Kazarian, now.

AJ wins with a Pele.

Austin Aries bombshell is next, and he warns us, he is opening Pandora’s Box, here.

Here comes A-Double.

Austin feels for months now that he hasn’t had a fair chance.  But tonight, he is evening the playing field.  He is calling out Hulk Hogan, and his “fake tan”, but actually, it’s Brooke Hogan he is calling out.

She comes to the ramp, and he says he isn’t calling her out to wrestle, but she has a last name of Hogan, and he is tired of that name.  For the last 25 years, he has turned on his TV, and all he hears is Hogan’s name.  And he thinks that Brooke is tired of it too, because she can’t keep her private life, private.  She probably can’t wait to get married, and change her name.  But she never thought she’d be called Brooke Bully Ray. 

He shows us footage from the last few weeks, with Bully Ray and Brooke in a nice loving position. 

Brooke didn’t have to settle for a turkey like Bully, when Austin has all of the stuffing.

Here comes Hulk Hogan, and Bully Ray runs Austin out of the ring.  Hulk looks at Austin, and Bully looks straight at Brooke, and apologizes, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I guess I was wrong, last week, I stated that Bully Ray would really be revealed as a member of Aces and 8’s, and use Brooke, but I don’t think so now.  This truly is a storyline romance, of sorts.  I don’t particularly like it, because Bully Ray should not have a soft side in his heart.  I want to see Devon Vs Bully Ray, not Bully Ray Vs Austin Aries.  But it seems that is what we are getting…whether we like it, or not.

But I did enjoy seeing the Gut Check competitors, and liked seeing how some of them progressed, and others digressed, it seemed.  I think Taelor Hendricks can be a very good wrestler.  I also liked Sam Shaw, he has a good luck, but he would be better served with a manager, someone who can talk for him, and all he has to do is kick some ass.  But Alex Silva, I am still not sure of, but at least he was acting like a heel, when he had to.

Kazarian Vs Styles was a bit too quick of a match, but I did like seeing Hardy Vs York, and just a test of what Roode Vs Hardy will be like.

Overall, a good show, and even with the ridiculous Turkey suit, I like that Jesse was a big sport about it, and he had his “Welcome to TNA” moment.  Good for him, that can only lead to more respect from the boys and girls in the back.

What did you think of the show?  Send me your thoughts, either on this site, hit me up at Twitter, and Facebook.  Have a blessed and great Thanksgiving weekend, and if you do go out shopping, you dictate the crowd, don’t let other people shove.  Stay safe, and be blessed.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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