WWE Friday Night Smackdown 11/23/12…The Continuing Story Of Days Of Our Lives

Tonight, the AJ Lee Saga continues, we are in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with The Miz kicking off Miz TV.  But tonight, he doesn’t have just an ordinary guest, but rather John Cena.

Here he comes, and The Miz gets right down to business, with what is going on with AJ Lee.  We see footage from this past Monday night, when Cena and AJ kissed.

Miz wants to know if they are more than just friends.  Cena said he kissed AJ to give something people to talk about, but he liked the kiss, and AJ is a good kisser.




So Cena liked it, and AJ liked it, but have the stress brought the two of them together?  What about now?  Are they more than just friends.

Here comes AJ.

AJ tries to downgrade the entire thing.  She understands it, Cena was just trying to make a point, but Cena denies it, he has feelings for AJ.  Here comes Dolph Ziggler.

He understands John has feelings, but AJ is trouble, if it hadn’t been for her, Cena never would have hurt his knee, how is your knee, buddy?  Is it fine?  If he was Cena, he would hate AJ’s guts, and here is why.

Again, footage from Raw this past Monday, when AJ burst into the men’s locker room, Cena saved AJ and Dolph clipped his knee, and speared him through a bathroom stall.

Now that is giving the WWE Universe something to talk about.

Excuse Me…

Here comes Vickie Guerrero.

Cena little girlfriend needs to control her impulses, and Dolph was right when calling AJ a pitiful, and weak woman, and Ziggler knows how to kiss a woman who is confident, passionate, and decisive.

Cena gives us some jokes, but Vickie claims that their relationship is strictly professional.  But if Dolph had kissed AJ, he’d make her into a real woman, but that will never happen since they are two weak losers.

Cena said that Vickie and Ziggler are perfect for each other, one likes to eat nuts, and the other one is still trying to find his.

Josh Matthews and JBL welcome us to the show.  Tonight, for the Intercontinental Title, Kofi Kingston Vs Damien Sandow.

Feed Me More….

Ryback is going to face Darren Young.

How is that going to turn out?

Yeah, Ryback is fed by Darren….Shellshocked.

Titus O’ Neil, who was doing commentary, said he could beat Ryback, but that didn’t work out either.

Coming up next, Antonio Cesaro Vs R-Truth.

Cesaro says basically the same thing about Thanksgiving as he said on Sunday night.  Regardless, we are lucky that Antonio Cesaro is our United States champion.

Truth picks up the non-title win with Little Jimmy.

Sheamus is backstage, he is met with Booker T.  Sheamus has done some regrettable things, and he can’t let him compete tonight.  Sheamus deserves a rematch for the World Title, at TLC….Chairs match.  Booker sends Sheamus off to his personal suite tonight, have some pints on him.

Is Big Show competing tonight?  Yes, Show is in a Handicap match against Team Hell No.

Team Hell No?

Hell Yeah.

Sin Cara is headed to the ring, to face Alberto Del Rio, next.

Sin Cara taps out to the Cross Arm Breaker.  Del Rio is the new Apex Predator of Smackdown.

Or so he likes to call himself.

Team Hell No are in the backstage, Daniel just wants Kane to stand out of his way, Daniel beat The Big Show in 45 seconds.  Will that happen again?  Yes!!  No!!

Years ago, Kane was Big Show’s tag team partner, and back then, he was a whiner.  In fact, the two of you would be great together, Team No-Show.

Does this have anything to do with Daniel not inviting Kane to his house for Thanksgiving?


You never would have liked the food, a vegan turkey.  Who eats a vegan turkey?

I’ll make you a deal, if they win tonight against Big Show, Daniel will invite Kane to his house for Christmas.

Can I beat up Santa Claus?

Yes, Deal.

Coming up next, Big Show will face Team Hell No.

Big Show wins with a chokelsam.  Daniel wouldn’t tag in, and tried to put Show out with a No Lock, but it didn’t work.

After the match, Team Hell No took Show out of the ring.

Sheamus and William Regal are watching on, and Show congratulates on getting his title shot, but a giant is going to have a chair in his hands, this time, Fella.

Coming up next, Intercontinental Title match, Kofi Kingston Vs Damien Sandow.

Kofi wins the match with Trouble in Paradise.  Wade Barrett is impressed by the victory, and he says enjoy it while he can because Kofi is about to be the next victim, of the Barrett Barrage.

Tonight, Randy orton Vs Dolph Ziggler, and coming up next, from Raw….The year of the Punk.

Footage from last Monday night with Ryback being taken out by the NXT Three.  This Monday, we will hear from them.

Our main event, Dolph Ziggler Vs Randy Orton is up, now.

Ziggler wins with holding the tights.  After the match, Orton takes out Rodriguez, and makes Alberto Del Rio stand out of the ring,  taking care of Del Rio, and Cena attacking Dolph from behind, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Something didn’t click here for me tonight.  Just an average show at best, with Dolph Ziggler stealing the show.  The question though because how Cena can make Ziggler look golden here, something he isn’t exactly known to do, and until this past week on Monday, when Ziggler took out his knee.  So where do we go from here?  Let me know what you thought of the show?  Send me your thoughts.


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