WWE Friday Night Smackdown 12/7/12…Plans Change For TLC

We kick the show off with footage that took place this past Monday night, The Shield takes out Team Hell No, and here comes Ryback.  Ryback takes out CM Punk, and because of that, Punk hurt his knee.  He had surgery this past week, and is out of TLC.  The chairman of the board, Vince McMahon changed the main event at TLC.  More on that, later.

Booker T is in the ring, he means business, and has to make a tough decision.  We see footage of why he has to make that decision.

Footage from a month ago in Cleveland, when Sheamus lays out Big Show in a car.  Last month, at Survivor Series, Show retains his title, and Sheamus lays him out with chairs.

In 9 days, Big Show and Sheamus are going one on one, in a chairs match at TLC.  But Booker is afraid that won’t happen, which is why he is inflicting a no contact rule from now until TLC.  So right now, he wants both men to come out, and sign the order.

Here comes The Big Show first.

Now here comes Sheamus.

Booker says that if Sheamus refuses the no contact rule, he will lose his title shot at TLC.  And for Big Show, he will be stripped the title if he loses that no contact clause.

Having to wait to kick Big Show’s arse for 9 days, is like waiting 9 days for Christmas, but in the end, it was worth it.  So he has 9 days to beat his arse with a steel chair, and in the end, he is getting the ultimate present….The World Heavyweight Title.

Christmas has come early for Sheamus, because it means he will come in one piece at TLC, and it’s great for him fella, but he hit him with a chair 25 times, and he still got up.  All Big Show has to do is hit him once with a chair.  He should beg Booker T not to make this match, because he won’t ever be the same.  The difference between the two men is Show thinks things through, Sheamus just loves to fight.

Sheamus said he made Show relevant again, by giving him the two best fights of his career, and he doesn’t think Show has it in him for one more fight, and he will gladly end his career at TLC.

Big Show pulls off a cheap shot, throwing the table on Sheamus, and then sign the contract.  Sheamus is irate.

Booker says if Sheamus wants to take his frustrations out on someone, he has a match for him against Alberto Del Rio.  And Big Show has a match tonight too, against a man that beat him in 45 seconds….Daniel Bryan.  That match is up now.




Big Show wins the match with a Chokeslam, and here comes The Shield through the crowd, again.  Big Show exits, while The Shield enters and take down Daniel Bryan, but here comes Kane.

All three men put Kane into the table with a Powerbomb.

The Muppets and Flo Rida will be a part of the Tribute to the Troops, later this month.

We have another ignoramus fool try to answer questions from Damien Sandow.  He is the leader, and our intellectual savior to the masses.  Nobody can do what he can.

The dude didn’t answer the third question correct.

You’re welcome….


The most must-see WWE Superstar comes to the ring, The Miz.

How about Damien answers his question….what 21st century WWE Superstar wears his Daddy’s bathrobe, and buys his pink shorts from Victoria’s Secret?  The answer….Damien Sandow.

You’re welcome.

Josh Matthews and JBL officially welcome us to the show, and we see footage from the Dolph Ziggler-Big Show Vs Cena-Sheamus match this past Monday Night Raw.

Dolph received his match at TLC against Cena, but Mr. McMahon added some spice to the match, a ladder match with the Money in the Bank briefcase at stake.

This Monday night, we will see a contract signing between those two men.

6-Man tag match is up next, it will be Brodus Clay and the Usos, battle against today’s version of The Freebirds, 3MB.  We have heath Slater (Michael Hayes), Drew McIntyre (Terry Gordy), and Jinder Mahal (Buddy Roberts), I know I am a week late, but my prayers and condolences are to the Buddy Roberts family.

3MB wins the match with Drew’s Future Shock DDT, pinning one of the Usos.

Coming up next, a rivalry reborn, Wade Barrett Vs “The Viper” Randy Orton, and later tonight, Sheamus faces Alberto Del Rio.

Matt Striker interviews with Wade Barrett, Matt brings up how The Shield put him out this past Monday night, and Wade said Randy should not be concerned with them, he needs to be concerned with the Bull Hammer.  That is all it takes to knock him out.

That match is next.

Kofi Kingston joins us at commentary for the next match, Randy Orton Vs Wade Barrett.

Orton wins the match with a RKO, after Wade Barrett turned his back for a second.  He tried to unclip the ring buckle, but Kofi Kingston stopped him.

Breaking news, CM Punk had emergency knee surgery this week. 

Great Khali is headed to the ring, he and Hornswoggle tag together, next.

Saturday, December 15th, Rolling Stones in concert, live on PPV.

Khali and Hornswoggle are facing the Colon Cousins, now.

Hornswoggle and Khali win with the Tadpole Splash.

Raw Rebound from this past Monday, featuring CM Punk, The Miz, The Shield, Team Hell No, and Ryback.

Vince McMahon made the following announcement this past week, we will cancel Punk vs Ryback for the WWE Title, and instead made a 6 man tag match for a TLC match.  It will be The Shield, in their wrestling debuts face Team Hell No, and Ryback.  For the first time ever, pinfall will be counted in a TLC match.

The Shield has a message for the WWE.  They are here to entice justice to the WWE.

I’ll say this, Dean Ambrose has the look, and feel of a major, and breakthrough star in this business.  Let’s hope WWE does not screw this up.

Antonio Cesaro is in the ring, he rags on the crowd again, guaranteeing we won’t amount to anything.  We used to reach the American Dream, now we look like the American Dream.

We see a picture, and hear the music of The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, if you wheel.

Here comes R-Truth.

Truth says that Cesaro needs a dose of the truth.  He’s not around here, because if he was, the truth shall set you free.  When he looks across America, he sees good hard-working people rising up, in tough times.  He sees good, hard-working people try to get in where they fit in, and stares at trouble, finding hard times.  And through those hard times, people will keep it in its Little Jimmy.

It seems that Cesaro is picking a fight in America, and when you do that, America fights back.

Truth is just like everyone else, when he tries to fight for the United States Title, he will fight miserably, and that’s the truth.

Truth says that when you kick his dog, he will kick his cat, and the two men start fighting, like cats and dogs.

Truth gets the last kick, I guess though.  Cesaro backs down, and walks away, with his man purse, and everything.

Kid Rock will be at Tribute to the Troops, performing his song.

Our main event, Sheamus Vs Alberto Del Rio is up now.

Sheamus makes Del Rio tap out to his Texas Cloverleaf.  Big Show comes out to the ring after the match, trying to goat Sheamus into hitting him.  Sheamus responds by throwing Ricardo Rodriguez into Big Show’s groin area, ending the show.

Hey, Sheamus didn’t touch Show, but he sure made a statement.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a good show tonight, that had 2 big matches and made a provision in the Big Show-Sheamus match at TLC.  Plus, even with The Shield making a brief appearance, I enjoyed their presence.  No Ryback, but I look for that to change this Monday night, setting up the final build to TLC.

I am not that big however with Antonio Cesaro’s Anti-America stance.  Although perhaps that could change.  It’s just that things have changed over the years that the Anti-America stance could be passe.  I just wonder though if this will build up to Cody Rhodes returning, and defending his father, becoming the new United States champion in the process.  I guess we will see in the coming weeks, because I don’t see R-Truth pinning him for the title.

Overall, a good show, what were your thoughts on the show?  Send me them here.


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