Impact Wrestling 12/13/12…Final Resolution Fallout

This past Sunday, we had TNA’s final PPV of 2012, Final Reslution.  The announce guy shows us the footage with Aces and 8’s attack Bobby Roode, after it seemed like they were helping him, and Christopher Daniels defeated AJ Styles in their final match.

Where do we go from here?

Impact is now.

We are at the Impact Zone, in Orlando, Florida.  Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz welcome us to the show.

Here comes “The It Factor” Bobby Roode.

Roode had a deal with Aces and 8’s, he paid them money, and they were supposed to help him win the World Heavyweight Title.  But they in turn, cost him the match, and he wants answers….NOW.

Enter Aces and 8’s.

Devon makes this simple, they made a business deal.  Someone paid them more money, and Roode can’t believe this, who on earth would pay them more money than Bobby Roode?  Devon said he is a businessman, they are a club, and they love to work with businessmen. 

Roode demands who made the deal, and Devon suggests he will find out, later tonight.

Devon and Doc start to enter the ring, but Roode backs off, and here comes Storm and Hardy.

All four men start to fight, and take Devon and Doc out of the ring.

Hardy challenges them to a fight, he is sick of them jumping, so tonight, they fight.

Velvet Sky is here, and she is glad to be back.  Next week is Championship Thursday, with the Knockout Title on the line, and Velvet might be in line for that shot.  But either way, the pigeons are ready to let loose.

Video over the Knockout Title match this past Sunday, with Mickie James saying she let the fans down, and herself.  She knows better to not turn her back on Tara, yet she made that mistake, never again.

Velvet Sky Vs Madison Rayne, with Taryn Terrelle as the referee.

Velvet Sky pins Madison Rayne, with an In Your Face.

Still to come tonight, “Cowboy” James Storm and Jeff Hardy will face Aces and 8’s.

Kurt Angle checks on Wes Briscoe and Garrett Bishcoff.  Tonight, they have a tag team match, and will be on their own.  Garrett wants a cup of coffee, but Kurt gives them 5 hour energy.  I guess we have our new sponsors, then.

When we come back, we see footage from this Sunday night, Jason Hervey wants to know if Kazarian and Daniels had anything to do with Aces and 8’s.  They deny everything, but suggest AJ Styles might have had something to do with it, he has nothing to lose.

Garrett and Briscoe Vs The Shore is up now.

Garrett and Briscoe win the match when Briscoe lays a flying body press on Robbie E.

Doc nails Kurt in the knee with a stick, Kurt is out in the knee, while Garrett and Wes are celebrating with their backs turned.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.

Joseph Park is training in OVW with “Nightmare” Danny Davis.

Oh boy!!

Dude can’t even do one situp.

Tara and Jesse visit Brooke Hogan, Tara tells Brooke that she is here to help choose who her opponent is next week.  Jesse is facing Brooke’s “boyfriend” tonight in Bully Ray.  Brooke doesn’t want the help.  Why?

Hardy and Storm Vs Devon and Doc is up next.

Kenny King has another match against RVD tonight.  This isn’t for the X-Division Title, and he learned from his mistakes Sunday night, so he’s ready to kick RVD’s ass tonight.

Hardy and Storm Vs Doc and a masked guy, now.

Hardy and Storm wins with a Twist of Fate.

Aces and 8 try to attack Hardy and Storm, but it fails, and Devon grabs the mic, after the faces run out of the ring.

Devon says the man that paid Aces and 8’s off is none other than Austin Aries.

This sends shockwaves backstage with both Bobby Roode and Hulk Hogan.  Aries phones in Hogan, he says he wants to speak his mind, and Hogan wants answers, giving him the end of the night.

Roode is irate, this ruined Hogan’s main event.

AJ Styles speaks, next.

We see footage of Styles Vs Daniels this past Sunday night, and here comes “The Phenominal One” now.

Styles requested this time, he doesn’t need to tell us where he’s been, and what has been going on.  The fans chant you still got it, and he responded he’s not going anywhere.

The truth is, and he can’t speak.  But he doesn’t know where he is going, he has no idea where the next step is.  He has been taking care of other people, but he has forgotten about AJ Styles.

This has nothing to do with us, this has nothing to do with The Impact Zone, this has nothing to do with Dixie Carter, this has nothing to do with Impact Wrestling, and everything to do with AJ Styles.

He is tired of being the corporate janitor, and cleaning up TNA’s mess, he is tired of doing the right thing, so from now on, he is going to do his own thing.

He leaves, and we go to a commercial.

Moments ago, we see AJ Styles leaving the ring, and possibly leaving the fans.

Dixie Carter is backstage, and she wants to know who AJ is, and he tosses his shirt to Dixie, and leaves.

Daniels is dancing, saying he sent AJ packing.  Kaz has a surprise for Daniels.

Our next match is Kenny King Vs RVD in a non-title match.

Kenny wins with a cross body, and his foot on the ropes.  A big win for the challenger.  RVD is a bit upset about it.

Bully Ray comes right into Hogan’s dressing room, wanting to know if he has changed his tune since Final Resolution.  Hogan said all he had to do was be a man and tell him he is friends with his daughter.  This has become business for him.  Maybe his daughter likes him, what makes him think it’s the other way around?  She was apologizing for the way Hogan was treating Bully Ray.  He has always had respect for Terry, since day one, yet Terry doesn’t respect Mark. 

Jesse Vs Bully Ray is up next.

Next week is Championship Thursday, with Tara defending the Knockout Title, and Devon is defending the Television Title against Kurt Angle.

Our main event, Jesse Vs Bully Ray is up now.

Not much of a main event, Bully Ray destroyed Jesse.  But the highlight was having Bully beat Jesse’s chest red.  It was sort of a “Welcome to Pro Wrestling, kid” moment for Jesse.

Austin Aries speaks out, next.

Aries confirms that he trumped Bobby Roode’s offer to Aces and 8’s.  He knows Bobby is upset, but Austin is about bringing the World Heavyweight Title back.  He is not surprised that Aces and 8’s spilled the beans, but even Devon said he doesn’t fight other people’s battles, but he gets paid for it.  Hogan put Austin at the front of the line against Aces and 8’s 6 months ago, after he won the World Heavyweight Title.  But he never got paid for it, because let’s face it, after he did that, Hogan got off his back, and went on the Jeff Hardy bandwagon, so Hogan will pay for that.

Here comes Jeff Hardy.

All Austin had to do was ask, and Austin responded he has to jump through ropes just to get the opportunity.  Hardy said that if all he wants is a title match, next week….Championship Thursday, Hardy Vs Aries.

The fans want it, but he doesn’t do it for the fans.  He does it for himself, and when he wants.

Hardy always gives the fans what they want.

The two men start to fight, and Hardy tries a Swantawn, but Aries runs off.

Will we see Hardy Vs Aries III, next week?

We end the show here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Not much of a show to me.  Nothing to build up the January PPV, and what’s worst is next week, we will see these horrible segments with Brooke Hogan, continuing to put down her Knockout champion.

We still need to see who the leader of Aces and 8’s are, and I still have to think it’s Bully Ray.  This is a feud between he and Hogan, and if Hogan can’t respect Bully, then by gawd, Bully has to lead his own club.  Either way, we have to find out soon, probably in February, to set up Lockdown.

I did like AJ Styles’ promo, one of his more direct promos he has had.  Where do we go from here with him, indeed?  Possibly over the rafters?

Who is a part of those vignettes that will appear on 1-3-13?  I hope it’s not Sting.  Let’s make this original, but at this point, who else could it be?

I could have sworn I saw Garrett Bischoff miss his mark, when he and Briscoe turned their back on Angle before he was clipped by Doc. 

So Aries was the one that paid off Aces and 8’s?  Then why did Hardy have the final say, and Austin didn’t get the right heat?

Again, I just wasn’t feeling this show.  What did you think of it?  Send me your thoughts.


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