Impact Wrestling 12/20/12…Hardy Vs Aries III

Tonight is Championship Thursday, we have 3 big Title matches.  The Television Title is on the line, with Kurt Angle facing Devon.  We’ll also see Tara defend her Knockout Title, but who will she face?  Brooke Hogan decides that, and our main event, for the World Heavyweight Title will be Hardy Vs Aries III.

Impact Wrestling, now.

Todd Kenneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz welcome to the show, inside the Impact Zone, in Orlando, Florida.

We kick the show off with the Television Title match, Kurt Angle Vs Devon.

Kurt says the Television Title is the one title he wants more than anything right now, and since Devon has some backup, so does Kurt.

Here comes Briscoe, Bischoff, and Samoa Joe.

The match is on, now.

Devon wins when all the men in the respective corners fight among each other, not once, but twice and a masked man lays out Kurt when Devon is tapping out from the Ankle Lock.  Devon rolls over, and pins the challenger.

Brooke Hogan now makes her elimination.  Why?  Because she’s a Hogan, dammit.

ODB is eliminated, between Brooke Tessmacher, Velvet Sky, and Mickie James.

When we come back, Kenny King is psyched about tagging with RVD tonight.  Not only did he pin him last week, but now he is teaming with him.

Their opponents?  Matt Morgan, and Joey Ryan.

Ryan and Morgan win with a Carbon Footprint, on RVD.  Kenny King looked at his chances, and he blew that off.

We see AJ Styles leaving TNA from last week, and Kazarian could care less.  He is planning a big party for his best friend, Christopher Daniels.

Hulk Hogan comes out, brother.

He brings up how 2012 was a great year for TNA, and things are only going to get better.  The fans can go on, and vote for their Superstar of the year, and the winner will be announced on January 3rd.

Here comes Aces and 8’s, to ruin the fun.

Devon corrects Hogan by saying 2012 was the year for Aces and 8’s, they were formed, and have dominated by defeating every wrestler in the back.  But 2013 will be a better year, we will finally see who is behind Aces and 8’s, and reach their goals, but Hogan won’t be around.

Bully Ray comes out, and fights them all off.  Bully Ray and Hogan have a staredown, but Hogan still can’t shake his hand.

Jeff Hardy says he has respect for Aries, but Austin showed his true colors by paying Aces and 8’s off to hurt him.  So tonight, it’s personal.

More deliberation, here with the Knockouts.  Brooke Tessmacher is eliminated.

Frankie Kazarian is out next, he has a present for Daniels, it seems.

AJ Styles video, and here comes Kazarian.

Kazarian has some presents for Daniels, we also have a Christmas tree, with two stars on it, Daniels and Kazarian, he wants to bring his best friend, CD himself….Christopher Daniels.

Daniels comes out, sits on Santa’s chair, with Kazarian telling him he has done alot for Frankie, and since Daniels is such a great guy, he has a special treat for him….

Santa Claus, himself.

Kaz and Daniels has a special gift for Santa, a pair of Zubaz.

Daniels and Santa share a picture together, and now Santa has a question for Daniels….has he been a good boy this year?

Of course, he has gotten rid of the biggest loser of them all, AJ Styles.

Santa said he can make a Christmas wish, anything he wants.

Daniels has one wish, can he give a wish back, he wants AJ Styles’ kids to have anything, because their Dad is such a loser, he can’t do anything.

Sorry About Your Damn Luck….

Here comes “Cowboy” James Storm.

Storm doesn’t want Christmas mocked like this, there are so many good hard-working families that save their money so they can give their kids everything they want.  Daniels calls Storm a very stubborn man, because he pinned Styles, and ruined any chances that AJ can get a title shot for a year.

Storm blows that off, comes into the ring, and scares off Bad Influence.  Santa wants James to calm down, and Storm asks if he is the real Santa, and Santa replies that he is a real person.

James said then why is it when he was 6 years old, all he wanted was a Red Rider BB Gun, but all he got was a letter saying you’ll shoot your eye out?

Because Santa is a good writer.

Then why is it when he was 16 years old, he asked for a big truck to go mudding, and all he had received was a Big Tonka truck?

The other truck couldn’t fit his sled.

If he’s the real Santa, what did he wish for last year?  A Travis Tritt CD?  Or a Conway Twitty CD?

No, a case of beer.

Storm gave Santa a Last Call Superkick.

Vengeance is his on 1-3-13….and it’s revealed that man is Sting, dressed in black and white, and he’s coming after Aces and 8’s.

We are in the clubhouse, and the leader is upset.  They need some backup, some muscle.  One guy doesn’t like any new additions, but Devon said he has someone in mind.  They all agree that devon will have a sitdown meeting next week with that person.

Brooke Hogan makes her choice, it will be Tara Vs Mickie James for the Knockouts Title, and that match is up now.

Tara wins the match when Jesse once again distracts Mickie enough for Tara to pin her, and retain her Knockouts Title.

When we come back, our main event is next.

Hardy retains his title when Bobby Roode comes out to distract Aries, for Hardy to pin him.  The show ends when Roode yells out at Aries to see what happens when you screw with Roode.

We go immediately backstage, Hogan is talking with Jason Hervey, Hogan makes it clear he needs to solve the title situation, and will do that.  But we see Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray sneak a kiss, and Hogan does not like to see that, and gets into his car to drive away.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I apologize for this being so late, the show was better than it was last week, and I know there will be some complaints about only 4 matches, but the show was taped, and set in a matter of 2 days with 3 weeks worth of material.  So it is what it is. 

Having said that, I liked the time they gave the main event, and it truly felt like a big match, and with Roode added to the mix, I sense a Triple Threat match at Genesis.

I still am not liking the Bully Ray-Brooke Hogan storyline, but I truly feel we will find out that Bully Ray is behind Aces and 8’s after all, so I’ll put up with it, for now.

It’s time to build Velvet Sky, so she gets her title shot at Lockdown, and even wins it.  She was screwed when she won her title at Bound for Glory, only to lose it the next month.  How slowly will that build up be though?  Start now.

Part of the Bad Influences-Storm segment was funny, with “Santa”, but where do we go from here?  Only time will tell.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.


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