Impact Wrestling Live 1/3/13…Sting’s Vengeance

Tonight is the first show of 2013 for Impact Wrestling.  Jeremy Borash is with us at the top of the program, introducing us the 5 finalists for TNA Superstar of the Year.

Bully Ray

“Cowboy” James Storm

Austin Aries

Bobby Roode

Jeff Hardy.

The TNA Wrestler for 2012 is none other than Jeff Hardy.

Roode and Aries thought they won, but were shocked when they weren’t announced.

Hardy said this means as much to him than the World Heavyweight Title, and that appalls Roode, because when he was champion, the title meant everything to him, and we get Aries interrupting the fun.

The award is rigged, Aries is the longest running X-Division Champion, and he averaged over 4 stars for every PPV match at Total Nonstop Aries.

Hardy stops them both, and challenges them to a Triple Threat match at Genesis, and when they think of 2012, they will think of Year of the Enigma.

Aries attacks Hardy, and Roode helps out.  But Hardy has the final say, when he ducks Aries’ kick, and he nails Roode for his trouble.

Todd Kenneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz welcome us to the show, and we will see a Steel Cage match between Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe taking on Aces and 8’s.

We will also see the return of Sting, and Hulk Hogan.

Get right to the back, with Jason Hervey asking “Cowboy” James Storm is not getting Wrestler of the Year, but Bad Influence pokes fun at him, and Daniels gives us a spot on imitation of Storm.

Storm wants one of them in the ring, next.

Kazarian is sporting a new T-shirt that says “Kazamania”

It’s Kaz Vs Storm.

Storm gives Kaz a Superkick when Kaz tries a Flying Enziguri, a nice ending to the match.

Angle and Joe taking on Aces and 8’s.

Devon needs an answer from Mr. Anderson.

Doc wants an answer now, and Anderson told him to don’t forget his hammer.

Kenny King runs into Kid Kash, tonight Kash will face Christian York, next week, King Vs Zema Ion to determine who faces each other at Genesis, and the winner of those finals face RVD for the X-Division Title.  Kenny saw Kid Kash wrestle on VHS, that’s funny.

Sting video, he is here, tonight.

It’s Showtime.

Here comes Doc, coming to the ring.

Doc is calling out Stinger, it’s 1-3-13, and he doesn’t feel like a marked man.  Stinger, where are you?

He wants Sting to come out, and take his beating like a man, come out here right now.

The bat flew down, and Doc is going nuts, cutting to a commercial.

Brooke Hogan hasn’t talked to her father since kissing Bully, and we’ll find out on live TV.

Next week, Kenny King will face Zema Ion in the X-Division Title Tournament, and right now, Kid Kash Vs Christian York.

Christian wins with a TKO called Mood Swing.

The Tag Team Champions are backstage, Chavo isn’t afraid of Joey Ryan, he has his backup in Hernandez.

Our next match is Hernandez Vs Matt Morgan, former Tag Team Partners.

Morgan “hurt” himself in the weight room, but he’s going to sit this out, Joey Ryan will take care of things, and Joey wasn’t known of this, but here we go.

Morgan is okay, he nails Hernandez with a discus clothesline, and nails a Carbon Footprint on Chavo.

Hulk Hogan is headed to the ring, next.

When we come back, we see Kurt telling Briscoe and Bischoff that he and Joe has this tonight, they agree to it.  Kurt tells Joe his resolution is to unmask every single member of Aces and 8’s, and it starts tonight.

Joe is with Kurt.

The Knockouts are warming up, we will see a Knockout Tag match, later tonight.

Hulk Hogan, Bully Ray, and Brooke Hogan video is showing, and here comes the General Manager.

Hulk wants to apologize for not showing up last week, but he saw Bully Ray and his daughter make out two weeks ago, and he wants to take care of business in the public eye, if you wheel.

He calls them both out, and together, they head out to the ring.

For months, Bully tells Hogan about respect, but something just didn’t seem right to him.  What is the truth?  There is a man code in this business, that you never mess with family, but he has a question for Bully, and that question is why?

The heat is on Bully, and he apologizes, and Hogan has said all along that Bully is no good, because he broke the code, he doesn’t even belong in this business.  If this was 20 years ago, they’d be to war, brother, but since he broke the code, and are playing a new game for Bully, at this point, Bully is suspended indefinitely, without pay.

He suspends Brooke without pay too, get out of my ring, the father tells his daughter.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw….Bully Ray and Brooke are suspended without pay.

How is Joseph Park doing in Ohio Valley Wrestling?

Danny Davis is impressed with him.

Knockout Tag match is up now, Mickie James and Brooke Tessmacher taking on Tara and Gail Kim.

Mickie and Brooks win the match with a DDT from Mickie James.

Our main event is set, the steel cage is set, the match is next,

Kurt is clipped from the back, by Doc.  So right now, it’s Joe Vs Aces and 8’s.

All Aces and 8’s swarm the ring, but here comes Sting, taking care of business, with his trusted bat.

Angle comes into the cage, and we end the match with an Olympic Slam, Kurt pinning the masked guy. They unmask him, and it turns out it’s Mike Knox.

We end the show here with all 3 men celebrating the big win, and the mask.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a bit of a disappointment, even though we do have the main event set for Genesis, there wasn’t much more action from the World Heavyweight Champion, and the newly won Wrestler of the Year.  This was the story of the night too, because they could have done more with Aces and 8’s unmasking.  Not sure how, but soon, they will have to be Briscoe and Bischoff.

4 matches are set for Genesis, but the story goes that Hogan suspends both Bully Ray, and his daughter, without pay.  Still makes me think Bully Ray is the leader.

Other than that, everything else was there.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me, and we go from here.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

3 Responses to Impact Wrestling Live 1/3/13…Sting’s Vengeance

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  2. adztheman says:

    So far, these Aces and Eights guys have proven to be guys that were barely moving the WWE needle..Mike Knox..yawn…

    Is TNA planning on carrying out this storyline for two years? Three? I mean, its a somewhat enetertaining take on the NwO, but sometimes there are five guys, other times six, sometimes 10…how many people are in this thing?

    The Bully/Brooke thing at least gives Brooke something to do..I can deal..

    And I loved Velvet’s catsuit…meeeoooww 🙂

    • I am guessing we will find out who is behind Aces and 8’s right around Lockdown. I can’t imagine they will continue that after. I don’t mind seeing Mike Knox, I actually liked him, and I figure we will see everyone being revealed by the time Lockdown hits.

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