WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/4/13…Royal Rumble Positioning

Once again, these are the spoilers from tonight’s show featuring on the states.  I am watching this show on Youtube, so if you don’t want to see what is going to happen, do not read on.  You have been warned.

The very first Smackdown of 2013, we are in Richmond, Virginia, Josh Matthews and JBL welcome us to the show, and we hear Randy Orton’s music, as he makes his way to the ring.

Orton has a New Year’s resolution, he wants to be the next World Heavyweight Champion.  Smackdown used to be his show, and the quest to regain this show starts by officially entering his name in the Royal Rumble.

Enter Sheamus.

Sheamus is here on two fronts, one to officially put his name in the Royal Rumble match, and second to thank Orton for helping him out against The Shield this past Monday on Raw, even though he did not need any help.  Randy corrected him by saying it wasn’t for Sheamus, but for himself.  The Shield laid him out a month ago, and he was just getting payback.

Royal Rumble after all it’s every man for himself.  Sheamus reminds us he won the Rumble last year, and Orton said it would deliver more justice, if he eliminated Sheamus himself.  But Sheamus takes offense to that, and asks if he Brogue Kicks his skinny head, and is not over the top rope, does that mean he’s still in the match?

Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion, Big Show.

Show said it doesn’t matter if either man wins the Rumble, they will not get the title, they will get this fist.

He is the world’s largest athlete, and the most dominant World Heavyweight Champion ever, he is a giant.

Here comes the United States Champion, Antonio Cesaro.

Typical American talking about what they are going to do, and not do it.  For months, Antonio has been telling it like it is that we are all fat, soft Americans doing nothing at all.

Can you dig it, sucka?

Here comes the Smackdown General Manager, Booker T.

Booker gives us a main event tag match tonight, Big Show and Antonio Cesaro facing Randy Orton and Sheamus.

Richmond, we are kicking off Smackdown with a bang, can you dig that, sucka?

Main event tag match is set later tonight.

Still to come, Wade Barrett Vs Kofi Kingston in an Intercontinental Title rematch.

Our first match is set, it will be The Miz taking on Heath Slater.

The Miz wins with a Skull Crushing Finale.  This match actually went longer than I had thought, even took two segments, but Miz prevails.

Tonight, Kofi Kingston will try to win back the Intercontinental Title when he faces Wade Barrett.

We are in Richmond, Virginia, and we see footage of Wade Barrett winning the IC Title from Kofi.

Wade Barrett is with Matt Striker.

Wade doesn’t care where Striker takes him, because this past Monday, he won the IC Title from Kofi.  But the media wants more, they want a scandal, how about what took place this past Wednesday night on Main Event, after Barrett defeated 3 different men, and Kofi attacked him from behind?

He assures us that tonight, Wade will defeat Kofi, and he’ll have nowhere else to go.

Our next match is a 6 person tag match, Natalya, Great Khali, and Hornswoggle will take on The Colon Cousins and Rosa Mendes.

Khali, Hornswoggle, and Natalya wins with a Punjabi Chop, Khali pinning Primo.

Striker is with Kofi.

This has nothing to do with momentum from Wednesday night, but rather Monday night, Barrett held his Intercontinental Title, for that one night, he was the better man.  But Kofi has his back against the wall, like he always has throughout life, but tonight, he makes that difference, tonight, he regains his IC Title.

That match is next.

Barrett wins with a Bull Hammer, as Kofi was flying onto the ropes.  A very good match that was the highlight of this show.

Tonight, we will see a Raw Rebound with the New Year’s Toast between AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler, we will also see Big Show and Antonio Cesaro taking on Sheamus and Randy Orton.

Our next match is Layla taking on Tamina Snuka.

Tamina picks up the win with the Snuka Splash.

WWE Raw Rebound featuring the toast that was filled with crap between John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, and AJ Lee.

According to WWE.com, CM Punk is medically cleared, and that means this Monday, we will see a TLC match between CM Punk Vs Ryback.

And we will see The Rock, live this Monday night in Tampa.

Our main event, Big Show and Antonio Cesaro will face Sheamus and Randy Orton.

Orton and Sheamus wins when Sheamus tags into Orton, he was a bit upset about it, and when Sheamus had Cesaro set up for Brogue Kick, Orton hits RKO, and Sheamus wins, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Nothing much happened on this show, WWE is putting full tilt into Monday Night Raw, with The Rock showing up, and CM Punk Vs Ryback highlighting the show.  I did enjoy the IC Title match, and it truly makes me interested in seeing where we go with Kofi Kingston from here.  Kofi has won every single title the company has, except the two big ones.  They truly made a point that this a “different” Kofi, a Wildcat if you will, yet he loses.  Does he turn heel?  Does he get elevated into a World heavyweight Title contender status?  I had always said that Kofi should be looked at as a future Money in the Bank.  2013 may be the year he does that, or else they may never do it.  We will see.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me, and I will talk to you again live Monday night, for Raw.


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