Impact Wrestling 1/24/13…Daniels Vs Hardy

Tonight, Christopher Daniels Vs Jeff Hardy, for the World Heavyweight Title. We check out what took place last week, when Taz shocked the world by joining Aces and 8’s, and they interrupted the wedding of Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan.

Mike Tenay and Todd Kenneley welcome us to the show, but the third seat is vacant. They explain that we hope to hear from Taz, and we see that Aces and 8’s enter the Impact Zone.

The show begins, and here come Aces and 8’s, along with Taz. He has the mic, and he explains to us that he accepted an offer he couldn’t refuse. This was from a “higher power” and soon we will find out who that is. As for Bully Ray, and Brooke Hogan? They were just another victim, and this message is for Dixie Carter, and Hulk Hogan. They need to check the fine print in the contract Taz signed a few years ago, he cannot be touched, and if he is, he will sue the company, and will own it. He is known as “Teflon Taz”.

Aces and 8’s celebrate, and we hear from Tara and Jesse in the back. Velvet Sky gets her Knockout Title match tonight, and Jesse is motivating Tara.

That match is next.

Tonight, Christopher Daniels attempts to become the new World Heavyweight Champion, and we hear from Daniels. This is obviously his biggest match, and Kazarian will serve as his manager. I guess he picked one up for another night.

Tara Vs Velvet Sky, for the Knockout Title is up now, and Taz joins Tenay and Kenneley at the booth.

Tara wins the match with putting her feet on the ropes for leverage.

Next week, Impact will be from Manchester, England and we have Open Fight Night.

Sting is walking backstage, the camera guy tries to get some comments from Sting, he made it clear that everything he has to say will be addressed, later tonight.

When we come back from a commercial, Kenny King is talking to a mirror when Zema Ion catches him. These two will team up to face RVD and Christian York. Kenny reminds him that RVD beat Zema for the X-Division Title, and Christian cost Kenny the X-Division Title. King tells Zema to follow his lead, and Kenny can look good for the both of them.

Here comes Joseph Park.

Joseph reminds us that next week will be Open Fight Night in Manchester, England. He has his passport ready, so next week, it’s all about getting that “W”, (Kayfabe for you) and he will do some scouting this weekend to carefully choose his opponent.

Kenny King and Zema Ion Vs RVD and Christian York is now.

Zema and King win when Kenny nails a Blockbuster, but before that happened, Zema blind tagged him in, and pins Christian.

Taz leaves the broadcast room, when the camera pans Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray. They will do the talking, in the ring.

We are in the locker room, Wes Briscoe and Garrett Bischoff want to know how Kurt Angle is, and he shows up to say he isn’t 100%, but the world will know how good he is. He is ready to kick some ass.

Still to come, Christopher Daniels will take on Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Title.

Bully Ray, Brooke Hogan, and Hulkster video is playing now.

Bully and Brooke make their way to the ring, Bully heads straight to the broadcast booth, he wants to know where Taz is and Tenay told him he had a phone call to make.

Last week should have been the greatest night of their lives, but that reality turned into a nightmare. Devon, he expected this from you, but Taz, you scumbag, he never expected this from you. A freaking coward, his brother? This is what he did to him? He doesn’t care that he got hurt, but the other people around him. Guys like Sting, the only man who could trust him for a months, they hurt him. Hulk Hogan, the one he tried to gain trust with, they hurt him, but most of them all, the woman he loves, how dare you hurt her.

The things he is going to do to Taz, to every single member of Aces and 8’s, he can’t say on television. But those guys better not sleep with two eyes closed, because he guarantees every single one of those guys he will kick their Mother F’ing asses. But he can’t do that right now.

He knows Hulk isn’t here right now, but he wants Hogan to list the suspension, so he can do just that.

Here comes Sting.

Sting is going to make this simple, Hulk Hogan never does things halfway, does he? He always goes straight to the top, but this time, he went halfway. He gave his daughter away, and walked her down the aisle to marry Bully Ray. But now is the time to go all the way, because next week, all of them will be in England, and he believes Hogan will do the right thing, and reinstate Bully Ray.

Last week, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries disrespected all of the champions, with Chavo and Hernandez answered the call.

We go backstage with Austin and Bobby. They want to know who should take on Hernandez tonight. Neither one want him.

Austin talks his way out of the match, and it will be Roode Vs Hernandez.

Jeff Hardy video is playing, tonight, the World Heavyweight Title is on the line.

Hardy is backstage, he reminds us that Daniels hit him with an Angels Wing, on his title. So he dares Daniel to show us who he is, and he’ll show us exactly what he isn’t.

Bobby Roode Vs Hernandez, now.

Roode wins the match with a Bulldog. Aries came out to help Bobby, and Chavo went after Aries, distracting Hernandez. Roode picks up the win, and we have Aries and Roode bickering.

Kurt Angle is headed to the ring, next.

Kurt realizes now that Aces and 8’s are here to stay, but he has a message, he is out for revenge. Taz talked about revenge earlier tonight, he wants Ken Anderson, next week for Open Fight Night.

He wants Anderson to come to the ring, he has something to say.

Here comes Anderson.

Anderson asked that Kurt wants to fight him? He doesn’t want to fight him next week, he wants to fight him, tonight.

Anderson attacks Kurt, but Angle prevails, with Anderson getting out of the ring.

Angle informs Anderson that next week, it will be Angle Vs Anderson, one more time, inside a steel cage.

World Heavyweight Title match, Jeff Hardy Vs Christopher Daniels.

We are in the Clubhouse, with Aces and 8’s, and Mr. Anderson. Ken is not happy about facing Kurt again next week, but Devon assures him he has a plan, and will not let him down.

Next week is Open Fight Night, in Manchester, England. Kurt Angle will face Mr. Anderson, inside a steel cage.

Our main event, Jeff Hardy Vs Christopher Daniels is up now.

Hardy defeats Daniels with a Swanton in a good match.

Taz grabs the mic, and asks Hardy what is he going to do when Aces and 8’s take over TNA, and Hardy’s Title is gone.

Someone in a mask takes out Hardy with a hammer, clips his knee, and runs off. The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The aftermath from last week, and the setup for next week is set. Impact goes to England, and we will find out, if Hogan reinstate Bully Ray, and I expect all hell will break loose, or is it?

I have this feeling Bully Ray is still the higher power, but regardless they need to set Lockdown, and I am sure we will next week.

I liked the title match, but I have to think Christopher Daniels is set to become champion soon. He has surely earned it, but tonight was not the night.

Taz cut a decent promo, but I still have to wonder what he can do as the heel announcer, he won’t ever wrestle again, but he gave us a reason. It’s all about power, and Taz wants to have the power.

Roode and Aries have become TNA’s Team Hell No, they should win the Tag Titles soon.

Velvet Sky should win the Knockout Title soon, so I will excuse the loss tonight.

I loved hearing what Bully Ray had to say, so maybe he will stay as a face, and the man will be Samoa Joe? He might be my second choice, but I will still go with Bully.

Angle Vs Anderson is set next week, and it will be inside a steel cage. Will this be the time Briscoe and Bischoff make their move?

What did you think of the show? Let me know.


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