WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/25/13…Ready To Rumble

We are two days away from the Royal Rumble, this is the final Smackdown before the big event. We will hear from The Big Show, as he faces Alberto Del Rio at Royal Rumble for the World Heavyweight Title.

Team Hell No comes out, when Josh Matthews and JBL welcome us to the show.

They show us video from Raw this past Monday, involving everyone hugging to celebrate Daniel Bryan and Kane graduating from Anger Management.

The crowd approces this.

They are here, because there have been rumors that they have gone “soft” because of how they have treated their Anger Management. But that is further from the truth. After all, this Sunday night, they will go through Team Rhodes Scholars, retain the World Tag Team Titles.


Kane will go to the Royal Rumble, eliminate 29 other superstars, and Kane will main event Wrestlemania.

Ye….wait, what did you say?

Kane has been invovled in 13 Royal Rumble matches, he has eliminated the most amount of wrestlers back in 2001, where he eliminated 11 superstars in one night.

Daniel informs Kane he has never won a Royal Rumble match, which is what Daniel will do this Sunday.

No, Kane will win the Rumble match.

No, Daniel will win.

No, Kane will win.

No, Daniel will win.

Here comes Big Show.

Show informs us that they have no shot at beating him at Wrestlemania, because he will
defeat Alberto Del Rio for the title.

Daniel reminds him he beat him for the title before, and Show does not want to hear about that, Alberto snuck into the title picture, like some kind of bug. Now get out of his ring, before he squashes them like a bug.

Kane informs Show they are not bugs, they are the World Tag Team Champions, and that means they aren’t going anywhere.

Daniel brings up, in other words….





Team Rhodes Scholars make their presence known.

Damien informs them that they are making an error, putting a cart before the horse, or in their case, the cart before the goat.

Just like David underesatimated Goliath, they are underestimating Team Rhodes Scholars, and this Sunday at Royal Rumble, their destruction of them will be of biblical porportions.

Cody wants to put this in a language us simpletons can understand. This Sunday, Damien and Cody will win their Tag Team Titles.

Damien proposes that Big Show join them in an alliance. Since they all three will be champions next week, how about they all destory Team Hell No, now.

Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio.

All six men square off, until….

Can you dig it, sucka?

Booker T says he can appreciate them wanting to fight, so tonight’s main event will be a six-man tag of Team Rhodes Scholars and Big Show will face Team Hell No, and Alberto Del Rio.

This will be a six-man elimination tag match.

Can you dig that, sucka?

Big Show tried to jump Del Rio, but the champ had the final say.

Tonight, the WWE Champion CM Punk denies to have anything to do with The Shield, and he calls out The Shield. The Rock will also speak.

But first, Sheamus Vs Wade Barrett, next.

Sheamus wins the match with a Brogue Kick. This was a non-title match for the Intercontiental Title. Just a prelude to the Royal Rumble.

Tonight, Six-Man Elimination Tag match involving Team Hell No and Alberto Del Rio taking on Team Rhodes Scholars and Big Show.

Coming up next, footage from Raw….Rock gets Rocked.

We see footage of The Shield taking out The Rock.

Tonight, The Rock is here, and he will comment on what The Shield did to him, and CM Punk will call them out too.

But first, Natalya, who is coming out to Great Khali’s music is headed to the ring. She faces Rosa Mendes, now.

The Colon Cousins, with Great Khali and Hornswoggle join JBL and Josh at commentary.

Rosa was distracted after Hornswoggle jumped up on commentary table, and imitated her dance moves, which should never happen again, and Natalya slapped on the Sharpshooter.

This weekend, starting tomorrow we will have The Royal Rumble fan fest in Phoenix.

Next, the Justice is in question. CM Punk calls out The Shield.

The WWE Champion graces us his presence, followed by Paul Heyman.

Punk is scared, so frightened he can’t sleep at night. What he is afraid of….is his own potential.

432 days as WWE Champion, and everything we see in front of us, Titantron, Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, everything that he can dominate is in front of him, and one thing that can make those 432 days go up in smoke, like that….is not The Rock. He is just a man, who is breakable, but he is talking about The Shield. Because of The Shield, and their independent actions, Vince McMahon made an order for his match at Royal Rumble, if The Shield gets invovled, Punk will be officially stripped of his WWE Title.

So because of The Shield, Vince McMahon wants to swoop in, and take what is his, the WWE Championship. Actually, it’s not take, it’s steal. Vince McMahon wants to steal the WWE championship from CM Punk.

Which means Punk will do something nobody has has the stones to do.

He grabs a chair, and want The Shield. He knows they are in their “clubhouse” and will not come out. He wants them now.

Here they come.

They circle around the ring, and Punk is ready for them, but he lets his guard down.

He never asked them to attack The Rock, he never asked them to attack Ryback, he has never asked them for anything his whole life, so he is telling them stay out of his way. They fight for justice? There will never be more of an injustice if they cost him his WWE Title. In 2 days, he promises all of us, he will beat The Rock. But it’s not just day 434 of the most historic WWE Title reign in the history, it’s the biggest day of his career. And he will do it all by himself. He never asked their help, because he doesn’t need their help, because he is the best in the world. If justice is really what they ask for, then they will never have to cross paths again.

Slowly, The Shield walks away from the ring, and jumps over the barricade, and head back.

Now that is how The Champ takes care of business. he doesn’t wine, and cry like us, he takes care of business, because he is the best in the world. 2 days, Royal Rumble, The Rock, he is great, he is The Great One, but he is the best in the world. But The Rock is just like us, inferior. In 2 days, The Rock will meet his maker, because he is the best in the world.

He will say it again….he is THE best of all time….

If ya Smell What The Rock….is Cooking…..

Here comes The Rock.

Punk shows Rock The WWE Title, and Rock has something to say.

The Rock will put an end to Punk’s garbage, right now. The Rock’s gut says Punk is a liar, and he is working with The Shield. The Rock’s heart says it does not matter, you want to know why? Because The Rock’s boot will stick all the way up Punk’s candy ass.

Punk’s wall is closing in, because Rock is going to hook him with The Rock Bottom. He will launch him in the air, and when he gets here, time will stand still. He’ll have one thought, it’s not how Punk is the best in the world, it will be….it’s over. He promises Punk, like he promised the world, Rock will be the WWE Champion. 1….2….3….it’s over. If you smell…..what The Rock…..is cooking.

Tonight, six-man Tag Elimination Match, Team Hell No and Alberto Del Rio taking on Team Rhodes Scholars and Big Show.

Randy Orton, in action….next.

Orton is facing Drew McIntyre, now.

Drew is DQ’d because Jinder interfered, and Randy takes care of them all, with a RKO.

He is ready for The Royal Rumble.

Tonight, Six-Man Tag Elimination Match.

As Primetime Players are in the ring, making millions of dollars, it will be The Miz Vs Antonio Cesaro in the Royal Rumble Pre-Show.

Darren Young is taking on The Miz, now.

The Miz wins with a Figure Four.

Antonio waves the American Flag, as The Miz is looking on.

Earlier tonight, The Rock and CM Punk went face to face. In 2 days, this epic match will happen.

Six-Man Tag Elimination Match is tonight.

Raw Roulette this Monday.

Royal Rumble….inside the numbers video is playing.

Coming up next, our main event. Six-Man Elimination Tag Match, Alberto Del Rio and team Hell No taking on Team Rhodes Scholars and Big Show.

Damien Sandow is eliminated by Kane with a Chokeslam.

3 on 2 advantage for Team Del Rio.

Kane is eliminated being counted out, after Big Show rammed his head into the steel post.

2 on 2 now.

Daniel Bryan was eliminated with a WMD, and he was counted out.

It’s now 2 on 1 in favor of Team Show.

Big Show is eliminated with Del Rio kicking him in the leg, and head. Show is counted out.

Del Rio Vs Cody is left.

Del Rio pins Cody with the Enzuguri.

Big Show lays out Del Rio with a spear after the match, and takes him to the announce booth, lays him out with a WMD, and knocks the table over. He counts to 10 in English, and Spanish, ending the show.


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