Impact Wrestling 1/31/13…Open Fight Night….Manchester Style

We are live, actually not so much at Manchester, England. Tonight, Hulk Hogan will make his decision to determine if Bully Ray should be reinstated. We’ll also see Kurt Angle Vs Mr. Anderson, inside a steel cage. And Dixie Carter will make an announcement that can “shake” Impact Wrestling.

Mike Tenay, Todd Kenneley, and Taz welcome us to the show.

Bad Influence make their way to the ring, dressed in Scotland attire. Kazarian welcomes us to the man who should be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Christopher Daniels.

We know that Daniels should be World Heavyweight Champion, but he didn’t know that facepaint Hardy wore was toxic, because when it got into his skin, he started getting the shingles, and if it wasn’t for Kazarian, he wouldn’t be here with us, today. But don’t worry, he will be World Heavyweight Champion someday, and he might even grace us with his appearance in England, he might even defend it against the English, because everyone knows there is nothing easier than beating the English. But until that day, he gives us permission to worship us, now.

Here comes Magnus.

Magnus gets a great ovation from the crowd, he has his own theory on why Daniels lost, Hardy looked like Daniels owed him some money, and this is a man who uses the words like Appletini, and moffats. Now Daniels said he could fight an Englishman, well Magnus is an Englishman, so how about the two men fight, now?

Daniels starts the blow, Magnus has the final say.

Magnus said this is a privilege of every man and woman in TNA to get into the ring, but that privilege was taken away, when Aces and 8’s took that away from him. So he is calling out Devon, and that match will take place, next.

Devon is DQ’d when another Aces and 8’s member attacks him, but Magnus throws him over the top rope.

Joseph Park video, he issues a challenge tonight.

Joseph’s challenge is next, and tonight, we will hear from Dixie Carter with a big announcement.

When we come back, we see Bully Ray, Brooke Hogan, and Sting wondering what Hogan is going to say, he has not shown up yet, but Sting said he will be there.

Joseph Park is in the ring.

It’s been a very tough decision, but here comes Robbie E. interrupting the fun.

Is this a joke? Joe Park, the last thing you are, is a wrestler, bro. He’s just a hamster, just like everyone else in the U.K.

Robbie T. is not amused by that.

Robbie clarifies that everyone but T., he has been in America for a while, so he’s more or less an American.

It’s open bro night, so fight Robbie, bro.

You’re on.

Joseph wins the match with a Top Rope Splash, picking up the upset win. Robbie E. is beside himself.

Tonight, Kurt Angle Vs Mr. Anderson, inside a steel cage, and we’ll hear from Dixie Carter about a big announcement.

Hulk Hogan is entering the building.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are in the ring.

He said the two men are finally on the same page, and Bobby along with Austin are banning together, to take all of the gold. They will take the Knockout Championship, the Television Championship, Austin will take the World Heavyweight Championship, and Roode can go after the X-Division Championship.

Roode doesn’t like that idea, but Austin ignores it, and says the first title they will go after is the easiest title, the Tag Team Titles.

Here comes Chavo and Hernandez.

He asks them if they are even a tag team? How about they fight it out, and Austin makes the stipulation that if they beat the champs, they get a shot at the Tag Team Titles.

It’s going to be Austin Aries Vs Chavo, now.

Austin wins the match with a Brainbuster, with some help from Roode, of course.

They need a tag name though, any suggestions?

Brooke runs to tell Bully Hulk is here. They are headed to the ring, next.

We are in Manchester, England tonight. Mr. Anderson Vs Kurt Angle.

Kurt is with Joe, Wes Briscoe, and Garrett Bischoff. Joe said he guarantees Kurt that nobody will step into the cage. Wes and Garrett tell him they got his back too, and Joe yells at them saying he doesn’t need anyone on his coattails. Kurt told them that Joe is being Joe.

Hogan-Brooke-Bully Ray video is playing.

Bully Ray and Brooke come to the ring.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the newlyweds. Bully loves Brooke very much, but it’s that love that had him suspended. Hulk, they are family now, and they have a common enemy in Aces and 8’s. There is one thing Hogan can do, but Bully hasn’t gotten him to do it, Brooke hasn’t been able to get him to do it, the people haven’t either. There is just one man who can, it’s Sting. Here comes The Stinger.

It feels good to be back in the UK, he doesn’t think he has the stroke to get Hogan out here, but the fans can. Let’s get a Hogan chant going here.

Hogan chants have emerged, and we hear Hogan chants.

Here he comes.

Sting said there is a war going around here, so we need to ban together. Hogan said to tell him something he doesn’t know. But he always does the right thing. For his daughter, he walked her down the aisle, and for his family, he always does the right thing, which is why Bully is reinstated, brother.

But he is a bit confused with business, and family. Which is why he is doing something for business, next week we will have any two members of Aces and 8’s face Sting and Bully Ray, in a Tables match.

Bully and Hogan shake hands, and all is well in the Hogan family.

Velvet Sky is heading to the ring, but Dixie Carter’s major announcement is next.

Dixie has a pre-taped announcement to make, and that announcement is TNA Impact Wrestling will be going on the road, starting March 14th, in Chicago. Thank you to the fans, our journey starts, now.

Velvet Sky makes her way to the ring.

She is calling out Jesse and Tara.

She has a tag team partner that drinks beers….

Sorry about your damn luck.

“Cowboy” James Storm and Velvet Sky Vs Jesse and Tara.

Storm and Velvet win with an In Your Face by Velvet, pinning Tara.

We see footage from last week, when Jeff Hardy was attacked by Aces and 8’s. Jeff went to see the doctors last week, and we will get an update next week.

Earlier tonight, we find out that Hogan is on the same page with Bully. He realized that Bully is not a bad guy, and he gave him a present, by putting Aces and 8’s through tables.

We see the history between Anderson and Kurt, including their epic Steel Cage match at Lockdown 2010. Mr. Anderson said that these brothers have treated him better in a short time than anyone in TNA had treated him. Kurt is leaving Manchester, but not the same way he entered.

We see that Joe has been knocked out by someone, but who?

Wes Briscoe heads to the ring with Kurt, Steel Cage match is next.

Impact Wrestling is going to the Chicago Sears Centre Arena, and will air Impact live on Thursday, March 14th. Impact Wrestling is going on the road.

Mr. Anderson vs Kurt Angle, inside a steel cage, our main event is now.

Angle wins with an Angle Lock, making Anderson tap. We come back, and see a masked man climb into the cage, and is ready for Kurt. Wes Briscoe comes into the cage, and locks the door. The man unmasks, and it’s Garrett Bischoff. Kurt goes Garrett, but is clipped from behind on Wes Briscoe. They are both a part of Aces and 8’s. Taz said this was the gameplan all along, and we end the show with Kurt being laid out, and the two younger guys celebrating.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This wasn’t a strong episode, I did like the main event, but everything else was just there. Having Garrett and Briscoe be a part of Aces and 8’s was obvious, but the execution was a bit clumsy. I am just trying to figure out why the “game plan” was it was to have Kurt win, wouldn’t it make sense to have the new members of Aces and 8’s help Anderson to win? I think I’ll give this a chance, and see where we go from here.

I loved the announcement that Impact was going to tour, but I think it would have been more effective if Dixie had traveled with them, and address in the ring. The crowd would have reacted accordingly, and perhaps the announcers would have treated it better too, instead of “That’s nice, okay, here comes velvet Sky”.

Always great to hear the reactions of England’s own wrestlers, they treated Magnus as a big superstar, and TNA needs to start pushing him. He would be a good choice to take the Television Title away from Devon.

I like Aries and Roode as a team, but they need a name for them. I am open for any suggestions.

Next week, we will have a Tables match, and that should be interesting. I still think either Brooke or Bully will be the leader, but we have to find out very shortly here. What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts here.


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