WWE Friday Night Smackdown 2/1/13…Setting Up Elimination Chamber

Tonight, we see what took place last Monday night when Vince McMahon witnessed a F-5, with the return of Brock Lesnar. We also will see what Alberto Del Rio and Big Show are going through the Road to Wrestlemania.

Alberto Del Rio is waiting outside for Big Show, when we come back to the ring, and see Booker T in the ring with Teddy Long, Randy Orton, Team Hell No, Great Khali, Sheamus, and Dolph Ziggler. Every single one of them are former World Champions. Since John Cena won the Royal Rumble, there is a vacant spot for the Number One Contender spot at Wrestlemania. Elimination Chamber is the solution, all six men will be involved in the Chamber match.

But here comes the returning “All American-American” Jack Swagger.

Swagger is back, because he is a former World Champion, he has been watching things as he has been off, and he doesn’t like where WWE is heading.

Ziggler steps in and says he doesn’t need the Chamber match, especially since its barbaric, and he has his Money in the Bank briefcase, and cash it in at anytime, including Wrestlemania. He walks off, and Booker informs him that he has a match tonight against a very angry Alberto Del Rio.

Zig man walks away, and Booker tells all six men they will have matches, and Booker will be watching, determining who gets in, and who doesn’t. including the first match, Team Hell No taking on Sin Cara, and San Diego’s own Rey Mysterio.

That match is next.

Rey and Sin Cara win with Rey hitting the 619, and Drop a Dime, pinning Daniel Bryan. Sin Cara landed a plancha on the outside on Kane, so the two were bickering after the match.

Josh Matthews and JBL welcome us to the show, asking if this means Sin Cara and Rey should get a Tag Team Title shot.

We now see footage from this past Monday with Big Show and Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio is outside, with Matt Striker asking if he is waiting for Big Show. The World Heavyweight Champion tells him he is just getting some air, and to leave him alone.

Tonight, Dolph Ziggler will face Alberto Del Rio.

Our next match is The Great Khali facing Jinder Mahal.

Before the match, we see their confrontation this past Monday night.

Khali wins with the Punjabi Plunge, but then again was there any doubt?

Booker T and Teddy Long are watching Khali’s match. It seems that it was Teddy’s decision to bring back Jack Swagger, since he is a former World Champion. We are graced by Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes’ presence. The worst news just hit, Team Rhodes Scholars are no more, but they are still best of friends, and will now focus on singles careers.

Cody and Damien have a bro hug, but Booker interrupts them, and informs Damien he has a match tonight against Sheamus.

Cody wishes him luck, and runs off. Booker tells Damien they went from Rhodes Scholars, to road kill.

Coming up next, we re-live Vince McMahon’s Monday night.

This past Monday night, we see video of Brock Lesnar’s return to WWE, giving Vince McMahon a F-5.

We see exclusive footage from WWE.com of Vince McMahon being taken into an ambulance.

JBL was there live, and he was shocked to see a 2-time WWE Champion take a man 30 years older than him and toy with him.

Vince has a broken hip, and is undergoing surgery.

This Monday night, Miz TV will have Paul Heyman as his guest.

Next, Damien Sandow will take on Sheamus.

Video being shown from this past Monday night seeing The Shield attack John Cena, Ryback, and Sheamus.

Sandow Vs Sheamus, now.

The match ends in a no contest because The Shield come out and attack Sheamus. He tries to fight, even gives Seth Rollins a Brogue Kick, but the numbers get the best of him, and take out Sheamus with a Triple Powerbomb.

Randy Orton is going to face Wade Barrett, now.

Orton wins with a RKO, and Josh asks the stupid question if Booker T is impressed by Orton and will put him in the Chamber match.


When we come back, we have Matt Striker try to interview Wade Barrett, but Wade sees Bo Dallas, and attacks him from behind. I guess he still isn’t over the loss from Monday night.

Our next match is Jack Swagger Vs Kofi Kingston.

Swagger wins with an Ankle Lock. This was the strongest Swagger has looked since he was the World Champion. I hope this continues.

Del Rio is still waiting for The Big Show, we see officials try to talk him out of it, but Del Rio orders them to leave. We see a bus pull up, and it is indeed The Big Show. Del Rio charges at him with the bat, and hits the window instead. Del Rio trips Show on the car and punches him. Big Show finally gets into a car, and drives off.

We go to a commercial.

When we come back, we see yet more footage from this past Monday night, featuring The Rock and CM Punk.

Our main event is up now, Alberto Del Rio Vs Dolph Ziggler.

Before the match, Ricardo Rodriguez joins Del Rio, but Alberto pleads with him to stay in the back, and nothing will happen to him. Ricardo wants to join him, but he listens to Del Rio.

Ziggler Vs Del Rio, now.

Alberto wins by making Ziggler tap out to the Cross Arm Breaker. After the match, Big Show is on the Titantron. He has come back, and he has a little friend with him, Ricardo. If Alberto comes closer, he threatens he will knock out Ricardo. When Del Rio gets back into the ring, Show knocks him out anyway.

The show ends with Alberto running to Ricardo, asking for a doctor.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Smackdown was better than Raw this past week, but still nothing important happened. But what I did like were the matches, and Jack Swagger’s return. Jack went through an awful run before leaving, so he must be brought back as a threat to any title he wants, and tonight was the first step.

I just don’t know what they are doing with Ziggler. I don’t believe a guy deserves a title run when he loses all the time, and lately, how many big wins has Ziggler had? It might be time to cash in his briefcase, possibly at Eliminating Chamber.

Another thing I hated though was seeing the official ending of Team Rhodes Scholars. They had tremendous potential, and was a serious threat to the Tag Team Titles at any time, but that is no longer there. A sad day for me indeed, but let’s hope they find a way to keep using Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow in positive manners. You’re welcome.

But I did love seeing Del Rio’s emotion tonight, going after Big Show, and taking his frustration out at his opponent.

What did you think of tonight’s show? Let me know, and I will talk to you again Monday night for Raw.


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