WWE Monday Night Raw 2/4/13…Why Brock….Why?

After last week’s blockbuster ending where Brock Lesnar F-5’d the Chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon, we are expecting to hear from Paul Heyman. Paul is the guest of tonight’s Miz-TV.

Here we go.

We are live in Atlanta, Georgia tonight. Here comes the former WWE Champion, CM Punk to kick the show off.

Punk drags Justin Roberts to the ring, don’t grab him by his tie Punk, you’d get fired then.

He demands Justin to announce Punk as the “People’s Champion”.

Did Punk overreact to not being WWE Champion? Well, if you think yes then you’d never hold anything as great as a WWE Title. He acted like any other normal person would react, because he was screwed. The WWE Title is currently held by someone who doesn’t deserve it. Someone that doesn’t pay the price, and understand what a champion is supposed to be like. There is this so-called video of he and Heyman being in cahoots with Brad Maddox and The Shield? He has a question for the people. Did they see him in that video? No, you didn’t see him, how about you sweetheart? Did you see Punk in that video? No, yet you still put the blame on Punk.

How about Cole? Did he see Punk in that video? Cole answers no, which means he had nothing to do with them. And if Paul Heyman says that wasn’t him in that video, then that is good enough. Which means us believe that someone like Vince McMahon would put Heyman in there? Vince has the cash to hire an actor to go in there, or plug-in CGI. If Vince has the money to do that, then he will do it. And us, like sheep will eat it up.

Vince McMahon was hoisted highly up in the air, and dropped on his hip by Brock Lesnar. Vince had surgery today, and he deserved that. It’s what Punk is called karma, we all get what we deserve, and the people here deserve nothing, because we have never achieved anything in our lives, but Punk deserves the WWE Title, and he is going to get it in 13 days. He is granting The Rock a rematch for the Title, at Elimination Chamber, and he’s going to show him what he can do.

Can you dig it, sucka?

Smackdown General Manager Booker T comes out, and he says Vickie Guerrero has appointed Booker T to come out, and give what Punk deserves. But he is going to let the people decide, and yet Punk doesn’t agree with that. Since we are on the road to Wrestlemania, we will decide who Punk faces tonight, 3 choices, all are former Wrestlemania opponents. It’s either Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, or last year’s opponent, Chris Jericho.

We can vote by using WWE Active on our smartphone, or Android. Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show. An epic announcement that ESPN.com broke earlier today, for the new person inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. If it’s true, and it seems like it is, the person is a major superstar that has earned it for many years.

It’s feeding time with Ryback, next.

During the commercial, Randy Orton pleaded with his case on the WWE Active app, to face Punk tonight.

Ryback is facing The United States Champion, Antonio Cesaro.

Ryback wins the match tonight with Shellshock.

Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show, and beg us to get the WWE App downloaded on our phone, so we can choose CM Punk’s opponent later tonight. Either Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, or Chris Jericho.

Last Monday night on Raw, they show us The Shield taking out John Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback.

Coming up next, an in-depth look at The Shield.

Hey guys, Chilli from TLC is at Raw, in front of King.

Another interview with Rey Mysterio featured on WWE Active. He wants CM Punk.

A video featuring The Shield.

Cena is watching this on the video backstage. Vickie Guerrero approaches John. There is a rumor going around that John will call out The Shield, but is he doing it by himself? Cena said The Shield will be stopped tonight.

Last week we found out that Trish Stratus will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

She joins Mick Foley and Bob Backlund in the class this season. Perhaps one of the greatest of all time will take his spot later tonight.

Tonight, Punk will face either Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, or Chris Jericho. We can vote on WWE Active.

During the break, we heard from Chris Jericho. He wants Punk too.

Booker T joins King and Cole. We will see Jack Swagger making his Raw return facing Santino Marella.

Swagger makes Santino tap, I like this new, more focused Jack Swagger. He is calling the Ankle Lock the Patriot Lock.

He tells Booker he wants in the Elimination Chamber match, he is just getting started.

We can vote now, and will have the results, next.

62 days away from Wrestlemania 29.

They are having issues with the WWE Active, so we can still vote until this next match. Which is Alberto Del Rio Vs Cody Rhodes.

Del Rio wins the match with a Cross Arm Breaker.

Del Rio has the mic, he tells us he is a different person. He used to look down on everyone, but he knows now he was wrong. The Big Show tries to bully everyone, but he wasn’t going to let that happen, which is why he wants to tell us he appreciates us, and now he is the World Heavyweight Champion, but not just for himself, but for the people who struggle everyday. People who are working to put food on their table, the people who are bullied everyday, and Big Show is going to pay. If what he did to Show on friday means anything…

Big Show, live via satellite. Show tells him he is at a hotel, and Del Rio calls him a coward. Does Del Rio understand how hard it is for Show to keep his temper in check? He is in the hotel room to protect Del Rio. He stole the World Heavyweight Title from him, and all he wants is a title rematch, at Elimination Chamber. Booker T has a contract, sign it, and send one of his flunkies to send him the contract so he can sign it. And don’t even bother to find Show, because if thinks what he did to his buddy Ricardo was horrible Friday night, he would do worse things.

King makes the announcement that CM Punk will face Chris Jericho, later tonight.

Tonight, MizTV, with Miz’s guest being Paul Heyman.

Also tonight, John Cena will call out The Shield.

When we come back, Daniel Bryan is blaming Kane for losing last week to Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. Kane doesn’t think Daniel can take care of himself, and Daniel said he doesn’t want Kane to ruin any chances of not being in the Elimination Chamber match, so whatever happens tonight, he wants Kane to stay out of ringside.

Daniel Bryan Vs Rey Mysterio, now.

Daniel wins the match with a No Lock, over Rey Mysterio.

Here comes a returning Mark Henry, and he is out to get Daniel Bryan. He shoves Daniel off to the side. Heads into the ring, and stalks Rey Mysterio, gives him a running Powerslam.

Here comes Sin Cara, and down goes Sin Cara, courtesy of World’s Strongest Slam. He is about to give Rey a Vaderbomb, but Rey gets out-of-the-way, and Henry lays him out with a World’s Strongest Slam, then gives Rey a Vaderbomb.

Henry screams out that’s what he does.

One word….awesome.

Tonight, a WWE Active match, it will be CM Punk Vs Chris Jericho.

When we come back, Daniel Bryan runs to Kane, wanting to know where he was, and Kane explained that Daniel wanted Kane in the back, no matter what happens, but since when did Kane listen to anything Daniel said, good point. Kane tells him that there is nothing stronger than their friendship, and Daniel asks him if that is true.

Hell No.

Video from last week, with the return of Brock Lesnar.

Tonight, Miz will have Paul Heyman as his guest on MizTV.

Back in the hotel room, Big Show is off the phone with Booker T. He wants the contract now, and someone is at the door, it’s room service. The food is late, and the waiter wants a tip, so Show gives him one, get a better job.

Sheamus heads to the ring, he is facing Kane, next.

Daniel Bryan comes out, and costs Kane the match by distracting him long enough for a Brogue Kick.

It was revealed during this match Daniel Bryan is in the Elimination Chamber match, along with Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio. Does this mean Daniel Bryan cost Kane a spot in the match?

Tonight, John Cena calls out The Shield, but first, and next, MizTV with Paul Heyman as Miz’s guest.

MizTV with The Miz.

Miz tries to introduce Heyman, but Paul stops him, coming to the ring. He agreed to be on MizTV to clear his name, and he won’t allow a man like Miz to soil his reputation.

Heyman wants to offer his best wishes to the Chairman of WWE, because Vince McMahon had hip surgery earlier today.

Miz interrupts him, and asks if we believe Heyman really cares, after what he and Brock did last week?

He did not know that Brock was in Vegas, and he did not order Brock to attack Vince last week, in fact let’s see footage from last week where Heyman begged Brock to not attack Vince.

But Miz counters he saw the very same tape that had Heyman hire The Shield and Brad Maddox to help CM Punk keep the WWE Title.

How dare you? Miz invited Heyman to be on his show, just to continue this slander, doesn’t he agree that Punk was screwed out of the WWE Title? Doesn’t he agree that Punk will win his title back, and day 455 will continue of his glorious, and historic run?

Miz tells Heyman he didn’t answer his question, and Paul says he doesn’t answer his, so he will answer ll of the questions if he answers Heyman’s first.

Excuse me….

Vickie Guerrero comes out to say Heyman is speaking the truth, he had nothing to do with Brock Lesnar coming back, she did. Vickie had secretly negotiated a deal with Brock, because she knew how controversial he had been, but she was doing it for business. She had no idea that Brock was going to attack Vince. All she wanted to do was to ensure she would be named permanent General Manager, and she starts to cry.

Paul believes her, and we shall give thoughts for Vincent Kennedy McMahon, but Vickie says we should pray.




Miz calls Heyman and Vickie bottom feeders, and Vickie tells him she is still his boss, and Miz asks for how long, because Vince will fire them both on the spot when he is able to, and he can’t wait.

Here comes the pain!!

Miz makes the first move, pushes Brock, but Lesnar gives Miz an awesome clothesline, throws him out of the ring. He then starts to throw furniture around, and Miz comes back in, and gets a couple of punches on Brock, but Lesnar nails the F-5 on Miz, even landing part of his head on the couch.

Once again, Heyman tries to stop Brock, but nobody can tame The Beast.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw, Brock Lesnar attacking The Miz, and giving him a F-5.

Here comes Randy Orton, he is going to face Wade Barrett.

Another RKO, another loss for Wade Barrett. Not a good night for the second-tier champions.

Next, Chris Jericho Vs CM Punk.

Good lord, another Fandango vignette. WWE is wasting money on a gimmick that will never work.

Jericho Vs Punk, now.

Punk wins with a GTS. A great match here, between both men.

We now see who the latest inductee of the WWE Hall of Fame is….Bruno Sammartino.

Finally, The Champ has come back, home.

This 2013 class of Hall of Famers are becoming very good.

John Cena calls out The Shield, next.

When we come back, we see Punk walking back to the locker room, but Matt Striker wants to get Punk’s thoughts. He’s not mad that Rock makes commercials and movies, he’s mad that Rock stole his WWE Title, and in 13 days, at Elimination Chamber, he is going to get it back, and Rock will see Punk truly is the best in the world.

Video footage of The Rock’s WWE Title win at Royal Rumble.

John Cena is now with Josh Matthews. Cena stated he would main event Wrestlemania and face the WWE Champion, he won the Royal Rumble, he had a bad year, but now he is focused. Last week, The Shield pushed, tonight, he pushes back.

We are back in the hotel, live via satellite and Big Show still hasn’t received his contract. The door knocks, and the guy is there with the contract.

He signs the contract, and the guy keeps trying to tell him something. When Show opens the door, there is Del Rio. The two men start to fight.

Big Show starts to toy with him, and Del Rio nails him with a fire extinguisher.

We get back to the ring, and see Brad Maddox.

Brad has the mic, he said that Heyman preyed on a young guy who was trying to be an up and comer in the business, and he handed Vince McMahon the footage, and he is glad the truth is shown. So in a weird way, Brad is the hero of the story. So as the hero of the story, it will be Brad, and not John Cena who is going to teach The Shield about justice. So Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns, justice awaits you. So come on down, boys.

Here they come, and Dean has a mic.

Dean calls Brad a rat, looking for scraps, and Brad counters they all took money from Heyman. Dean counters even justice has to be rewarded. Seth tells him that justice is about making sacrifices, and Roman states that last time, it was business, tonight it will be personal.

The truth is Brad Maddox doesn’t want to know about justice.

They take out Brad Maddox, and hits a Triple Powerbomb, believe in The Shield.

Enter John Cena.

Cena enters through the crowd, and he has company….Ryback and Sheamus.

The Shield head out of the ring, but the rest of the WWE locker room are right there, and they head back to the ring.

The Shield retrieves after Cena, Ryback, and Sheamus have the upper hand, and go back through the crowd, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a better show tonight than last week, which is a step in the right direction. I also think they are building more of Elimination Chamber, probably more so because it will be The Rock Vs CM Punk again, rather than building Wrestlemania. But there are some downfalls to this tonight too.

I hate seeing champions lose, when it means nothing. Antonio Cesaro and Wade Barrett, the United States Champion and intercontinental Champion, respectively lose to guys that will not be receiving title chances…..Randy Orton and Ryback. There is no logic to that at all, couldn’t Orton and Ryback face different opponents tonight, and still make statements?

But the rest of the show had direction, and we now know 3 names added to the Elimination Chamber, we also have a big 6-man tag match. And an awesome Brad Maddox promo too.

Speaking of awesome, Brock Lesnar coming back, and tonight, the return of Mark Henry. Mark looked very strong too and I sense he might be added to the Elimination Chamber match too. I think all six participants must be former World Heavyweight Champions, and I believe that is how they are setting it up.

Other than that, a good show tonight, even if there was no Dolph Ziggler. He will more than likely appear on Smackdown this week. What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me.


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