WWE Friday Night Smackdown 2/15/13…The Chamber Match Is Set

Tonight, with 2 days away from Elimination Chamber, we will get to see Randy Orton take on Mark Henry.

Big Show kicks off the show, yet again. I believe this is the third straight week he is in a suit. Let’s start the show off with something else next week.

We see footage from last week when Alberto Del Rio made some changes to the tour bus of Big Show, painting it orange.

Show asks us if he thinks that was funny. Last Monday on Raw, he put 3 innocent people to task, and that was fine, because here is a fact….Alberto Del Rio has never pinned Big Show….Alberto Del Rio has never pinned Big Show….Alberto Del Rio has never pinned Big Show.

Here comes Chris Jericho.

Chris has never seen Big Show act like this, he has known Show for 16 years. Show asks if he has never seen him act like that, then why would he be this close from Show then? We plug Chris’ new show coming to Sy-Fy called “Robot Wars”, starting February 26th.

Chris said that he is here because he has main evented Wrestlemania in the past, and he is in the Elimination Chamber match, which means he is fixing to main event Wrestlemania, and if, or when he beats Del Rio, then that means it will be Chris Jericho Vs Big Show, at Wrestlemania.

Show says if or when that happens, then it will be the last Wrestlemania of his career.

Can You Dig It, Sucka?

Booker T likes where Jericho is going with this, and since it’s possible we might not see Jericho vs Show at Mania, he is making our main event Big Show Vs Chris Jericho, tonight. Now can you dig that, sucka?

Tonight, Randy Orton will go one on one against Mark Henry.

Matt Striker comes up to Randy, and asks his thoughts on tonight’s match, with Elimination Chamber 2 nights away.

Before he says anything, Mark goes face to face with him, while his music starts.

Also tonight, The Rock will be here.

But next, Henry Vs Orton.

Henry wins the match by DQ when Orton uses a chair on Henry and tries to get an upper hand, but Mark nailed Orton with a World’s Strongest Slam.

Tonight, we find out the latest encounter The Rock and CM Punk last Monday night, and next, the odds are even for The Shield.

Matt Striker is with Mark Henry.

The Hall of Pain is back for business after 9 long months of being absent. We just saw what happened to Randy Orton, and they are putting 5 men in a steel structure….WITH MARK HENRY!!!! Nobody can stop him, not the Navy, Army, Marines, or Air Force. Nobody.

We see what took place this coming Monday with The Shield, John Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback. This Sunday, those six men face each other, in a six man tag.

Divas action is set now, Layla taking on Tamina Snuka.

Tamina wins with the Snuka Splash. I guess she is the Number One Contender to the Divas Title, and she will face Kaitlyn this Sunday.


We see CM Punk taking The Rock’s title this past Monday, and Rock will be here next, to answer to CM Punk.

The WWE Champion, The Rock is out. He says that taking his belt doesn’t make him champion, it just makes a trait, that Punk is in line for the biggest ass kicking of his life. CM punk, you can hear the people, because this Sunday, The Rock will make you suffer. The people want to see The Rock make Punk to suffer, because you are acting like a spoiled little boy, that cries when he gets his toy taken away, and he uses Paul Heyman to make things all better. This Sunday, Rock is going to make Punk pay for taking his belt.

CM punk is with us, live, via satellite. This is not a belt, this is a Championship Title, and Punk is the best in the world. Rock is acting like a hypocrite, whining about this. Punk beat him at Royal Rumble, yet he is screwed out of the title. But that is the plan, since Rock can’t be disqualified, or he will lose the title. So that is the game plan, to have Rock beat himself, and this People Era is over.

Rock makes this clear, Punk is acting like a spoiled little boy, and Rock is a man standing in the way. The fact is Punk will have to look at himself in the mirror on Monday, and realize he failed. Punk will be a failure, and there is nothing he can do….if ya smell what The Rock is cooking.

Tonight, Big Show Vs Chris Jericho.

3MB will face Brodus Clay and Tensai.

This Sunday at the Elimination Chamber pre-show, we will see Tensai and Brodus Clay face Team Rhodes Scholars. They brought the band back.

Brodus and Tensai win with Brodus pinning Jinder with a Splash.

The four start to dance, and here comes The Shield.

The Shield lay out Brodus and Tensai, and Dean Ambrose has the mic.

Do not think for one second things will change on Sunday night. Sheamus, Cena, and Ryback will feel the pain, and suffering. We will believe in The Shield.

Commercial break.

Our next match is Cody Rhodes Vs The Miz.

The Miz hits the Figure Four, and makes Cody tap out. This Sunday, The Miz will face Antonio Cesaro for the United States Title at Elimination Chamber.

Tonight, Chris Jericho will face The Big Show.

Our next match is Jack Swagger Vs Zack Ryder, with Zeb Coulter accompanying him to the ring.

Jack wins the match with a Patriot Act.

Jack gives us Zeb Coulter.

The choices we make is this man right here, Zack Ryder. He cares more about his hair, and his tan than his country.

Jack Swagger is a great man, a great patriot, and a real REAL American and he knows how to fix it. It starts right here, and remember, we the people.

Elimination Chamber has taken place for 10 years now, starting back in 2002, and we get an Elimination Chamber video.

Matt Striker is with Alberto Del Rio. Matt brings up what Big Show said earlier tonight, that he never pinned Big Show. Del Rio said they will answer that question, Ricardo, is Alberto Del Rio the World Heavyweight Champion? Si. Did Del Rio beat Big Show twice? Si. Did Del Rio make Big Show look like a pumpkin last week? Si. But seriously, Big Show is right, he never did pin him, but that changes this Sunday.

Jericho Vs Big Show, our main event is up next.

Big Show wins with a WMD, ending the show. The World Heavyweight Champion shows up, and the two have a staredown. Elimination Chamber is this Sunday.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Tonight’s show was better than most shows the last few months, and partly was because of Chris Jericho’s appearance. I am not sure why they have The Rock appear, I guess to just say he is back on Smackdown. But all he does is address the crowd, and gives us his take on the upcoming match with Punk.

I sincerely hope The Shield wins this Sunday, but I have my doubts.

No Dolph Ziggler tonight, which makes me believe he cashes in and wins the World Heavyweight Title after Del Rio Vs Big Show. And then he will face Chris Jericho, who wins the Elimination Chamber match, but we shall see this Sunday.

What were your thoughts of the show? Send them to me here, and I will talk to you Sunday night.


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