WWE Monday Night Raw 2/18/13…The Real Road To Wrestlemania Begins

In the words of the great Jim Ross…”Business Has Just Picked Up”, because we are one day after the Elimination Chamber. We know that this year at Wrestlemania, the stage is set for The Rock Vs John Cena….Twice in a Lifetime. We also know that Jack Swagger is set to face Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title.

Where we go from here, who knows, but I can’t wait to find out. Here we go.

We are live in the Cajundome, Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

John Cena is coming to the ring.

For 10 months the sign we saw that said Wrestlemania 29 just meant two cities representing the event, but now after last night, the sights have been set, we now know what will represent Wrestlemania. Jack Swagger will face Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title, and on April 7th, John Cena will try to become the new WWE Champion, when he meets The Rock.

Enter CM Punk.

Are you sure you’re facing The Rock for the WWE Title? I mean that is the easy way to go, but then again, Punk knows Cena goes the easy route. Let him be clear, Rock beat him fair and square, even though he struck a WWE official, and Punk had him beat, but he beat him fair and square. But when you talk about wins, and losses, Cena has never beaten Punk.

Cena is talking about Wrestlemania, not wins and losses. He didn’t beat The Rock, and Punk will have to sit this one out.

It does mean something, for 434 days, Punk was WWE Champion, he was the best in the world. How did Cena earn his shot? He put himself in a 30 man battle royal, entered at 25 and threw ham and eggers over the top rope? Besides, he has already seen Cena Vs The Rock, Cena can’t get the job done.

What does Punk want Cena to do? Just walk away, just leave the ring, leave WWE, get out of his way. Just walk away.

The answer is no, Punk has a set of stones for saying something honest to him. But he isn’t going to just hand him the golden ticket. But he does have something to prove. He has critics, Punk included….he hasn’t beaten The Rock, he hasn’t beaten Punk, so he won’t give him the golden ticket, but he will give him something to fight for….one match, Cena wins, Punk can get out of the ring, and go away. If Punk wins, Cena will give him his Wrestlemania Title shot.

Punk talks business, Cena handles business. Let’s handle this right here, right now and see who is handling the road to Wrestlemania.

Cena’s word? He just made the dumbest decision of his life, and he will take him up on it, but not here. It’s just on his terms. He got screwed, he shouldn’t be in this position. They will do it next week.

Cena says give Punk his rest, because next week he will beat Punk and move on to Wrestlemania, and know the champ is here.

Tonight, The Rock’s WWE Title celebration, and next, Mark Henry in action.

Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael Cole welcome us to the show officially, it seems that “Justice prevails” with The Shield being victorious over Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback.

Sheamus is with Josh Matthews, Sheamus tells us that things got out of hand a bit. Ryback is pacing back and forth and Sheamus gets into Ryback’s face, asking if he thinks he is the only one that lost? Is it true about what people say with Ryback, that he is just a normal human being? Ryback and Sheamus start to shove each other, and Chris Jericho comes over in between them, saying they have to get it together. He has seen guys like The Shield before, come in, and take over companies. NWO had done that, as has NEXUS, but this is the WWE, Chris loves the WWE and will never work for another company again, like WWE. He doesn’t want this company destroyed, which is something Shield is fixing to do. Now tonight, Ryback, Sheamus, and Y2J can do something to stop them. If Jericho goes in to talk to Vickie Guerrero, he guarantees that they can get a match tonight, in Cajun country.

If Jericho can get the match, Ryback and Sheamus are cool with it.

Feed Me Shield.

Oh boy, Mark Henry Vs Sin Cara, now.

World’s Strongest Slam, match is over. Mark takes over Sin Cara some more, and here comes Great Khali.


Henry just yanks Sin Cara over, and is ready for Khali, but walks out of the ring, mocking Khali. If he wanted to dance, he would.

We also see from last night, The Miz being DQ’d in his match with Antonio Cesaro, and next, those two get a rematch in a No DQ Match.

And it’s been confirmed, Sheamus, Ryback, and Chris Jericho Vs The Shield.

Fandango is coming to WWE.

The Miz Vs Antonio Cesaro, in a No DQ match, with Miz still wrapped up.

The Miz wins the match with a Figure Four leg lock. I guess the title was not on the line, because Miz isn’t being rewarded with it. Cesaro tried to do more damage with Miz’s taped arm, but Miz prevailed.

We now know that Jack Swagger will face Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania, after winning the Elimination Chamber match. Tonight, Swagger will give his state of the union address. There is already some leaked footage of it on Youtube, Wethepeople/Zeb.

They are talking about immigration, no more. They will give those people a hand out, a one-way ticket back to where they came from.

Why do they have to go there?

next week, it is official, John Cena Vs CM Punk, with the winner facing The Rock at Wrestlemania.

Daniel Bryan is still upset with what Kane did last night when he tried to hug Kane, he gave him an upper cut instead. He will go to Vickie Guerrero, and request a match with Jack Swagger. He doesn’t want Kane to accompany him to the ring tonight.

Kane agrees, and says he will request a match to the ring, and does not want Daniel in the ring with him, he doesn’t want to deal with any snakes.

“The Viper” asked if anyone said his name. Kane made it clear he doesn’t want to deal with snakes. Orton says that Kane is more into group hugs and therapy sessions now, so he’s not scared of him. In fact, he has turned into Barney the Dinosaur.

Daniel leaves, and Randy leaves.

Vickie Guerrero is on the phone, Heyman shows up. Vickie summoned him to say she has a big announcement concerning his future, but will do it in the ring.

Dolph Ziggler will face Alberto Del Rio, next.

Del Rio makes Ziggler tap out with the Cross Arm Breaker.

Big E. nails Del Rio from behind, and plants him with a Dominator.

Ziggler looks on, he grabs his briefcase, is he cashing in?

Rodriguez steals the briefcase, and runs off. But when Dolph retrieves it, he is met with an enziguri.

Tonight, The Rock’s Championship Celebration.

We will also see Kane take on “The Viper” Randy Orton.

Wade Barrett is in the ring, and informs us he is a top WWE Superstar, and will now be a big Hollywood actor. He is in a movie called “Dead Man Down”, that will start March 18th. It’s a movie starring Colin Farrell is in it.

Sheamus is on the screen, telling us that Barrett isn’t the star of the movie. His good friend Colin Farrell is, now maybe Wade can tell us about it, but we are out of time.

Sheamus just ruined Barrett’s moment.

Time for a 6 person mix tag match of Tensai, Brodus Clay, and I am guessing Naomi taking on The Colon Cousins, and Rosa Mendes.

Brodus, Tensai, and Naomi win with a big splash on Brodus, pinning one of the Colon Cousins.

It’s official, Wrestlemania 30 is coming to New Orleans. Way to go Drew Brees for ruining the news last week, nobody was supposed to know, until now.

“The Real American” Jack Swagger will have his state of the union address, next.

Swagger conquered The Elimination Chamber, but he also put the nation on his shoulders. But tonight is not about Jack, but it’s about the state of the union. There is one man honest enough to deliver it, and that man is a great American, Zeb Colter.

It’s President’s Day, so Zeb wants to thank the bill of rights. This gives them the right to speak their opinions. We may not agree with it, we may not like it, but it’s what they have the right to do.

The state of America is in shambles, but it’s not the real American, but the ones living in our country illegally.

Last night, Swagger won the right to face for the World Heavyweight Title. But now it’s not so much about it. On one side, you have a real American, Jack Swagger. On another side, you have Alberto Del Rio, a man who came to this country to profit our motherland. Swagger will achieve two goals, he will win the title at Wrestlemania, and reclaim our America. Jack Swagger will do that, WE THE PEOPLE!!

Daniel Bryan comes out, and we have our match set, now.

Swagger wins with a Patriot Lock, not Act, but Lock. Bryan was taped up, from last night’s Chamber match, around his ribs, DDP would be proud.

Tonight, The Shield will take on Sheamus, Ryback, and Chris Jericho.

Paul Heyman is headed to the ring, next.

48 days away from Wrestlemania 29.

Excuse Me!!

Vickie Guerrero is here to announce a new Assistant to the Raw Managing Supervisor, Vickie Guerrero….none other than Brad Maddox.

Brad is here to be rewarded for revealing to the world that Heyman is responsible for himself, and The Shield.

Brad says he is the assistant Managing Supervisor, but Vickie corrects him saying he is the assistant to the Managing Supervisor.

Heyman starts to leave, and Vince McMahon is live via satellite.

Heyman tries to butter up Vince, and Vince doesn’t want to hear about it. Last week, he granted that stipulation to CM Punk Vs The Rock last night at Elimination Chamber.

We see footage from last week on Raw, where Heyman said he would do “anything” to get that match. Now firing Heyman would be too easy, so next week, live on Raw in Dallas, Vince will be there, even in crutches, because the two men will have a fight.

Next, a big six-man tag match with Jericho, Sheamus, and Ryback facing The Shield.

Earlier tonight, John Cena makes the challenge to CM Punk….one more time, winner gets Wrestlemania match against The Rock, next week.

Our epic six-man tag is up now.

The Shield win the match when Jericho had Ambrose set for a Walls of Jericho, but Sheamus took out Reigns, and Rollins gave Jericho a dropkick off the top rope, Ambrose pins Jericho.

Next week on Raw, Mr. McMahon will return to the ring, and fight Paul Heyman.

Still to come tonight, The Rock’s Championship Celebration.

Kofi Kingston is in the ring, and his opponent is Damien Sandow.

Damien tells us that president’s Day means the world to him, or something to that regard.

R-Truth is coming back, attacking Damien Sandow, helping his friend out, Kofi Kingston.

We are with DJ and Adrianne again, Rock’s co-stars from G.I. Joe: Retaliation. The movie opens up March 29th.

Tonight, The Rock’s Championship Celebration.

Good lord, 2 Fandango vignettes. This guy isn’t going to make WWE money, they are wasting the costs.

Randy Orton Vs Kane, now.

Orton wins when Daniel Bryan showed up, for no reason at all, distracted Kane and Orton gave him the RKO.

The Rock’s Championship celebration is next.

When we come back, we have Rock’s own marching band.

If Ya Smell….What The Rock is Cooking.

The WWE Champion, The Rock is making his way to the ring.

CM punk last night, you did everything you could, but you showed what a piece of trash you are by spitting The Rock in the face. You did everything you could to show you are the best in the world, but The Rock whooped your ass. The Rock drove this morning 135 miles to Lafayette, Louisiana, holding the WWE Title, to show the world that FINALLY…..THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO LAYFAYETTE!!!!

48 days until Wrestlemania, which means The Rock is going back to Wrestlemania, but he is not going with this current WWE Title. The Rock has a tremendous amount of respect for the WWE title. But in 8 years ago, when one of the greatest superstars in the world introduced this title, some people thought it was cool, but then again, some believe in Bigfoot. This title should never be used as a toy, and it should never, ever spin.

To The Rock, the WWE Title, when you’re a WWE superstar, WWE Universe, or the first time you see WWE programming, the WWE Title should inspire. And for the people who paved the way, guys like Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, and The Rock’s good buddy, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock gives us the new WWE Championship.

Complete with a Brahma Bull.

People are chanting for The Rock, and The Rock asks if Lafayette likes the WWE Title, and we had to get that, but also get a title that looks badass.

One side chants Boots to Asses, the other side chants who dat.

The question though who will face The Rock. Is it CM Punk? Or is it John Cena?

There is one man The Rock wants to face, one man who brings out the best for The Rock. One man for professional reasons, and personal reasons, that man is….

Here comes John Cena.

Cena smiles, is about to meet The Rock in the ring, but Punk comes up from behind and nails John with the Cena belt. He looks at the title, and throws it away, saying he wants The Rock’s title, and leaves.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I guess the real Road to Wrestlemania did not start tonight, but it’s going to start next week, when we find out for sure, who The Rock is going to face, but wait….I think it will start two weeks from now, after Vince McMahon announces we will get a Triple Threat match, with Punk added in the match. This way, the fans can root for Cena and Rock, but boo Punk, or is it the other way around?

Either way, a very disappointed show tonight that didn’t start anything. We will also see Vince McMahon Vs Paul Heyman, oh but wait, HHH will come out and challenge Lesnar, instead.

I am glad that we are getting the new title, in fact, it seems the ugly John cena Title is done. But I want the old school look, complete with the eagle emblem, but I can’t always get what I want. The ending was very intriguing, and I hope the buildup to this triple threat will be tremendous, and with these three, it should be.

So perhaps I should wait to see if this buildup is disappointing in the weeks to go?

Okay, I will. And hey, at least we have one match set in stone….Alberto Del Rio Vs Jack Swagger. Just not sure if this is the right direction for Jack, because he won’t be taken seriously with this gimmick, but he can get some heel heat.

And hey, Fandango is coming.

What did you think of the show? Should this be the real Road to Wrestlemania, or will it officially begin next week, with the added week in the calendar? Let me know.


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