WWE Monday Night Raw 2/25/13…Cena Vs Punk In Big D

Tonight, WWE has stacked the cards on the Road to Wrestlemania on tonight’s show. Instead of kicking things off last week, after Eliminating Chamber, they decided to put this one on the map. So WWE, it’s put up, or shut up. Tonight, Vince McMahon will challenge Paul Heyman to a fight, and we will see one more time….John Cena Vs CM Punk, with the winner facing The Rock, at Wrestlemania.

Vince comes out, still in crutches, he says that with Wrestlemania upon us, let’s get this show started. He wants Heyman in the ring, now.

Here comes Heyman.

Paul says that Vince has as much of a chance to beat him in a fight as Tony Romo does in leading his Dallas Cowboys to the Super Bowl. Paul wants to make sure Vince wants to do this, and he attacks him with a crutch.

Vince comes back, and nails Heyman with his other crutch, and HERE COMES THE PAIN!!


HHH, with short hair and all comes to the ring, and the fight is on.

The fight went on for a few minutes, with Brock bleeding on his head, after HHH sent him to the steel post. Brock grabbed a chair, but HHH came back and nails Brock in the back with a chair, and sent a message.

Tonight, John Cena Vs CM Punk. Winner moves on to Wrestlemania.

The return of MizTV, with Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger as his two guests.

Ryback Vs Dolph Ziggler, next.

This Friday night will be Social Media Smackdown.

Moments ago, HHH came back to fight with Brock Lesnar.

Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael Cole welcome us, we are in Dallas, Texas.

Dolph Ziggler is in the ring, he is set to face Ryback, now.

Dolph is Shellshocked, match is over.

I know what you’re thinking, you too forgot that Ziggler is “Mr. Money in the Bank”, just like I did.

“The Call” starring Halle Berry and David Otunga is showing now.

Enter CM Punk.

We are sold out in Dallas, in the ring…CM Punk.

Tonight, we will witness history. And we will tell our grandchildren about this night. A story has been told for many years, yet we will witness the beginning. They will say that this story is about John Cena Vs CM Punk, but this is not about John Cena, and this isn’t about The Rock.

Punk can point to that sign, because the winner moves on to Wrestlemania, but tonight, it’s not even about Wrestlemania, and tonight, it’s not even about the people. It’s not even about the WWE Championship. Tonight, it’s about the future, what is more important than Wrestlemania, or about The Rock and John Cena, tonight, it’s about CM Punk.

Tonight is about Punk taking the place of immortals, in the main event. He has held his precious WWE Championship longer than anyone has held in decades. He has beaten John Cena many times, he has pinned The Rock three times in four weeks, he is the best in the world. The best in the world deserves to be at Wrestlemania. He is not just a human being, he is immortal. A legend, an Icon, the best, and greatest that we all inhabit. He is GOD.

Our latest inductee of the WWE Hall of Fame is none other than Donald Trump.

Oh boy, our next match is The Great Khali Vs Mark Henry.

Henry wins with a World’s Strongest Slam, can this end the feud, please?

Marine 3: Homefront, out on DVD and Blu-Ray, next Tuesday. The movie stars The Miz.

We come right back to the show, with The Miz in the ring. He is with Jack Swagger, Zeb Colter, Alberto Del Rio, and Ricardo Rodriguez.

Miz is giving the gentlemen the chance to speak. Zeb was looking forward to speaking to Glen Beck, but he chickened out, so he is going to talk to them.

Zeb discusses about 1,100 undocumented workers, he is staying political correctness here. Zeb talks about how those people take our jobs, our medical resources, and stop our productivity. You people drain us.

Alberto interrupts him, and Miz makes it clear, he wants to hear from Del Rio, and asks him how hard is it to become a citizen of Mexico.

Zeb counters, and says it takes 10 years to become a citizen of Mexico. A foreigner can’t own property, so what is Del Rio afraid of?

Del Rio says to not disrespect his people.

Zeb makes this clear this is not personal, Del Rio represents success to live the American Dream. Del Rio encourages millions of people to sneak into our country, he calls them criminals.

Del Rio tells Zeb to shut up.

Alberto says America represents opportunities, and Del Rio is the very definition of that. He had never heard of Zeb, until now, and unfrotunately he just met him. But if Jack has the cajones, they can take care of their beef now.

Swagger says they will see him at Wrestlemania. WE THE PEOPLE.

No couches were flipped.

Tonight, John Cena Vs CM Punk, with the winner going to Wrestlemania to face The Rock.

Next, Randy Orton Vs Antonio Cesaro.

Next week is Old School Raw.

During the commercial, Zeb Colter tells The Miz he didn’t like how he conducted the interview, and Swagger nails him from behind.


Cesaro is in the ring, and we have our match….Orton Vs Cesaro, now.

Orton wins a rather short match with an angled RKO, making Cesaro look like a chump in the process.

Team Hell No is impressed with Randy. Daniel just want to get along, and Kane agrees with that. Kane said they have The Primetime Players tonight. Daniel said he can beat them by himself, blindfolded. Kane says he can beat them with one hand tied behind his back.

Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox hear this, and orders the match, with stipulations to happen, Team Bricky has spoken.

Cole magically wonder what things would be like if WWE had their own Academy Awards, so we take a look at Wrestlemania Goes Hollywood, from Mania 21, featuring JBL and John Cena doing their take on “A Few Good Men”.

Sheamus will give us his Oscar snub, next.

Breaking news, later tonight, we will see The Miz face “The Real American” Jack Swagger.

They want us to Tout what we thought of the “fight” between Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman.

Our next segment is Sheamus tellins us his biggest Oscar Snub, and that is the Academy not rewarding Wade Barrett an Academy Award nomination from his role “Dead Man Down”.

We see a clip to confirm us that Wade Barrett is indeed in the movie.

Here comes Wade.

He says that Sheamus is just jealous because tomorrow night, Wade will be at a real movie premiere, and Sheamus will wake up, and turn in his rentedf tux.

Sheamus said make sure he gets the good side, but with a nose like that, there is no good side. He attemtps a Brogue Kick, but Barrett moves out of the way.

Cody Rhodes is in the ring, his Lovestache in full effect. He will face R-truth, and we have Damien Sandow doing color commentary.

Truth wins with a Little Jimmy, and nobody cares.

Another Youtube clip with Zeb and Jack. You can follow them over at Youtube.com/WeThePeopleZeb.

They are talking about jobs, and how they are taking good jobs away from us.

We The People.

The Miz will face “A Real American” Jack Swagger, tonight.

Now, we have our tag team match….Daniel Bryan wrestling blindfolded, and Kane has one arm tied behind his back.

Their opponents are Primetime Players.

Team Hell No won blindfolded, and one arm tied behind their back.

The Shield speaks, next.

Earlier tonight, we see Vince and Heyman fight, but this spells the return of Brock Lesnar and HHH.

The Shield make their way to the ring.

Ambrose says things won’t get better, they will only get worst. They will continue to seek justice. Reigns says it doesn’t matter what happens, they will destroy bodies, and breask bones. Rollins said that at TLC, they faced 3 men in one of the most barbaric matches in WWE, and won. At Elimination Chamber, they solved The John Cena Problem, and last week on Raw, they faced a has-been Rock Star Chris Jericho, and sent him packing. Nobody can beat them, they can send any super team and face them, the end result will be the same.

Here comes Sheamus, challenges them to a fight, fella.

Ambrose and Reings head out of the ring, and Randy Orton climbs to the other side of the ring, and lays out Rollins with a RKO.

The Shield is laid out.

Next, The Miz Vs “The Real American” Jack Swagger.

Swagger wins the match with a Patriot Act.

We The People.

We see footage from last week on Raw, when The Rock showed off his new WWE Title, and see Punk nailing Cena with the old Spinner Title.

We will hear from Cena, next.

When we come back, we get an advertisement from “Robot Combat League” hosted by Chris Jericho, premiering on Scy-Fy at 10:00 PM Tuesday night.

We also heard from HHH, giving Brock a Tout, and people are responding to it.

Josh Matthews is with Cena. John said his time is now, and it’s about proving who really is the best. He’s back to his own self, which can be bad news for the haters out there.

Cena Vs Punk, winner moves on to Wrestlemania, next.

We also see an Undertaker sighting from this past weekend in Texas. WWE touts it.

Our main event, Punk Vs Cena. Who faces The Rock at Wrestlemania? We will find out, now.

Cena wins clean, pinning Punk with an Attitude Adjustment, ending the show. The Rock just conviently sent a tweet congratulating John, and informing us it is indeed Cena Vs The Rock, again.


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