TNA Lockdown 3/10/13

Back from my trip to Springfield, Ohio with the bowling tournament. I did very well, and might even win some money, but I won’t find out until May, or June. I missed the PPV last night, but am now ordering the replay. So it will start in a few minutes, at the Alamodome, in San Antonio, Texas. I still think they could have built the PPV up better, but it is what it is. With that being said, here we go.

We go over the history of Aces and 8’s, including this past Thursday night when D’ Lo Brown was revealed as the VP of Aces and 8’s.

This is the largest live crowd in TNA history, and we see Mike Tenay, Todd Keneley, and Taz welcoming us to the show.

Our first match is for the X-Division Title, with Kenny King facing Zema Ion and Christian York in a Triple Threat match.

Kenny King wins the match with a Coronation, pinning Christian York. A fantastic match to kick the show off.

JB is in the back with Joseph Park. Joseph talks about how the boys have been ribbing him all weekend long, but Bad Influence interrupt, and tell Joseph that Dixie Carter has been looking for him, she is in catering.

Tonight is not about Joseph, it’s also not about Chavo and Hernandez, nor is it about A-Double, and BR, it’s about them….the best Tag team in the business today, and tonight, they will take what is the most important titles to them, the Tag Team Titles.

Joseph Park Vs Joey Ryan, now.

Joseph wins the match with a sit down Butt drop. He continues his undefeated streak, since becoming a full-time Wrestler.

Later tonight, who will win the World Heavyweight Title match, inside the steel cage? Let your vote count, on Facebook.

Earlier tonight, champion and challenger entered the building.

Brooke Hogan is giving Bully Ray a pep talk about tonight’s match. Bully wants to make Brooke proud, he wants to make her dad proud.

In comes “Dad”, Hulk Hogan. He tells Bully this company has the opportunity to be huge. Bully Ray is the right man to take that company to greater heights, not Jeff Hardy.

Hogan wants Bully Ray to win the title, and he brings up how Andre the Giant took him aside, and said whether he wins or loses, make sure the fans will remember him. He wants Bully to do the same thing, tonight.

Bully promises they will remember him.

Our next match is for the Knockout Title. Velvet Sky Vs Gail Kim, with Taryn Terrell being the referee.

Velvet wins with a In Yo Face, but before that, Taryn finally had enough of Gail Kim bullying her, even daring her to DQ Gail after she slapped Taryn, and Taryn spears Gail.

JB is with Robbie E. It’s Bro Vs Bro tonight. E. will prove he was always the better bro. He will make his former bro….his ho.

It’s Robbie E. Vs Robbie T, now.

T wins the match with a Spinebuster, enough said about that.

JB is with A-Double, but he doesn’t have his partner. Austin stated everyone has been asking about that for the last two weeks now, and Austin has done everything he can to show he doesn’t need a partner, and in fact, he can defeat all four men tonight by himself. But fortunately, that will not happen, because he has a partner.

It’s Bobby Roode, and BR asks if he missed him.

World Tag Team Title match, Chavo and Hernandez Vs Bad Influence Vs Aries and Roode, now.

The champs retained their titles, with an assist by Chavo Guerrero, when Chavo laid Daniels out with a Frogsplash, but Bobby made the blind tag to Chavo in the air, and pinned Daniels.

A great match, and I am glad to see Bobby Roode still with TNA, because the person that left him out of that contract in the first place should be fired.

We go back to the Knockouts Title match, and tempers are flaring backstage. JB is in the back, with Taryn Terrell.

Gail has been pushing her for months, so she has to stand up for herself. So she made a judgment call, was it the right decision? Gail Kim attacks her from behind.

Now, the final three matches will be held inside a steel cage, and they are setting the cage up.

Slammiversary, the next TNA PPV will take place in Boston on June 2nd, 2013.

Some club business going on with Aces and 8’s. D’Lo Brown is rallying the troops around. This will be a big night for Aces and 8’s, and it starts with Wes Briscoe. He has Kurt Angle, so set the tone first.

JB is with Kurt Angle.

Brisco, tonight is the night Kurt makes him famous. He goes head to head with the best wrestler in the business. Now D’Lo Brown, what you did to your company is unforgivable, and he’s next. Wes, he is nothing like his Father, and Uncle. He is just a snot-nose punk. He will be dealt with, and be given an old-fashioned San Antonio ass whooping. It’s real….damn real.

Wes Briscoe Vs Kurt Angle, inside a steel cage, now.

Wes wins the match with some help from D’Lo Brown, who laid Kurt Angle out with the cage, and put him back in, to pull Wes out of the cage, behind the ref’s back. I don’t think this finish helped Wes out at all, but it’s a W in the record book, so whatever.

Our next match is Lethal Lockdown match. Team Sting (Sting, “Cowboy” James Storm, Magnus, Samoa Joe, and “Showtime” Eric Young) Vs team Aces and 8’s (Devon, Mr. Anderson, Knox, D.O.C., and Garrett Bischoff).

It will be Magnus Vs Mr. Anderson kicking things off.

Knox, from Aces and 8’s is next.

Samoa Joe is in now to even the odds, and well….Joe is gonna kill you.

Garrett Bischoff is in the ring, making it 3 on 2.

“Showtime” Eric Young is in, making it 3 on 3.

Devon is in now, 4-3 Aces and 8’s.

Storm is in the ring now.

D.O.C is in now.

Sting is in now, and let The Lethal Lockdown begin.

Team Sting wins with “Showtime” Eric Young nailing an elbow drop on Knox right off the top of the cage. Hell of a fight here. Joe did a 6 man Tower of Doom, holding all 5 men near the ropes. Weapons all over the place, Storm drinking the beer, and Eric Young was just put over in a major way.

Our main event, Jeff Hardy Vs Bully Ray, for the World Heavyweight Title is up next.

Facebook believes Hardy will win 51% to 49% tonight.

Bully Ray is now the new World Heavyweight Champion when Aces and 8’s come down, climb the cage, Devon hands Bully Ray a hammer, and Bully nails Jeff with the hammer, pinning him, and embracing his brother, Devon. Yes folks, Bully Ray is the President of Aces and 8’s. Bully tells Hulk, who came out and cheered on his son-in-law that Bully owns Hogan, and Bully screwed Brooke.

Brooke in tears,Bully informs her he doesn’t care about her at all, and informs us he is the President of Aces and 8’s, he is our World Heavyweight Champion.

The fans respond by throwing bottles of debris into the cage, and I feel bad for Hardy, who did suffer a concussion, but as of now, seems to be fine. The PPV ends here, with Aces and 8’s celebrating in the ring.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a solid show that ended with the big storyline twist that Bully Ray is the President of Aces and 8’s. But why wasn’t this revealed at Bound for Glory? Did they just want to go with the switch of Devon? I was just disappointed we never saw an encounter, or match between Bully and Devon, but let’s face it, Bully Ray is a much better heel, and he plays it well. So let’s give this a chance.

I also think they need to push Eric Young, they gave him that opportunity tonight, now let’s do something about it. A fun match to watch.

Tag Team match was the best match of the night, and I am glad to see Bobby Roode come back.

X-Division Title match set the tone, but why this was not pushed on Tv is beyond me.

Angle Vs Briscoe was fine, but they didn’t do Wes any favors with the ending. Wes needed some sort of win, but not like that.

The question now is where do we go from here? And please, don’t tell me Hogan Vs Bully. THIS is where we should get AJ Styles Vs Bully Ray, at Bound for Glory, with AJ winning the title. But, Bully Vs Hogan seems to be the direction we are heading, and it might begin this Thursday, which will be fun to watch since they will be in Chicago. What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts.


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