Impact Wrestling 3/21/13…March Madness

Tonight, in honor of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, we have March Madness, or in this way….Impact Wrestling Presents…March Madness.

Bully Ray, in black and white footage reveals to us that the Aces and 8’s was 9 months in the making, centering around the World Heavyweight Title. He destroyed friendships, and most of all, he destroyed The Hogan Family.

He doesn’t care about what he did to Sting to get what he wanted.

Sit back, watch, and enjoy as Bully Ray reveals how the most hated guy in Professional Wrestling became the World Heavyweight Champion.

Impact begins now, in Chicago, Illinois. Mike Tenay, Todd Kenneley, and Taz welcome us to the show.

Here comes The Hulkster to kick off the show.

The Maniacs have been with Hogan through hell and back together, but he has never felt like he does now. he is shocked at what happened to his family, Sting, and everyone else affected by Aces and 8’s. He realized this is a monster, and this is a war of survival.

Out of all the men left laying last week, the four guys that are warriors, are the men he loves and respects. They are the leaders in the back. He wants Samoa Joe to come out, followed by Magnus, Kurt Angle, and the former World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Hardy.

Hogan wants the attention to shift to the World Heavyweight Championship, and to defeat Aces and 8’s. Hogan wants to know if Hardy is okay after his beatdown with the hammer last week.

Hardy is ready, but he wants to test the waters so to speak. He issues a Four-Way tonight, to determine who gets a Title Shot.

Hogan made a big mistake the last time by naming a Number One Contender, so he loves Hardy’s idea, and makes the match, later tonight.

We get an explanation from Bully Ray.

Plan A was simple, win the Bound for Glory Series, and win the World Heavyweight Title. Consequently, Aces and 8’s attacked Sting on the first night. It was about anarchy, and the question became who was responsible for Aces and 8’s? Bully Ray just threw a little hint it could be “Cowboy” James Storm, and Bobby Roode went for it.

No Surrender, all Bully had to do was win, and he knew Storm would choose him, so he gave Bobby a call, and stirred the pot, so to speak, saying how can Roode allow Storm to get the main event for Bound for Glory, so Bobby did something about it. But he gives Hardy credit, he was tougher than he thought he was.

So he went with Plan B, and it started with Hogan.

Next, World Tag Team Title match, Roode and Aries will face Chavo and Hernandez.

Our Tag Team Title match is up, now.

The champs stole a victory with some help from Bad Influence, with Daniels shoving Chavo on the ropes. But after the match, Bad Influence attacked the champs. They want the gold, by any means necessary.

A new rule in the X-Division matches, every champion must defend their titles against two challengers.

These kind of rules have effected Kenny King throughout his entire life, but he is fine with it. They can set it up, and he’ll knock them down. Some 5-time energy plug.

Still to come tonight, Number One Contender match in a Fatal 4-way match.

But next, X-Division Title match.

Kenny King Vs Sonjay Dutt Vs Zema Ion, for the X-Division Title, now.

Kenny retains his title with a Springboard Blockbuster, pinning Sonjay. A very good match, and if the X-Division matches are like this the rest of the time, we might be in good hands.

Brooke Hogan enters the building. She is here on business, and won’t discuss her personal life. Knockout business is next.

More reveals with Aces and 8’s. Plan B was in full effect. Jeff Hardy pulled it off, so he had to go with Plan B, and it was staring him in the face. He used Joseph Parks, this set up the Bound for Glory match between Sting and a partner against Aces and 8’s. Bully reveals it was Devon who sealed the deal. Bully was there to save the day.

The day that Bully and Hogan shook hands, Bully knew he had Hogan right where he wanted him. So at Bound for Glory, Sting and Bully lost, thanks in part to a table, and we find out Devon was involved. Did you see Bully’s rage?

So, he set his eyes on Brooke, and knew full well how Hulk would react. No Daddy wants their daughter to hook up with a bad boy. The more Hulk told her no, the more Brooke said yes.

Sting is watching this video backstage, Impact Wrestling continues.

Sting comes in to Hogan’s office, things haven’t changed. He wants Bully Ray tonight. Hogan tells him to go sit in the rafters for a few years, because when he is around, he causes problems. This is about revenge, he wants Bully Ray.

Still to come, Fatal 4-Way to determine the Number One Contender to the World Title. Hardy Vs Joe Vs Magnus Vs Angle.

Video footage of Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell.

Taryn Terrell come out to the ring. She said she has reached her breaking point, while trying to do her job. So she is ready to face the consequences.

Here comes Gail Kim.

Gail reminds Taryn that you don’t mess with her. She is the greatest wrestler to step in the ring, she is the greatest Knockout ever. She helped create this division, and if it wasn’t for Gail, Taryn wouldn’t be here. So she is here to see Taryn get hers, and that is to be fired. Brooke, come out and do your job.

Here comes Brooke, she brings up that this is a tough decision, but she has to do it, so she is terminating Taryn as referee.

Gail is laughing about it, and Brooke brings up this might make everyone happy. She has decided to sign Taryn Terrell as a Knockout, which means she can fight with anyone she wants.

Taryn chases Gail out of the ring.

Enter Bully Ray.

Bully shows her his ring, till death do them part. Brooke runs off saying she hates him.

More Aces and 8’s reveals, Bully talks about the soldiers that fought for his side. Knox and D.O.C. feel like they have been wronged, so they are here to make it right. Garrett Bischoff came to Hogan, to fight by his side, and he brushes him off like he’s nothing. What about Wes Briscoe? Wes wanted to get into this business, and Hulk just left him like he was nothing. What about Anderson? When Aces and 8’s attacked him, did Hogan check on his condition? No, Anderson joining Aces and 8’s was a no-brainer, because he has it out for Hogan.

If you join the gang, you need some leverage. And who better than your best friend? It’s why Taz joined them, and D’Lo? He worked in the office, he had secrets attached that nobody else knows. And Bully was the one that attacked Jeff Hardy, before they went on their European tour.

Kurt was just a number, the first mark.

Hogan used Kurt to hold down Briscoe. What about what happened at Gut Check? Briscoe wins, and who was his opponent? Garrett Bischoff. They made sure Wes had every shot at being a TNA Wrestler. This is why D’Lo Brown came over to be the final judge to determine if Briscoe receives a contract.

They wanted to make sure everyone was revealed, except for one, and we never saw it happen.

This is a very important match for Kurt. He hasn’t been a World Champion in a year and a half. He has to prove he can still do it, and it begins with his win tonight, so he can help defeat Aces and 8’s.

Right now, Joseph Park Vs “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan.

Morgan wins with a Carbon Footprint, match wasn’t much at all, but at least Morgan won.

Next, an interview with AJ Styles.

Hardy is ready for tonight, it means the world to get his title match against Bully. Don’t ever count a creature out.

Mike Tenay is in the ring, introducing AJ Styles.

Here he comes.

Tenay has known him for over 10 years, he considers them friends, but he has to ask what is going on?

Styles doesn’t say anything, and Tenay brings up the rumors of drug abuse.

Taz interrupts the fun. Tonight is about opportunities, he has a prospect jacket for AJ, get the boys some beers, and since he has done a few beers lately, he will have no problem with that.

Here comes “Cowboy” James Storm.

So this is the new AJ Styles? A man who doesn’t even face him? The man who wears his cool hoodie, and leather jacket, and says nothing but sucker punches Storm? The AJ he knows would tell you how he feels right to his face. Wouldn’t give a damn about the consequences. That’s okay though, he is the same “Cowboy” James Storm, someone who will kick his teeth down his throat.

AJ doesn’t say anything, and walks away.

More Aces and 8’s reveal from Bully Ray.

While Hardy had the World Title, he knew he had Hogan right where he wanted. Hogan caught them making out, and he knew Hogan would suspend him, but with that happening, he was digging Brooke deeper and deeper into the darkness, and right into Bully’s arms.

Bully also stated he took one from the team, by having Devon lay him out with a cement blocker, haven’t you ever seen “Goodfellas”? He tried to gain Hogan’s trust through that. Now it was Devon’s turn to take a beating, and he knew it was his role. But then an injury took place with Bully. Then an “injury” took place that shifted into the plans, Brooke had a week to convince Hogan to do the right thing. And then, he knew where to get Hogan, and that is at his ego, saying that Hogan had to face the Aces and 8’s. Sorry Sting, you were at the wrong place, at the wrong time. So this was laid out for the last 9 months, do you know who he is? He is Bully Ray, and nobody is going to take his World Heavyweight Title from him, nobody.

Our main event, Fatal 4-Way match with Kurt Angle Vs Jeff Hardy Vs Samoa Joe Vs Magnus, winner gets a Title shot against Bully Ray.

Here we go.

Hardy wins with a Swanton, pinning Joe. A very good match, and Magnus even looked like he belonged in this group.

Hardy will get a Title shot against Bully Ray at some point. Joe shakes his hand, but tells him he must win that title, do it for TNA.

The show ends with Hardy celebrating in the ring.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This show was about dotting the I’s, and crossing the T’s. We had Bully Ray’s plan in full effect, and even explained why he got beat down a few times by Aces and 8’s. I just am not sure why we didn’t get this explanation last week, and had it live.

We didn’t get to see many matches, in fact we just had 4 matches, but 3 of them were very good, and I’ll just let you guess which one was filler.

I am still liking this new direction AJ Styles has taken, and clearly that little offer Taz made AJ seemed like a slap in the face. Which is why AJ has to be the one that takes the title from Bully, not Hogan. I also wonder if Bobby Roode will have any say down the road over being used by Bully?

Speaking of Roode, he and his partner Aries had a good match with Chavo and Hernandez, and I believe that Bad Influence attacking them doesn’t mean they turned faces, or anything. Just that Bad Influence want the Tag Titles, so if we do see matches, let’s see them both try to cheat to win. It’s too early to turn Dirty Heels faces, although they will eventually.

Taryn Terrell? I hope she is a better wrestler than what she was in WWE, we will find out.

I like the new rules of the X-Division Title. Now if they go back to the rule that the Television Title must be defended, at least once.

A great atmosphere in Chicago, let’s see how Jonesboro treats them next week. What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me here.


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