Impact Wrestling 4/4/13…Big 10 Man Tag team Match War

We are in Arkansas State University, the big war continues between Aces and 8’s Vs Team TNA.

Aces and 8’s make their way to the ring.

Anderson has a special package for AJ Styles. When this company needed you, what did they do? They turned their backs on him, so this package is for him. Make the right decision.

Devon has an envelope for Brooke, and when she sees it, it gives a new meaning to changed relationship.

Now it’s time for the VP, D’Lo Brown to speak. His gift was something he received…his termination letter from TNA.

D’Lo didn’t get a phone call, or a meeting, he received a letter. He wants one of the officials to come out and face him and say why he got fired.

Here comes Kurt Angle.

He has something to say, and if he will say it, he will do it face to face. He heads to the ring, looks at D’Lo and tells him how he truly feels.

Kurt tackles D’Lo and starts to beat him down, and here comes Team TNA, it’s a 10 man fight.

Samoa Joe, “Showtime” Eric Young, Magnus, Joseph Park, and Kurt all fight off Aces and 8’s. 10 man tag match is set later tonight.

Joey Ryan approaches Brooke Hogan, he wants to ref the Knockouts match, he has a zebra thong and everything, she agrees to him, as long as he doesn’t touch the Knockouts.

Tara and Gail Kim will take on Taryn Terrell and Velvet Sky, with Joey Ryan as the ref, now.

Gail and Tara win the match with a rollup, and Joey was being sleazy, never making the count until Gail Kim started to come strong on him.

Velvet and Taryn hit him where it counts, at least we didn’t see the thong.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode, other wise known as Dirty Heels make their way to the ring. The contract signing to their Tag Team Title defense next week is next.

JB is in the ring, with Roode, Aries, Chavo, and Hernandez.

Aries doesn’t want to be known as World Tag team Champions, but rather a Team of World Champions.

Roode asks both men if they have ever been World Champions, the answer is no. So what makes them think they are better than they are?

Chavo says he is a Guerrero, and Hernandez is a tough son of a gun.

They are about to sign the contracts, but Austin wants some added stipulations added. Money, a fruit basket, and Green M & M’s.

Chavo and Hernandez has an added stipulation of their own, he write it down, and Roode has one more idea. Chavo is good with the added stipulations.

It’s official, a 2 out of 3 falls match, and if Chavo and Hernandez are not victorious, they will never team again in Impact Wrestling.

Hernandez isn’t sure on the stipulations, but Chavo assures him it’s good.

Former Ring of Honor wrestler Adam Pearce is ready for his Gut Check tonight.

When we come back, we see Magno getting ready, he will face Adam Pearce, it’s Gut Check time.

Adam Pearce won the match with some leverage from the ropes. Magno messed up a few times, but otherwise, a good match.

Last Thursday night, Hogan and Sting had words.

Next, we get an update from Sting.

Backstage, AJ Styles shows up, Anderson is there to hand AJ an Aces and 8’s jacket. He just wants him to think it over, the jacket would look good on him.

The history of Bully Ray, Sting, and Hogan is being shown.

Hogan is being interviewed by Jason Hervey. Sting isn’t here tonight, he needs warriors, not guys like Sting. He is going to call a warrior out next to see where he stands, because he is sort of on the grey side.

Joseph Park tells Kurt he can count on him to fight Aces and 8’s tonight. Kurt tells him to just follow his lead, and he can do some damage.

Tonight, a big 10 man tag match between Aces and 8’s taking on Team TNA. Also Bully Ray will be face to face with Brooke Hogan. What will he say?

Here comes Hogan.

He is here to talk with AJ Styles.

AJ comes out, still with the Aces and 8’s jacket, he is face to face with Hogan.

Hogan understands what AJ has been going through, the accusations last year, the stipulation he had of losing, he won’t get a World Title shot again, he gets that. But AJ has changed, he would never turn his back on his family, the TNA family. He is looking at a man that is dangerous, which is what he needs to fight Aces and 8’s. We need the dangerous AJ Styles. He hands him a mic, but AJ doesn’t take it.

AJ look at the jacket, and he wants to know if Hogan needs his help, and here comes “Cowboy” James Storm.

He remembers the stipulation, the wrestler that gets pinned will not get a World Title shot until at least Bound for Glory, but he made the pin. We all lose big matches, but he doesn’t like that AJ turned his back when James was getting beat down last week. They have known each other for 17 years.. The miles that AJ has traveled, they have traveled the same miles. Everytime they clock in, and get into the ring, they perform in the ring, because that is what they love to do.

From The Asylum in Nashville, Tennessee, to Europe, to right here in Jonesboro, Arkansas. They biult this, and now he wants to join them? Go ahead AJ, because he isn’t the same guy he remembers at the Fairgrounds. He isn’t the same guy these people have cheered day in, and day out. But he better clock out, before he gets knocked out.

AJ turns around, and leaves the ring. Looking at the jacket when we go to a commercial.

Hogan wants an answer from AJ next week, one way or the other.

Starting tomorrow, One Night Only will be appearing on PPV all month long, featuring the X-Division wrestlers.

Our next match is Petey Williams Vs Sonjay Dutt Vs Mason “Harold” Andrews, winner gets a X-Division title shot down the road.

Petey wins the match, pinning Mason with the wonderful Canadian Destroyer.

Backstage, Bully Ray has a meeting with Aces and 8’s. He’s in a bad mood, but it’s because of Kurt Angle, not them. He annoits Knox, D.O.C., Briscoe, Bischoff, and Devon to take care of Team TNA. But as far as his wife goes, she will stick with him. He has a package for her, that might change her tune.

Our main event, Knox, D.O.C., Devon, Briscoe, and Bischoff taking on the tyeam of Angle, Joe, Magnus, EY, and Parks.

Aces and 8’s win the match.

Bully Ray is headed to the ring, next.

He comes out, and confronts Brooke, here she comes.

He berates her, ordering her she will do whatever he wants, and to open the envelope.

The envelope had 2 tickets for next week’s Corpus Christi Full Metal Mayhem match between Bully and Ray.

She slaps him, and he goes off, but here comes Jeff Hardy.

Jeff goes after Bully, when the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

They set up next week’s Impact, in Corpus Christi as a big show, with a big night feel. Tag Team Titles are on the line with Chavo and Hernandez vowing they would never team together if they lost to Dirty Heels. How will Bad Influence come to play? I love old school matches, and this is one of them…2 out of 3 falls match.

I also loved the AJ Styles segment, he started to speak, but “Cowboy” James Storm comes out, and talks the truth….they are the backbone of TNA, no matter how much they want to deny it. These two are destined to face each other soon, but is AJ going to be with Aces and 8’s?

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