Impact Wrestling 5/2/13…Slammiversary Is Shaping Up

The road to Slammiversary began last week, and tonight we are in Indiana, Pennsylvania, with Hulk Hogan coming out.

Hogan calls for Sting to head to the ring, and here he comes.

Hogan admits he was wrong with Sting. He had to deal with personal choices with his daughter, and son-in-law. He made the biggest mistake with Sting, and wants to apologize.

They shake hands.

He should have pulled Sting closer, and take care of Aces and 8’s together. Sting said they are together now. Sting wants Hogan to issue a 6-man tag match for next week against Aces and 8’s. Deal is done. Hogan needs to know who faces Bully Ray at Slammiversary, and here comes Matt Morgan.

So Hogan will just hand Sting a World Title shot, and get screwed again. When will Hogan learn from his mistakes?

Hogan said the title shot will not be handed by anyone. The winner of Matt Morgan Vs Sting will get Bully Ray at Slammiversary, brother.

Chris Sabin returns tonight, and he is talking about his two knee injuries. 2 torn ACLs, 24 months of rehab.

Next, Contenders match for the X-Division Title. Zema Ion vs Sonjay Dutt Vs Chris Sabin.

Tonight, Kurt Angle issues a challenge against Aces and 8’s. You can hurt him, you can even beat him, but you can’t stop him.

Triple Threat X-Division match now.

Sabin wins, pinning Zema Ion with Cradle Shock. I think Sabin is ready.

Robbie E. and Jesse are backstage trying to see what they can do about Rob Terry. They want to recruit Joey Ryan to face Joey 3 on 1.

Bully Ray is upset about how well Sting and Hogan were getting along, and they mocked them. Nobody mocked Aces and 8’s. No matter who gets in Boston, he will get the job done. That brings them the person that has been a pain to them, Kurt Angle. He wants Kurt to be taken out, and dares any of the Aces and 8’s.

D’Lo Brown wants the one to take out Angle.

Our next match is a 3-on-1 Handicap match between Robbie E, Jesse, and Joey Ryan taking on Rob Terry.

Big Rob destroyed them all and finished Joey Ryan with Sky High.

Tonight, Kurt Angle will face D’Lo Brown, and a Number One Contender match with Matt Morgan vs Sting.

The Dirty Heels are headed to the ring, next.

Here come Roode and Aries to the ring.

Next week, Number One Contenders match to determine who faces Chavo and Hernandez. It will be Dirty Heels taking on Bad Influence.

Last week, Kaz and Daniels got into Roode’s head a little bit, but this was never about reforming Fortune, this was about jealousy of A-Double, and Roode, winning the Tag Team Titles.

Aries didn’t believe a word for one second. They are best friends, but Roode and Aries like enough to share a common goal. They go out to win matches, and win championships. They are a team of World Heavyweight Championships, something Daniels and Kazarian will never know about.

Here come Bad Influence.

Bobby was right, it was about the gold, but they aren’t the greatest tag team, and in fact they aren’t even close to winning the Tag Titles. Everyone knows they are just a pale comparison to Bad Influence, and the team that will win the match next week will be them.

Spoiler alert, Roode is the one that broke a beer bottle over his best friend’s head to get the World Heavyweight Title, and that means he will do everything he can to win.

Chavo and Hernandez are here to say they love to keep hearing the talking, but they just got done talking to Hogan, and there is a special guest ref, that counts in 6 and 12….

Sorry about your damn luck….It’s “Cowboy” James Storm.

Sting comes in and talks to Kurt, asking him if he’s ready for tonight’s match, you know it. He also wants to speak to him for a moment.

Backstage, Tara is sick of Taryn, who is Knockout of the Month, we all know who should be Knockout of the Month….Gail Kim.

They have a tag match tonight, and Gail will make sure she gets the pin.

Chris Sabin feels good after his match, and the 24 months of rehab was worth the work.

D’Lo Brown Vs Kurt Angle, now.

D’Lo isn’t going to just beat Kurt, he wants to beat him in an I Quit match, and the match is set.

Angle makes D’Lo say he quit with a scissors hold, while Aces and 8’s watch, and leave.

Christy Hemme is with Kurt, he has his mind on someone else and that is “The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles.

Kurt wants him to come out, and we’ll find out if he does, next.

Here comes AJ, headed to the ring.

We are in Western Pennsylvania, Kurt Angle’s hometown, and AJ won’t go very far if he wants to take him out. He can go the easy way out. Kurt has gone the easy way before, had a lot of success, but that’s not Styles. He never said this before, but AJ was the reason he came to TNA. He wanted to wrestle him, and they have had some great matches together. Next week, Kurt and Sting wants to know if AJ will fight with them, and if he doesn’t, well they will have some problems.

Earlier tonight, Hogan announced Matt Morgan Vs Sting in a Number One Contender match to face Bully Ray at Slammiversary.

Morgan is ready tonight, he is no longer waiting for the ball, he is taking it. And we are looking at the future World Heavyweight Champion.

Knockout tag match, Gail Kim and Tara Vs Taryn Terrell and Mickie James.

ODB is the referee.

Taryn picks up the win, pinning Tara with a rollup, and after the match Gail Kim and Tara attack both ladies from behind.

Gail gives Taryn Eat Defeat for her troubles. She gives her a figure four on the post, with ODB breaking it up.

Sting is warming up for his match against Matt Morgan, which is next.

Premiering Friday, One Night Only: Joker’s Wild.

Next week, we will be in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Earlier tonight, Kurt Angle makes D’Lo say I Quit.

Backstage, Bully is upset D’Lo even said I Quit. This isn’t looking good. Bully said he will deal with D’Lo next week. They have a 6-man next week, it will be Bully Ray, Devon, and Anderson. Will AJ Styles team with Kurt and Sting?

Next week, Bad Influence Vs Dirty Heels to determine Number One Contenders to the Tag Titles.

Roode and Aries tells us Kaz and Daniels have never won the big title, like Roode and Aries has. They will take care of Bad Influence next week, and then move on to take the Tag Titles from Chavo and Hernandez, who can’t even hold a candle to the likes of Aries and Roode.

Our main event, Matt Morgan Vs Sting is now.

Morgan passes out due to the Scorpion Death Lock, so he wins the match, and is now the Number One Contender to Bully Ray’s World Heavyweight Title.

Here come Bully Ray, Devon, and Anderson. They are talking trash to Sting, as we end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A strong show that set up next week’s big live show. I am not that crazy about Sting and Bully Ray in a PPV match, because that spot belongs to a younger wrestler, but it’s still a better choice than Hogan, which is where I am afraid they are leading towards. I’ll say it again, in order to make this angle work, AJ HAS to be the one that takes the World Heavyweight Title from Bully Ray, or this means nothing.

I loved to see Chris Sabin’s return, even I was concerned with every move he made, but he did very well.

Putting Storm in the Special Guest Ref spot with the tag match will be interesting. We know those four men will deliver the next week.

Overall, a good show, what were your thoughts? Send them to me, gearing up for Tupelo.


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