WWE Monday Night Raw 5/6/13…Brock Lesnar Invades WWE Headquarters

Tonight, Paul Heyman will show us footage of Brock Lesnar arriving at WWE Headquarters, how will HHH react? Also, last week, we find out that John Cena had injured his Achilles Tendon, and lost to The Shield in a 6-man tag match.

How will Ryback react to Cena?

Raw is next.

John Cena kicks the show off, showing his ankle taped up. Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcomes us to the show.

Cena jokes with us about his current condition, talking “Daniel Bryan” language….

Yes!! It wasn’t the smartest thing to compete last week.

No!! It won’t allow him to not compete at Extreme Rules in 2 weeks.

Yes!! It did bother him in seeing Ryback refuse to tag with Cena, however, after he lost, he showed up on the ramp.

Yes!! He does believe that Ryback DTF….Do The Fandango.

Here is a fact, he is the WWE Champion, and until he is medically cleared, he will compete and defend the title, as best as he can, and to let everyone know….The Champ Is Here.

Excuse Me….

Vickie Guerrero is here to ruin this segment even more.

Vickie is pleased to hear that Cena will work the PPV, and this match will be extreme, because the other matches are. For example, HHH Vs Brock Lesnar is a steel cage match. Dolph Ziggler defends his World Heavyweight Title in a Triple Threat Ladder Match, she calls Ryback to the ring, and here he comes.

Cena gives us more jokes, imitating Ryback, more or less calling him a quitter, and a whiner.

he doesn’t care what match Vickie makes, even a Grannis’ panties on a pole match.

Okay, actually not that match. But he wants a match that will show Ryback that he isn’t a whiner and he can shut him up once and for all.

Vickie says that he is lucky she didn’t punish him after walking out of his main event match last week, but Cena is allowing him to choose the stipulation.

Ryback said that Cena’s biggest mistake was not taking a match off, his ego gets in the way of things, so he will have no better joy than to see him not stand up, after a Last Man Standing Match.

He walks away, and the announcers are no-selling it.

Breaking news, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman invaded WWE headquarters today, and this was broken through Twitter today.

We will hear from Heyman tonight, and next, we will see Randy Orton take on Damien Sandow.

Orton Vs Sandow, now.

You’re welcome.

But first, Damien sings and gives us his take on Orton’s theme song. Brilliant.

Now….you’re welcome.

The Viper wins the match with a RKO.

Big Show knocked out Orton on the ramp, from behind.

Still to come tonight, Alberto Del Rio Vs Dolph Ziggler, one on one.

But first, Fandango vs R-Truth, next.

Chris Jericho is in the ring, for a surprise visit.

Welcome to Raw is Jericho!!

Fandumbo is in the ring next, but he will call for a judge’s panel to judge Fandingo’s performance. His partners and judges tonight are Tons of Funk.

Here comes Fandango, with a new dance partner? Where is Summer Rae?

His opponent is R-Truth.

Jericho’s jacket is still flashing.

The judges are not impressed with his dancing. Sweet T and Brodus each give him a 2, Jericho gives him a 1.

Fandango is not impressed, just because Jericho was on Dancing with the stars, and failed does not mean he has the right to judge.

Truth shows up, and the match starts now.

The judges gave Truth 10’s, and Brodus gave him a 42, cause I guess he can’t find the 10. Fandango leaves the ring, and loses by countout.

More tweets about Brock Lesnar invading WWE Headquarters.

We will hear from HHH tonight, and from Paul Heyman.

They show us footage from last week on Friday Night Smackdown when Ryback defeated Daniel Bryan. But The Shield attacked him later in the night, and stole his WWE Tag Team Title.

Josh Matthews is with Daniel Bryan.

How is he physically?

He is good, not good, but fine. The Shield loves to use the word justice, and yet they don’t show it very far. But he’d like to show us how good he is by challenging Ryback to a match.

Ryback doesn’t want to, because he is hurt. But if he was okay, he’s not half the man Ryback is.

What about Kane? Is he half the man Ryback is? Kane isn’t the same monster he used to be. Everyone knows that, and besides, there is only room for one monster….Ryback rules.

Alberto Del Rio Vs Dolph Ziggler, now.

Swagger and Colter come out during the middle of the match, and Big E. shoved Del Rio into Swagger, causing the DQ, after Del Rio had the Cross Arm Breaker on Ziggy.

After the match, Swagger went ballistic, finding a ladder underneath the ring and caused havoc all over everyone, and I mean everyone. It was awesome.

Earlier tonight, Ryback tells Cena that his pride and ego will get in his way, and he will beat him in a Last Man Standing match.

WWE signed with Yahoo, and will give us a pre-show before Raw every week, and a post-show. It will debut in the summer.

Kaitlyn is with the other women. Kaitlyn still has a secret admirer. Natalya wants Khali to go in the men’s locker room, and find out who is the admirer. We will have a 6-Divas match with Kaitlyn and The Funkadactyls taking on The Bellas and AJ Lee.

They go over the plans for later tonight, while The Bellas show up, they heard the whole thing. Could they be playing a prank on Kaitlyn?

The Shield will compete in 6-man action, as they head to the ring.

When we come back, The Shield will take on The Uso’s and Kofi Kingston.

So Kofi, the United States Champion will lose, yet again.

The Shield wins the match, when Dean Ambrose pins Kofi with a Stroke-like maneuver.

Good match, but the numbers game played a big part.

We hear more about Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman visit WWE headquarters. There is even footage of what was left of HHH’s own office.

Still to come tonight, our main event is Ryback Vs Kane.

Our next match Antonio Cesaro facing Zack Ryder.

Cesaro wins with a Gotch Neutralizer. After the match, Antonio tells us nobody can do it like Cesaro. He is by far, the best wrestler this company has, and he proves it every single week.

More footage of Brock invading WWE headquarters. We will hear from Paul Heyman, next.

Heyman is with us live via satellite.

Paul shows us footage of what took place earlier today. They arrived in Stanford, Connecticut, earlier. Paul has footage of Brock giving us a tour.

They did a long shot of Brock looking at The Rock’s poster from Royal Rumble. Oh yeah, there will be a match between them at Wrestlemania 30.

Heyman gives us commentary as Brock goes into HHH’s office, with nobody here. He sits at the desk, wears a World Heavyweight Title replica, and trashes HHH’s office with his own sledgehammer.

Heyman tells us the destruction of the office will be the destruction of HHH after his steel cage match at Extreme Rules.

Heyman comes back.

It’s ironic that Heyman knows the word extreme, yet he is the voice of reason to Brock Lesnar. He is the one that always has to discourage Brock, but then HHH decided to hit him with a pedigree. This is his response, he will stop discourage Brock Lesnar, he will encourage Brock Lesnar. He will beg with Brock Lesnar to hurt HHH inside a steel cage. He wants it done old-school style, and Brock will take it to the extreme.

Time to play The Game.

Here comes HHH.

HHH now has some fun at Heyman’s expense. Does Heyman know something about extreme? HHH knows a little something about Extreme. He is the founding father of Degeneration X. He tore through guys in the Attitude Era, and he is the one that knocked out Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. He also isn’t buying the fact that Heyman thought he’d be in his office, when he is here every Monday for Monday Night Raw.

You want to take Brock, and intimidate employees, but he has 2 offices. One there, where Heyman and Brock tore up, and the one in the ring.

This office is more like his home. This is where he became a man, something Brock has never become. if Brock has something to say to him, then be a man, and tell it to his face. He’s not real hard to find.

And if he thinks that he can do to this office what he did to the other office, unfortunately, with this office, they fight back.

End of segment.

Earlier tonight, Kane issued a challenge to the Number One Contender to the WWE Title, Ryback. For the first time ever, Kane Vs Ryback, tonight.

6-Diva tag match is up now, AJ Lee and The Bellas face Kaitlyn and The Funkadactyls.

Kaitlyn pins AJ with a spear. The Bellas are giving us the loser sign, but they lost the match too.

Mark Henry is headed to the ring, next.

Here comes Mark Henry, and he isn’t happy.

In just a few minutes, Sheamus will come out, pout his chest, do the Celtic pose, and pretend to be tough. But Mark Henry isn’t pretending. And that lies in the problem.

We see video footage of the history between the two men.

If Sheamus has any pride in his pasty body, he will face him at Extreme Rules. It’s been awhile since he has been extreme, so pay close attention to the match, and he has special wing….

Here comes Sheamus.

Mark left out what Sheamus does, and that is why he is out here, take a look.

We now see footage of Sheamus getting the last word in a couple of weeks.

Henry tells Sheamus he isn’t serious about anything, but he will see how serious he can be at Extreme Rules.

Sheamus is a relaxed fella, but when the bell rings, he is very serious, and at Extreme Rules, he’ll see how serious he can be.

We don’t have to wait, let’s do this now.

They go face to face, but Wade Barrett shows up, Sheamus Vs Barrett, next.

Sheamus defeated Barrett with a Brogue Kick, but before that happens, Sheamus embarrassed Henry, by pretending he was going to shove him on his lap, then when Mark got up from his chair, Sheamus hits him with a Brogue Kick.

After the match, Henry came back, and beats Sheamus down with belt shots. So I am guessing we will see a strap match, at Extreme Rules.

Our main event, Kane Vs Ryback is up now.

Ryback pins Kane with a Shell Shock. Ryback more or less proved his point, and here comes The Shield.

Daniel Bryan comes in, Ryback leaves. As The Shield come into the ring, here comes John Cena. Ryback comes back into the ring, with a chair and fights The Shield away, then attacks Cena with a chair shot to the ribs, and not the ankle. Figure that out. The show ends with Ryback standing tall.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Another strong show tonight overall. I just have a big problem with the champions losing tonight, when it means nothing. Kane can lose a match every now and then, that’s fine, but Kofi and Barrett lose again. Those two need to be built up, since those are the Number 2 titles, respectively, the next step up to the big titles.

Brock and HHH segment was interesting. HHH wasn’t bothered that his office was totaled, but that’s okay. Actually Heyman’s commentary was hilarious, especially when the phone rang, and Brock answered it. He knows how to get Brock riled up.

Cena once again was giving us jokes, despite his ankle being “torn up”, but these jokes do nothing for the challengers, and the jokes aren’t even funny.

Extreme Rules is shaping up to be a good show, on paper. The build up will end next week. What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts.


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