WWE Extreme Rules 5/19/13

Tonight, WWE presents Extreme Rules, unique feuds, with unique matches. John Cena will put his WWE Title on the line against Ryback, in a Last Man Standing Match. We will also see HHH Vs Brock Lesnar in a Cage Match. Alberto Del Rio will face Jack Swagger, in an I Quit match, to determine the Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Title. We will also see The Shield, consists of Rollins and Reigns face Team Hell No, for the World Tag Team Titles. But first, we have our pre-show, with The Miz facing Cody Rhodes.

Here we go, keep checking here throughout the night.

Ranee Young welcomes us to the pre-show, she is with Wade Barrett, the intercontinental Champion, Titus O’ Neil, and Mick Foley.

What I like about this is all three men are as themselves, the two heels are joking with Mick, and vice versa.

Ranee asks them what match they are looking forward to the most. Wade wants to see Big Show Vs Orton. Titus wants to see Sheamus Vs Mark henry, and Mick wants to see the WWE Title match, Cena Vs Ryback.

We see video footage of Cena Vs Ryback.

They want us to post on Facebook for what is the most extreme match on the card tonight, and what our favorite Extreme Rules match of all time is.

It seems to be some technical difficulties, and this is one of the things that troubles me about this. You would think, and I know it’s a reach, but you would think they would this on their actual pre-show on PPVs. Instead, they do the boring recorded pre-shows on there. Yet, there is always some delay, or difficulties, which is why it’s always a risk to order these events on the internet.

I’ll get back at you when they come back on.

They came back in mid-match, but The Miz defeated Cody Rhodes with a Figure Four.

We are getting things going for tonight’s Extreme Rules. We are three minutes away.

Here we go.

We are live in a sold out St. Louis, Missouri. Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Our first match is Fandango Vs Chris Jericho.

Jericho wins the match with a mid-air Code Breaker. Good first match, that had Summer Rae come out, wearing an amazing dress. But she didn’t help things.

Josh Matthews is with Sheamus.

Sheamus will find a way, and while Mark lifted trucks by himself, trucks do night fight back, he does. So Mark will find out what it’s like to go extreme.

Tonight, we will have a Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Title, with John Cena face Ryback.

They show us footage of what Ryback did to Cena’s ankle last Monday night.

Our next match is for the United States Title….Kofi Kingston Vs Dean Ambrose, of The Shield.

Dean Ambrose wins the United States Title with a Headlock Driver. Kofi had Trouble in Paradise, and Dean went through the ropes, but the babyface Kofi is, he pulled him back in. Biggest mistake he can make.

Dean was by himself in this match, but The Shield came out, and celebrated with Dean after the match.

We are in St. Louis tonight for Extreme Rules.

Video of the tug-of-war Sheamus and Mark Henry had.

Our next match is a strap match between Mark Henry Vs Sheamus.

Sheamus defeats Mark Henry with a Brogue Kick, and then leaped forward to touch the final post. I think Mark needed this win more than Sheamus, but a good match anyway.

AJ Lee is on the phone with Ziggler. Kaitlyn interrupts the fun. AJ tried to get out of her title match tonight, but it didn’t work.

One word too much, and the two women start fighting. We even have a Bella Twins and Tamina Snuka sighting.

Our next match is an I Quit match to determine the Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Title. Jack Swagger Vs Alberto Del Rio.

Zeb Colter is talking to us about how our government is screwing with us again, and this is news?

Lilian Garcia introduces Ricardo in spanish, and Colter will cut a promo on her soon.

Swagger wins the match when Colter grabbed a towel Ricardo had, and the ref believed that Ricardo threw it.

Wait, I guess there is instant replay here. Mike Chiotta asked to check the footage, and he said if Del Rio can continue the match, then the match itself will continue.

What a crappy ending, they should have said there was no “Conclusive evidence”, MLB does that.

Del Rio wins, by making Swagger say I Quit with a Cross Arm Breaker.

Still a crappy finish.

Josh is standing by with Ryback.

Ryback tells the truth, Cena is a liar. Words is all he have left. He won’t give up, because he won’t let him.


He should have been WWE Champion 6 months ago, but things happened. Tonight, that changes…Ryback rules.

WWE Tag Team Title match, Team Hell No Vs Rollins and Reigns of The Shield in a Tornado match.

The Shield win the match with a foot to the throat, Rollins doing that on Bryan, and Reigns pin him.

The Shield all have titles.

The Miz defeated Cody Rhodes earlier tonight.

The Post-Show squad with Ranee Young, Wade Barrett, Titus O’ Neil, and Mick Foley tell us what stands out the most so far.

They will do a post-show after Extreme Rules.

Our next match is an Extreme Rules Match…Big Show Vs Randy Orton.

Orton wins the match with a punt to the head.

Crowd loved this, big ovation for the hometown boy.

I guess Ryback Vs Cena is next, which makes me think Ryback might be winning.

The match ends in a no contest when both men go through the stage, and are knocked out cold backstage. EMTs are there, along with Teddy Long. Cena has to wear a neckbrace, and this is I am sure is where we will continue this feud with Payback in June.

This might have been the best case solution, so they don’t hurt Ryback’s credibility here.

Ryback speared Cena through the lighting structure.

Our main event, Brock Lesnar Vs HHH, inside a steel cage is next.

Brock wins the match with a steel sledge-hammer shot to the head, and a F-5, pinning HHH. Brock hurt his leg, and HHH worked it throughout the match. Heyman was involved, but HHH nailed him with a Pedigree, and nailed Brock with one too. HHH had a steel sledge-hammer camouflaged with a brand new steel cage, custom-made for the two of them. This match was physical, and the right man won, to end the show.

The post show for Extreme Rules will be shown immediately, HHH is being helped up by officials, the crowd is stunned.

Now, the show ends here with HHH exiting the ring.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The last two matches picked things up on the show, and overall I liked it. I was a bit surprised that Jericho won his match, just because Fandango is someone they could have built as undefeated, but I guess that does not count with Vince McMahon. Everything else though was fine, especially the WWE Title match, because you knew Ryback and Cena would continue, and at least they did not have Ryback lose.

The one thing that confuses me was I guess The Shield’s plan for justice all along was winning gold? I know people are happy with them winning, but I just thought they had a bigger picture. Time will tell.

I loved that new steel cage that they used, and feel they can continue using it.

I also enjoyed seeing the pre-show, and post-show format. I just didn’t see much of the pre-show, but will check it out this week. It’s similar to what UFC does with their shows, and it will continue now for every PPV, and Raw.

Speaking of Raw, I will be at an Akron Aeros baseball game tomorrow night, which is a Cleveland Indians AA affiliate. So I will not be here to watch Raw live, but I will check it out when I get home, and will send a report. Be on the lookout for that. Tell me what you think of the show, have a great night.


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