Impact Wrestling Live 5/23/13…AJ Shows His Ace In The Hole

Before we being this show, TNA dedicates this show to the victims of the hurricane in Oklahoma, and may I say my prayers are to those families that are in need. We can donate to the Red Cross to those families.

We are 10 days away from impact, 2 weeks ago, we saw Abyss make his return. Last week, Hogan wanted answers, so did his brother, Joseph Park. Devon just wanted a fight. Will we see Abyss tonight? And where will AJ’s loyalty lies? Aces and 8’s say he will be patched in. Will he?

Impact Wrestling….now.

We are live in Tampa, Florida. Hulk Hogan’s hometown, and the crowd gives the hometown boy a roaring welcome as he kicks off Impact.

Sharkboy kicked a few beers with Hogan earlier today. Is Sharkboy back? Hulk is in front of family, and so is the boys in the back. But we have AJ Styles deciding to join the other side, Aces and 8’s. But one of his brothers who have been on his side through this is with him, he brings out The Stinger.

Hogan appreciates what he is doing for his family, but this stipulation where he agrees to never get another title shot again if he loses. He is the General Manager, jack, and he can change it.

Sting blames himself for trusting in Bully Ray, and he doesn’t want Hogan’s help with this. But if he can’t take the title from Bully, then he doesn’t deserve to ever be champion again, that’s the way it is.

Sting has nothing to prove, he is running the show, not that no-good Bully Ray that is hiding in the back, jack.

Here comes Brooke Hogan.

Brooke fell in love with that jerk, they shouldn’t have to do her battles. She drove a wedge between Hogan and Sting, and even drove a wedge between Hogan and Brooke.

She is sick of them fighting these battles. But then she changes course and says she is proud of the Knockouts, but she has ruined everything and feels she should resign from the position.

Hogan tells Brooke that she should move on, and forget about Bully.

But here comes the World Heavyweight Champion, Bully Ray.

Why are these people taking the fall for this, it’s none of their faults, but rather its Bully Ray’s fault. It’s Bully’s fault that Hulk doesn’t know how to run this company, it’s his fault that he screwed Sting in the back. Bully Ray is the World Heavyweight Champion, he runs the show, jack.

But there is one person he blames….Brooke Hogan. He blames her for having him fall in love with her.

When he gets up in the morning, he thinks of her. When he goes to bed, he still thinks of her, and look at him, Brooke….he still loves her. Which is why he is never taking this ring off.

Suicide returns tonight.

Kenny King joins the commentary.

Suicide is going to face Joey Ryan and Petey Williams, now.

Is this Lo-Ki?

Suicide wins the match with a Double High Knee, pinning Joey Ryan.

At Slammiversary, it will be Kenny King Vs Chris Sabin Vs Suicide in an Ultimate X match, for the X-Division Title.

Chris Sabin checks in with “Cowboy” James Storm. He wants to be Storm’s tag team partner at Slammiversary. Storm respects Sabin, and appreciates the gesture, but Chris has an opportunity to win the X-Division Title, and then cash it in for a World Title shot. What? So he says thanks, but no thanks. We might see a Motor City Machineguns/Beer Money pairing down the road though.

Tonight, we will see Kurt Angle take on Mr. Anderson, and will AJ Styles join Aces and 8’s?

Brooke Hogan asks Bully Ray if he meant what he said, that he loves Brooke, and he said yes he does, and walks away.

Mickie James checks in on Velvet Sky in the back. She is still banged up, but wants this match to go on tonight, and not get the best of Gail Kim. Mickie said okay, the match is on, and wishes her the luck.

Sam Shaw Vs Alex Silva in the Gut Check BFG Series tournament match is up now.

But there is no match. Wes Briscoe, along with D.O.C. and Garrett Bischoff come out. Wes confirms that they took out Alex Silva in the parking lot, so Sam Shaw advances in the tournament. But Briscoe is Mr. Gut Check, and he should be in the tourney.

The three men beat down Sam Shaw, but here comes Magnus.

He knows Sam Shaw, and he is his friend, so Briscoe just made this personal. Two weeks ago, they think it’s fun to ram his shoulder into a truck. Briscoe deserves to get his teeth kicked down his throat, and he gets his Gut Check, he will face Magnus, right here, right now.

The match is on.

Briscoe is DQ’d when D.O.C. and Bischoff head into the ring to attack Magnus, but here comes a returning Samoa Joe to help out his former Tag Team Partner.

Next, it will be Kurt Angle Vs Mr. Anderson.

At Slammiversary, we will find out the next person inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. It needs to be Jeff Jarrett, please make that happen TNA. He is the founder of the company for crying out loud.

Aces and 8’s meeting in the clubhouse. Bully informs us that AJ is on his way, and he won’t let them down.

Some exclusive footage of Kurt Angle’s quest to save olympic wrestling.

I sure hope it helps, because wrestling needs to be in the Olympics, it was one of the original events for crying out loud.

Did I just say “crying out loud” twice in a span of 15 lines? Yes….yes I did, for crying out loud.

A big grudge match of Kurt Angle Vs Mr. Anderson, now.

As the match starts, AJ Styles entered the Sun Dome on a motorcycle.

Anderson wins the match when AJ comes out, gives Taz a hug. Anderson gives Kurt a low blow, and pins him.

We will find out who James Storm has chosen as his partner for Slammiversary, next.

Gail Kim took out Taryn, she took out Tara, she took out many Knockouts. She should get a Knockouts Title at Slammiversary, and here comes Taryn Terrell, screaming and attacking Gail.

Simon Diamond appearance.

“Cowboy” James Storm, 11-time Tag Team Champion….Beer Money….America’s Most Wanted. We get a video of Storm’s involvement in the Tag team Title scene the last few weeks.

Who is his partner?

Chavo and Hernandez are at the commentating booth, waiting to hear from “Cowboy” James Storm.

Sorry About Your Damn Luck….

It’s the beer drinking, Johnny Cash listening son of a gun.

Last week, he was put into the Tag Team Title match at Slammiversary. He has been a part of 2 big tag teams in the company, America’s Most Wanted, and Beer Money. And let’s face it, women love a tag team….wrestler.

Here comes Roode and Aries.

Roode said that Storm is looking at the king of Tag team Wrestling. When Roode was with Storm for four years, it was the worst four years of his life.

But when he smashed a beer bottle over Storm’s head, it made the proudest moment of his life, and he is sure Storm will remember it for the rest of his life.

So how about showing us his tag team partner.

Here come Bad Influence.

There is no better tag team than Bad Influence. Storm was offered a role in Bad Influence, and like a dumb dummy, he turns them down. And they were offended. Storm can choose Bo and Luke Duke, Faith and Tim McGraw, it doesn’t matter who he chooses, because Bad Influence will take care of them.

Give me a Shell Yeah.

It is Sharkboy!!


A little fishy told him that “Cowboy” James Storm was looking for a tag team partner. And that is why Sharkboy swam to Tampa.

They have alot in common….they both love to fish, drink some cold beer, catch some bass. So if people want Storm to choose Sharkboy, give him a Shell yeah!!

Here comes Robbie E?

Storm doesn’t want a loser, he wants a winner. Hey, he carried Robbie T. for two years, he can carry Storm. He even has team names….Who needs Beer Money, when you have Beer Bro. Or how about instead of America’s Most Wanted, it’s America’s Most Bro?

As Robbie E. and Sharkboy bicker, here comes Gunner. Wiping both Sharkboy and Robbie E. giving Robbie a Torture Rack.

Gunner looks at Storm, and wants to be a part of the team.

Storm’s decision? See you at Slammiversary.

Tonight, AJ Styles will make his decision. And next….it’s Mickie James Vs Velvet Sky.

Oh boy, it’s official….Joseph Park Vs Devon, at Slammiversary for the Television Title.

Sting tells Joseph that he wants Abyss as his tag team partner against Bully Ray and Devon next week at 9:00 on Impact Wrestling. Joseph says he hasn’t even spoken to his brother. Perhaps Sting would want someone close to Abyss, how else will justice be served?

Knockout Title match is up now, Velvet Sky Vs Mickie James after a PPV rundown.

For the record, Gail Kim Vs Taryn will be a Last Knockout Standing match.

Hardcore country….Knockout Title match….now.

Mickie James wins the Knockout Title with her patented DDT. She clipped Velvet Sky’s knee before she pinned her.

AJ Styles video is playing.

I love that music they played for the video “Change my Ways”.

Bully Ray wants to toast to Ken Anderson for beating Kurt Angle, and to the man who is about to be patched in….AJ Styles.

Here come Aces and 8’s.

Do you know who they are? They are the Aces and 8’s. They do what they want, when they want. No one member in this club is more important than the other. They are an equal unit, a stronger unit, and they run TNA. When someone screws up, they pay for it. Which is what happened to D’Lo Brown. But there is one person that proved himself, and that is Ken Anderson.

He is proud to call Ken his brother, and proud to wear his colors. But tonight, it’s not about Ken, it’s not about Aces and 8’s, it’s not even about Bully Ray. It’s about the new man who will be patched in, AJ Styles.

Here he comes, still coming out to “Get Ready to Fly”.

Everyone wanted AJ, Hogan, even Fortune wanted him, but he knows where the power lies. He wants AJ to do something for him right now that even he didn’t expect.

He hands him a bottle of beer.

AJ doesn’t drink, so this would say something. He can give his heart to Jesus, but his soul belongs to the club.

AJ chugged it down.

The crowd chants that he sold out. Anderson hands him his colors, and Bully wants him to put it on.

The newest member of Aces and 8’s….AJ Styles.

Here comes Kurt Angle.

AJ’s legacy in TNA just went into the crapper. Go ahead, and be a part of Aces and 8’s with this scumbag. He will see Kurt anyway at Slammiversary. Is this really what he wants?

Bully tells him this is exactly what he wants, he is talking to his brother.

AJ puts on the colors, gives everyone a hug.

D.O.C. clips at Kurt, and Bully has a hammer. He orders AJ to take him out, AJ clips at his leg. They all give the Aces and 8’s sign, turn their back to AJ. He’s not smiling anymore, in fact…he clips at D.O.C., Knox, and Garrett.

AJ Styles is not with TNA, he’s not with Aces and 8’s….AJ Walks Alone.

We end the show right here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A big show tonight, with a big result. Yes, this is the exact NWO/Sting saga from WCW, but so what? This is everything it should be. AJ plays the role of Sting, after all….he is The Franchise. Let’s hope this ends the way it should…AJ winning the title at Bound for Glory against Bully Ray.

The question becomes though how do we get there?

First things first. Tonight was a very good start. AJ not saying a word, even sacrificing himself to taste beer for the sake of honor. The guy has also grown his hair, and does not speak. He is the The Man of 1,000 words.

I think it’s time to push Wes Briscoe as a personality. My friend and I discussed this, and here is my take. How about calling himself “Mr. Gut Check” and that is how he can be known from on out? he needs a personality, and I think it would be a good fit.

I was talking with my friend about who James would pick. Part of me wanted to believe we would see Chris Harris be Storm’s partner. But at the end of the day, they made the right choice. here is a guy that can easily;y learn from James as his tag partner, and his status will be elevated automatically for being a part of this. Great to see Sharkboy and Robbie E. try to be Storm’s partner.

Overall, a good night and next week, we will see the show start at 9:00. Be here, let me know what you thought of the show, here.


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