WWE Monday Night Raw 6/17/13…Chicago’s Favorite Son Returns

After another great PPV last night, we have some questions. Such as where do we go from here, to set up Money in the Bank. Where does Dolph Ziggler go after losing the World Heavyweight Title? How about what does CM Punk do, or say after he returned victorious last night? And where does Ryback go after being sent through an ambulance by John Cena?

All of this, and much more will be answered….now.

We are live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and JBL welcome us to the show.

The new World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio heads to the ring to kick the show off.

The crowd is still booing Del Rio, and he asked us how our weekend was. The reason he is asking is because he hears so many people talk about “The Man of Steel” this weekend, yet we have our real Superman now that won the World Heavyweight Title. Great movie by the way, go see it.

But people forget that 5 weeks ago, he lost the title when Dolph cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase after he was hurt. But he fought hard for the match, and how does the crowd react? They cheer Ziggler, and not him.

He has given us everything, yet this is the respect he gets? An obnoxious pig in Jack Swagger that disrespected the Mexican culture, but that is alright, because he did what he had to do. But all he hears is USA chants. So we cheer for a pig, and a coward? That is what America is about….pigs and cowards.

He fought for us the last 5 months, and he received nothing, but last night he fought for himself, and he received the World Heavyweight Title.

He is going to give us one more chance to show the respect we deserve.

Enter CM Punk, who the crowd is going crazy for, I might add.

He greets both men. It’s been awhile, the last time he saw them in the ring, Del Rio was holding the WWE Title, and he defeated him at Survivor Series to hold the WWE Title for 434 days.

But he is not here to defend the people, he is here because he heard Del Rio say he was the best.

There’s only one best in the world, and you’re looking at him. So he is out here to challenge him.

Paul Heyman interrupts him, and says his clients don’t fight for free. It was an epic battle with Ziggler.

Punk interrupts him, he knows that he is banged up, he understands the title is not on the line, and no question Dolph deserves the next title shot, but while he stole the belt, he stole the show with Chris Jericho.

Del Rio tells Punk he doesn’t want to do this.

Punk confirms….Del Rio Vs Punk, tonight.

Del Rio reaffirms that Punk doesn’t want a piece of Del Rio.

Punk said he does, but if he doesn’t want to fight, how about Ricardo?

Excuse Me….

Vickie and Brad….Team Bricky show up.

Vickie orders we have a match tonight between Del Rio taking on Punk.

Also tonight, Vickie has a surprise for the entire McMahon family. We will also see Daniel Bryan take on Randy Orton, and next….Wade Barrett gets his rematch clause and faces Curtis Axel, for the Intercontinental Title.

Backstage, Punk and Heyman discuss matters. Heyman cares about Punk so much that he spoke out. Punk wants to make it clear, last night he told Paul he doesn’t want to be a client, just Paul’s friend. So he doesn’t want him to accompany him to the ring anymore. He almost cost him his match last night, no hard feelings.

IC Title match is up now, Wade Barrett Vs Curtis…..

Excuse Me….

Vickie is here to say that match will have to wait, because Wade will have to face her big surprise….this man….

None other than “Captain Charisma” Christian.

Christian wins the match with Killswitch. Good to see Captain Charisma back.

Cole tells us that later tonight, we will see Orton Vs Bryan, and the WWE App can decide what match it will be, either….A. No DQ, B. No Count Out, or C. 2 out of 3 Falls.

The Wyatt Family video is being shown again, I can’t wait to see these guys wrestle.

Team Rhodes scholars are in the ring, ready for a 2 on 1 Handicap match. They will face Sheamus.

Team Rhodes Scholars win when Sheamus had Cody set up for a Brogue Kick, but Damien slid in for a rollup.

Sheamus replies with a Brogue Kick on Damien’s best friend.

There have been some cryptic messages this past week about the possibility of Mark Henry retiring. He will be here tonight to address those rumors.

We will also see Randy Orton Vs Daniel Bryan, with us deciding what kind of match it will be, through WWE App.

Rob Van Dam is headed back to WWE, he will return at Money in the Bank in Philly.

Team Bricky want to know HHH’s view about our main event match for the evening. HHH likes it, but what would have happened if CM Punk had not come out?

Vickie wants to discuss Christian’s return. HHH thinks that is good, but he has been cleared in a month, so why tonight did he come back?

No answer.

How about RVD?

HHH did negotiations with him, neither person was on the phone.

Okay, how about this….The Shield has been running rampant lately, and if they step out of line, HHH wants Vickie to handle them.

But great idea on 3MB being on the show tonight.

Later tonight, Daniel Bryan will face Randy Orton.

We are backstage, with Daniel warming up, and Kane wants to talk. Daniel doesn’t want to talk things out, he wants to prove last night was a fluke, and he can win the big match. Kane reminds him he lost last night too, maybe Team Hell No should go after the Tag Team Titles?

Daniel does not want to hear that, he wants to go after the WWE Title. Kane has his sights set on the WWE Title too. So are they done? Daniel says he doesn’t know. Kane wishes him luck, and Daniel asks him if he said that because Kane thinks Daniel is the weak link.

WWE App lines are open, now.

Our next match is Randy Orton Vs Daniel Bryan. What kind of match is it going to be?

No DQ Match.

The ref stops the match when Daniel seemed to be hurting too much, with his ribs and head. The doctor checked on him, and called for the match to end.

So Orton wins the match.

Orton comes over to him, shakes his hand and tells him he is a hell of a competitor.

Daniel walks away with the official.

Tonight, CM Punk will face Alberto Del Rio.

Earlier tonight, CM Punk issued a challenge to Alberto Del Rio. Vickie made the match, and Punk told Heyman he doesn’t want him to accompany him to the ring anymore.

Our new Divas Champion, AJ Lee heads to the ring.

AJ has it all, and she tells us that her baby, Ziggy is not medically cleared so he’s not here, but when he is, he can stand in the ring with the most dominant Diva….AJ.

She gets what she wants, and is an example to any woman out there. In fact, there isn’t a woman in the locker room that is stronger than she is, and she can get anything she wants.

if there is a woman brave enough to face her, she dares them to come out now.

No answer, and AJ says that is what she thought.

But wait a second, here is Stephanie McMahon.

Is Steph here to congratulate AJ? No, there are other Divas in the locker room that want to get their hands on her, but she has this to say. She is the ultimate underdog, and has a great story to tell. But instead she is sending the wrong message that women can be degrading. She has to start to act like a champion.

AJ said she needs to be more like Steph, I mean instead of dating a wrestler, she needs to marry one.

Stephanie said that she can play crazy if she has to, but as she said, AJ needs to start to act like a champion.

AJ said she is Stephanie McMahon, except she is younger.

Stephanie said she is right, but she has the power to fire her if she has to. She also can strip her of the title, so she needs to act like a champion.

But here come Kaitlyn and the other Divas.

Stephanie comes over to Kaitlyn, and tell her to never interrupt her again. And walks out.

Kaitlyn said that AJ won, she manipulated Kaitlyn, used her like a puppet….congratulations. But now, she is going to get even.

Kaitlyn runs into the ring to go after AJ, and Big E. Langston pulls her out of the ring, while AJ screams at Kaitlyn.

Next, a rematch from last night, for the United States Title….Kane Vs Dean Ambrose.

Ambrose is DQ’d when the rest of The Shield come out to take down Kane. Reigns gives Kane a Triple Power Bomb.

What will Vickie do about this, as Cole questions.

Before I continue, it has been reported that Daniel Bryan might have some nerve damage, he is still being looked at.

Mark Henry is hugging Darren Young and Titus O’Neil. Is he retiring? We will find out tonight.

When we come back, The Shield are proud of what they did. Vickie comes up to them, and starts to yell at them. The Shield asks if she will spank them? Dean dares Vickie to strip them of their titles, and just as she is about to, Vince McMahon comes over and shakes hands with them. They remind him of himself, they show ruthless aggression. He tells them to continue to do the good job.

Vince says he never liked that mask wearing freak Kane anyway, and walks away. Vickie did not look happy.

Another Wyatt Family video is playing.

They are coming.

When we come back, we hear from Zeb Colter. He tells us we are at war. The government spies on us, and we do nothing about it. So he and Jack Swagger are aligning themselves with someone who speaks 5 different languages, but thinks the same thing we do, and that man is Antonio Cesaro.

We The People!!

Antonio faces William Regal.

Antonio wins with a Gotch Neutralizer, and the announcers could care less.

John Cena, the WWE Champion is headed to the ring, next.

The Champ is here, and Cole tells us that Ryback refused to go to the hospital, but he is unable to compete tonight. Great, false advertisement.

Cena tells us that we all have one thing in common, we love wrestling. There are fans that don’t like him, and others that do. To the ones who are on his side, he has a message. 2012 was a horrible year for him, and he told those people to stand behind him, because he will find a way to stand tall, so he is here to say The Champ Is Here.

He survived last night, and he has his sights on Money in the Bank. There is an opportunity to the people in the back to cash in a title match. He will keep his eyes set for that challenger, and whoever wins, he is here to say you have to earn this title.

Here comes Mark Henry, with his boots on the ramp, and a smile on his face.

He heads to the ring, almost in tears.

Mark shakes John’s hand and tells him he can let his guard down. The fans are chanting his name, and as cena leaves, Mark tells him to stay. He wants to say something to him, and to all of the men and women in the back.

He respects everyone that is in this company.

He was a seasoned veteran in 2002 when Cena came into this company, and he is doing an awesome job.

He tells John at the rate he is going, he will be the greatest WWE Champion of all time. If he had any regrets in his career, he has been World Heavyweight Champion, ECW Champion, Strongest Man in the World. He is here to officially retire from the active roster.

Crowd chants one more match, and this is one of the better crowds he has been in front of for the last 5 years.

Cena gives him the WWE Title, the only title Mark has never won.

A Selby, Texas native has done proud. He hands John the WWE Title back and tells him you have to earn the title.

He has been around the world 2 or 3 times. He thanks his wife, his son, little daughter Joanna, who cries when he leaves home, baby, he is coming home.

The crowd gives him a standing ovation, Cena hugs him, raises his hand. Mark lifts him up, and gives him a World’s Strongest Slam.

You think it’s that easy? Mark has alot left in the tank.

He throws the WWE Title at Cena, and says he will see the title soon.

Crowd chants he still has it.

A great angle, and I guess we won’t see Daniel Bryan Vs Cena after all.

That’s what he does.

Tonight, CM Punk will face off against Alberto Del Rio.

When we come back, we see what we just saw…Mark Henry laying out John Cena.

Ranee Young wants a word from Mark. he had everyone fooled, called us puppets. He is officially challenging Cena to a WWE Title match. The WWE Title is the only title he has never won, and the reason he has these two boots, is one of them is for Cena after he sticks it up his ass.

Heath Slater, and 3MB are in the ring, ready for Heath’s opponent…Chris Jericho.

Codebreaker, was there any doubt?

3MB tried to attack him, but even that backfired.

Heyman talks to Curtis Axel backstage, and Matt Striker interrupts him, asking about Punk telling him not to accompany him. Heyman said it’s just friends that know when to leave space. let’s talk about the newest Intercontinental Champion, Curtis Axel. A man that knows what it’s like to be better than perfect.

Curtis comes to the ring to face Sin Cara, with The Miz at commentary.

Axel wins the match with a DDT….a “Perfect” DDT if you wheel.

The Miz is impressed, as Curtis shows him he is the IC Champ.

Tonight, CM Punk Vs Alberto Del Rio.

This Friday night on Smackdown, Daniel Bryan will face Dean Ambrose.

Earlier tonight in a match with Randy Orton, Daniel was hurt and couldn’t continue in his match, he has nerve damage it seems.

Vince is with Team Bricky. He tells them that they are doing a great job. He said that Mark had him fooled, so what will she be doing about it?

Vicky wants Mark to get a WWE Title shot. Stephanie comes in and says this place is out of control, and something needs to be done about it.

HHH yells at Vickie, he told her to deal with The Shield. HHH never told Vince about it, and HHH orders to listen to him.

Vince says don’t listen to HHH, she knows who to listen to. Walks off, and Steph said she wouldn’t listen to either of them, she knows who to listen to.

Oh boy.

CM Punk is heading for his match, and Heyman tells Punk he understands, people want to misinterpret what he said, so he wants to thank Punk for allowing him to be a part of Punk’s life for a year, and hugs him.

Our main event, CM Punk Vs Alberto Del Rio is next.

Punk wins the match by countout, Del Rio bailed and we see Dolph Ziggler attack Del Rio.

After that happens….we hear…..

Here Comes The Pain!!

Brock Lesnar shows up, he heads right into the ring. He has the mic, and is about to say something, but he F-5’s Punk right onto the mat, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A very loaded Raw tonight, setting the tone for the summer. Punk is officially a face, Del Rio is officially a heel. Ziggler might be a tweener, not too sure yet. Mark Henry made his challenge to the WWE Title in a very entertaining segment. The McMahons are still fighting, it seems, either that or just enjoying each other’s company. The Shield are still wrecking havoc. Daniel Bryan is loopy, Orton is still a face. Brock Lesnar is still a beast, and he issued a challenge to CM Punk, it seems. John Cena is ready for the Money in the Bank winner. Vickie Guerrero is not running things, excuse me. Curtis Axel is the IC Champion, and The Miz wants a title shot, but Wade Barrett got screwed out of his rematch. AJ Lee is still crazy, but Stephanie McMahon is the true Diva. The Wyatt Family are coming, and a partridge in a pear tree, or something.

All in all, a very special Raw tonight, and this is going to be a fun summer. What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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