WWE Money In The Bank 7/14/13

Tonight, dreams are made, and realities come true. The prelude to Summerslam gives us Money in the Bank. We have some great matches, including John Cena defending the WWE Title against Mark Henry. We will also see Alberto Del Rio put the World Heavyweight Title on the line against Dolph Ziggler. We also have 2 Money in the Bank Ladder matches. Who retrieves that briefcase, and will they cash it in tonight? Keep it locked here throughout the evening and find out. We will also see the return of Rob Van Dam.

Kick-Off show starts it up. And what I like is we see it on PPV as well, which is what I have been asking for.

Josh Matthews, Kofi Kingston, Big Show, and Vickie Guerrero all join us, and we kick the show off with the WWE Tag Team Title match, The Uso’s are facing Rollins and Reigns.

Here we go.

The Shield wins in a long match that ended with a Roman Reigns spear, pinning Jimmy Uso. Incredible match here, and if this kicks off the night, this will be a hell of a show.

Dean Ambrose joins Rollins and Reigns and The Shield celebrate together.

Our panel joins us now.

We preview the WWE Title match later tonight. John Cena Vs Mark Henry.

RVD returns to WWE, and will compete in the All-Star Money in the Bank Ladder match.

Kane was taken out earlier this week by The Wyatt Family, so as of now, it’s just 6 men involved in the match.

We are kicking the show off with the Money in the Bank Ladder match with Dean Ambrose Vs Fandango Vs Wade Barrett Vs Cody Rhodes Vs Jack Swagger Vs Antonio Cesaro Vs Damien Sandow.

Our show begins, live in Philly….now.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Our Money in the Bank Ladder match kicks the show off, now.

Damien Sandow won the Money in the Bank briefcase, stealing the win from Cody Rhodes, who had the case in his hands. Incredible match here that saw everyone involved. The Shield even tried to help Dean, but The Uso’s came back to fight them off.

Damien Sandow is now Mr. Money in the Bank.

Justin Roberts introduces us the newest Raw General Manager, Brad Maddox.

Here he comes.

He is honored to be here tonight. He won’t let Mr. McMahon down, and he cannot fill the shoes of the legendary Vickie Guerrero. Because he can’t wear high heels.

He decided to make the right decision by putting Vickie in the Kick-Off panel, and gives her a spotlight. Let’s honor Vickie, by chanting “Thank you Vickie”.

Some people are doing it….a few.

Vickie puts the E in Entertainment, and we now have a video presentation to pay tribute to Vickie Guerrero.

It’s of course not flattering.

Vickie is not amused. Brad wants everyone to stand on their feet, and give Vickie a warm hand.


Here comes The Miz.

Our next match is for the Intercontinental Title. The Miz Vs Curtis Axel.

Curtis win the match without Paul Heyman, who was thrown out of ringside, thanks to The Miz pretending to be hit by Paul. Curtis wins with his Swinging Neckbreaker.

WWE Summerslam…reach out for the stars coming on August 18th.

Divas Title match is up now….AJ Lee Vs Kaitlyn.

AJ retains the title with making Kaitlyn tap out to the Black Widow.

Total Divas coming to E on Sunday, July 28th, featuring The Funkadactyls.

The Kick-Off panel discuss things now.

Our next match is Ryback Vs Chris Jericho.

Ryback wins the match with a roll up. The crowd was dead for this match, and I can’t blame them with the poor writing they have done with Ryback since he turned heel.

WWE Performance Center video is being shown.

World Heavyweight Title match is up now….Alberto Del Rio Vs Dolph Ziggler.

Del Rio wins the match by DQ when AJ lee comes out to cheer her man on, and when Del Rio had things going his way, she nails Del Rio with the Divas Title. Dolph is beside himself, because he wanted out of the ringside area.

Ziggler is screaming at her that he should be champion, and walks away.

Honoring the Pennsylvania National Guard. Thank you guys for protecting us.

WWE Title match is up now….John Cena Vs Mark Henry.

Cena wins the match with a STF. Mark tried to throw everything at him, but SuperCena prevailed. Even had an exposed turnbuckle, but that couldn’t beat John.

I have a feeling Mark Henry will enter the Money in the Bank Ladder Match now that is going last.

remember, Kane is not in the match and there is still one spot officially open. Mark Henry is an All-Star, so it makes sense. We will see, because that match is up next.

Which means….

Randy Orton Vs CM Punk Vs Daniel Bryan Vs Sheamus Vs Christian Vs RVD.

But first, the Kick-Off panel discuss Cena Vs Henry match.

Our All-Star Money In The Bank Ladder Match, featuring the return of RVD is now.

Randy Orton is now Mr. Money in the Bank. Daniel Bryan had things going his way, when Curtis Axel was sent out to destroy Daniel. This led to CM Punk with the path for the briefcase, and Paul Heyman came out to yell at Curtis for interfering, but he slammed a ladder on CM Punk, sending him out for pasture. RVD had a chance, but The Viper caught him with a RKO in mid-air, and for the first time ever, The Viper is Mr. Money in the Bank.

The show ends with Orton celebrating in the ring.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A very good show tonight that delivered everything. Even the kick-off match set the tone all night. The only match that just didn’t seem right was Jericho Vs Ryback, but I think WWE just ruined Ryback by turning him heel.

Summerslam is set in motion though with Heyman turning on his best friend, CM Punk. We also have some friction with Ziggler and AJ Lee. I just have to wonder though where they go with Mark Henry. He tapped out to the STF, nothing else you can do with him, which brings me to the question do they give us Orton Vs Cena?

Damien Sandow and Orton win their respective matches, and that could set the tone tomorrow night for Raw.

What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts, and I will talk to you tomorrow night.


About Kevin Gillman
I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

15 Responses to WWE Money In The Bank 7/14/13

  1. adztheman says:

    Sandow now his shot to show us what he can do…as far as Rybotch, who cares? He can’t wrestle, period…waste of human skin…

    • We will also see the breakup of Team Rhodes Scholars, but perhaps they will finally push Cody as a World Title contender? Probably not, but he is a son of a son of a plumber.

      • adztheman says:

        I would hope they don’t break up that tag team..given that their other tag teams are mid card t shirt and soda trips during a live event, why break up one that I’ll watch..

        This actually benefits both guys..they can push Cody as a face on Main Event, where his commentary is very good and sometimes very funny…

        You have to wonder when Sandow will cash his case in..same with Orton..it would seem they want to do another round of Orton/Cena, since their options are pretty much limited right now..

      • Hmmmm…they could have turned Cena heel at Wrestlemania and truly freshen up feuds, but oh yeah….Cena wants to be SuperCena. So that will never, ever happen.

      • adztheman says:

        Cena pulls too much $ in terms of merch…if you’ve been to a live event in the last couple of years, you’ll see parents literally spending hundreds of dollars on Cena gear…he drives the machine, puts butts in seats, and makes 13 year girls all tingly..

      • While that’s true, Hogan put money in the merch too, but the truth is he got stale, just like Cena has done. We know what he is going to say on the mic, he plays the same theme for 8 years. At least change the song, if he wants to stay as a face. But the truth is he is our generation’s Hulk Hogan, and when he turned heel, he added 5 more years to his career. We all knew fans would boo him at Mania against Rock, so why not play up to it?

      • adztheman says:

        Considering WWE has changed Barrett’s music two or three times in the last year, there is no reason why Cena’s can’t be updated as well..he left the rapper persona on SmackDown a long time ago..but what would you change it to?
        I loved the Rock’s music, which had the helicopter shot in the enterance video, with the Rock whispering ”its cookin”…that was a few years ago, but they went to the old theme when they brought him back…
        Your points on Cena are more than valid, but Hogan wasn’t doing all the Make a Wish stuff that Cena does…and since they’re making money in just about every unit..the movie with Hallie Barry is their biggest grosser to date..they figure, why screw with it..but if you’re going to do Orton/Cena…again…does Randy turn heel?…again?

      • Even if they remix Cena’s “My Time is Now”, its at least something DIFFERENT. Or how about more of a rock edge to the song? I mean anything would be an improvement, because Cena says his time is now, yet it’s been 10 years. The sad reality is the way WWE writes things up, there is nobody on Cena’s level, and he tells us that in his promos. And how about this, those kids that love cena right now will be the very same kids that will turn their backs on Cena 5 years from now, like so many are doing, just like what happened to Hogan. Remember last year’s “EMBRACE THE HATE” CAMPAIGN” Kane sent out to Cena? How did that work out?

      • adztheman says:

        I like the Wyatt Family angle..that stuff is at least creative and edgy..just like WWE used to do..

        I heard the PPV was really good..one of the better ones in a long time…Smackdown gets taped in Providence tonight…if Velvet had been in Boston for TNA, I would have gone to that..

      • Bray Wyatt reminds me of Raven, and if WWE can build him right, he can have that kind of impact. I always liked the guy, even when he was Husky Harris, part of NEXUS. He has that Rotunda blood in him too, and he’s different, which makes everything right for me. Not to mention their music is AWESOME. It’s not “Bisquits and Gravy” LOL

        The PPV was very good, as was Raw. The Punk Vs Lesnar feud intrigues me, especially with Paul Heyman added to the mix.

      • adztheman says:

        I’d love the see the sort of match or matches that Punk and Lesner could produce..Punk understands psychology and telling a story in the ring..

        I loved the crowd the other night, chanting ”Husky Harris!”…but I love the character..great promos and somebody new to watch..not a problem…

        Meanwhile AJ Styles seems to be the new CM Punk..or something…I just don’t get it..if Sting leaves for WWE that just puts another rip in their sail…since RVD finally migrated ”up north”…wonder if Angle will follow some day..that would be funny..both the guys in the TNA HOF working for WWE again…would suck being Dixie..

      • I think TNA will be fine if that happens. Bobby Roode is coming in his own, Austin Aries, “Cowboy” James Storm, Magnus. TNA has the opportunity to finally not need Sting or Angle. Don’t get me wrong, it’s better with them…LOL But the shows have been much better lately, and this Thursday should be fun to watch. I also like AJ’s new theme, and see he changes. If AJ can change, then Cena should too…LOL

      • adztheman says:

        TNA is finally pushing Magnus..after all this time…what happened to the Pope? That was a guy they wiffed on, just as WWE did..

        I’m sick of Joseph Park..tried of that gimmick…also want to see Brooke join Aces and Eights..cause that gimmick is getting so stale its not funny…

        Nice to Saben back in business..just wish MCM had gone to WWE..those guys could have huge up north..

      • At least Sabin has a contract, I mean Shelley agreed to go to WWE when they brought up starting WWE Network, only to still not start it, and he’s back to Japan. He needs to go back to TNA for now, and reignite MCMG.

  2. adztheman says:

    Sabin looks like he’s aged about 15 years…still does great work in the ring…I think when he wakes up Velvet Sky is next to him..lucky bastard…

    The WWE Network was such a bizzare undertaking..they couldn’t find anybody in TV to run it, and they apparently offered it to a whole bunch of people, who all turned them down…then they had a totally unrealistic launch date, and then they couldn’t get clearance…

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