Impact Wrestling Live 8/1/13…Who Is The August Storm?

Wow, it’s 4 weeks away from my Bowling season to begin, but enough of that, let’s talk about the buzz that TNA is trying to create this week. TNA put out a video of some mysterious person claiming himself to be “The August Storm”, and tonight, we will see who it is. Supposed to be a person who is not under contract with TNA, but he is here. Are you with me? Let’s do this thing.

Before the show, we see Taz entering the building, but the Atlas Security gang say that Hulk Hogan won’t allow him into the building. Taz is pissed off about it. Taz has connections, and they are done.

We get a review of last week when Hogan made the announcement that on August 15th, we will see Chris Sabin face Bully Ray inside a steel cage.

Mike Tenay and JB, Jeremy Borash welcome us to the show.

Tonight, BFG Series is in our hands, we voted it, and we will get it. Tonight, Austin Aries will face AJ Styles in our main event.

We see a new video of our August Storm, and he is here, and we will see who he is tonight.

In Wichita Falls, Texas. The greatest man who ever lived, Austin Aries makes his way to the ring.

He wants to congratulate Chris Sabin on becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion, but now he has become the hunted, and he will face him at Bound for Glory.

But it all begins tonight, because everyone has wanted to see a dream match. Not just the fans, but the wrestlers, the people in catering, everyone in the back. AJ Styles Vs Austin Aries. They call it “The Phenomenal One Vs The Common Denominator of Greatness”. Or as he wants to call it “The man who put TNA on the map the first 10 years Vs the man who will take TNA to greatness for the next 10 years”.

Regardless, everyone will be entertained, and are ready.

Here comes Bobby Roode.

Roode mentions dream matches, let’s talk about nightmares. Roode has had a horrible year, and it began with Bobby losing at Destination X to Austin Aries, and losing the World Heavyweight Title.

Sometimes he even forgets that he was the longest reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion, that he was the leader of “The Selfish Generation”, and he is the “IT” Factor of Professional Wrestling, and it begins tonight. He will show the world that it pays to be Roode.

Aries tells him he looks forward to that, because he wants nothing better than to beat him in the finals, again.

He leaves the ring, and here comes Hernandez. Roode Vs Hernandez, now. BFG Series match.

Bobby Roode wins the match by breaking a beer bottle over Hernandez’ head, behind the ref’s back. Brian Hebner was clearing the ring by taking out the chairs Roode brought to the ring. Brian saw the debris around, but he didn’t see the beer bottle being used, so he awards the match to Roode. He earns 7 points.

Main Event Mafia are backstage, and Kurt tells Jason Hervey they have an offer to Aces and 8’s that they can’t refuse.

Oh Yeah from Rampage. Great work, Jackson.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw….Roode desperately picking up a win over Hernandez in the BFG Series.

ODB is with her husband, Eric Young. She is ready for her match tonight. EY tells her he will be there in spirit, he has to work with Joseph Park.

EY has the answer for success, he has something for Joseph to wear.

Last Thursday, Manik won the Ultimate X match and become the new X-Division Champion.

Chris Sabin wants to congratulate Manik about winning the X-Division Title.

TJ Perkins never won much for 15 years, but this identity helped him win the X-Division Title.

Chris says they both have heart, and they have shown what they can do, and tonight, Chris wants Manik at his best.

A white hummer shows up, is it the calm before the August Storm?

Our second BFG Series match is an Instant Classic waiting to happen….Jay Bradley Vs Joseph Park.

Oh yeah.

EY handed Joseph a headgear, so he doesn’t get knocked out.

Joseph Park wins the match with a Fallaway Slam. The headgear went out the window, but Joseph persevered. He is now at negative 3.

Main Event Mafia has an offer for Aces and 8’s they can’t refuse.

But next, we will have Champion Vs Champion….Sabin Vs Manik.

Main Event Mafia business here. 2 goals that they addressed when they reformed Main Event Mafia. 1. Bully Ray is no longer the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and 2. Well, is everyone here to make a sacrifice? They all are, and Rampage just wants to fight.

Sabin Vs Manik, now.

Sabin wins the match with a Hail Sabin. A hard-fought match, but the World Champion prevails over the X-Division Champion.

Bully Ray attacks both men after the match, and nails Sabin with his chain.

Sabin fights back though, and has the final say. These two men square off in 2 weeks inside a steel cage at Hardcore Justice.

Tenay plugs Hardcore Justice, and later tonight, we will see AJ Styles Vs Austin Aries.

Who is in the hummer? Taz knows, and he will expose it…’s a computer image of the August Warning.

Knockouts action is up next, Gail Kim Vs ODB.

“Cowboy” James Storm is tweeting live. And moments ago, we see what we just saw….who is in the white hummer.

Next week, it will be Christopher Daniels Vs Kazarian in BFG Series match.

Jason Hervey wants to know Bad Influence’s thoughts about facing each other.

Nobody wants to see Larry David slap Jack Tripper on the face. Daniels is undefeated, and Kazarian hasn’t won a match, and Kazarian wants Daniels at his best next week. There goes the appletini.

Gail Kim Vs ODB, now.

The match ends in a no contest, and now the two women continue to fight, with officials stopping them.

AJ Styles isn’t impressed with the dream match tonight, because he isn’t some wide-eyed kid anymore. It’s about the World Heavyweight Championship, and money. Austin Aries, AJ Styles will become your nightmare.

Styles Vs Aries is next, and we get another video of the August Warning.

Aces and 8’s are backstage, Bully Ray isn’t focusing on Main Event Mafia, he is focusing on winning the World Heavyweight Title again in 2 weeks, so he wants Anderson to take care of MEM.

Brooke Hogan interrupts Bully Ray, he makes some jokes, and tells her he will never take his wedding ring off. Brooke tells him that she can make things miserable for him. She knows the stipulations in the contract signing for next week.


Next week, we will see Daniels Vs Kazarian, we will also see Samoa Joe Vs Jeff Hardy. And Mr. Anderson Vs Magnus.

Our main event, AJ Styles Vs Austin Aries is now.

Aries wins the match both men knock each other down, Aries with a Pele, and AJ gets knocked down with a discuss punch. The ref counts, and Austin’s shoulder goes up, and AJ is still down.

An incredible match here, with a questionable move.

The Main Event Mafia are on their way to the ring, next.

Sting starts and tells us that they formed in June to disband Aces and 8’s, but they have an offer for them they can’t refuse.

Anderson brings up they didn’t get their fight because Kurt Angle was picked up on a pick-up truck. They like to cheat, which is why Chris Sabin is the World Heavyweight Champion.

Kurt has an idea, he wants a 5-on-5 match here with Aces and 8’s Vs MEM. The loser of the fall leaves TNA for good. They start to fight, but Aces and 8’s duck out of the ring, so that Anderson accepts the challenge.

The lights go out, the music comes on, and August Warning is…..

Tito Ortiz.

Yes folks, the MMA fighter, the man who 99% know who he is, except about 30% of the wrestling fans.

The show ends with everyone shocked about Tito being here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

So Bellator Fighting last night promoted the upcoming November fight between Quintan “Rampage” Jackson Vs Tito Ortiz. I am all for that, because hey, they all have to make money, right? But then TNA used this information and created a buzz for their show. Let me make this clear, Tito Ortiz isn’t going to make TNA money, so why do it? A friend of mine suggested that the guy might be Goldberg. You see, THAT would make sense. In the first two vignettes, the mysterious figure brought up how he’s “not a rock star like Chris Jericho”, and that he “isn’t bigger than Batista, but he will beat him”. When you look at the history, Goldberg doesn’t like Chris Jericho, so I understand that. Goldberg also defeated Batista on a Monday Night Raw when he was in WWE. SO THAT MAKES SENSE.

At least in the short-term, Goldberg would have made TNA some money. But not Tito.

Now on to the good parts of the show, the matches. I enjoyed four of the five matches. The one I didn’t was of course Bradley Vs Park, but seeing Eric Young is a good thing, so there you go. AJ Vs Aries makes me want to see a full-blown feud between the two after BFG Series.

Roode needed the win, and the girls put on a good fight. I also enjoyed the Champion Vs Champion match.

So in review, loved the matches tonight, disappointed at the end. How did you feel about the show, send me your thoughts.


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