Impact Wrestling 8/8/13…Bad Influence Explode BFG Series!!

Before the show starts, Taz, Bully Ray, and Mr. Anderson corner Mike Tenay, and tell him he has the night off.

Impact Wrestling starts now.

Aces and 8’s come out to start the show. Taz and Anderson bully JB.

Bully Ray is not in a very good mood. Last week, we saw the big surprise. “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Tito Ortiz. Bully isn’t impressed, so he tells him to stay out of his way. He and his brother Devon have a match tonight against Chris Sabin and a mystery partner. He and his brother Devon are the greatest tag team to ever live. How dare he doesn’t tell them who he is wrestling. But it doesn’t matter, because next week, they will be locked inside a steel cage at Hardcore Justice, and he will be a 2-time World Heavyweight Champion.

He orders the champ to come out with the contract so they can sign it.

Here comes the champ.

Chris brings up how Bully had everyone fooled, trying to play the hero, but not only did he turn his back on them, but he also turned his back on his wife, Brooke Hogan.

A month ago, people would have been asked if Sabin can beat Bully Ray, they would have said no. But there was one person who would have said yes, and he did beat him. But at Destination X, did he bring the hammer to the ring? No, his thugs did, so he just decided to use it. And at Hardcore Justice, when they are inside the cage, it will be the two of them. No thugs, no hammer, and he will beat him again.

Bully Ray isn’t impressed, he wants the contract.

Brooke Hogan shows up with the contract.

Her father Hulk Hogan stated that if Bully Ray doesn’t win the World Heavyweight Title at Hardcore Justice, he won’t ever get another title shot again.

Bully is getting tired of being bullied, especially by a Hogan.

Brooke asks him if we all have to find out what she already knows by their marriage, that he is all talk, and not much action.

The two men signed, and the match is official for next week.

Tonight, BFG Series matches. Jeff Hardy Vs Samoa Joe, next.

They show us video from last Thursday when Tito Ortiz shows up.

Tito speaks tonight, but first….Hardy Vs Joe.

Hardy wins the match with a rollup, after Joe looked at Mr. Anderson for one split second. Hardy picks up 7 points.

Earlier today, Daniels told us his current relationship with Frankie. He is becoming selfish right now, there has always been a captain, and that was him. It was always Daniels’ time. Chris is 3-0, Frankie is 0-3. And tonight, he will make him understand that.

Next, Mr. Anderson vs Magnus.

Anderson wins the match by DQ, when Bobby Roode comes out to nail Anderson with a chair, and that means Magnus loses 10 points on the standings.

Roode will do whatever it takes to get back into the game.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw….Roode nailing Anderson with a chair.

During the break, this is a continuation of what happened last week. The game is changing because of Roode. He is selfish, and he loves to be selfish. He also loves the World Heavyweight Championship, and will become the champion again. And tonight, he is just starting.

Brian Hebner went through a tough choice, and Magnus forgives him, he will get those 10 points.

Bro Man’s are back, they dropped Tara, because she is not a bro. Mickie James approaches them, tonight they have a mixed tag match. She wants them to take care of Storm and Gunner, while she takes care of ODB.

Tonight, we will see Chris Sabin, and a mystery partner from Main Event Mafia face Brother Devon and Bully Ray.

Tito Ortiz is here too.

Tito speaks, next.

Still to come, Sabin and a MEM member face Team 3-D.

Angle and Sting approach Sabin. Chris thanks them for having his back. Chris has a plan for tonight’s match, but it will have to be trust among him. Do they trust him?

JB welcomes Tito Ortiz.

What is he doing at Impact Wrestling?

Tito doesn’t have many answers, but he can say one thing…

Here comes Kurt Angle.

Kurt knows who Tito is, and he respects his accomplishments, but this is his ring. He is the best wrestler in the world, and he has the titles to prove it. But he better respect his space, if he does, he will respect Tito’s space. Does he make himself clear?

Loud and clear.

Bully Ray doesn’t respect either one of them. Because he can get in the ring to double leg Tito, and make him tap out. He has beat Kurt so many times the last 10 years.

Do you know who he is? He is about to become the 2-time World Heavyweight Champion, if he gets in his face, he will take him out. He’s done with the both of them.

Tito and Kurt shake hands as we go to a commercial.

Keep Wrestling in the Olympics.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw, not a whole lot, really. Tito Ortiz saying a few words, and both Kurt Angle and Bully Ray interrupting.

BroMans and Mickie James taking on Storm, Gunner, and ODB.

Storm and Gunner win the match, Gunner pinning Rob. After the match, Gail Kim comes out, but is met with ODB. After the officials separate them, Mickie James knocks down ODB.

Frankie is ready for his match next. He is a 5-time X-Division Champion. He will show the world who he is.

Daniels Vs Kazarian is next.

Bully Ray believes it’s insulting that they don’t know who Chris Sabin’s partner is. Devon just wants to show Main Event Mafia that someone will be losing their jobs.

Daniels Vs Kazarian, now.

The match ends in a double countout, and the whole thing was fixed up. Both men will receive 2 points, and this brings out “The It Factor” Bobby Roode.

Bobby brings up how Aces and 8’s have ruled TNA for a year and a half. They also talk about the reformation of Main Event Mafia, and last week, Tito Ortiz. But everyone has forgotten the three men you see right now.

Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Bobby Roode. The three men that own 25% of the landscape of BFG Series. One of these three men will win the BFG Series. The landscape has changed, because one of them will be the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Sabin and a Main Even Mafia member will face Team 3-D, next.

Earlier tonight, Bully Ray and Kurt Angle confront Tito Ortiz.

Ortiz will be at Norfolk, Virginia at Hardcore Justice.

Next Thursday, huge 5 on 5 match with Main Event Mafia taking on Aces and 8’s. Loser of the pinfall leaves TNA.

We will also see a 4-way BFG Series Ladder match with AJ Styles Vs Austin Aries Vs Jeff Hardy Vs Kazarian, winner will receive 20 points.

And our main event, inside a steel cage for the World Heavyweight Title. Chris Sabin Vs Bully Ray.

Video of Main Event Mafia Vs Aces and 8’s.

Our main event….Chris Sabin and a partner face Team 3-D.

Sabin’s partner is Sting.

Actually, Sting was used a ruse, Kurt Angle is the partner.

Sabin and Angle win the match with a Cross Body, Sabin pinning Bully Ray, after Ray went through a table. A big win, and a great match ends the show here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A decent show tonight and while I am still not a fan of Tito Ortiz, it was minimal tonight. I liked the main event, and it seemed like a big win for Sabin. Which makes me think we will see Bully Ray regain the title next week.

Bobby Roode was good here tonight, he was the star of the show. He set the tone, and now are aligned with Bad Influence. You can call it Fortune….The Sequel, I call it an opportunity to get back into the hunt, because even though Bobby was the former champion, he deserves another run with it, so I am pulling for him to win the BFG Series.

A big show next week, see who leaves TNA. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s Rampage, that Tito costs, or could the rumors be correct that Sting might be headed to WWE? After all, Sting has done everything he could do for TNA, it might be time to get the big pay-day from WWE and have his dream match with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

Hardcore Justice is next week, should be a fun show. What did you think of tonight’s show? Let me know here.


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4 Responses to Impact Wrestling 8/8/13…Bad Influence Explode BFG Series!!

  1. adztheman says:

    I hated the way they used Ortiz the week before…why not run a final video on the DixieTron and then bring him out? It was almost an afterthought..”’Oh opps, Tito! Get out there before we run out of time!”

    We get no actual explanation of why Tito is there…your theory is sound…Sting’s deal runs out this year…and he could be brought in with plenty of time to do something before WrestleMania…

    This was an okay Velvet…no sunshine…

    • Yeah I don’t have any use for Tito, and I am afraid he will speak after screwing the MEM to promote his fight with Rampage.

      Speaking of Rampage, can’t the dude wear a suit if he is a part of MEM? I am afraid when his daughter gets married, he will break out his best camos for the wedding…LOL

      Velvet showed up a few weeks ago, so why hasn’t she been on since?

      • adztheman says:

        So is this going to be Belator fight or a TNA fight? I really don’t understand why Rampage is wearing Black John Cena gear, and they can’t find anything to fit Somoa Joe…Velvet had a legit injury, as she has a knee problem…after sleeping with Sabin all these years, she finally is get hurt as often as he does…and cutting Tara loose has forced ODB back into action..while Miss Tessmaker has been posting pics of her hot little bod on Facebook all summer.. and whose bright idea was it to book Joseph Park in BFG?

      • It’s going to be a Bellator fight. In other words, they aren’t promoting their own fight, but rather a MMA organization. It’s not going to help their buy rates when they have PPVs, so why bother?

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