Impact Wrestling Live 8/15/13…Hardcore Justice

We are live in Norfolk, Virginia, Mike Tenay is here, and he tells us we will see a Knockout Three-Way involving Gail Kim Vs Mickie James Vs ODB. We will also see 2 BFG Series matches, a Ladder Match and a Tables Match. And inside a steel cage, Chris Sabin Vs Bully Ray.

Taz is here too, so we might have just a 2 man squad tonight, and are kicking off the Ladder Match for the BFG Series. AJ Styles Vs Kazarian Vs Austin Aries Vs Jeff Hardy.

Winner receives 20 points.

Kazarian wins and receives his first 20 points. Daniels and Bobby Roode came out to assist him, Daniels handed Hardy his Appletini, and Kaz threw it in his face, threw him off the ladder, and Kaz picks up the clip to win the match.

Incredible match though and some nice spots kicking the show off.

Sabin Vs Bully tonight, but Main Event Mafia are headed to the ring, next.

Chris Sabin is telling us that he is going to defend his title tonight, and defeat Bully Ray. He has proven he has done it before, and he’ll do it tonight.

Main Event Mafia are with Dixie Carter. Kurt Angle is in rehab currently, and Dixie is in full support of Kurt, and the Main event Mafia. Get back to us soon.

Enter Aces and 8’s.

Anderson reminds them they have one week to find a partner for their buddy. Just think of the bragging rights they can bring up they ended “Rampage” Jackson’s career before it started. Or they ended Samoa Joe’s career. Or “The Icon” Sting.

The crowd cheers him on, or Anderson brings up he will never wrestle again.

What about Magnus? He was going to be the future of Impact Wrestling.

Magnus has the mic, the only future he has to concern himself is his immediate future, because the only future he has is Magnus punching him in the mouth. And he doesn’t have the best hearing, but he thinks the crowd was chanting he sucks.

It might be difficult finding someone in the back for next week, but he knows Norfolk, Virginia is Mafia Country, so he is sure he can find someone in the audience. So you can be sure one of you is going home with pink slip.

Anderson said tonight starts the new era in Aces and 8’s, Bully Ray wins back the World Heavyweight Title, and next week, they eliminate one of them. Let’s do a head count, and we get a fight.

Aces and 8’s have the upper hand, and stand tall.

Tito Ortiz entered the building earlier today. He is in the building.

Knockout match is next.

ODB wins in what was a non-title match, nailing Gail Kim with a BAM on a chair. Match was what it was, ODB even had to rip off some of her bra, and part of her outfit and used them as weapons. Perhaps ODB will receive a title shot now?

Main Event Mafia are upset backstage, Sting said they are vulnerable, but now he has to do what nobody wants him to do….talk to Austin Aries.

Timing is everything for Bobby Roode. He knew it was time to change the landscape of the BFG Series, and look at what happened to Kazarian. He picked up 20 points, and tonight, when Roode wins his Tables match, he will be in 2nd place. It pays to be Roode.

Main Event Mafia are discussing the option they have with Austin Aries. Sting comes back, he said no. Rampage has an idea, and he must address it in the ring.

Tonight, Sabin Vs Bully Ray inside a steel cage.

Sabin Vs Bully Ray video is being played.

Bully is on the phone with a woman. Tonight is about him, next week is about us. Her man will go out to win the World Heavyweight Title, and then they go home and celebrate. Next week they will tell the truth. He loves her too, Brooke.

“Rampage” Jackson makes his way to the ring.

Rampage is in a suit, a camouflage suit, but it’s still a suit.

When Rampage first came to Impact Wrestling, MMA fans called him a sell-out. He was a wrestler in high school, he loves TNA. Now that he is a part of the Main Event Mafia, he feels he belongs to a family, but he didn’t come here to get his ass kicked by punks on a moped.

He needs to ask one of his boys, Tito Ortiz.

They may be fighting in November, this is August, they can fight in November, but tonight they need him.

Ortiz came to Impact to make headlines. He had won the Light Heavyweight Title, and held it for a long time. So he wants him to fight on his side?

Before he can give his answer, here comes Bully Ray with new music.

They are buddies, best friends, yet if he didn’t have to fight for the Heavyweight Title, he’d come to the ring, and beat the piss out of both men. Then there would be no Bellator PPV.

He already beat up Rampage, and Tito, he warned him last week, if he messed with him, he’d make him Huntington Beach Bitch.

Mr. Anderson makes his way to the ring, the Tables Match is next.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw….Rampage asking Tito Ortiz to be a part of next week’s 5 on 5 match.

Tables Match is up now, Bobby Roode Vs Samoa Joe Vs Mr. Anderson Vs Magnus.

Roode wins the match and is awarded 20 points, thanks to an Appletini by Daniels, and Roode gives Magnus a Powerbomb.

The new faction has changed the landscape tonight.

Our main event, Steel Cage match with Bully Ray Vs Chris Sabin, for the World Heavyweight Title match is next.

As they put the cage together, Sting is being questioned about what he thinks of Tito. Sting believes this will work, but be careful what you wish for, he just doesn’t know.

On September 12th, No Surrender will be live on Spike. We will find out who wins the BFG Series, and who will go on to Bound for Glory to receive a World Title shot.

Anderson is backstage with Bully Ray. He asks if he can do better, there seems to be dissention here. Can Bully beat Chris Sabin. Bully doesn’t know, does he need help from his club? Anderson said yes, they have been trying to help. They are not his enemy, but Bully states they sure as hell haven’t been acting like his ally.

Next Thursday, a streetfight with Christopher Daniels Vs Joseph Park Vs Hernandez Vs Jay Bradley. Winner receives 20 points with the BFG Series, and we will also see the 5 on 5 match with Aces and 8’s Vs Main Event Mafia.

But now, World Title match with Chris Sabin Vs Bully Ray, inside a steel cage.

Bully Ray becomes a 2-time World Heavyweight Champion when the ref was down, Mr. Anderson came out and rammed Sabin’s head through the cage, Tito and Rampage come out and try to stop him, but Tito nails Rampage with a hammer shot, and helps Bully become the new World Champion. Aces and 8’s all celebrate united as the show comes to an end.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The opening match was what this show needed, and it’s always good to have a match start a show. The main event delivered too, but once again, we have Bully Ray as the champion, and I wonder why he lost the title in the first place. The reason I bring this up is because Bully Ray needed a lengthy title reign to make when he does lose seem like a big deal. If they had kept Sabin with the title, we could have seen a Roode Vs Sabin match at Bound for Glory, which has a storied past, with Beer Money feuding Motor City Machineguns, and when Sabin hurt his other leg, Roode sort of poked fun at him, and took his crutches away. So far, nothing has been said about that, and you had the ready-made feud set up.

So who will win BFG Series? AJ Styles was an odds on favorite early on, but when he lost to Kurt Angle back at Slammiversary, it hurt his run, and now he’s just there. He needs to bring something back to the forefront, because he might be the right choice to face Bully Ray, if something happens.

As for Tito turning, you knew it was going to happen, but again, we are talking about promoting a MMA fight that has nothing to do with wrestling. TNA isn’t making any money for Belator, so why do it?

I guess next week, we will find out who “Brooke” is that Bully was talking on the phone. My guess is it will be Brooke Tessmacher, since you know, Brooke Hogan is engaged to some dude, and well Brooke Tessmacher is the only other Brooke. What were your thoughts on the show?

Before I go, I would love for TNA to make these free PPV shows 2 1/2 hours long, make it mean something more. Tonight’s show, and last months show, other than the two title matches doesn’t feel any more special than an average Impact Wrestling show. Sure, they can call it something else, but it doesn’t feel like a big-feel show. Something they need to work on.

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