WWE Friday Night Smackdown 8/16/13…No DQ Match Setting Up Summerslam

We are in San Jose, California tonight, we will see a big 6-man tag between Mark Henry, RVD, and The Big Show taking on The Shield, and a No DQ match between Daniel Bryan Vs Wade Barrett.

But the Wyatt Family are here, now.

Here we go.

This Sunday, Bray Wyatt vs Kane in a Ring of Fire match.

His name is Bray Wyatt, and these fine young gentlemen standing behind him are his brothers, Harper and Rowan.

Their actions recently have been misinterpreted, so allow him to tell us a special little story. This little boy went to school, but these kids can be so cruel. They would call him freak, and send him home running with tears on his face. But one day, he decided to change the world, but he ran away. He found a way to have this crunch, this crunch was a mask. Behind this mask, he gave himself a new name…Kane. He gave himself a new name, and can say whatever he wants.

But Bray is here to stop him. Stop the lies, and he will show him that one man’s hell is another man’s paradise.

Follow the buzzards.

Flames come out, and here comes Kane.

Kane takes out Harper and Rowan, and now it’s just Bray and Kane.

Kane beats down Bray, but here come Harper and Rowan.

They take down Kane, and Bray ends it with a Sister Abigail, and screams follow the buzzard.


Our Summerslam Kick-Off show will be Rob Van Dam Vs Dean Ambrose, for the United States Title.

Our guest panelists for the Summerslam event is Shawn Michaels, Booker T, and Natalya. But doesn’t Natalya have a match at the PPV?

Chrsitian Vs Damien Sandow, now.

Christian wins the match with a rollup, and Damien tried to attack him, but was met with a spear. Alberto Del Rio attacks Christian from behind.

He told him he will never get the gold, and will never be the World Heavyweight Champion again.

Del Rio tries a Cross Arm breaker, but Christian counters with Killswitch.

2 more days before these two hook up.

Renee Young is with Rob Van Dam.

It’s been a little while since he won some gold, so he is focused on that. Is he worried about The Shield?

Enter Mark Henry and Big Show.

He’s not worried.

Big Show is back to take some revenge of The Shield. They call them the hounds of justice? Well, hounds are hunters, and now they have the Tag Team Titles, they are the hunted.

Mark Henry said that RVD has nothing to worry about, because he has a giant Big Show and himself watching his back.

RVD reiterated how should he be worried when we have Big Show, Mark Henry, and RVD?

We have a big 6-man tag match later tonight.

Our Summerslam theme song is “Gold Rush” by Clinton Sparks, featuring 2 Chainz, Macklemore, and D.A.

Diva tag match is up now. It will be Kaitlyn and Natalya taking on AJ Lee and Layla.

AJ and Layla wins the match when AJ pins Kaitlyn with a Shining Wizard after Layla clipped her leg.

Renee Young is with Ryback. He’s not on Summerslam because people are scared of him, he lives by brutality.

Now he is picking on a stagehand, and beats him up.

Coming up next, a special look at The Best Vs The Beast this Sunday at Summerslam.

The Beats Vs The Best, this Sunday at Summerslam. Brock Lesnar Vs CM Punk.

Our big 6-man tag match is up now. The Shield taking on Big Show, Mark Henry, and RVD.

Earlier tonight, Bray Wyatt encouraged Kane to follow the buzzards.

6-Man tag is up now.

RVD, Big Show, and Mark Henry win the 6-man tag match with a 5-star Frogsplash, RVD pinning Dean Ambrose.

Tonight, Daniel Bryan will face Wade Barrett in a No DQ match.

But next, The Miz Vs “The Real American” Jack Swagger.

Zeb Colter is on the mic, he calls Miz a phony and fraud, and that is why nobody likes him. We should be ashamed this state has been run by illegal aliens, criminals, bad actors. He wants Hollywood to give us a “Real American” story, featuring Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger, let’s say this loud….

We The People.

The match is on now.

The Miz wins after a roll up, when Cesaro is thrown out at ringside, this allows Miz to roll Swagger up.

Tonight, no DQ match with Daniel Bryan Vs Wade Barrett.

Curtis Axel is in action, and we will hear from Paul Heyman, next.

Curtis is going to face Zack Ryder.

Axel wins with his swinging neckbreaker.

Heyman is going to speak now.

Last Monday on Raw, Heyman was outsmart by CM Punk. Congratulations Punk, he pulled off the impossible, Brock and himself conspired a plan against Punk, and Punk grabbed a camera, and he smoked Lesnar with it. Ladies and gentlemen, all CM Punk proved was that Heyman was right all along, and that CM Punk is the best in the world. But WWE has done a marketing campaign all summer long, and that was The Best Vs The Beast. But now that dynamic has shifted, because this Sunday, CM Punk is the target of revenge, and that revenge will come in the form of his beast, Brock Lesnar.

Cole and JBL show us a video presentation of the upcoming John Cena Vs Daniel Bryan match at Summerslam.

The one thing I don’t like about the video is it also featured The McMahons, which has me afraid they will take away some of the fire that the two men will have.

Our main event, Daniel Bryan Vs Wade Barrett in a No DQ match, now.

During the match, Vince McMahon came out to cause some distraction, when the referee was knocked out, after Daniel had Wade beat with the Yes Lock. Then Brad Maddox came to the ring, he was quickly out with a bump. Vince was about to put the ref short, when HHH came out, with the ref shirt on, and watched as Daniel Bryan beat Wade Barrett with a headbutt on the top rope.

After the match, Vince was irate, and HHH did the Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! signal with Daniel, which was funny.

When Daniel celebrated, we end Smackdown with Randy Orton coming out, with the briefcase signifying he can change the course of the game at any moment.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Summerslam is 2 days away, and we had a decent go-home show. The Shield loses their 2nd match together, and this gets barely a mention though, which tells me they have lost their steam. Bray Wyatt had a good promo, setting up his match with Kane this Sunday.

I liked the main event, but of course it had to feature The McMahons. I just think that Daniel will beat John Cena, and Daniel will get pedigreed by HHH, with Randy Orton coming out, and becoming the new WWE Champion. We will see how right I am. I’ll talk to you at Summerslam. What did you think of this show? Send me your thoughts.


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