Impact Wrestling 9/5/13…Last Chance BFG Series Gauntlet…Who Takes It?

Tonight, the BFG Series will be set up. Who will go into the Final Four for next week? We will find out in a 12 man Gauntlet Battle Royal. Hulk Hogan made his return last week, and told us that Bully Ray will defend his TNA World Heavyweight Title against an Aces and 8’s member. But first tonight, “The ICON” Sting Vs Bully Ray.

Impact Wrestling is now.

We are live, on tape in Cleveland, Ohio. We heard from all of the participants tonight in the 12-man Gauntlet Battle Royal. Winner receives 20 points, and might insert themselves into the Final Four.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show, and here comes Bully Ray and Aces and 8’s.

Bully tells his brothers that he wouldn’t be where he is without them, and he hugs every single one of them. He tells Tito that everyone here in the audience are jealous of them, and all the women want to be with him, besides himself. And as for Mr. Anderson? He is the best Vice President a group can have. They hug it out, and he tells us that Knox will take care of Chris Sabin tonight, and he accepts Hogan’s challenge, and will face Sting tonight. And Sting, he will take care of him just like he did at Slammiversary. His brothers can leave, he will watch Knox’s back, and take care of Sabin.

Chris Sabin Vs Knox, now.

Sabin is DQ’d when Bully Ray brought that trusty hammer to Knox, but Mike dropped it, and Sabin nails him with it in front of the ref.

Mickie James is headed to the ring next.

Impact Wrestling is the number one rated TV show in Germany. Good for them.

Moments ago, we see Sabin nail Knox with the hammer.

Sabin is freaking out backstage, with Velvet Sky trying to calm him down. Chris is whining that something needs to change. She is trying to tell him he is better to use that hammer. He only uses it because he brings it into the ring. He is not upset at Velvet, but this is crap.

Hardcore Country….here comes The Knockout Champion, Mickie James.

Hello Cleveland!!!! Hello, Mickie.

She was excited to be in Cleveland, because this is the home of the rock and roll hall of fame.

She decided to prepare this amazing performance, she had smokey monkeys, midgets. She was not invited to the VMAs, but who needs them when she has the MJAs.

But the way the media, and us treated her good friend Miley, she was just trying to separate herself. She knows how to be a star, a larger than life Knockout Champion of the century. So she said to herself that isn’t right, apparently we don’t like how she twerks it.

Here comes ODB.

The only thing Mickie needs to be worried about is ODB taking that Knockout Title.

Mickie is a star, and ODB isn’t.

She nails her from behind, and ODB makes a comeback.

Crowd chants for ODB.

Mickie tells her she doesn’t deserve the title, and isn’t in her league.

Off goes the top on Mickie. She will never be rock and roll, and she will not be the Knockout Champ.


Off to JB.

BFG Series standings. Magnus, Aries, Roode, and Hardy are the final four now.

The first two in the gauntlet will be Hernandez and Jay Bradley. What do they have to gain with this match?

Jay makes it simple this company pays them to pay spoilers, and Hernandez can work together with Jay. Give some thought.

Gauntlet match is up next.

Earlier today, Sting enters the building and is in Cleveland. Later tonight, Sting takes on Bully Ray.

Hernandez and Jay Bradley are the first two participants of the Gauntlet match, winner receives 20 points.

Hernandez didn’t take Jay Bradley’s offer.

Daniels, Roode, Styles, and Aries are the final four.

The final two are Daniels and AJ.

AJ wins the Gauntlet, eliminating Daniels for the final time. AJ is now in the top spot for the BFG Series, winning 20 points.

Later tonight, AJ will choose his opponent for next week.

Still to come tonight, Bully Ray Vs Sting.

Bully Ray is very disappointed in Mr. Anderson. He could have been on his way to the BFG Series, and all he had to do was win their match. Knox won his match, he is sure Briscoe and Bischoff will win their match. What has Anderson done for the club lately?

Anderson has busted his butt for this club lately.

Bully Ray reminded him that he took his brother’s name off his coat, and ripped it to shreds. He can do that to anyone, don’t ever disappoint him again. Remember, he is the president….Mr. Vice President.

Moments ago, AJ Styles eliminated Daniels to win 20 points in the Last Chance Gauntlet Battle Royal.

AJ was out of the top four, and now he is leading. He gets to choose his opponent, he is a winner. He is going to win the BFG Series. He will defeat Bully Ray, and become the World Heavyweight Champion.

Footage from last week when Hogan told Bully Ray he is in charge. Next week, he will put his World Heavyweight Title on the line against an Aces and 8’s member, but tonight, he will face Sting.

It’s not for the title though, and Sting is telling Rampage Jackson that even though he doesn’t win the title anymore, he can thank Bully Ray, because he now has his family watching his back.

Sting is ready for tonight.

But first, Tag team Champions, Gunner and “Cowboy” James Storm….AKA Beer Slingers will face the team of Briscoe and Bischoff.

Bischoff and Briscoe win with some help from a chain. They are looking for some Tag team gold.

Still to come tonight, Sting Vs Bully Ray, but first, we hear from AJ Styles. Who will he choose to wrestle next week at No Surrender?

JB is with Aries, Roode and Magnus. AJ Styles comes to the ring, and picks his opponent for next week.

Styles chooses Aries next week in the Semi-Finals match. Austin promises there will be a winner when they face off, and they are the fans.

Bobby has the mic now. A wise man once said I love when a plan comes together. There is a reason why he aligned with Bad Influence, and form Extraordinary Gentlemen. He is in the BFG Series, and realize that Magnus is the weak link, and that is why he beats him, and go on to Bound for Glory to win the World Heavyweight Title.

Magnus tells him that while he has a few friends, Magnus has a family. Next week they will have no mistakes, no excuses, No Surrender. He will move on to Bound for Glory and compete for the World Heavyweight Title.

Sting Vs Bully Ray, is next.

Sting defeats Bully Ray with a Scorpion Death Lock, making Bully tap out. Mr. Anderson came out to the ringside during the match, and Bully called for him to use the hammer, but Anderson refused, and when Sting wins, and walked away. Mr. Anderson tended to Bully Ray.

Anderson mocks Bully Ray’s condition, and tells him that next week, at No Surrender, Bully Ray will defend his TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Misssssssssssssssterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Anderson……Anderson.

No Surrender is set next week, and we end the show here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I loved the Gauntlet Battle Royal, although I could have done without the commercials in that match, because we missed some of the entrances. But the win seemed like a big deal, and Styles made his choice clear for next week. Aries Vs Styles, and Roode Vs Magnus should be some very good matches, with the finals setting the tone. I look for Roode Vs Styles in the finals.

After next week, or even next week, I want to see some interaction with Bully Ray and all four finalists. Bound for Glory is about 5 weeks away, and that has to be the utmost importance from here on out. Remember, this is supposed to be TNA’s biggest PPV, so treat it like it is.

Having said that, I guess we will see Anderson Vs Bully Ray, but I hope the main event, the match that goes is last is the final match in the BFG Series. We need to end the show with the champion and challenger facing off.

So Chris Sabin is going to turn heel? Why? And if he’s not, what was the point of that backstage segment?

I have no issue with Briscoe and Bischoff beating the Tag Champs, because those two now need to get into the tag team scene, which is what should have happened the moment they went with Aces and 8’s. It was also good to see Knox wrestle, because all these three had done is act as background filter, and that can’t happen.

Knockout division needs some revamping, so they might as well put the Knockout Title on ODB. Why not?

Tonight’s show was better than last week’s, so it’s good to see that. I also believed the Cleveland crowd sounded pretty good on the second show, as opposed to the past when the crowd is dead, then again I might be biased.

But again, TNA has to start pushing Bound for Glory, and they must do that now. Let us know without question what the matches are going to be, so we know and aren’t surprised the night of the PPV. What did you think of the show? Send me a note here.


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