Impact Wrestling Live 9/12/13…No Surrender

The Road to Bound for Glory begins here. 4 men get the opportunity to main event Bound for Glory, and face the World Heavyweight Champion. AJ Styles, Magnus, Bobby Roode, and Austin Aries all make history, tonight.

We will also see brother vs brother….Bully Ray vs Mr. Anderson, for the World Heavyweight Title.

Do you know who he is? Bully Ray, your TNA World Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring, with Brooke Tessmacher.

Bully is not in a good mood, but he believes he can work things out with Ken. It’s one man’s fault as to why they are having their issues, it’s because of Hulk Hogan.

Enter Hulk Hogan.

Did someone mention Hogan’s name? He wants to welcome us to No Surrender, it’s live, and its free on Spike TV. He promises us that after tonight, we will know what the main event is at Bound for Glory. But instead of worrying about others, Bully needs to worry about facing his brother, brother.

Bully brings up this whole thing is Hogan’s fault, but he wants Ken Anderson to do the right thing tonight.

Enter Ken Anderson, who completely blows off Hogan when he enters the ring.

Bully brings up how Anderson blew Hogan off, and all he has to do to show their unity is apologize, and Bully will forget everything.

That is all Ken has to do? Well, then he apologizes, and he will apologize for beating him tonight.

He blasts him with a hook, and Bully gets away from him.

Hogan announces that tonight we will see a Last Man Standing match between the two men.

Mike Tenay and Taz officially welcome us to the show.

Tonight, we will see a Last Man Standing match for the World Heavyweight Title with Bully Ray Vs Mr. Anderson. We will also see a Final 4 with the BFG Series. Magnus will face Bobby Roode, and we will also see Austin Aries Vs AJ Styles, which kicks off the show.

Here we go.

These two are like magic together. AJ Styles pinned Austin Aries with a Styles Clash on the top rope, pinning Austin Aries.

Magnus is ready for his match with Roode. Sting is giving him a pep talk. He brings up that Main Event Mafia believes in Magnus. He is 2 wins away from getting a World Title shot.

Magnus interrupts him, and brings up that so many people have said he is the future, but now….tonight….the future is now.

Sting digs that.

Roode Vs Magnus, next.

We come back to a commercial break, Roode wants Magnus out now.

Our second Semi-Final match is now.

Magnus pins Roode with a roll up, picking up the surprise victory.

Moving on to the finals is AJ Styles Vs Magnus.

Will TNA give Magnus the title shot?

Backstage, Roode is beside himself, flipping out. Daniels and Roode try to calm him down.

Roode tells them that should be him going to the finals, and this is all Hogan’s fault.


If he can’t go to the finals, then nobody will.

Hogan is telling Manik that he is doing well, and when he puts that mask on, he is a new man. Manik agrees, and he wants Jeff Hardy. Hogan makes the match.

Dixie interrupts this, and she tells Hogan Bellator is taking Tito and Rampage out of the mix to save them for their PPV. Hogan is cool with that, and so are we.

Bully tells Aces and 8’s that he created this club for them, and he knows that the three men, Knox, Briscoe, and Bischoff do not want Anderson as their World Heavyweight Champion, so they need to do the right thing. Bully is proud of them, and he hopes they feel the same about him.

Last Man Standing match, for the World Heavyweight Title is next.

Earlier tonight, AJ Styles defeated Austin Aries, and Magnus defeated Bobby Roode to advance to the BFG Series finals.

Styles Vs Magnus is set.

Mr. Anderson Vs Bully Ray in a Last Man Standing Match, for the World Heavyweight Title is now.

Bully wins when he put Anderson through a table. Aces and 8’s show us where their loyalty runs, as they attacked Mr. Anderson and dropped a Triple Powerbomb.

After the match, Ray wheeled him off the ramp.

The Tag Team Champions, Beer Slingers make their way to the ring. He wants some competition. and tells anyone that wants a piece to drink up.

Hernandez and Chavo head to the ring.

Storm is all about tag team wrestling. he was a part of the second greatest Tag Team in the history, not one though. One is whoever Chaco are partners with.

Gunner is strong, not as strong as Hernandez.

Gunner believes they want to fight, Gunner is all about it. Next week, they will fight, if Chavo and Hernandez win, they receive a Tag Title shot, if they win, they get an ass kicking.

Next, AJ Styles Vs Magnus

Earlier tonight, Bully Ray defeated Mr. Anderson in a Last Man Standing match, and he took Anderson off the stretcher.

Magnus Vs AJ Styles, our main event is now.

AJ wins with a Spiral Tab, pinning to Magnus. Incredible match here.

AJ ends the show with a message for Dixie Carter. She never texted him, or tweeted him after all of the mess that went down. Next week, she better show up, because he has a big message to give her.

The stage is set, Bound for Glory will be AJ Styles Vs Bully Ray, for the World Heavyweight Title.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Just 4 matches tonight, but all 4 matches were important, and to the point. The right man won the BFG Series, but I think it would have made a bigger impact if the World Champion had a face to face confrontation. I truly hope this setup for BFG is not AJ Styles Vs Dixie Carter, because it won’t make any money.

I also enjoyed seeing the Last Man Standing match, and the two men worked hard. I guess the question becomes where do we go from here?

Overall, a very good show and it’s setting Bound for Glory the right way. What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts.


About Kevin Gillman
I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

13 Responses to Impact Wrestling Live 9/12/13…No Surrender

  1. adztheman says:

    I thought it was interesting that in the middle of A-Js promo, the crowd starts doing a ”Yes! Yes! Yes!” chant..and that’s TNAs problem..they’re always going to be the little brother…

    Magnus/A-J was Match of The Year stuff..great match, good psychology..but go back and look at Goldust/Orton from Monday…it was that match’s equal..

    What do you do with Mr Anderson now…Aces and Eights, like the NWO, is shrinking and becoming kind of irrelevant..once Bully drops the belt again, likely to A-J this fall, what do you do with this faction? Its kinda run its course, unless you want to add new members…

    • Five years from now, the Yes chants will be just like the What chants…LOL

      I think Aces and 8’s are done, and right now, so is Mr. Anderson. He might be WWE bound, because they’d rather keep AJ than Anderson, which is a wise choice, plus he might be more fresh in WWE now than he is in TNA.

      But I also think Aces and 8’s are done. One thing TNA has done is they don’t keep their factions forever, which is a good thing. Although let them go their own ways, Briscoe and Bischoff could do well in the Tag Team division, if they give them an opportunity.

      And while I will agree that Goldust-Orton was on par with Styles-Magnus, Impact this week was much better than Raw and Smackdown.

      • adztheman says:

        I thought Anderson is in the midst of a long term deal with TNA that he signed fairly recently..Anderson is a guy who has followed the TNA booking model–huge push, win the world title, drop world title, get forgotten–I can’t see him in WWE..he and Triple H have significant heat, and Orton got Anderson fired..and Orton has stroke backstage like few others..he’s likely going to be where he is for a while now..wondering here if RVD has a title run in his new WWE deal…

        Raw had its high points..Bryan is so over its amazing…not having Cena around is nice..hope he has a nice long recovery..

      • Yeah but time heals wounds, and talks broke for Ken. But you’re right, TNA uses someone, gives them a title push, then when they lose, rarely use them. I always liked the team of Hardy and Anderson, and why not revamp that tag division and have them win the teg titles?

        It is amazing about Daniel’s reactions, he just has IT right now, and nobody gets those reactions in any wrestling company, not even Cena. It’s incredible.

      • adztheman says:

        They have to repackage Cena this time..get him new music..maybe turn him into a little different personality, since we know now that he is seeing a Bella Twin…what a great feud you could do with Cena and Daniel Bryan and use the Bellas as they are jealous since one of the BFs has a title, and the other does not…

        I’d love to see Anderson back in wouldn’t be that big a blow to TNA..since Aces and Eights is finishing its run..The TNA tag division, which used to be an industry standard, is now one of its weakest items…

        Meanwhile, Triple H is using NXT to rebuild the tag division…and building a whole new generation of people in what the company expects from the jump…its an interesting concept..

      • Yeah but in general the tag team industry just is poor. I mean who can literally beat The Shield with the current Tag team division? I mean seriously. But right now, the Tag teams in WWE are more exciting than they are in TNA, and now TNA has to use the same model, use OVW as the battle ground for new wrestlers. And no, Cena will never change. I know that now, but he does need to.

      • adztheman says:

        I love the Shield…they’re now in the middle of the hottest WWE Storyline in years, after the IWC swore they would be buried in the midcards…Ambrose is a nice find, and Reigns and their partner are going to be good workers for years…Trips and creative got it right on these guys..

        And I love the way Stephanie is being used..this isn’t ”Snarky Stephanie”, this is a Stephanie we’ve not seen before…its good stuff…

      • Yeah but Big Show is being a bitch right now. I love the overall storyline, but not that. Before he turned face, he was a badass, and bragged about his Iron-clad contract. So HHH can rip it up, really? Why didn’t any GM think of that? I just hope he gets his say.

        And I love The Shield, but why or when exactly did they hook up with the McMahons? They are all about fighting justice, and righting the wrong, so literally overnight, they became The Big Bossman and Ken Shamrock?

      • adztheman says:

        Big Show is in the midst of a recycled story line–remember when Shawn Micheals was broke as well?

        I had forgotten about the ”Iron Clad” contract..but why not let Show use that? Threaten to break it and he’ll sue…could be that Show could be the ultimate leader of the Corporate Revolt, when that finally happens…

        The Shield, in essence, at least for now, are fighting the fight for the McMahons..since Justice in this case may be in the eyes of the beholder…might be fun in this storyline to hear Bryan chew them out some night on Raw, and call their role into question…

        I’ll watch Raw before I fly home this week..I heard Stephanie and Dusty was some classic stuff..

      • I guess, but why not do a segment where HHH tells The Shield he needs some backup, and they figure it’s the best way to get their spots in the company? I mean, literally overnight they were there.

        Big Show would be great for the revolt at some point, though we sort of saw that Monday night. Watch Raw, because it was very good, and the crowd was awesome. I am not just saying that cause they were in Cleveland, but for 3 hours, the crowd was lively, especially in the main event, and by the way, I believe Roman Reigns is going to be special.

        Dusty and Stephanie were great, Dusty lost alot of weight too, he is looking good.

      • adztheman says:

        But really, who better than the Shield? They didn’t want Bryan knocking over local guys in security shirts…

        Waiting to see how and under what pretense they bring Cody back…that could be a significantly huge deal…involving Dusty in this is even better, because he works the mic like nobody else…

      • The thing is this is working for Cody too as a face. I mean lately, they have been turning these guys into faces out of the blue, like The Miz and Dolph Ziggler that nothing is clicking, but if this puts Cody into a main event status and working with the big guys, then we can see Cody as a World Champion soon.

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